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they. are social media companies which. states in the country we look at. its ports to. rescue ships. he struggles to cope with the influx of people.
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from around the world. names you don't know me welcome to the program our top story facebook twitter could soon face fines of up to fifteen million euro in germany if they fail to act quickly to remove hate speech and fake news brings us more. according to this poll a company has twenty four hours in which it must delete content that has been flagged as being potentially hate speech or fake news and the failure to do so will result in a fine that could be as high as fifty million euros now the proposal was put forward by the german minister of justice and consumer protection and it talks about companies to beating i'm quoting obviously criminal offenses but of course the question remains to whom is this obvious and at the same time who decides what
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is fake news this is certainly not a hard and fast rule then it's not clear now there are concerns at the bull could lead to some form of censorship see bye bye to freedom of speech in germany does it mean germany will start to punish c.n.n. for russophobia those arguing that hate speech is not free speech i'll let you burn hate speech when you let me define it this is going to be the end of free speech and then internet this is of course not the first time that regulation is being looked at as a way of dealing with so-called fake news earlier this year you had facebook setting up its own fact checking community and it says that this service will be used to regulate and also get rid of fake news now what facebook is doing is a using third party fact checkers and amongst these are the a.b.c. and the associated press and the idea is for them to evaluate material that could potentially be fake news after having being alerted to it by uses but the problem
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is that even these so-called fact checkers are accused of not being impartial and this has left the public very angry who chooses the fact checkers or is a somewhat older expression of the same sentiment goes who will guard the gun. first book is used to say you will see they will tell you when to believe the news or not i am so grateful no more research for me should make things so much easier now in april google acted against fake news as well creating user tools to deal with misleading content but the bottom line is that you have some very serious problems who determines what is fake news what is fake news and ultimately how do you prevent this whole evaluation leading to censorship we got reaction to the new law from political activists in germany the u.k. . is a political activist the tricky thing here is that i know in the last forty years
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in most most industries you basically have self-regulation instead of regulation and generally doesn't tend to stand out because it doesn't compel profit making entities to take steps that are going to cost them more so in principle the idea of having a law there that actually forces the social media companies to do the right thing is a good idea but the problem i think is that you're now creating huge incentive for facebook to remove all sorts of things on a precautionary basis and that's where it starts infringing on really important issues of free speech we don't even know what is legal or not in the moment we do it perhaps and suddenly opinions are lost opinions are censored and they're absolutely legal we do not want this we do not want to know what law here we're afraid of our genetic algorithms doing the decisions in the future and other than we'll never be able to tell if this thing is a joke is it hate speech is a fake news or not. to another big story of the day of iraqi prime
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minister has declared victory over islamic state saying the army has recaptured the al-noor a mosque in mosul which is where isel the third a caliphate three years ago but months of heavy fighting between the terrorists on the u.s. led coalition have devastated not only the city itself but also the lives of hundreds of thousands of locals. within minutes of mosul's liberation headlines around the world were dominated by the recap tshering of the city iraq's prime minister is declaring an end to isis
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in mosul the end of the caliphate iraq's a bold claim as it takes mosul a messy mosque iraqi forces say they've taken an iconic mosque in the heart of mosul that was destroyed by isis iraqi forces battle of the last i think fighters in those all in one is undoubtedly a victory in ridding iraq of the scourge of isis it's worth remembering the effect on the people of mosul iraq as the of spent over a month there during the battle here's his thoughts. liberation that's one way of putting it obliteration is another the goal was noble enough freeing thousands from isis isis the so-called caliphate is crumbling wieters have abandoned fighters to die local fighters are being left to rot where they fall remaining inexperienced fighters are making rookie mistakes blowing them selves and
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fellow fighters up accidentally in preparation for combat mission accomplished mosul has been cleansed by fire a city almost the size of a room reduced to rubble it is difficult to describe you've got to be there walk down it's blasted streets and you'll feel it this is what the off the mouth of a classic strike in mosul look like view here really epitomizes what mosul has been through the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look the press was tightly controlled no freedom of reporting in mosul.
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we saw what we were allowed to see but this was enough. on you little bit little alarm with the one hundred got it coming. that is that then i'm sure a half million. at the end of the time many of you tell us that anaemic but i think that i've been with the pilot in all of now much thought of the. devil and would. not like that. streets and buildings can be restored lives canales children families whole neighborhoods was sacrificed to west strikes in the liberation isis made sure that civilians died they used them as human shields hoping that the coalition would stop its ask trikes they miscalculated the bombs rained
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down until the end civilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation when a single u.s. led air strike killed more than one hundred civilians i remember clearly how they tried but failed to contain that at first they blamed isis then they admitted to the bombing but still blame diocese perhaps civilians are being killed either by mistake or because the enemy is using a tactic that actually has them become part of the target that is on them not on us it's not off old that we're killing civilians they said we'll remember this as a victory the liberation of mosul but liberation may be the wrong.
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headed. we spoke to a representative of unicef in iraq he told us that most of these children are in dire need of protection but in this particular war those children still trapped in west mosul are in dire need of protection and this is what we're calling for the
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devastation of west mosul is extreme the people have been damaged psychosocial care of these children has to be up. and that's what we. are trying to address at the moment the problem now is that these one hundred thousand people lose the sheer scale of it and the time length of time that they have been displaced which is going to affect so our planning procedures that are in place but the fact that over the next three months or perhaps longer we're going to have to continue to look after these displaced puts enormous strain on our resources. staying in the region the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog has confirmed that the victims of a chemical incident in syria is it live province back in april were exposed to certain goals the latest statement from the o.p.c. w. also points out that their fact finding missions monday does not include identifying the perpetrator about their team was unable to visit the site of the
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attack the report's conclusions are based on post-mortems biomedical some polls collected from victims who were moved to quote a neighboring country the report hasn't been made public but was shared with countries party to the chemical weapons convention russia's foreign minister had this to say. but it is a simple solution you could be organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has been acting unintelligibly it refused to go to the scene of the incident and did not provide any information yesterday the issued a report it says they're not convinced that sarin gas which was apparently found was dropped by a bomb from the air they don't know where the sun came from and yet throughout these months tensions have been inflamed less by far the british foreign minister secretaries boris johnson rapidly reacted to the findings by reasserting accusations against the syrian government i got obscene died the finger points at
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the assad regime and we've got a european council coming up where we will drive on with the u.k. campaign to impose sanctions on those responsible the us has already brought out sanctions on three hundred people as a result of this people who drop chemical weapons on innocent people should be held to account well the report comes just days after the russian foreign ministry criticised claims from washington that syria's government is planning to carry out a future chemical attack in the country the ministries concerned that terrorists could take advantage of the threats coming from washington and carry out false flag attacks to encourage u.s. military action kill a month and went to the u.s. state department to ask for comment on the. the u.s. officials refused to confirm the claims with any facts the situation looks like a massive probation he's both mail training and information no. i look at the us
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expert and then he said openly the extremists could use these claims by washington provocations and shift blame onto the syrian government statement from the white house alleging that the syrian government is planning an upcoming chemical attack are you concerned that could have created an opening for terrorist groups to carry out a chemical attack. now you're not concerned even though. groups have been using chemical weapons in syria that's documented now next went on syria seems that washington doesn't share the concerns of russia's foreign minister now on numerous occasions the syrian government has been accused of carrying out chemical weapons attacks the most recent example was in april in italy a province without any investigation law the united fifteen cruise missiles against syria targeting an air base now when they were pressed for facts of the state department responded this way evidence they are with us about this potential
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preparation for the use of chemical weapons because that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say is evidence of. intelligence i'm not going to get into that with you but this is a very serious and grave matter let's remember that back in twenty thirteen an agreement was arranged by russia in which the syrian government turned over their chemical weapons to the open c.w. international bodies oversaw the process in which the chemical weapons were handed over to international authorities however these facts don't seem to matter the united states continues to blame syria for chemical attacks. of having any actual proof or evidence. oh sure bridge is a security analyst and former kuntar terrorism intelligence officer and joins me
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live now on the program hello to you charles when will we see proof of who was responsible for the attack. well as you said earlier this report hasn't been made public it has been leaked to the various media many of which have published what undoubtedly is selective statements from it it was very interesting for me for example just to hear now from the russian government spokesman to say that the report which again none of us really had the chance to see was screeching noise and doesn't give any evidence that it was dropped from that craft the russian government has of course received a copy as a member of the a.p.c. he has received a copy of that and so he's in a good position to state that but that fact wasn't mentioned in any of the western press reports that i read perhaps not surprisingly also there's only a short statement of course from the o.p.c. w. itself it doesn't want to reveal what's in its statement because. for example even on an organizational basis it's nice to give its report to the stakeholders first
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but really already we can see that there are going to be i think great difficulties in this report or any other report because this will now go to an investigative mechanism overseen by the un it will be difficult for them to. blame in a way that is convincing and credible simply because the evidence even from what we've seen even from what actually was released at the time by the program by such programs all groups such as white helmets by doctors for example one of the doctors at the scene of this conscious unit who was quoted endlessly on western media would send revealed of course to have been struck off in the united kingdom and actually charged himself with terrorist offenses before he went off and joined the rebels in syria and so really one has to question the credibility and certain impartiality of witnesses certainly the chain of custody for example that is so important in any entity integrity of any inquiry investigation appears to be absent because the
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o.p.c. dhobi perhaps for good reason security reasons which says itself of course much about the situation there that who is in charge in the area of conscious. there it is too dangerous for the o.p.c. to go and visit with themselves and therefore they've they've actually relied upon the collection of specimen samples and witness statements from effectively the rebel groups themselves of course supposed to result there then questions about the autopsies carried out in a neighboring country the report says we understand that is turkey turkey is itself of course a party to the conflict again in an anti assad role and so therefore again are questions about reliability credibility impartiality and lastly there are questions about the analysis themselves because a lot of this analysis has been done by stakeholder the parties such as those in the united kingdom those in france and again these are parties to the conflict in syria against assad and so already without seeing the report itself there will be there are many questions and there will be many questions as to the credibility of
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this report notwithstanding that as you say it doesn't have a mandate to ascribe blame but really on the basis of what we've seen so far even if we take the rebel white helmets etc version as red it's still difficult to see how blame could be ascribed to the syrian government on the evidence of even what is claimed we talked about this before you and i on the other earlier programs charles but it is so important what happens are the repercussions of this we need to ask it again why do you think western officials are so willing to state that the assad government was responsible even though the investigation has not reached a conclusion. it begs the question of what the attack is for or what the incident is for. we we haven't mentioned issues of motivation it's come up again and again and i'll mention it again because it's obvious but it needs stating and it's something that doesn't appear to have been looked at in the report and again that
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would be a subject for investigation by the investigative mechanism which has yet to be announced but really when you look at the situation that assad is advancing in syria that he is winning with russian iranian his followers help and really that begs the question why on earth would especially just before. an important. europe wide meeting the day before and just days after. trump basically said that he wasn't going to have a priority the removal of assad that then this attack so-called attack should take place and just one device and actually leaving very little in the way of physical evidence for example fragments of bomb it set or there were some fragments claim to be there but very little compared to what you'd expect from this kind of attack and also a confused situation on the ground with regards to symptoms many of which were not consistent as claimed by the rebels at the time and why helmets and so on with what you'd expect from
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a silent attack but clearly this kind of incident if it was real if it genuinely happened which again suggests that from the motivational aspect it probably didn't happen but it would of course play very much into the hands of assad's opponents and those include not just the rebels on the ground but countries like britain and france until recently and of course the gulf states all of whom are seeking to overthrow or the very least the state could be stabilized syria and that would it that would involve i would say of course provoking a an intervention which of course is what we saw from trump well that is the question that has been raised time time again why when you're winning the war on the ground would president assad used chemical way. which would be so easily. be able to know what they are and then he would be blamed for that it that is one of the issues another one is that some of the russian foreign ministries diet's over the reports stem from the fact that the o.p.c. w. did not send investigators to the site they did not investigate on the ground in
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that region in the aftermath it leads to questions as to simply to why. absolutely and it goes to the very fundamental core of the integrity of this investigation that no independent person visited the scene and took independent witness statements without perhaps coercion from the extremist rebels that control the extremists linked to what might be called loosely al-qaeda affiliated groups the white house it's themselves of course a chief witness in this incident. in another instance where assad has been blamed the white house of course u.k. u.s. funded so-called rescue group that seemed actually to have as their priority the issuing of the last few years of a constant stream of anti-government propaganda and again serving u.s. interest funded incidentally from a secret fund of u.k. government that isn't even open to scrutiny by united kingdom. was revealed only
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a few months ago but when you look at the situation that the o.p.c. deb you could not for security reasons go there one wonders why actually they could not have just said because we are unable to carry out an independent investigation we won't actually give our name to this investigation because the investigation has been without its being assessed by the officials it is only on the basis of information and evidence that has been given to them by a party to this conflict and that of course goes to the core of its integrity. security analyst and former counterterrorism intelligence officer always good to have your expertise take on the big matters of the day thank you. at least got a drastic plan to stem the tide of refugees the detail of this. in the muslim world. i don't think.
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the. situation. the private company where sixty or seventy billion dollars. left including the c.e.o. who are going to parachute in. another hundred million dollars he's already a billionaire so this could be a multi hundred billion dollars. of one of the company's sixty's or not there's a lot of people speculating that the underlying core business model unsustainable and this company's going to go the way of enron as multi billion dollars.
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twenty five minutes into our extended news our welcome back italy is threatening to close its ports to migrant rescue ships operated by non-governmental organizations which it suspects are being exploited by people traffickers now the country's being increasingly struggling in recent months with tens of thousands of refugees reaching its shores. oh. god. oh god all right right right it was was god. was. the
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italian prime minister says the country's being forced to take drastic measures and one says a huge neighbors to help this message doesn't come from a contrary that wants to break the rules all bend on its commentary and position its a contrary that design depression and which asks european elyse for a concrete contribution money if you can keep up limited i'd like to see that relaunch how to address this issue to dissolution please if you can obviously we have to discuss the issue together we do believe we can't leave find that italy or greece on his own the italian prime minister also stressed that his country is bearing the brunt of caring for migrants under e.u. rules refugees need to apply for asylum in the first member nation that they enter a place is an enormous burden on italy because of its proximity to north africa from where many both survive well there's also tension on italy's northern border this week around four hundred refugees clash with police near
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a town where they were trying to cross into france aaton has been labelled as it leaves many only in reference to the huge migrant camp wants far not the northern french port police used tear gas against the refugees who try to use a river to bypass a bar. or we talk to an exit telling diplomat and former head of the european security monitoring organization the o.s.c. he say's that the e.u. should do more to help at least deal with the on going refugee crisis. because european responders to be. more wide face the wall. is not to. say it's intended to close the polls it sure should we. be stating that. the only destination. that. can see is to know whether the town
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is my view on this so it's a way to put this issue with the european and asian national attention. a u.k. conservative party m.p. has claimed the country's election earlier this month. to voter fraud taking a closer look at those claims are a tease. well look this system in the u.k. is that you can be registered to vote in two places so where you live and where you say work or study but you only have one vote and you have to cast that vote in one place and there are concerns now that that system may have been abused at the general election earlier this month british students have apparently been boasting about being able to vote twice both where they live and where they study during the election they apparently these posts have been seen on social media and some
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members of the conservative party are very keen to investigate this further take a listen to one conservative politician asking for an investigation from the leader of the house of commons the conservative. colleagues know about this a little general election people can be registered in two places to vote. number of students or bragging about the front with a bow to not only live but also where they go to university that is an abuse of the situation we do need to get to the bottom of people deliberately voting twice which i understand is in fact illegal and so we do need to investigate this and there appears to be concern about this from among the general population as well a petition calling for this to be investigated online is gone during many signatures and they.


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