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tv   Boom Bust  RT  June 30, 2017 11:29am-12:01pm EDT

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they've apparently these posts have been seen on social media and some members of the conservative party are very keen to investigate this further take a listen to one conservative politician asking for an investigation from the leader of the house of commons the conservative. who told the colleagues know about this a little general election people can be registered in two places to vote it's been a number of students or bragging about the front but they bow to not only where they live. where they go to university that is an abuse of the situation we do need to get to the bottom of people deliberately voting twice which i understand is in fact illegal and so we do need to investigate this and there appears to be concern about this from among the general population as well a petition calling for this to be investigated online is gone uring many signatures and this is been brewing ever since the election took place the former leader of
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you kate nigel farage he spoke about it in a us media interview just a few days after the vote took place take a listen to what he had to say we were saying to all students look i will wipe away all your tuition and it will be absolutely lovely girl i say many of which were corrected by it but actually voted twice and he was talking about the student vote quite generally that in the aftermath of the election the polls have shown that younger voters and students in particular voted overwhelmingly for the opposition labor party here the leader of which is jeremy corbin for whom support was very galvanized in the run up to the vote of course he promised to scrap tuition fees and that was a big sweetener for a lot of the students who then went on to vote for him so you don't really need to be. the world's kind of most astute political analysts to wonder why it's
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conservative politicians who are calling for this alleged voter fraud to be investigated given how slim to reason may's majority in the house of commons now is . the summer weather i use the term loosely in the russian capital is making records for all the wrong reasons a so-called rain the good news whipping up right the city with the most rainfall predicted for hough a century artie's cape partridge has been taking in and seeking shelter from today's storm in moscow. well welcome to moscow in summer but this is a june unlike any that we've ever seen before with the experts anticipating that this is going to be the storm of the century with the rain expected all day and all of the night before we thought of course that ice people have been injured including a seventy year old woman who was taken to hospital after she was hit by a falling tree and also one of the main airports chad
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a much better fifty plane so it's been delayed after two of them were hit by lightning as they came in before no one has been hurt but the pictures there are quite incredible with the water up to the heights on the runway well this isn't new i mean a months ago we had the hurricane in moscow on the moscow region where sixteen people were killed and one hundred fifty people needed treatment after winds of seventy miles an hour one hundred ten kilometers per hour complete the bullets through the region and they managed to as you say kill sixteen people some of whom were standing at bus stops some were pedestrians and two people died after a tree landed on that country house that dutch are building but officials are saying they're anticipating that this storm could be even worse nerd vising people to stay indoors as much as they possibly can and also not to park their cars under trees because tree damage and also damage to buildings and electrical cables will walk or so many injuries and so many problems lost time. you know it's just incredible out there are there british spy. missions we look at why the prime
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minister is keen to keep them all quiet right after this. here's what people have been saying about redacted and this is actually just pull along. the only show i go out of my way to you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it's the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of redacted the night president of the world bank. seriously send us an e-mail. in a revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom
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line and a political agenda rather than reporting on real news we have asked c n n's evidence free war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. truth to stand. you just the right questions to the right answer. question.
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twenty five minutes to seven pm here in moscow welcome back britain's security services are facing legal action over the prime minister's secret orders to british spies the case is being brought by campaign groups reprieve privacy international now it comes after the government refused to reveal details of the existence of a secret policy known as directions they are prime ministerial orders given to the intelligence services three have been made one covered the interrogation of detainees held in another country by the u.k. another was on the humbling of both personal data by the intelligence agencies the
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third is shrouded in secrecy the suspicion is that the british government is hiding human rights violations. secret policy hides a large area of activity that is at least as serious and intrusive as interrogating detainees overseas and the mass collection of personal data the prime minister needs to tell the british public what her government is up to well this comes amid prime minister treason maze controversial plans to crack down on tech companies and regularly prove a c on the internet the initiative could allow the secret services access to private info on phones and web browsing history we asked people in london what they would be willing to give up for the sake of security. what kind of privacy would you be ok to pick up for. the story. also quite a little. about messages that you send to your friends you know well i hope they
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get to know pretty well i hardly use them anyway so it's not really that big a deal i'm more concerned about much showed on them or happen to them in the future when they grow up not just randomly you know not bothering to see rechecks is all i'm doing is having normal conversations about you know what the kids are doing and so what i put off to the government she'll see. everything what about the government having access to your browsing history i think i've got nothing to hide i mean i kind of think it's happening already anyway and i wouldn't object to it so much what about your g.p.s. location. i would probably have anywhere from my mother is above me is above me if you're trying to put you cell phone data so whether you know you've given permission to access you know used to do it i think that's a step too far if it was for security i don't want to know but not for anything else and lastly what about surveillance at home for example for your smart t.v.
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or something absolutely against that but i get up to all the rest of my family get up to an hour and time is entirely all right just a little bit too much so no. problem not that i wouldn't like that but is it might have my hair my dad might have missed my car so whatever. for a t.v. channel video cameras have been giving c.n.n. a for a few headaches this week after a string of embarrassments over the network's russia coverage the investigative journalism group project veritas i was now released a new video showing c.n.n. president jeff zucker trying to make a quick escape while being challenged. this is mr suckers resins on thirty to sixty fourth street in new york city the same. comments are about to rush a story. ok that was pretty cowardly there wasn't. a project for a times published a clip a number of days ago showing a c.n.n. producer admitting down to russia stories are about chasing ratings and then
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another featuring one of the channel's contributors describing russia coverage as a nothing burger today's cross talk takes a big bite out of the later on r.t. people can talk about it in these terms of oh it's this big nothing it's not a big nothing and you know why when jones said what stupid thing he said you know you'll have to ask him again oh yeah basically if you're on your air it's just stupid ok that's the explanation there is no journalism in the leftist media there is no journalism in the mainstream media which is the same thing it's the leftist media this from the beginning this russian nonsense has been just that nonsense and c.n.n. and m.s.n. b.c. sort of spike in their ratings immediately so they're keeping it going with the project very tight as video is does approved or film for c.n.n. and c.n.n. and. their. production
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you will see the ultimate three using out this is the denouement the epilogue that carlota. forty minutes into the program you are watching our international be back in just a few moments with more on our top story stay with us if you can. armstrong called the move and i'm. going to be your hopes for the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup here in russia we're going to be visiting the host cities or sochi. moscow is going to be great but i'm talking full pool so i think pretty much covering every topic the fans need to know about the match so don't forget to join us on field it's going to be full and.
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we have learned something in the muslim world. and therefore i don't think there's any interest. in revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom line and a political agenda rather than reporting on real news we have asked c n n's evidence free war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism. basile in the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. for this on the
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same. us sometime soon as we don't spend money. while the cities try desperately not to collapse. the profit of. the supper will probably go up on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the suppose it's in the in a new. this. is a tourist phobia photo an identity. welcome like the syrian army has told r.t. that islamic state fighters have been forced out of their last stronghold in aleppo province it happened the softer new year after reinforcements came in from the
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southwest a crucial road linking how much and elektro province was recaptured from isis and that means that the whole province is now liberated the government forces secured the rest suffered road in the scythe face that the province successfully cutting off the scape route islamic state militants have been in control of the territory for roughly four years. let's find out what this all means syrian journalist al abraham joins me live now from damascus always good to have you on the program what can you tell us indeed up by the syrian government's latest advance here. well i can tell you that what happened today is that units from the tsunami that has been advancing from the eastern countryside to follow pope after reaching the city of kabul software which is located in the local provence have turned south and connected with the audience advancing from hama hence creating a de facto siege on over one thousand five hundred to discredit kilometers where
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there are another forty villages forty small villages to look at in this in clave where there are still effectively fighters from the islamic state according to our local sources the radical group was not able to fully withdraw its fighters from that enclave in the eastern countryside of the pope because the army advanced to. too quickly for the with the withdrawal of the radical group and now we have the situation where there is a small growth of a small actually in play for i saw one thousand five hundred square kilometers over forty villages according to field commanders and even according to residents of that area retaking one thousand five hundred kilometers would be very easy because it's open a small villages no major obstacles and the fighters of the radical group in that area have lost all will to fight now understanding that they are now under a full siege what does this mean for the future of the syria conflict just put it into context for us. well this is
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a this is an important development it means that the syrian army is actually able to make gains against. the fight against arsenal in the overall region between syria and iraq is advancing but this also could have other repercussions that would not be as positive as the first outcomes of the such event we have to bear in mind that also understand that they are on the fall back and now they have been regrouping for example there has been reports that arsenal is now negotiating who's with the. sure to cross-check forces for a safe exit out of the city of in order to reallocate factors out of the city of a lot of the so frequent couple of the radical groups of the same time with through from from the eastern countryside of aleppo which means that the radical group is actually trying to regroup move forces worth can defend its areas in a better way and it has actually a bad and the notion of maintaining control over all large swaths of land but also it did not actually throw in the towel yet in the fight for control of the deserts
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of central syria where also hearing reports that there are heavy clashes in the capital where indeed. what can you tell us about that is there any chance that they will end soon what's the information there that you. will the clashes on the outskirts of the syrian capital damascus have been actually taking place in the past five days so the syrian army announced it will be launching an operation to retake the district of job out east of the capital which is one of the closest points that rebels and a rebel alliance actually including all kind of syrian affiliate known as are. continuing according to the tsunami to pose a direct threat on the syrian capital so in the past five days the syrian army launched an operation that aims to cut off the supply lines coming into that small district known as rebel from another direction. the operation is going ahead steadily but very slowly according to field commanders they want to minimize human casualties in the ranks of the advancing troops and at the same time try to score
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some direct. and the ranks of the militants that they are fighting in that area but these clashes are very common around the syrian capital damascus we have seen larger battles earlier in march and actually the residents of the capital have gotten used to it somewhat and this is consider some of the calmest actually and most stable times since the war broke out in syria in two thousand and eleven at least here in the capital damascus. where will the syrian government troops now focus their operation because if aleppo is liberated. that means that essentially isis is put into a corner what does that mean for history is going to go ahead next and really try and stand by this terror. well if you look at the map he would understand that arsenal is not fully in a corner of this kind of controls large areas of the still has a tough control both sides of the borders in iraq and in syria and until the borders secured on the iraqi side the notion of more fighters crossing into the
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into syria is credible and very clear danger to the syrian army and syria in general but we have also to bear in mind that the main target of assuming all right now is to try and big break and on the provincial capital the result of profits the city of judas or. at least four hundred thousand civilians along with the ghost of ten thousand soldiers have been completely was used and circled by us and for the past two i think i think it has been for thirty months so far so the main goal of the tsunami is try and advance in that direction and to break the siege of the city and then move towards the borders to achieve two goals the first calls to push eisel completely out of syria and the second actually to limit the ability of movement for the u.s. but has been setting up bases in eastern syria boffins the southern parts of eastern syria and in the northern parts of eastern syria after that also. we could see a battle between the tsunami and actually u.s. backed kurdish militias known as the decided significant let let's just hope it is
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not a false dawn this time around syrian journalist abraham thank you. now the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog has released a report saying the victims of a chemical instant in syria is a deliberate spark in april were exposed to certain gas the latest statement from the o.p.c. w. also points. their fact finding missions mandate does not include identifying the perpetrator and that their team was unable to visit the site of the attack the report's conclusions are based on post-mortem biomedical samples collected from victims who were moved to quote a neighboring country the report hasn't been made public but was shared with countries party to the chemical weapons convention russia's foreign minister had this to say about it but that is that it was a position you should be organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has
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been absent unintelligible is it refused to go to the scene of the incident and did not provide any information yesterday the issued a report it says they're not convinced that sarin gas which was apparently found was dropped by a bomb from the air they don't know where the sound came from and yet throughout these months tensions have been inflamed. to examine this story further because alexander rushes that representative to the opi c.w. joins me live now on the program you're very welcome to the program what's first of all your valuation of the o.p.c. w. report. would you. use the opus you released so what it's called and then to give the report of the planned mission if you go. on through all the problems in your problems. our foreign minister has already
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a comment on that is one. just but equal we all of. the. of the of the super bowl. least or on their question i will do what i won't do but i'm a roadie boy all current syrian opposition groups on the position and you all including the ones want to him. some point in all of these reports. maybe we need an experienced people will be the only possible conclusion that he used the responsibility to call the use of chemical weapons in the. use of with the syrian government. while. the. law there are
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expressions. like. was on the table. so all of the use of it in course of all. more important than there is it me that. was on the table will. it cross that you will. pull samples from schools these is the basic procedure in the open sea of w. the were unable. to determine where. the little jewel. in the. side of the. jewel. who treated. and so on and so forth. we call but interprets.
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the missions as the mission so. just the serious and put it in action. to. it is due to the. despite all the repeated all of them the buck. abstain from going on the sun room one can only grown from. seeing people on the ground. and still don't think it's the c.w.t. . just the neighbor in concert. with the will go in the inside and. just be more than just on something specific so. do you believe that there is sufficient evidence for example that sarin gas was used up. you know. just suppose that something like this was used but
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it is a boat so there is responsibility who will do. our american calling them. have already made to their conclusion. that it is not entirely the fault of the responsibility of the syrian government we did you that is the. open stage but i like each and now and it won't be the turn of the joint in this because the new guy has not to carry out what's in the ignition in order to establish who had been actually both a traitor and we quote the june tin would be able to warm place to go all normal not only in country. the police for alleged use of chemical weapons
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but also to. shatter out which equipment or someone well past their medical. has been used by syrian planes took out our chemical it wants to but let me just come back to the report and explain why we. were kept some interrogation by the quality of the drug missed by the inspectors. we are pretty sure that the report leaves a nun some many important what we have been asking during previous here and here and they will perceive them on your for instance. they fact finding team takes special pride in even with this huge amount of information. god knows. what is by and your
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family but during flu strangers son and. the footage they did they did. sure when doctors. they saw children. which who they called until their doctors had been exposed to certain. camera zooms in we see. distorted egos. excruciating pain and also the author of the. few posts why didn't the elite but it just contradict the certain. we. can point. so we ask the question all of this could be
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explained. in due course or in due time you will have the answer. we have been waiting for this report not in this report it's all the more strange that these portage made the chillers into all their old wars are a liability why they have rightly sure we all have this memory. said the president and truong so what can these the suffering of these a. jew but i'm suffering. the chemical and. so we have been waiting full. kind of response trying to once a normal pounce it will just. give you know enough the example we
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still will still be cool to chill the doctors. taken care of that you don't know the germs have been working with. you we've just made the walls of bun. we often call it was also built for the doctors to walk in these conditions with both. a new protective gear and normal being come to mean it same color and nobody's forms john paul's wait for the definitive version of the report. when the report released and is released nor to know on so it all or rather just the league of mantua someone who was interviewed with me to look. at it come to me not the explanation. but though they
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signed. all the years of. very important question. the author stole the report strangely enough. on the animals. of illusion clear as it was of it all the sub has grown to use sort of the chemical weapons the report in detail evolves not it says. here we will the bear those. may be the. think that it gives them more important than the stoppage the whole picture and determined. the exact number. but. unable to even determine the number of casualties.
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will just. first considerations host impressions that come to mind. certainly. always will study of the people oh there will be a technical expertise or so. we will be ready. for the four months for the considerations of woman's look. on the occasional blue extraordinary session on the executive council we will deal with these reports on. these i appreciate as well but just on your first use of this report how did trustworthy are the sources on the samples that were studied. you know. as i say that these are basically stumbles. by.


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