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tv   Larry King Now  RT  June 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part is r t america play r.t. america offers more artsy american personal. in many ways the news landscape is just like the real news big names good actors bad actors and in the end you could never. so much parking be all the world's all the world's all the world's a stage and we are definitely a play. on larry king the mandy moore show has taken on a life of its own it's again something none of us expected it continues. i don't think you can really discount timing i think the world's was really hungry fresher like this right now i found it unbelievably difficult to sort of start pushing back up the. project after project nothing coming to fruition until this is that's
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the thing. i did and there's one question in particular which is how to get closer to what was going to lead obsessed with that particular you know how we do yes. believe me i know pushy revealed to my guys so tragic same thing is own house yeah i do want to make more news i think maybe in the next year or so back to this to all the star larry king now. larry king our guest today is golden globe nominated actress chart topping musician award winning singer mandy moore mandy stars as rebecca on the brake drum of this is us the first season is available and b.c. dot com she's also the voice of rapunzel in. disease tangled franchise including
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tangle the series on the does the general and she's in a very different kind of project or sharks were called forty seven leaders down and that is in theaters now and i thank you for coming thank you first golden globe nomination right yes there you didn't get it but what was it like to get them out. pretty mind boggling we were sort of ten episodes in on the first season of this is us so it was to say it was unexpected is an understatement none of us expected to get any sort of recognition and it's mind boggling you know you get an emmy made nomination movie oh i don't know that it's only to make a good acceptance speech he's a void you've been through. that makes me nervous to think about this is us stern do a massive hit for n.b.c. you get it what do you make of it. you know it sort of came at a time in my life where i had done three failed like television pilots that hadn't
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gotten picked up and made it to series and i remember reading the script thinking. this is really special this feels different it feels really elevated and nuanced for network television but the audition process was much like any other audition process i threw my name in you know in the rain and then i didn't hear for probably six weeks until they came back to us and said ok we want you to have like a chemistry read we're going to bring in a couple of men and a couple of women chemistry chemistry read so i ended up going into a room and i read with milo ventimiglia who ended up getting cast as my husband jack but it was just he was the only man i read with there were several other like young gentlemen there didn't get to read with any of them so i felt like that was a fairly good sign because the intel that i had heard going in was that milo was the guy to beat so considering he was the only guy i read with i felt i felt pretty solid about it but the show is it has taken on
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a life of its own it's again something none of us expected and. it continues exhibit. you know i think the writing is superb it's far and away just like the most incredible product i've been lucky enough to be a part of but i don't think you can really discount timing i think the world was really hungry for a show like this right now i think it's cathartic entertainment i think it's overwhelmingly hopeful and i think these characters are genuinely good people it's not sort of the anti heroes that we've been seeing in you know popular shows on cable and whatnot over the past couple of yards every week george well you know the conceit of the show is yes it's a big ensemble and when i play the parents so all of our stories are sort of told in flashback and then you see our kids grown up present day and sort of the challenges and obstacles that they're facing in their lives are white and i'm
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adopted but yes we have an adopted child and i am the only actor that sort of exists in both worlds so i play the character from twenty three to sixty six so i play the character in the flashbacks and then i also play or present day so i have to go through and make up for sixty six four hours of prosthetics. just about every episode i do look at sixty six pretty good and i only hope that i can change that what. i really kind of you said before the show premier the dream was to find something that will allow me to be creative in flux my muscles but to do you live the quiet life but been lucky enough to establish has that been true yes it has been why do you want to lead so much your private life i value my privacy and my personal life and i think although i started at a young age i started in the music industry when i was fifteen. my my career sort of followed a path that allowed me to sort still sort of have some anonymity of people let me
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be a normal teenager and that's kind of how it what i've grown accustomed to so i am. slightly nervous for life to change in any respect like i said i have the best of both worlds i'm able to do my job and people allow me that but i still can you know live a single no i have way friends a boyfriend i mean my business he is he is a musician. so he understands why i want to dally. he doesn't know if in the valley. you've referred to the experience of making this is this is the greatest year of your life what has been it's the most creatively fulfilling job i've ever had it's the best job i've had being in this industry for around eighteen years now it's the best job i've ever had because. i think it's a confluence of the material the people i get to work with. the fact that it shoots in los angeles the reception that the project has received like i mean we have
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people coming up to us every day all of us we're like on a massive text chain the whole cast in our creator and we're constantly sharing stories of the people we meet in our day to day lives who who's really been affected by by the show and the writing and the stories that we're telling you. she is a mother she is fiercely loving in protective of her family but she's not without faults and i love that she's not june cleaver she's fallible she's human and she's made. somewhat unpopular choices with some of the viewers definitely make sure to tell me that what can you tell me about season two nothing. i don't know as soon as i do are is every television shows successful or goes into a mode the season can't say a word they everything is so buttoned up i think with our show in particular there
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are so many timelines and stories that we're jumping around too and there's one question in particular which is how jack dies as judge he does die but it's not a life present day so we we go over the course of the season and we've gotten sort of hints and clues as to when it is but no idea of how it happens or why was there are we really obsessed with that particular you know how we die yes we all had to know if you think about it all of the core actors sort of had to know because you see him later well because we see him later but you know something that fundamentally earth shattering and life changing that happened to the kids at some point in their lives is something they're going to carry way that is going to meet god. i can't really say you've seen. you've seen the kids now they're about sixteen or seventeen when he passed away. so you see it you see that falling off a ladder some believe i know who she revealed it tonight or you guys there was so
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tragic painting is own a house and she's that for those cues just any moved around fell off the ladder and broke girl yeah all right. i understand you went through a tough time before this is us did you just drive to this soul crushing them i mean relatively speaking as an actor this is my job i mean obviously we want to find projects that resonate with us and challenge us and i just i got married when i was twenty five and sort of took a you know a step back from from work and wanted to sort of take a break for the first time since i had started working in nest in have like a real life outside of the spotlight and i found it unbelievably difficult to sort of start the machine back up again and i had failed project after a failed project and nothing coming to fruition until this is us and you think of quitting i did i did i sort of became convinced that maybe i should concentrate on
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music again maybe my time had come and gone maybe i you know should go back to school you know what i would study but it definitely had me thinking like maybe this is the universe telling me it's not it's not for me and when i was the marriage ending grocery the marriage ending was unexpected and very crushing you know there's no room no children but i definitely added to do your celebrity young right i was what age fifteen good or bad that i'm i mean no. i didn't i've got a tremendous experience i mean i have made you famous the teenagers song i started out in music i signed a record deal when i was fifteen you have a hit i did a quad a hit it was it it was called candy. and that sort of started everything for me i signed a deal with m.t.v. to be an m.t.v. v.j. when that was still when m.t.v. still played music videos a. sort of segue into films and had a small part in
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a film called the princess diaries a garry marshall movie and then a walk to remember just the best so life definitely took a turn an unexpected turn at fifteen i certainly i was singing the national anthem in orlando florida where i grew up and these two men who were like local songwriters at a studio heard me sing and approached me afterwards and said you had any desire to go in a studio and record original songs and be a recording artist and i just thought i'm not really a break i want to be on broadway that was met with the biggest goal is sort of add but i loved about metal or if i could have emulated anybody as even now i wanted to i wanted to be on broadway in maybe two movies and perhaps make records but hadn't really thought that far ahead at fifty eight and you see the logo we have had i'm dying to know you said twenty fifteen you're working on new music yet to release some of the world more you. i have been slowly but surely writing it's you know i
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feel unbelievably creatively fulfilled with this is us and it certainly takes like huge part of my time to want to be on broadway i do i do i want to be on broadway and i do want to make more music i think maybe in the next year or so i'll find my way back to the studio you like writing i do i love songwriting i love writing lyrics i haven't stopped doing that even though i haven't made a record in years nine years you were a writer who performs shoe foreman who wrote i think i'm a performer who writes i would not consider myself to be a writer first and foremost but you like doing most formals you know because yes i mean if somebody told me i had to make the choice between music and acting i find it really difficult and the gray. the thing about this is us is my character her back story and involved in music so i get to sing on the show as well it's great it's a best of both worlds will be right but with mandy moore stay little if you. think
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the average viewer just after watching a couple segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working on.
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about your sudden passing i phone leatrice learned you worry yourself and taken your last bang turn. it up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each person . but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to feel those that like to question our our kids and i secretly promised to never be like. it's one does not need a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one. speech there are no other takers. that mainstream media has met its make.
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your launching an artillery got special report that a lot. has been up but basically everything that you think you know about civil society has broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be in this all the normal lot of things. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly situation. that would maybe well one thing i can tell you you will learn now jackdaw hard in the first episode of season two of season two that's what we've been told first episode of season two folders on the ladder. is forty seven meters down what is that it is an underwater thriller the movie takes place ninety five percent underwater when did you shoot it two years ago before
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this is us on the war yes we shot it in a tank in london and a tank in the dominican republic. i know it's a horrible it's a thriller it's an underwater survival tale there happens you. myself and my sister played by claire holt decided to go cage diving in a moment of spontaneity like diving with sharks on a vacation in mexico and the cage breaks free from the bottom of the boat and falls one hundred fifty feet down to the bottom of the ocean so it's sort of a race against the clock to make it back out of you and the shark well we're in shark infested waters but what i find far more compelling and scarier is the prospect of drowning they only have an hour's worth of air so they have to get their find their way out of the cage and back up to the surface without getting the bends without getting attacked by a shark and with the number filming. there wasn't too much danger because we were
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shooting in a tank so we were only twenty feet underwater but nobody had ever made a movie like this before that many days consecutively underwater so no one really knew the repercussions that was going to happen to us as actors like if we needed to like with all of the equalising and you're still you know that's that's eight hours a day for about seven weeks is that a lot of them is for i have it's it's pretty scary and even we knew what was coming but we still jumped a few times how did you handle being on board. which wimmer i were worth were pretty decent swimmers but we didn't really have any dive training which was the craziest part we did a tiny bit of like training in a pool and then we went and did two open ocean dives the next day and that was it they're like movie you're ready you're ready to go down the water in this movie again it's all there's claire and i both are wearing full face masks so we're not with the regular regulators and just sort of has been told so we can speak yes but
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only she and i could communicate with each other none of the crew had those same masks they had the regular regulator so we sort of had to develop almost like a sign language with them while she was. just it's who you are matthew modine plays the captain of the boat oh i love oh he's the best but we were only with him for a week because like i said most of it was underwater ok with liberal game of if you only knew the movies forty seven meters down yes their childhood celebrity crush joey mcintyre new kids on the block i had his barbie doll and everything and then i met him years later and told him i had a huge crush on him and he seemed a little bit freaked out by that she good tell him how really have any secret talent strangest fan encounter i think it's strange whenever somebody finds your address and send you like i know how to get the i don't know a lot of i just moved i haven't even moved into my house yet and i had a stack of mail from some fan in italy there must be someplace that they think find
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everything on the internet now what's your guilty pleasure really have to kill to pleasure i'm terrible at these questions and do your normal i'm normal who would do trade places with for day i would trade places with michelle obama when she was the first lady just i have so much admiration for a i mean i just would love to see what a day in her life were going to leave us i bet what's your chosen vice is coffee a vice you know ok it's not a vice it is no it is a great it's a vice something you wish you a better adams dancing best advice you've ever gotten. my dad always told me when in doubt don't and i listened to that worst advice you've ever gotten . the regatta name about something people get wrong about you you know what i don't really feel misunderstood i feel like i've always sort of presented myself as accurately as possible and i feel like people have a pretty accurate sense of what am i don't know what do you think we should be
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paying more attention to. oh that's a loaded question i don't know so much he's free to say i'm not afraid to say it is that whenever we go back you know not a whole can of worms and i can't even speak eloquently but i mean i think i think we definitely need to be paying attention to climate change more i think we need to have more of an open dialogue jim writes something you long believed to be true and realize wasn't the old adage nice guys finish last i used to believe that that was true but now i don't leave your devotion to baseball managers was first when there was a bit really it is said about him he's a nice guy and nice guys finish last tell me something people don't know about you . but people don't know about me i feel like a secret member secret just a secret to you and the entire internet. crash i'm terrible terrible at this i
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feel like people know i'm a pretty open book i tell you what they don't know about yet i'll judge one now as they do the latter the day i am latter than jack. and the children which is involved it is involved and the forthcoming movie to forty seven meters out orders that is out now is out now if people want to see before gives us some social media question some politics you tweeted your support for sen kemal. i'm a big fan of hers i voted for her you think she should be prism i don't know if like it's a little early for that matter little early letter letter have heard you now term and in the senate does it mean you are not a fan of our president. who has another loaded question at nine not a fan and a fan more you want to climate change to climate change in facts yes i'm not a fan are you therefore pessimistic. i do not pessimistic because i feel like
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a good segment of the population especially young people have really been activated and were engaged in a way that maybe you wouldn't have been had the election gone another way. so i feel i feel very hopeful you grew up in orlando and i did or did dad do he's an airline pilot for american airlines wow. so you get to fly i get to fly i did when i was a kid now it's all hard to have to fly stand were out does he fly a log he flies out of l.a. now and he flies tokyo and sydney and london those are his big fight. big planes big planes have you flown with him i haven't never never been on a plane we know but one day because when we were growing up he flew a lot to like south and latin america and we were in school and wasn't really like vacation destinations for us so one day i'll fly with him you have a worry about him never he is the best at what he does some social media questions jade walker tweets your character's daughter struggles with body issues bullying
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how have you handled social issues and beauty obsessed hollywood. it's a very good question. you know i honestly have never felt pressure to be anybody other than myself no one's ever told me i needed to lose weight or any of it to look a certain way or dress a certain way and maybe i would they tell you look for what you're very kind. and i think i'm a little outside the norm of what the typical like hollywood sort of body standard is but no one's ever told me otherwise and i'm comfortable in my skin and so my experience is always been overwhelmingly positive i guess brazde knox what was your favorite memory working on a war to remember that was a movie i made when i was sixteen. it was my first leading role everything about that film was so special who is in it shane west's he played the male lead opposite me and it's a movie we just celebrated like the fifteenth anniversary of it of its release but
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it's a movie that continues to like live on in the guys to the younger generations have discovered it and loved it and we had no idea it would have that sort of impact when we were making it molly cutie do you miss singing i do miss singing but i get to do it on this is us so at least with that part of my life feels see shaded by the show madge game sixty seven s which of your movies was your favorite dork on. i was that's a good question probably between this little indie movie called saved because it had a lot of young people and it was really cervical sarcastic and fun and funny and then i did this sort of romantic comedy with diane keaton called because i said so and i love. him so much she is the best so that was great kauto odor and what is the most of truck do thing you find in a man. confidence and honesty. terry friend terry francona is is the manager. why you're the
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manager clune be incidents really your i don't know but god moment it's very frankly it's another terry and here as are you on our stewards flambeau takes place in pittsburgh well then maybe it's him we are steelers fans we've all sort of become steelers fans i didn't grow up in like a sports household you said you shoot no way we should los angeles but the show takes place in pittsburgh and the family are huge steelers fans and we've had a couple of episodes where the steelers have factored in so my when i went and announced the fourth round draft pick recently in pittsburgh it was really so much fun yeah you know why they settled on making it pittsburgh because our creator grew up there. so he has very fond memories of pittsburgh and it's a lovely town i'd never been before i love always lovely it's more should be jailed arable you know smoke. so maybe what's next you got this is us going to have
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a boyfriend having a friend laser movie idea diving into thank you yeah life is good i have no complaints we go back to work in about a month so i'm ready to sort of dive back in. you see newsgroups already not yet hopefully this week i've been told that we'll go over and start again or generally dies early we do we've been told that that will be addressed in the first episode but we don't really know what happens throughout the course of the season so i'm anxious to find out some of the plot points and storylines thank you so much thank you adult and thanks to my guest mandy moore the entire first season of this is us is available on n.b.c. dot com and forty seven meters down is in theaters now and as always you can find me on twitter with things i'll see you next time.
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i do not know if the russian state into john podesta the e-mails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided. to support his claims. i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edwards he did not to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale balance of the u.s. . to hyperventilate corporate has once again proved to be an ethical government claims. you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots. in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable.
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ballo other couple. of a lot of. our own persona calling families a lab. today or tomorrow so it's all good their balls are going to be drawn over. yahoo. to be there with. the dead again or with a new. girl is the duggar everybody wants school and the people here living you are creator does lego book.
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called the feeling. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the open. the old according to just. look at the modern world come along for the ride.
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the global chemical weapons watchdog says sarin gas was used in a deadly incident in syria back in april moscow has questions about the report. also the solid germany crackdown on hate speech and defamation online with a new door imposing fines of up to fifteen million euros. it's been threatens to turn away moderate rescue ships says more than eleven thousand refugees arrive in the country shows just since the start of the week. before the latest go on call me in the meanwhile those there with us across all finding out why reporters at major u.s. networks have been expressing doubts over the own trump russian coverage.


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