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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 1, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the global chemical weapons watchdog says sarin gas was used in a deadly incident in syria back in april questions about the report. also this. hate speech and defamation online or imposing fines of up to fifteen million euros . it's threatens to turn away moderate rescue ships as more than eleven thousand refugees arrive in the country just since the start of the week. in the meanwhile those there with us for finding out why reporters at major u.s. networks have been expressing doubts over the.
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hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things considered. in a revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom line and a political agenda rather than reporting on real news on this edition of the program we ask if cnn's evidence for the war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism. crosstalk in the present and future of c.n.n. i'm joined by my guest steve malzberg in new york he is the host of the steve malzberg show on newsmax t.v. also in new york we have the media personality lionel he is a legal analyst and news decoder at la. media dot com and in washington we cross to
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richard goodstein he is a democratic political strategist and former advisor to the president clinton and hillary clinton's presidential campaigns all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it steve let me go to you first here. cnn's motto is. the most trusted name in news over the last few months last couple of weeks particularly the last few days when you hear that. mantra about what they call themselves how do you reflect upon that go ahead. well you know it may very well be true because if you look at the polls nobody trusts news so what zero percent or or or the top percentage of two or three percent the point is there is no journalism in the leftist media there is no journalism in the mainstream media which is the same thing it's the left this media this from the beginning this russian nonsense has
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been just that nonsense and c.n.n. and m.s.n. b.c. source spike in their ratings immediately so they're keeping it going when the producer at c.n.n. at mit's that on a hidden camera and c.n.n. doesn't dispute any of that video and says we stand by our producer he's not really involved in that kind of coverage and then van jones is on camera. same organization a project veritas sees van jones in the street who is on camera two days before this saying this is awful this is terrible and then he says to the guy on camera unbeknown to that he's on camera this is a nothing burger i mean what credibility how do you trust that name ok richard can you reflect upon that because you know c.n.n. hasn't disputed any of these things here and we asked directly a producer at c.n.n. if this is a real story the russia story the russia gate story and and he said it's b.s. it's simple it's not i mean it's it's very transparent ok and if you c.n.n.
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wants to explain that is diversity when i you know then they needed communications director to communicate their message here richard please go ahead and i'm sure you disagree that's why you're here go you're. you know what's not in dispute peter what's not in dispute according to the seventeen intelligence agencies the united states is that russia interfered with the us elections every single agency every single witness before congress was associated with the intelligence community says there is zero doubt that starting with the latter were putin on down that there was meddling interference dick cheney called it an act of war so that's what there's no doubt about so you know people can talk about it in these terms of oh it's this big nothing it's not a big nothing and you know why he said what stupid thing he said you know you'll have to ask him again. to base it if you're on your air it's just stupid ok that's
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the explanation let me go to you line i want to correct the record here we had james clapper say in front of a congressional committee it wasn't seventeen agencies it was three and those three agencies that came out of their assessment meeting their guesstimate cherry pick the people that wrote that report here so let's clear the air ok i suggested everyone go to robert perry. and consorting news dot com and he has a very good explanation of it here finally lionel you've been very patient jump in . the project very ty's video is the zapruder film for c.n.n. . and is dad dad zucker dad predict you will see the ultimate freezing out this is the denouement the epilogue the coda and stopped repaving this month stop
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saying that. there is no evidence of russian tampering no evidence of any russian infiltration there hasn't been yet and fact you had such a beautiful job that bloodied near pool could go on t.v. right now and accurately and kill had no legs and nobody would believe it ok because you have but your way does this not ok. guys no evidence hang on hang on here let me go to steve here you know steve one of the things that i'm most concerned with here i don't care about trump one way or another honestly i don't one thing i do really care a lot about is journalism and i have seen month after month after month we have a harvard study looking at the major networks and their coverage of the president if i can remember correctly c.n.n. is at ninety three percent interesting leno fox comes in around fifty percent fifty
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fifty ok when i saw all those those veritas tapes what really bothered me most is the condition of journalism. trump has come and he will go eventually ok but i'm worried about how journalism has been so deborah gaited and i think it's doing a huge disservice to the public go ahead steve. well this this is not a new phenomenon though this is driving it home beyond any reasonable doubt be on any the ability of anybody who is serious and an observer just a just a layman observer to say wait a minute this isn't fair this isn't right but this has been going on for years they need years they need years the media bias and i could spend hours with you on a document thing cases after case and you know what the most serious kind of fake news is fake news is is by omission in other words donald trump talks ill of a judge that's not right that's horrible donald trump said this but they don't tell you that iraq obama at the state of the union lambasted the supreme court to their
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face bill clinton one said the judge should get another job f.d.r. threatened to change the makeup of the supreme court by not putting things in context that's the worst kind of fake news but the latest on donald trump now is he had the nerve the nerve the gall to call the woman over in the oval office with a gathering of reporters and say you've got a great smile all my god you should i heard the commentators on c.n.n. discuss that does he do that to a man would you kiss a man i guess one of them actually said what he said i couldn't believe what i was hearing ok generally that's one of the reasons why i like living in russia because there is no political correctness here i can say to a girl anytime anywhere you have a nice smile and i'm going to get in trouble richard you've been very patient here do you think that donald trump is held to a different standard than let's say barack obama as president in the media go ahead richard. donald trump is held to a different standard because he's
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a different person and by that i mean look at the list in the new york times of the lies let's luxury coated the lies from day one of the trump administration we have things coming out of the mouth of the president states that nobody in their right mind ever ever dreamed he could look straight in somebodies eyes he could look into the camera and say things that are flatly untrue and richard the problem is what could go differentiate listen peter one thing what differentiates the united states from russia and others is a free press and a court system that is independent and the fact of the matter is donald trump is doing everything in his power i don't even know if he knows it because i think i question his electoral capacity but he's doing everything in his power to degrade a free press and independent system of the judiciary well you know it's horrible but you know but it makes me know you know. exactly what you know what i when i look at all of this going on for the last eight or nine months it's really intel
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gate it's really obama gate it's what the deep state what his justice department did it's kind of collusion i mean for me it's all completely upside down because there's actually evidence we have people under oath saying you know he said this she said this we had unmasking of flynn that is an illegal act that's the only thing in the whole mess that actually is going to go ahead really unmasking listen he is what you say on masking peter it would have been malfeasance for the head of national security for barack obama not to know who it was that was having that kind of discovered it was with a calling surely i was really. late aab that's illegal go ahead lionel she was doing her job but it was leaked to the media that's illegal that's a felony go ahead lionel go ahead let me let me try to break everybody. back to back to square one trump won the election this is the only thing that nobody seems
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to understand he won the election number one number two your candidate your beloved evil queen hillary clinton lost the election she lost number three the reason why this russian trope this mean was created was to give credence to the fact that again she didn't blow this election with a billion dollar war chest this is a trope this is amy now what also averages when you have media right now who have ratings that rival that of a baby monitor and all of a sudden there is a spike whether it's rachel maddow whether it's c.n.n. whether you name it whether it's the late night who ever benefits from this they saw it like a moth to a flame they went in that direction but what happens is you've got these pathetic apologists who the only think you can come up with right now after the election is donald trump isn't smart he's a liar look the bottom line is simply this donald trump has no friend he is i mean he was a declared war against an idea is that because i'm going to wait and i'm going to
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go over you hang out here hang on michael let me let me go to spread and let me go to steve steve you know it seems to me the media is looking they want him to have a goal they want him impeached and removed so they're looking they're searching for it they're doing everything upside down ok that's not defending donald trump it's defending the presidency and the constitution and the democratic process that apparently russia is is eroding i mean it's complete fantasy it's they're doing it to themselves go ahead steve. they're absolutely doing it to themselves and the fact of the matter is unified was anybody know in this country or in this world based on the reporting from c.n.n. and the others that bernie sanders and his wife are under f.b.i. are under investigation criminal investigation there's anybody care about any other story also c.n.n. is is twenty four hours donald trump now look this as i said has started their goal their goal and i predicted this on the air many many times if the democrats take
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the house donald trump will be impeached and he won't be convicted in the senate it will go the way clinton i had to jump in here guys speech and that is the bully how do you go to a hard break gentlemen and after a short break we'll continue our discussion on c.n.n. state with our. final tally pull it out i. can tell you whether the. feeling you had at the school and not be agile. on the letter. or own soner closing time is alleged to be recreated today or tomorrow so all the good votes are going to be trying to. yahoo tell about.
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the fight of it pass here up there with the perry i pad down there in the history of the delegates or the. girl is the target really we're the one school and the people you are living your creator does like your book. nice guys or financial survival guide liquid assets now those that you can. quite easily. keep in mind that me into a place. for. you on the idea that dropping bombs brings to the chicken or forcing you to buy the battle. for the value. of the public.
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but. we all. want. welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle we're discussing c.n.n. and the state of the media. ok richard let's go let's go back to the veritas. secret videoing of the c.n.n. producer i find it very disturbing that they would just the bottom line it just to make money i mean this when we're talking about very important political issues well and political stability in the country the country is greatly divided i think the media is pushing that a jet making the country even more divided they have a little nisha audience and they they placate it and it's very very lucrative but
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where is the journalism in this and where is the honesty in this because you know we people in the media are not very popular and i would say it's because of people like c.n.n. go ahead richard. you know peter you steve and lionel can. this notion of whatever it is that everybody in the intelligence community is convinced and says under oath happened which is that the russians through wiki leaks through all these bots and millions and millions are going to change anything to do they want to change any so he did it so you know what peter there's a good question so you tell me you are a master of communications if you had a volume of people that were subject to to thousands and thousands of messages hillary clinton's done thing she's mentally ill you think maybe over time that actually is going to kind of move the needle not really say that not relations
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expert no i don't think so i don't think so we all right now know what i would say rachel you think they didn't let me finish let me finish because it's really important you know looking and talking to a lot of people that were studying the election at the time and if you're gave coming to the conclusion that people made up their mind in august that all of this week stuff all of the. i mean you know i mean i am so i don't i'm not saying it is true i'm saying that people are telling me this here it makes a lot more sense to me because like people because it's out and i'll come out i'm not trying to play and i'm not i'm not carrying water for donald trump let's be clear of adults a pretty let me let me finish let you know what the data is and the layout of the. problem you have the biggest mistake that the hillary clinton campaign made is that forgot about the the fly over states and that's what made the difference in the election here and i think what we see here this invention of russia gate here i mean it is a scandal without evidence there's we have no smoking gun i would submit if i go to
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line right now if there was something after all these months it would have been leaked by now because everything else has been leaked go ahead lionel. there is nothing let let let let let me rephrase something the reason why c.n.n. there's a problem let's go back step number one it was when anthony's scare or mood she was involved in a story and c.n.n. went through great pains to to bring this down to strike this and to expurgated from its rolls fearing a suit why because of an eighty five billion dollar merger between time warner and eighty in t. were it not for that nothing would change on c.n.n. nothing this is not about journalism this is not about integrity this is about a deal and who is going to be reviewing this who's administration and justice
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department is going to review this merger let's see what's his name oh yes trump that's what is the but journalism is in this country in the mainstream media and i'm going to media it's foreign it's citizen journalism steve in new york jump in. yeah let me give you got another example here you know we had for reed's a car a mainstay on c.n.n. and c.n.n. international called donald trump a b.s. artist but he said the word and he said the word over and over again not just one occasion but on several occasions we have simone sanders who is bernie sanders spokesperson no relation who recently said and she's black we don't need white people running the democratic party and these people are paid by c.n.n. i mean that speaks to what that network is if it. were if there was courtly went out ok so is cory lewandowsky excuse me ok fine fine why did he do that let me
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stick with you know why what did he do let me stick with richard here i mean the impression is that you know a lot of people say it off the cuff the clinton news network you know c n n and you know watching the campaign it certainly looked that way i mean this is what's happened with the liberal media they've become the p.r. arm of the democratic party and a lot of people don't like that and they do turn off of course so what i see is we see this growing segregation in the united states and i think the media is driving that to vide every single night wall to wall coverage on this and a lot of people just getting really turned off by it even people at c.n.n. and apparently go ahead richard. so you know this notion about the clinton news network if you added up the dollar value of the time that c.n.n. gave of wall to wall coverage wall to wall coverage of the trump rallies it was astronomical there was nothing there was nothing that they did about hillary that
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could come close to that value that they kind of affirmed the trump campaign by giving him in an expert gaited kind of hour or more with not i would just with this crowd but with the with the american public watching c.n.n. so the notion that somehow or other they're trying to break the or they were trying to bring trump down in favor hillary honestly that's kind of a joke of a lot of how much time do they have but you take the same thing richard you just said but for our very very different reason line a limit hang on here hang on here what what c n n n m a n b c did is that they put him on hoping well look at this clown look at this which where is that gaffe going to come now and you know c.n.n. and everyone else like him totally it completely boomeranged on them just like the more you do this russia gate stuff the more you can find dirt on the democrats in this election go ahead lionel. what they were doing is they were watching the
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meter they were doing whatever they had to say and believe me to a certain extent it's not all of on c.n.n. they told them way to go they watch the mater they didn't watch the truth they didn't watch the duty they owed to people whatever made the meter move and then all of a sudden they went too far and then it became out of control and then finally but let me say that most importantly they killed whatever was left of this russian story because people like chuck schumer and others have sent memos out to the d.n.c. say enough of that and by the way these subsidiary other anti trump all left sock puppet media like rachel maddow with others who have devoted their entire share of grammy to this russian myth their whole careers are now done because of what c.n.n. day so they were in the party for everybody and they've got nothing right now nothing we're sitting shivah for c.n.n. this is that that was this is the day you ok let me go to close state by word steve
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so what is the interesting thing since and i may be i have the best perspective because i'm further away from it than everyone else here is that it seems to me that c.n.n. and other liberal media outlooks. outlets they actually elected donald trump i truly believe that because if you're called a deplorable irredeemable and i looked at a lot of those. i didn't see the ku klux klan i didn't see all the stuff that they always being told what you know what these commentators coming in over over and over again what i saw was kind of middle america and then you know being insulted like that you're you're redeemable i think that is what was the thumb on the scale i think that made the biggest difference all this other stuff we keep leaks russia e-mails it's i think it's fluff i don't think it changed anyone's mind or very few people go ahead steve. well i agree with you and i think i think
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the media would focus on one rowdy person or what donald trump would say get him out you know hit him whatever and they say oh my god but hillary did a good job of getting donald trump elected by the basketful the deplorable and ignoring the states the fly over states as you alluded to look at the georgia special election a couple of weeks ago they had a count down of course c.n.n. has a countdown for everything and they they couldn't wait couldn't wait couldn't wait and when that election was over there was a screen shot that went around they looked like somebody just passed away not only that the next day there was no action there was no coverage. never had a long nothing to see move along nothing to see richard where right richard where does the democratic party go it's kind of moved away from c.n.n. that just awful programming over there richard but what you know and you what you do you do well and i have a lot of respect for you and i'm always happy when you come on this program what do the democrats have to do what kind of message because i probably will disagree with
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me but this russia gate thing isn't getting traction we're listening heard over and over again from congressmen and senators say the people back home they don't want they're not interested in this they want something more that isn't to say you know why don't people though no that isn't just saying richard that isn't to say that every government has a right to protect the integrity of its political system and i think investigation should go on to make sure we do know what happened ok but making it the headline news wall the wall twenty six minutes every single broadcast i think you're alienating alienating the public you're go ahead richard well as far as where the democratic party goes look. the it be reminded that hillary clinton three million more votes than donald trump so so somehow or other despite everything that she did so badly and trumping such a genius candidate he got his he got whipped right he lost by over two percent so that is fake terms of where they go for and this georgia special and in this georgia and in. georgia special for example tom price the current head of the
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health and human services had who had won that seat six months ago by twenty four points another win by four if we get any kind of movement like that and actually news on the twenty eighteen alleged little be a tad bit of what it's really amazing it's really amazing it's amazing how the fifty million dollar campaign in hollywood stars and everything you know they poured a lot into it but. yeah it was crazy but you know they shrunk the deficit from twenty four to four right ok but here's the answer what the democrats need to do is basically keep doing what they've been doing all along would just take your issue you know on taxes stand up for the little guy not the wealthy guy on the environment make sure the people are safe from pollution not. go down less on education make sure they know that health care richard cation question you're absolutely right the whole thing you're absolutely right richard you that's exactly what democrats should be doing so maybe you know c.n.n. and your liberal friends in the media they are the ones that are hurting the democratic party right now because they're not getting the new democratic party's
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message out steve ten seconds before we end the program go ahead yes ok hillary clinton won the popular vote because donald trump didn't come campaign in california or new york if the popular vote meant anything or did she would have and he would have won and has fought and donald trump won that georgia district by one point the congressional candidate just won she won by five or four so that's perspective ok gentlemen we've run out of time fascinating discussion many thanks to my guests in washington and in new york and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at the see you next time and remember crosstalk.
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one of the biggest challenges that any investigators face in dealing with. what it is and as we've seen with many of these attacks when you've mentioned. somewhere it's still unclear where that originated so our clear message to government is to work together around the world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships and make sure that diplomacy is everything.
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that there could be dug a deck in the yard and i go i you know i have to find the best. bits and see if it's getting better.


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