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hundreds gather in london for the north one day more protest against government austerity policies and spending cuts thousands more are expected to join the market in the coming hours. pushed to the limit by the refugee crisis with thousands of pro and anti migrant activists protesting across the country. but. we know that his side has used chemical weapons on his own people. western officials new accusations against the syrian government after the un's chemical weapons watchdog releases a report on april's chemical instant in libya despite neither visiting the site nor
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any blame. and in another incident of police brutality in the us an officer from atlanta is suspended after a video emerges of him punching a man in the head who was wrongly suspected of taking drugs. it's three o'clock am in moscow and you're watching r t international live from last you do with me in a day or two to welcome to the program but first we have news from the u.s. at least seventeen people have been shot at a nightclub in little rock arkansas officers say the incident apparently followed a dispute at a concert for police and there were no fatalities one victim was in a critical condition that is now stable authorities also believe there is no active shooter and the incident is not terror related.
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hundreds have come out in the british capital for the not one day more anti-government march has crossed live now to joe pa is that the demonstration last very busy where you are can you tell us what's going on. one of the raids thousands of people here now gathered in central london to protest the tory government are they gathered outside the b.b.c. headquarters and are going to conduct a big and loud march all the way to parliament square lots of people coming out here to say they just want to reset main government anymore here's what they've been telling us here today. is fighting between so many so many people in the quality and it's just not. it just have to be that way down here tonight well as a protest against the soul stirrers to the conservative government has imposed on this
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nation mind concerns oh education. of the cup with the universe is on the label we would have gone to really any man see or do going up means down a street and not because it's going off on the first down on time and it's come out with thousands of pounds of that here to support removing children because it's becoming increasingly more vicious jimmy buffet's it should be interesting to see. what this one now trying to play john for it's time to stop their coalition survey very loud here but that's. what is written and i now i think they are absolutely testy are true that this government is going to stay in power when the only reason they can stay there is because it's giving one point five billion pounds worth of taxpayers' money to the bigots in the to you paid to stay in power this government is illegitimate it's got no prints this has got no policy and it really needs a new election immediately look at the opinion polls. majority of people in this
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country think disappear second election and that's because they know that if the work. we turn the power rest of the country apart from all of the people here do you want another election you came. up here yeah i know the tories keep on going to run television. nobody wants a new election but actually it's been an opinion poll this must have fifty six percent of people who want election and i think not because many people would have voted for jeremy colvin but thought you could show that surprise election result and said while we've got a chance to end austerity we call a chance to have a prime minister who is committed to peace and they want to happen and if the government what we saw in this movement look good on the streets and the trade unions on the streets until the government is forced to resign so do you think all of these crowds coming out on the streets are basically going going to be a new fixture here and you can tell the government go i'm absolutely certain about this and in many ways as far as we're concerned this demonstration is bringing
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forward for a demonstration i thought the tory party conference in october on a tour of the tories are gone out of treason by isn't gone that i promise you that will be the demonstration to wendover i'm afraid. but the fact is about to. join. us and keep us updated. honestly. in central london not one day. in just a week since the general election the british capital has been hit by a number of government protests. there. was.
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i believe that. tensions over the migration crisis have been rising sharply in italy and to migrant activists gathered in rome to protest against refugee shelters in that country but in the city of about two thousand people poured on to the streets in support of refugees. i. think. it's me has been under huge pressure and is now asking for more decisive action
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from the ease authorities to tackle the crisis. our correspondent travel to the italian island of sicily which has been one of the main points of arrival for african migrants to locals who say they're fed up with the inaction of europe's authorities. this is one of the many springs rescued migrants mediterranean sea to pull like this one here in sicily and so. many of those migrants this will be the first time. in surrey but the italian authorities say there's so many migrants coming here to italy that they might have to close the . ships like this. was.
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a rather silly size it's well but the sheer. things just landed and it happen to be cheeky here on the sicily and people on this island say they feel abandoned you feel. it is not just the responsibility of italy is the responsibility of europe there is far too much immigration it's really cannot support arriving migrants. they do nothing because their policies don't work they just talk. all that they have to help you know we're bearing the financial burden you know i want other states france spain and others to do their part in helping the migrants because this prime minister didn't along he said everyone turns away and pretends not to see to do nothing is wrong europe needs to help out the european union has provided financial aid it says it's not enough and now e.u.
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who make this have said that they back cools to open up the ports along the mediterranean coast such as say in. spain but that is likely to be met with great resistance in both countries and some people suggest that what the european commission is saying is little more than. some countries need to do more to do their share in distributing the refugees poland hungary and the czech republic have not accepted a single refugee from. unfortunately we have no progress on the question of distribution of migrants within the european union and we stand in solidarity. the italian government and the italian people and we will make available all possible assistance and support it seems there's a lot of but very little action from the powers that be in europe and meanwhile italy is continuing to sink and the strain of the my current crisis
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charlotte people ski r.t. sicily. wirelessly says it's tired of bearing the brunt of migrants french police have been using drones and dogs to hunt down they're trying to slip across the border from italy into france in super university history professor power less than a day and he says it's time for italy's european partners to do more to deal with the crisis. bearable. terrible situation has been left alone that literally is a code now is not is not able to deal with these and more these great. amount of the local population and the local population is really admire the with the government closed and with the you pm you know. i don't see the european union will be acting in a corporately way you should have done more to have done more in organizing a system of acceptance or you know glamorizing it system of if you'll go and
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control of the african cause so we have to find the solution which might be radical solution to see it all of the ports closed balsam people. the u.n. chemical weapons watch dog has published a report into a deadly chemical incident in syria's italy province while it doesn't attribute blame that's not stopped western officials were nearing that accusations towards the syrian government it also turns out the a p c w didn't even visit the site of the life attack of washington correspondent kelly more print has more. we've been waiting for this for months in it live province back in april the chemical attack triggered all kinds of accusations and allegations but not many answers but now we have the seventy eight page report from the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog so did we get those answers first of all the investigators never actually visited the site of the chemical weapons attack in question the elite province where the attack took place is not in an area under the
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control of the government so it wasn't safe to go there and that raises another question u.n. officials said the report was carried out in full compliance with the guidelines but the guidelines clearly state that they must visit the site where it happened so their conclusions were based on interviews they did with people claiming to be victims as well as samples they received from n.g.o.s like the white helmets a group with a dubious reputation now the report doesn't even give a hint as to how the chemical agent was dispersed this lack of information prompted a strong response from russia's foreign minister and that is that supposedly should he be organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has been absent unintelligibly it refused to go to the scene of the incident and did not provide any information yesterday. it says the not convinced that sun and gas which was apparently found was dropped by a bomb from the they don't know where the sun came from and yet throughout these
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months tensions have been inflamed now the report was never intended to establish who carried out the attack that's being left to another group of investigators but this hasn't stopped western leaders from reeling in their old mantra. the finger points at the the sad regime and we've got a european council coming up where we will drive on with the u.k. campaign to impose sanctions on those responsible the us has already brought out sanctions on three hundred people as a result of this people who drop chemical weapons. all innocent people should be held to account we know that assad has used chemical weapons on his own people and he's done that repeatedly including it states against the world that including women and children is fiction and we have all seen that we've all seen the video and there is no debate about that so once again we've got more questions and no definitive answer but for some people that just doesn't matter caleb r.t.
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washington d.c. we discussed the findings of the poll to the russia's representative to the u.n. backed watchdog. there are little expressions in the suit like the team was unable to fulfill the team play on. all of these. daunting calls the ball we were unable to pull determine where fans of. the film to. leave. teaching on the. side the. source of fuel for speak those. who treated we can't vote in just creates. these missions is the mission so. just the serious and political sections to smile.
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there is a mission and in this report the it was impossible to implement it to not grasp the point the key. for sampling from the school just confuses me but. we do have some things you can work somebody in boarding school has been going to somebody and they just absolutely know all the evidence cole it was deal with. made german legislation branding both fake news and online terrorist propaganda as criminal activity has been hit with a storm of criticism not least in the country's parliament the green party has warned that social media firms may overregulate while the anti establishment alternative for germany party described it as a dark day for journalism a group in digital rights then issued an open letter before the legislation was
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passed claiming the bill breaches the north. partridge has more on the consequences of burning. germany has approved a bill to find social media networks up to fifty million euros if they fail to remove what's described as obviously illegal content hate speech terrorist propaganda and defamatory fake news freedom of speech and criminal begins the initiative ends the internet law of the jungle fine flagging up terrorist propaganda is fairly obvious but determining what's hate speech and the truth behind media outlets accused of fake news is anything but ever wonder what fake news and i am not going to give you a portion you are straight do headlines and soon in the guardian very effective this whole notion of election voting fraud this is fake news doesn't today fake sites boortz trolls can falsify your viewpoints russian government or the
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creator to spread fig conspiracies across the social media landscape as for hate speech different countries have different laws what germany might consider hate another nation might consider opinion the german bill offers this guideline social platforms have to ban what's obviously illegal but obvious for whom germany's bill is part of a wider trend an austrian court ordered facebook to remove hate speech posts against one of the country's politicians not only in austria but worldwide and canada's top court ruled google can remove entire websites from its global search engines following one complex case so it seems in this online age borders don't matter but boundaries still do and when some governments seek to impose their own lore on the internet they're disregarding other borders with their own version of what's obviously illegal. the new rules mean companies will have twenty four hours to move the content facebook has already hiring more people to check flag posts but
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with billions of users there are concerns that web giants in general may be overwhelmed by the complaints we reached out to facebook for comment the company told us the legislation is the wrong way to fight online hate speech with regulations threatening to remove content that is not actually illegal we discuss the issue with. a political activist group chat he believes the law risks leading to censorship everywhere you look on the internet there is how huge preach hate speech for sorry defamation law and those kind of things but there is a problem when you start to try and tell private enterprise corporations to try and do it and then there's also this issue that you've got to find what it is you know for someone hate speech maybe actually true for all vice versa you know how do you define what actually is a reality in every single newspaper or news network of the sun has a slant of some kind or another part of the problem where you've got
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a government which is essentially trying to do that for the people who are saying well this is this we don't regard it as new so we're going to get rid of that for you we're going to get rid of that and you need to watch this kind of news and i look at it only fru fru this kind of lens now becomes quite dangerous that is essentially censorship you can call it regulation you can call it whatever you want but the reality is the ship because you are censoring a certain point of view or a certain set of knew when i was a she just because you don't deem them as as fair or or factually correct the establishment is worried about the internet you know the internet is this one place where everybody everybody in the world can essentially have a voice they see that as the centralized they see it as almost anarchic and for that i think it scares them. police officers put on administrative leave after the latest case of shocking be tallahassee that relatives of the victim warm the punishments not enough details of that story and will after this break.
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one of the biggest challenges that any investigators face in dealing with cyber crime is. who did it what did it come from and as we've seen with many of these attacks i mean you've mentioned one across the recent won't run somewhere attack it's still unclear where that originated from so our clear message to government is to work together around the world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships and make sure that diplomacy is the key to everything. all the feel we go through. every the world experience.
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and you get. the world according to just. come along for the ride. welcome back to the program another case of police brutality has been making the headlines in the u.s. that's after video emerged of an officer in atlanta beating a suspect he claimed was about to smoke a crack pipe however nothing was ever found on the victim just to warn you now you may find the following for to distressing. to see. was. the incident happened just over a week ago video shows the officer punching the back of the man's head while he's being held down a police report into the incident claims the suspect had resisted arrest for
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possessing a crack pipe. and land his police chief says the situation was avoidable the officer has been placed on administrative leave for twenty days but activists say that's disrespectful to the victim twenty days a suspension certainly kicks justice in the eye and definitely is insult to the victim the officers alleging that they saw or are our client but to smoke crack however during the occupation and even abdul there was never any narcotics you know crack cocaine far and i think it's important to note that this officer has a history and reputation on beating on people in the also as our report he said that they tried to use a taser and so when you use a taser to be in it was deemed non-effective what makes you think that your hands are sufficient that makes no sense and so zlata inconsistency i don't accuracies with the police officer's testimony in what was in the report and so the video
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speaks for itself. incidents of police brutality are increasingly being caught on camera. you. know you've got to stay right here. this is a culture that happens in policing and it must be addressed a lot of times and law enforcement they have their own versus us mentality or we're above or better than most people like you know when we as it pertains to law and so long for smith officers are not law they don't get to be become the judge the jury in executing right that's not their job their job is to enforce the law the chief of police is their responsibility to come out and say hey we got it wrong but we're willing to correct the issue. jim
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and cheney will face off in the final of the football confederations cup in st petersburg on sunday at a news conference ahead of the game fee for president giani in from tina said the tournament had been a great success despite any predictions from some. confederations cup here in russia in the news because sochi moscow and some pieces work has been a great success we have been hearing before this confederation cup a lot of problems about a lot of problems that we would experience here in russia we were hearing about violence about incidents. and we had nothing we had no incidents i can just tell you that if a problematic tournament looks like this tournament well then they want to have many of these problematic tournament's going at it. we're covering all the action both on and off the pitch. joining us from. one of the for the
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tournament join us on. time with the latest. website. for more details and updates. coming up next all of the financial headlines. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive in. my body gets. produced itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people that's one of the side effects is that. this. put the money on your
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car immediately you don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma as well. you know a motor car and. one of the risks of a donation in it then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations and it. was. over two years old. in the money used in the droves and who runs the blood business. with the goal make this manufacture consent to stick to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final
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merry go round. we can all middle of the room sick. i'm lindsey francis is a blue bus broadcasting around the world from washington d.c.
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tonight social media companies could be hit with fines of up to fifty million euros by the german government for failing to remove hate speech on its platforms within twenty four hours also executives of a major japanese power company have pled not guilty to negligence for their role in the fukushima nuclear disaster running the details of that in my gas hadley manning of the independent women's forum says success of the new senate health care bill brides on the so-called community rating down by the us starts right now. may have been one of the weakest months for spending as americans chose to save
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their money according to reports by the commerce department consumer spending rose zero point one percent last month after back to back gains up point four percent in april and barge the small increase took place in tandem with the slower rate of inflation the federal reserve says it fell by a point one percent marking the second decline in over three months additionally the inflation rate tapered off in may as well to only one point four percent this is down from one point seven percent the prior month this sudden deceleration seems to have confound it the central bank as it would ideally like to see inflation closer to around two percent this may give the fed more things to think about as it begins to consider how to quickly raise those interest rates. and president trump maybe sending the u.s. into an all out international trade war with some of the biggest economies in the world according to media reports at a white house meeting this week the administration discuss.


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