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thousands of protesting in london to denounce the u.k.'s coalition government and demand prime minister to resign may step down under the rally cry not one day. it's white thing between so many so many people in the well that he is becoming increasingly more efficient to be biopsied to be to the species. it's really pushed to the limit by the refugee crisis with thousands of pro and anti migrant activists protesting across the country. chile germany chile it's going to be germany. who will win the twenty seventh in confederations cup joins in a few minutes as we continue the intellectual debates. hello
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and thank you for joining us this hour you're watching r.t. international with me nicky arran well thousands have turned out in the british capital for the not one day more antigovernment march and thus to see a chicken has been following the demonstration in london. we're in central london where thousands of people have come out onto the streets to protest to resign me government now this is not the first protests taking place in london in recent weeks but it's certainly the biggest we've seen recently thousands of people filling the streets marching from b.b.c. headquarters to parliament where they're also here they say because they want this story out there is a. disgrace it was from a stair any measures to the handling of threats it's a coalition of the team he got some talent tragedy really delicious and he wants me
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to make him go this is why the gap is widening between so many so many people this might be the quality and it's just not fair and just have to be that way on here tonight well as a protest against the soul stirrers to the conservative government has imposed on this nation mine consume so education. at the pump with the universe is on the label we wouldn't go in for even a mess he offered to go elements of the nation great man the president signed off on first down on time and come out with thousands because of that they actually support removing struggle because it's becoming increasingly more of a shock to me by switching between these two species a little bit more about this i'm joined by musician jake painter jake thanks so much for joining us today to what you make of this turnout i think this is probably the biggest protest we've seen taking place recently his historic numbers of people here today is really quite unprecedented and you know i think that just shows the
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level of distrust such people have discovered why do you think the time is now i mean it's been quite a few protests we've seen recently why are this many people disappointed now i think it's been a very long standing in growing resentment especially i think you know the the young the millennium goals with every show you know where people are but they realize the move to shift it is belief unless they get out. do something about it and so i think that's what we're seeing here today was a lot of young people at a lot of protests and these people are you know too much younger crowd than normal this is they really have a mage overseas certainly that's a u.v. that coalition partners can buy on some issues but in parliament so i think the the idea of this is the british altogether see say yes we'd like to achieve these mated to the lead now we'd like another election we're confident that the progressive parties could win a majority in an election but also said to unite around some policy measures we can push for an ultimate where the tension we could see the government now i think the
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south in a very very dangerous position election day by the by the lack of success that she had in los angeles and just weeks that since the general election the british capital has been hit by a number of mass anti-government protests. tensions over the migration crisis have been rising sharply in italy and she might when activists gathered in rome to protest against refugee shelters in that country but in the city of genoa about two thousand people poured onto the streets in support
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of refugees. i. am. italy has been under huge pressure and is now also being filled more defined civil action and the usual story seems to tackle the crisis. a correspondent in ski travel to the italian island of sicily which has been one of
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the main points of a rival for african migrants she talk to locals who say they're fed up with the inaction if you weren't so far a tease. this is one of the many. brings rescue. to ports like this one here in sicily and for many of those migrants this will be the first time. but the italian authorities say there's so many coming here to italy that they might have to close the. ships like this. other eight sites it's the but the shia. land and they happen to. be on the sicily and people on this island say they feel abandoned. it is not just the responsibility of italy is the
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responsibility of europe there is far too much immigration it's really cannot support migrants. they do nothing because their policies don't work they just talk . they have to help you know we're bearing the financial burden you know i want other states france spain and others to do their part in helping the migrants because this prime minister didn't along he said everyone turns away and pretends not to seek to do nothing is wrong europe needs to help out the european union has provided financial aid to it says. and now e.u. have said that they cool to open up the ports along the mediterranean coast such as say in. spain but that is likely to be met with resistance. and some people suggest that you. saying it's little more than.
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some countries need to do more to do their share in distributing the refugees poland hungary and the czech republic have not accepted a single refugee from a. unfortunately we have no progress on the question of distribution of migrants within the european union and we stand in solidarity with the italian government and the italian people and we will make available all possible assistance and support it seems there's a lot of poor but very little action from the powers that be in europe imo meanwhile italy is continuing to sink under the strain of the michael crisis charlotte people ski r.t. cicely. also spoke to sarah at a young care from doctors without borders who described what it's actually like to rescue migrants in the mediterranean. this is the prudent spirit how many people have. rescued in these.
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people since the beginning. just with. what all of the conditions. have been the scariest. because you have people coming on. to be honest. many people. and sometimes they're dead people and people have drowned. because of the panic and also because. they panic because they're. under the. water gets in there as well the conditions are it's very
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challenging physically and also emotionally. mentally because you have to prepare yourself for anything. that could be pregnant women with. anything what kind of story. had to make a journey so many look at this. but then you have. people. to ship. a lot of people who are fleeing libya who are businessmen and traders business women working as all bears and maids in libya and then things got out of
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hand people are being kidnapped raped held hostage. over and over and over we had people on board during the last rescue who had been kidnapped over five times in libya they've given everything they had and they were just willing to get out no matter what they said it would if we die it's better than staying in libya it's a call for european countries to take responsibility and to take ownership the e.u. is one union and the have signed agreements to help each other and it does seem like italy is left to handle this by themselves now and italy is crying for help. here german legislation branding both fake news and online terrorist propaganda as criminal activity has been hit with a storm of criticism not least in the country's parliament the green party's warns that social media firms may overregulate while the anti establishment alternative for germany party described it as a dark day for journalism and european digital rights group even issued an open letter before the legislation was passed claiming the bill breaches the e.u.
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laws when new rules mean companies will have twenty four hours to remove the contents of facebook is already hiring more people to check flagged posts but with billions of users there are concerns that web giants in general may be overwhelmed by complaints and we contacted facebook for comments the company told us legislation is the wrong way to fight online hate speech with regulation threatening to remove content that is not actually illegal we discuss the issue with matty or boca meany a political activist for a shout out u.k. and he believes the law risks leading to censorship. everywhere you look on the internet there is how huge pete beach resort defamation slander those kind of things but there is a problem when you start to try and tell private enterprise corporations to try and do it and then there's also this issue that you've got to find what it is you know
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for someone hate speech may be actually true for all vice versa you know how do you define what actually is a reality and every single newspaper or news network on the sun has a slant of some kind or another part of the problem where you've got a government which is essentially trying to do that for the people who are saying well this is this we don't regard as new so we're going to get rid of that for you are going to get rid of that and you need to watch this kind of news and look at it only fru fru this kind of lens and that becomes quite dangerous is essentially censorship you can call it regulation you can call it whatever you want but the reality is it is censorship because you are censoring a certain point of view or a certain set of new and i was a she just because you don't deem them as as fair all or factually correct the establishment is worried about the internet you know the internet is this one place where everybody everybody in the world can essentially have a voice they see that as as the centralized they see it as almost anarchic and for that i think it scares them. over to the u.s.
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now where another case of police brutality has been making the headlines now is not the video emerged of an atlanta police officer beating up a suspect he claimed was about to smoke crack pipe however nothing was found on the victim just to warn you you may find the following video distressing. oh oh. oh oh. oh. oh well this incident happened to start over a week ago asking be seen in the video the office there repeatedly punched the man in the back of his head while he was being held down by two officers the police report into the incident claims the suspect had resisted arrest for possessing a crack pipe. atlanta's police chief says the situation was avoidable as a result of the incident the officer has been placed on administrative leave for twenty days but activists say the level of punishment is disrespectful to the
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victim twenty days a suspension certainly kicks justice in the eye and definitely is insult to the victim the officers alleging that they saw our our client abuts a small crack however during the altercation in leaving that door there was never any narcotics or no crack cocaine final and i think it's important to note that this officer has a history and reputation on beating on people in the also as our report he said that they tried to use a taser and so when you use a taser to be in it was deemed not effective what makes you think that your hands are sufficient that makes no sense and so is a lot of inconsistency i don't accuracies with the police officer's testimony in what was in the report and so the video speaks for itself and that is all police brutality are being increasingly caught on camera.
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all right. or you. know you got to stay right here you can get. this is a culture that happens in policing and it must be address a lot of times along force we have this versus us mentality or we're above or better than most people like you know when it as it pertains to law and so law enforcement officers are not law they don't get to be become the judge the jury and execute right that's not their job their job is to enforce the law the chief of police is their responsibility to come out and say hey we got it wrong but we're willing to correct the issue after the break we'll reporting live from st petersburg where the faith confederations cup final is taking place tomorrow.
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all the feel. the world period. and you'll get it on the old world. according to just. come along for the. i. i i. i. i. i i i. i.
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back now the fever confederations cup twenty seventeen hosted by russia is inching closer to the final game neil harvey and stan collymore are bringing you our special coverage of the tournament. very good evening to you and welcome to all of these continuing coverage of the twenty seventh confederations cup we're in beautiful saying petersburg and of all the gin joints in all the wilderness you can see this on the camera just behind us
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there they are the stan collymore fine clip of all of this a all three of them this is not just a really interesting call in more fun talking this one in the nail holes we find beyond you so get it right by me membership is vastly increased. we're going to talk about the football of course germany chile got a day to go on paper i'd say he's a pretty equally matched the rankings what for against the radius what do you think how will this go i mean my favorite in germany because soon they're going to go to mexico thought they were sensational you for playing the ball through the lines very quickly by call dr mexico many many times in that guy and we've had a conversation you disagree you think back to your it's a little bit too soon if you look at germany and all the way back to two thousand and ten before the free for world cup in south africa or of the likes of my mom noir now world superstar goalkeeper by munich players not only courageous superstars the optional drama trade by wrong for you all six casts of all six
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appearances for germany the likes of leon correct team over under on stuff from a germany or five reached chile or a fantastic side this is that good consecutive point in a major tournament i just haven't seen you know from yet to be convinced by complex youthful german so i do why i mean we really only have to look back to the group stages to see the teams play down to warm warm draw chimney julie chile took the lead germany equalized so i think we already have an inside job we did that very closely match they are closely matched and if you look at. the chilly side in particular i mean if you take the caps that gorecki team over and lost in germany straight leading goalscorer straight turned into respectively that's thirteen caps thirteen appearances between all of those three goals alexi some just crossed the last one hundred fourteen caps so in the face of the chile should have the most experience but should have the most beguiling players but you never write germany off and just previous to die under twenty one's of which six of this confederations
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cup team could have been apart all right when the european championships the world champions germany will be back here in russia next year i don't think there will be a mixture of the old draw the likes of measure as a lot of mentioned i want to embrace your own players certainly an awful lot of ability is going to be on the pitch and that game will be taking place at the st petersburg stadium very close to it right now of course but in cape politics. should be a fantastic match and we expect a great atmosphere. pineal high standard yes it should be a fantastic atmosphere man as you said you've given all the details to stats and figures about the kind of teams that are playing its force against third it should be a cracker and also as you said before we there are plenty of fans here from both of those countries in addition to the many russian fans that bought tickets here and they're also going to be here in attendance to germany and chile they they put plenty take it and they were sort of lighting up all the the host cities having a rare old time so it should be a cracking atmosphere and it's quite
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a few people signing up already now the sort of if you haven't been to the crystal scallions which is part of simply just go where this fantastic say davis is a peacemaker stadium is actually just like a sports island i think that's the best way to describe it there are lots of outdoor facilities mountain biking lots of sports as well so the kind of sport sells so now i need can you come and see the match but also you can take part in other activities as well i guess with a peaceful pocket and so on that mountain bikes and loads of people down there on roller blades and skate board so you get the atmosphere spotting up one quick thing as well for fans who don't actually like to walk and maybe. quite so sporty themselves if you want to get a taxi from the stadium down to the metro there is eighty rubles which is just over a pound in our money. oh my dear don't mention that promise for that in london kerry where the rice sixty one hundred pounds of grain in cost trucks is. foreigners are met russians on all matters beautiful pretty place shall mission americans and rice is turning to freedom. yes because i was not in your requests
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that you put it is it no it's very peaceful here and it's not just on the ground as we see it as well is actually what the officials are saying as well because across all the media there are reporting about what of well organized tournament has been the fact is. no incidents of hooliganism or racism or any or violence that have been long mooted actually you can imagine since their russian it was announced they were going to host the world cup and also the federations cup the media has gone down to crazy really looking for all these different aspects look at racism looking at hooliganism that's the big one is that the recent ones looking at some of the documentaries but so far so very good at even a journey of on teena the feet the president was praising russia and also its infrastructure for how it's dealt with the tournament. we were hearing about violence about incidents. about. racism when we had nothing we had no incidents everything run. everything run perfectly we're hearing about the infrastructure as well they are
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not ready and how will it work and all this well the infrastructure is are absolutely beautiful beautiful football stadiums transport works visa free entry with a fan id free transportation between the venues by train this is something that does not happen in many other countries were big events are organized. there is no wrong there it's not that it happens very often in other countries want . particular point i'd like to throw in there is what is all the free wi-fi that you can get the russians very fond of their social media and accessing their e-mails and it's very useful for the journalist as well particularly if you're going to trust russia to find that you've got free wi-fi particularly hotel rooms it's really quite nice to chat to people at night but on the whole let's get away from all the positive from the negatives i should say and the positives look forward to a cracking football match more right between two of the world's best teams. thank
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you very much i have to say i said sorry warning there's a free for didn't sell but one particular woman thought it was because of that framework for us the wishful thinking nothing less than being a wishful thinking guy i was hoping we got a big name guest and we have indeed let's welcome in now you're on a tour of a who's well known t.v. presenter and also a twenty eight world cup ambassador now beyond everyone who knows you in russia will be thinking m.t.v. when they when they see you have an entertainment background i want to be ended up being an ambassador for the football i think it's quite nice to see you guys first of all yes it sent this very good so i can try i think my background helps me in football because music and food will they you know it's such a good thing it helps to get people all over the world together with a raise in the boundaries it's just pure pleasure best sand and that's that's why i think it's logical ya know what is an ambassador role in the world court because we
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have them every bit tormented lympics in world cups and doing a variety of things but your goal going to be how i stand for volunteers. and also about the presenting you know russia is a country who can welcome a lot of people from all over the world so it's more to communication and volunteers in my case but i think wilcox always remember growing up it's one of those events where people like my mother suddenly get interested maybe they don't know too much about football but they're always interested in the big events so will russia. be putting on a good display to try and draw all these people in and show them the country ok so bring your mom a piece. so you have be here to convince her to come to russia and i think that there will be a huge into tame and non-food ball thing going on on the next year because it's a month it's different but just for the moment it's going to be much more and all the season is they have got different regional background as well so you've been to
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cousin we have we're going to cause them sochi you simply is big in moscow so we've been to will force you to another fantastic song you can't compare it's different especially because it's a little bit you know different from the whole of russia because it's kept all of top to start with its own culture with its own you know food which is very heavy and very you know as you can see we're trying to many things are fine if you're flying guys so they will be even more and even better and also with think right now what can we do for people to not to explain what russia is i mean from cultural perspective to pull them into some entertainment around the football stuff it's it's a big celebration you're only you're muscovites we're hearing simply just come on what they talking about you know here in some places with beautiful hermits. if this was them for example the united states you could say los angeles is walled city and new york you know they're going head to head for the two biggest cities of course in russia all moscow and some places bird. you expect you know
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a rivalry for who hosts the best experience this time next year to go completely russians you know it all because there is a rivalry between moscow and it's like that all the time so we compete probably it's a little bit unconscious competition sometimes we you know we're pretty open about that so it's about to which these has better bolshoi marion's case so it's always like that we can pass a better. i think there will be some competition but it's not only most because simply there will be eleven and probably some more speeches in the year so i think there will be no competition it will be like nation united two to show its best the biggest tree in the world it's going to be i think every ally open up for many people outside of the country young of the great speech a good look with all your work heading up to the world can have your ideas hold
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also for fun i do use your resume with gasoline because i'm here the day you took the trip we haven't spoken about this seriously this isn't a stage breaches. is the new law went into prison and for you maybe it's the same for you get into the study then back on to television news is well absolutely here in tempe to the t.v. prospect yes fast easy and very useful thanks. not so to say the same for everybody it's been great speak to young thanks so much they said good luck in the build up for the appointee eighteen i think you guys are staying with us we're getting consistent a bit unusual occasionally we're just downright weird but we're glad they stayed with a seat next. love . your dues i see. you there on the cheap.


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