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so there will come you have your ideas paul because for fun i do use is very easy with gassing because romney of the day he took the trip we haven't spoken about this seriously this isn't a staged breaches that is that neither man went into prison and took five minutes the same treatment to study them back onto television news is well absolutely here in tempe to the t.v. prospect yet fast easy and very useful thanks. same for everybody being great speak to young thanks so much they said good luck in the build up for the world appointee eighteen thanks to you guys for staying with us were a bit inconsistent a bit unusual occasionally we're just downright weird but we're glad they stayed with us see you next. you know do the saying. look they're going to be cheap but then you went through
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all that come through so let's ideas right let's go to a sculpture he said if you ever get to discuss. this concept. this is what we don't understand how we are in such unconscious. the nurse or to the ones at the same time. noticing. the. similar. john a good one. because if you feel. the minutes of on board not that god can we believe again with the phone about the computer with the plane. would come back to the place story you have to see. it at least the best.
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match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets are those that you can convert music fans quite easily. to keep in mind no assets mean to a place of. record. time when the frances is a boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight social media companies could be hit with fines of up to fifty million euros by the german government for failing to remove hate speech on its platforms but then twenty four hours on. also executives of a major japanese power company have pled not guilty to negligence for their role in the fukushima nuclear disaster running the details of that and my gas has leave manning of the independent women's forum says success of the new senate health care
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bill rides on the so-called community rating down by the us starts right now. may have been one of the weakest months for spending as americans chose to save their money according to reports by the commerce department consumer spending rose zero point one percent last month after back to back gains of point four percent in april and march the small increase took place in tandem with the slower rate of inflation the federal reserve says it fell by a point one percent marking the second decline in over three months additionally the inflation rate tapered off in may as well to only one point four percent this is down from one point seven percent the prior month this sudden deceleration seems
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to have confound it the central bank as it would ideally like to see inflation closer to around two percent this may give the fed more things to think about as it begins to consider how to quickly raise those interest rates. and president trump may be sending the u.s. into an all out international trade war with some of the biggest economies in the world according to media reports at a white house meeting this week the administration discussed import tariffs of up to twenty percent on steel and other goods such as paper and large household appliances the goal may be to penalize china after other officials pointed out that the tariff would also affect major trading allies such as germany canada the u.k. even mexico most economists agree that the tariffs themselves could trigger a recession in the united states.
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people are there talking about obamacare perhaps not leaving capitol hill with a repeal and this is what republicans have been cheering for for years and getting that done my guest says the senate bills future depends on the community rating please welcome hadley heath manning with independent women's forum has a no one better to bring in on this subject the senate bills future as you say rests on a decision about the community rating that a repeal of obamacare has got to address this issue before moving forward tell us about that. well certainly there's a lot in the air right now considering the president from recently tweeted that maybe lawmakers should simply repeal obamacare and then come back to replacement later but there's there was movement on a bill in the senate was presented the text was made public and the finally gave us
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health care analysts an opportunity to compare the senate bill to the bill that the house passed the american health care act and a lot of things in common really and in terms of general principles broad strokes the two plans are very similar when it comes to that or forms that they would institute on medicaid the senate bill phased out the medicaid expansion a little more slowly that's not a surprise the tax credits were structured a little bit differently in the senate versus the house plan using income more of an input variables than simply age as the house plan did but i think the big really the big problem for republicans is whether or not they can come to a consensus on repealing some of the regulations on the sale of private individually purchase health insurance plans and of course the biggest difference in my mind between the house bill in the senate bill was that the house bill would have allowed states to waive this provision called community rating which is walk talk or requirement that insurance companies offer everyone essentially the same
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price without regard to their health condition and the senate bill would not have allowed states to waive this regulation both the house and senate bills repealed the taxes much of the spending the individual and employer mandate some of the things that we'd say are at the heart of obamacare and yet they don't repeal some of these major regulations the house bill went further and the question is can the senate get enough votes to agree to a repeal of that particular provision so that are those are numbers you point out on the voting tendencies who they can sell this to within their own parties and out or parties will talk at talk about some other numbers some maff we've got a short timeline before recess takes place right now to push something through they're going to pump the brakes you and i have to. it's about that way you think you know i think it's probably a good move for everyone if the senate slows down they were going to have a vote this week and then mitch mcconnell decided not to try to move forward with the vote i think that was a wise decision i think everyone in the united states whether.
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the following is a severe thunderstorm watch a mountain from the national weather service the national weather service has issued severe thunderstorm watch number three eight nine effect until nine pm this watch includes the four one counties in delaware killed in new castle and cecil maryland and mercer city and the fall of counties in pennsylvania burks books delaware montgomery and philadelphia and the following marine locations delaware bay waters north of east point new jersey to slaughter beach delaware in chesapeake bay north of rules island maryland remember to fear phone or storm watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather including large hail
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and damaging winds in and close of the watch area while severe weather may not be imminent persons should remain alert for rapidly changing weather conditions and listen for leader statements and possible warnings. stay tuned to no weather radio commercial radio and television outlets or internet sources for the latest severe weather information repeating severe thunderstorm watch number three eighty nine has been issued until nine pm for the following counties in delaware can't in newcastle and cecil maryland in mercer new jersey and the following counties in pennsylvania bucks delaware montgomery and philadelphia in the following marine locations delaware bay waters north of east point new jersey to slaughter beach delaware and chesapeake bay north island maryland. care act or obamacare and republicans want to repeal most of those before they get started on tax reform they delay one of them the the so-called cadillac tax but
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we'll see if they can even get anything done on health reform guess like i said there's a lot in the air right now great good to know you and i are equally skeptical. but you're right maybe you know long form legislation is better than nothing quick legislation i also want to ask you about the official numbers coming out or supposedly official numbers both parties can argue their side on this official numbers coming out of the millions of people who would not be covered under an obama care repeal that's been proposed what do you think about that do you think is numbers can be manipulated on both sides each side puts out their own numbers it's shocking that when it's scary for people when it's emotional right of course it's emotional because people hear the numbers and they think am i a part of that twenty two million you might lose a operate and i think a lot of people were really blindsided by the fact that when president obama was signing the affordable care act or obamacare he said if you like your plan you can keep it and then of course that turned out to be untrue for about seven million people who got cancellations in two thousand and thirteen so it's hard for policymakers to to keep promises they shouldn't be making promises but when it
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comes to those congressional budget office numbers that you mentioned i think it is important to take those into context and what i mean by that is you know the congressional budget office they do they do great math their expert analysts but they are making a lot of assumptions about what the future will look like both under the republican plan and under the status quo and they assume for example that some states who today have not expanded medicaid would expand medicaid in the future and so some of the millions of people they say with quote unquote coverage and their estimate are people who have not gained coverage yet and so it's kind of like mick mulvaney the budget director will say in washington they call this a budget cut when we mean that the budget will grow more slowly well it's the same thing with the coverage numbers where we're basically saying that the number of people with insurance will grow more slowly under the republican. right there's a definite need to clarify that sometimes for people so i want to know what your personal opinion of the community rating. i know everybody only is different every
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but every every family separate your health is different when they're having children things like that but doesn't it seem unfairly discriminatory if you've got parkinson's disease you need coverage and what they're going to charge you there's no way you could even work that much to afford that obviously this would fall under the. umbrella maybe of medicaid or some other government programs how do you feel about that though right yeah i think i'm so glad you asked the question because community rating is one way that we can deal with disparate health care costs and run way that we can address the issue of preexisting conditions i don't like it i think it's an inefficient way to deal with that problem that's an economics term to talk about inefficiency but ultimately the end result of community rating as we're seeing today under obamacare is that people who are healthier and people who have lower health risks and lower health costs don't like the market prices that they're saying this is above the price that i would prefer to pay so they opt not to buy
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insurance the pool becomes sick or insurance companies lose millions of dollars and they decide we're not going to play ball anymore and so i think that community rating while it may have a good intention certainly i would hope that we all believe in the united states in a country as wealthy as ours that no one should go without health care simply because he or she can't afford to pay for it my suggestion to lawmakers would be let's find another way to deal with this issue and there are various provisions and suggested proposals to do different forms of risk sharing so that for example an insurance company might find you know a subset of people with very high costs and share the cost of those claims with the federal government while also being able to offer lower premiums to people across the board so there's different ways you know to deal with the problem of very high health costs concentrated in various. small part of the population because we see that the people in the top five percent of users are often spending you know fifty percent of the health care dollars and then the given year so absolutely i don't
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want anyone to be left out in the cold but we have to ask whether community rating is really the best way to focus on the problem and you feel that maybe the right side of the aisle could do more to communicate this and they've got the attention of being the party of no and being cold and being old white men who sit at the top and run the show and have a lot of money and sometimes that's deserved because they're not coming out and saying we are not the party of no and that's still continuing and how do you get that i mean how do we convince them that our i find you want to have your opinion but you've got to come out and say we are the party of yes also yes and you know i think it is difficult for republicans in some would say and to stick media environment some would get a you know the lead of this out there with sort of fear mongering and and i would say going and going overboard with some of their claims about what republicans might do but on the other hand you know there's plenty of blame to go around for the bad reception of the g.o.p. health plan and republicans rather than you know i think it was
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a mistake to sort of secretively come up with a bill and then expect a very quick vote i think that was a bad strategic move i think republicans need more time to get out in front of their constituents get out in front of the public make these arguments and not just the argument that for example repealing obamacare with save hundreds of billion dollars of billions of dollars in taxes you know that's a typical g.o.p. talking point that only resonates with right at the top i don't they i thought he will talk about coverage and talk about protecting people of all kinds and making health care system that works for everyone and you got a need to run for office i'm telling you on the on the platform ok i don't care. very much i want to know thank you very much hadley he and i with the independent women's forum always a pleasure. time now for a quick break but stick around when we get back three former executives at tokyo electric power company plead not guilty in court through negligence that led to the
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germany's parliament has approved a plan to find social media networks up to fifteen million euros if they fail to remove hateful posts within twenty four hours this is no surprise that germany has some of the toughest laws when it comes to defamation public incitement to commit crimes and threats of violence organizations representing consumers journalists and digital companies claim the lawmakers rushed this legislation through parliament and that the law would hurt free speech however some companies are deploying armies of their own people to get in front of the problem case in point facebook its plans are in the works now to hire more than three thousand workers worldwide to monitor hate speech and crimes posted online. it's been over six years since the fukushima nuclear power plant had a triple meltdown now three former executives are pleading not guilty to charges of criminal negligence prosecutors have alleged that the three co-defendants had data
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showing that tsunamis were the height of over ten metres could cause power outages and other massive consequences at fukushima japan was hit with tsunami waves in two thousand and eleven that were triggered by a magnitude nine earthquake these waves reached over forty meters at their highest in the tsunami because the cooling systems at the plant to fail which then caused the meltdown and the release of very toxic chemicals the tsunami killed more than nineteen thousand people and more than one hundred fifty thousand residents have had to leave the area around fukushima as many places are still deemed too dangerous to live in. early in his first term president trump was skating on thin ice with china after ambiguous comments on the one china policy he since clarified his remarks to the relief of the country but a slew of new actions from the u.s. has ignited the tensions boom bust be. machine he joins me in the studio for more on that. what did the u.s.
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actually do this time to upset china well there are a couple things but in particular there is a new arms deal that they just made which could end up really souring relations between the u.s. and china back in april when chinese president xi spent time with u.s. president trump in mar-a lago relations seemed warm but on thursday that changed quickly after the state department announced a one point four billion dollars arms sales to taiwan the move angered beijing considering its very complicated past taiwan considers itself an independent nation while china believes its part of the mainland the differences have led to a deep a battle over diplomatic relations for decades though the u.s. has always remained as a middleman under trump it looks like that position could evolve and china might not be happy about it but taiwan certainly is. if you will move toward a new arms sales would help strengthen our self defense capabilities and maintain regional security it also means that the republic of china in the united states
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very close relationship regarding our military exchanges. members of congress will have thirty days to object to the deal though it's not expected for many of them to do so it includes technical support for early warning radar anti-radiation missiles torpedoes and components for s m two missiles and it's not the first time that taiwan has purchased weapons from the u.s. in fact the last deal estimated at one point eight billion dollars was conducted under president obama in two thousand and fifteen trying to objected to it as well as others before that one but not as strongly as this time around that might be because this one came at the same time u.s. sanctions against a chinese bank went to north korea were announced u.s. treasury secretary steve blacklisted the bank of over money laundering concerns and this all happened as president prepared for his trip to hong kong for humor at the anniversary of the resumption of power from british rule. tell me about these
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sanctions. just one bank it's got to go beyond that though it's one bank and two unnamed chinese individual named. but it's you know newton said this is not an attack on china specifically against north korea because the idea is that they can use this chinese bank and they have direct access to the u.s. because the u.s. also for a while was connected to this chinese bank so he said nothing against china but obviously giving given the timing china feels very attacked so they're really not happy about this at all nothing against you we're going to lock up your bank all right china's response as. you know not very happy they issued a response saying this is ridiculous why would you sell arms if you're trying to create peace in our region so they called on the u.s. to draw back and not go through with the deal you know they haven't actually purchased it yet. but we know it's going to happen but something to remember is
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that in the seventy's the u.s. passed the taiwan relations act which is a non diplomatic agreement between the u.s. and taiwan that does. state if taiwan was ever attacked the u.s. would defend it so there still is a very well known that relationship that tension and we can all have diplomatic you know word it however you want but we clearly have a relationship with them so you know to sell them military equipment is not you know an aggressive act of war but of course that's how trying to seize it because of their. it's big brother yes next door they want to see them gain power exactly the nomination with others like a trumpet ministration has done it doesn't look very good but at the g twenty summit next week in germany both the chinese president and the u.s. president will be there so it will be interesting to see how they react to each other if you don't push him out of the way at the photo ok thank you very much. president travel ban which directly affects six muslim countries is sending shock
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waves through other nations as well including our friends to the north canada lawyers are mobilizing a major airports in that country in hopes of assisting travelers affected by the controversial executive order artie's out smile which is interrupted with the story how can i have reacted to this implementation it sounds like they're kind of scrambling. a little bit lindsey and i mean if you look at canada a lot of americans don't know this so let's say you're in a place like toronto you got to fly out of toronto to the states there's pre-clearance area so we actually have u.s. customs agents here in canada at the airport where we get clearance once you get to the states you don't have to go through all the security measures that you might have to do through other from other countries so it's a very quick and should be a seamless process now the problem is though these custom agents are in canada so canada is thinking what are we going to do now that these six nations are banned so the lawyers are all grouping up in special airports like bank one of pagan toronto and they're saying they need to help people that are maybe commuting through canada
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moving through canada and transit going to the states that are from these six nations or people that have dual citizenships now it's all about preclearance so the six nations will just give a list of off one more time syria iran libya somalia sudan and yemen there are canadians of a descent from there who actually hold dual citizenship from canada and from there as well as people that go through canada with visas to go to the states and so these lawyers are there just in case that these people are said that are told during customs hey you got to move to the side we've got to talk to here what these lawyers are saying is that if that happens to you here in canada you can say refuse that u.s. customs and say i need to talk to one of these lawyers or i just want to leave this area now these lawyers are saying they could help you at this point i'm telling you you're going to get flagged the next time you're going to go to the states most likely because the custom they do will be too happy about that and for good reason and where you turn it though what is happening now is a little bit different than what happened in february the first time these laws kicked in when iraq was also included people were in shambles didn't really know
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what was going down it seems that right now the system is a little bit more streamlined the lawyers know what to expect the customs agents know what to expect so hopefully there won't be the same issues that we had last time around like canadians being stopped once they go to the states just because they're muslim right bottom line is these loyal lawyers are saying it's a racist move that because people are muslim. going to be allowed into the states let's talk about the sort of legal overlap you mention both sides kind of scrambling there's concern to u.s. travel that might actually mean violating canadian law what can you tell us about that absolutely canadian charter rights and freedoms as well as the bill of rights i mean everything that we have it should be the bill of rights you can either try to rights and freedoms another laws that we have here in canada obviously you can't be racist to pick somebody out because of the race or religion just doesn't make sense to us so the fact of the matter is there's a little bit of a gray area here because when it comes to the u.s. customs agents at the border the basically have the right to do what they want to do according to other canadian laws so you're hitting
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a gray area here the federal government's looking how to change that a little bit probably in favor of the united states for your custom agents to be able to do their job better according to your laws and according to whatever donald trump wants to do but also i mean from our standpoint is like this gray area right now it's simply just because we are looking at it is that people are being picked out because of their religion because they're muslim so that gray area lawyers could argue about it all they want the fact of the matter is that if this law is in effect in the states you're not going to see anybody coming down hard on the american custom agents it's more of a battle with canada what are we going to do next to make this a little bit more seamless and as i mentioned it's most likely to head towards your direction and to say hey whatever the u.s. needs to get done we're going to back you on this but at the same time we're going to try to make it as easy as possible for people to cross from canada into the states i think it'll be interesting also to follow what kind of what price of bail this rings out for canada and having to sort of armor their approach to a u.s.
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policy like think in dealing with people it's a human right there are going to take a lot of manpower. that's very interesting to talk about these sort of over border legal aspects of how to deal with this crisis thank you very much for joining me alex and i have edge coming at us from toronto thank you. well this is major tom to ground control america sent a man to the moon in one nine hundred sixty nine at the height of the space race but now others want to join in or at least catch up japan's space agency wants to send a man to the moon by two thousand and thirty now would be incredibly expensive for that country to attempt to do this by itself which has led many to believe that they would be doing this in conjunction with china as part of a multinational manned lunar probe that may not go as planned the prep for the launch doesn't begin until two thousand and twenty five and japan doesn't even have a seat on the probe but hopes to get one by contributing to this project they are the there are of course the recent additions to the asian space race and china has
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its own plans on this as well and plans to explore the dark side of the moon by two thousand and eighteen and india has already had successful rocket launches since two thousand and sixteen even launched a record breaking one hundred four satellites with a single rocket just this year alone beautiful shot there. love the specials that's all for now check out the show on youtube youtube dot com slash two must r.t. thanks see you later. thank .
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you well there's a. lot of good look at l.a. a keeper. our own soner told them families with. more salt will go to. yahoo. google is the dog or the one school and the people you are living your creator does like.
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thousands of protesting in london to denounce the u.k.'s coalition government and demand prime minister to resign may step down into the rally cry not one day more. the gap is widening between the time in the seventy's with the well let's see it's becoming increasingly more of a shock to me since i mean it seems to me she's. basically pushed to the limits by the refugee crisis with thousands of pro and anti my current activists protesting at the pumps the country. killing germany surely it's going to be germany. we will win the twenty seventh in confederations cup joins in a few minutes if we continue the intellectual.


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