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thousands are protesting in london to denounce the u.k.'s coalition government and demand prime minister to resign may step down into the rally cry not one day more. the guy is white between so many so many people who believe well that he is becoming increasingly forbidden to be biopsied to be the species. basically pushed to the limits by the refugee crisis with thousands of pro and anti my current activists protesting across the country. chile germany chile it's going to be germany she may very well win the twenty seventh think of federation scott joins in a few minutes as we continue the intellectual debate. there
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it's nine pm here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international with me they care and good to have you with us our top story this hour thousands have turned out in the british capital for the north's one day more antigovernment march and it is their churkin has been following the demonstration in london. we're in central london where thousands of people have come out onto the streets to protest to resign me government now this is not the first protest taking place in london in recent weeks but it's certainly the biggest we've seen recently thousands of people filling the streets marching from b.b.c. headquarters to parliament where they're also here they say because they want this for you out there is a. disgrace it was from a standing nationalist to the handling of threats it's
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a coalition of the team he did not want tragedy really delicious he wants to make himself this is why the gap is widening between so many so many people this might be an equality and it's just not fair and just have to be that way on here tonight well as a protest against the soul stirrers to the conservative government has imposed on this nation fine concert and so education. at the pump with the universe is on the label we wouldn't go in for even a mess he offered to go out means that a straight man must sign off on first down on time and come out with thousands of concerts that they actually support remove we weren't sure of all because it's becoming increasingly more of a shock to me by to be in the city which she's got a bit more about this i'm joined by musician jake painter jake thanks so much for joining us today with what you make of this turnout i think this is probably the biggest protest we've seen taking place recently for his historic numbers of people
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is pretty quiet prostitutes and you know i think that just shows the level of distrust such people have to discover why do you think the time is now i mean it's been quite a few protests we've seen recently why are this many people disappointed now i think it's been a very long standing in growing resentment especially i think you know the the young the millennium with every show you know where people are but they're realising move the future if it is belief unless they get out. do something about it and so i think that's what we're seeing here today was a lot of young people at a lot of protest and these people all you know she was young and for all the normal this is don't really have a majority certainly the c.p.a. the coalition partners can fight on some issues but in parliament so i think the the idea is this is the british altogether to say yes we'd like to which reason might it had to leave now i would like another election we're confident that the progressive party could win the majority in an election but also to unite around
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some policy measures so we can push for an argument where the tension we can see the government no i think the south in a very very dangerous position election in a by the by the lack of success that she had in their lives when just weeks since the general election the british council has been hit by a number of mass anti-government protests. i was right. i. was. of the tea with. the. tensions over the migration crisis have been rising sharply in is silly and he might want activists counted in rome to protest against refugee shelters in their country but in the city of genoa about two thousand
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people poured onto the streets in support of refugees. the big. italy has been under huge pressure and is now asking for more defy civil action from the e.u. so forty to tackle the crisis. of
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correspondence holiday bensky travel to the italian island of sicily which has been one of the main points of a rival for african migrants and she talked to locals who say that fed up with the inaction of europe's all thirty six. this is one of the many. brings rescue. to ports like this one here in sicily and for many of those might be the first time. but the italian authorities say there's so many coming here to italy that they might have to close the ports. like this. to me says it's the but the shia. land and they happen to be cheeky here on the sicily and people on this island say they feel abandoned by you. it is not just the responsibility of italy is the
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responsibility of europe there is far too much immigration it's really cannot support arriving migrants. they do nothing because their policies don't work they just talk. they have to help you know we're bearing the financial burden you know i want other states france spain and others to do their part in helping the migrants because this prime minister didn't along he said everyone turns away and pretends not to see to do nothing is wrong europe needs to help out the european union has provided financial aid to it says. and now e.u. have said that they cool to open up ports along the mediterranean coast such as say in. spain but that is likely to be met with great resistance. and some people suggest that what the european commission is saying is little more
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than. some countries need to do more to do their share in distributing the refugees poland hungary and the czech republic have not accepted a single refugee from a. unfortunately we have no progress on the question of distribution of migrants within the european union and we stand in solidarity with the italian government and the italian people and we will make available all possible assistance and support it seems there's a lot of poor but very little action from the powers that be in europe imo meanwhile italy is continuing to sink under the strain of the michael crisis charlotte. r.t. sicily. artie shaw of dubai and skills i spoke to sarah at a young career from doctors without borders who described what it's actually like to rescue migrants in the mediterranean. this is the prudent spirit how many
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people have. rescued in these seas. people. just with. all of the conditions. have been the scariest. because you have people coming on. to be honest. many people. and sometimes they're dead people and people have drowned. because of the panic and also because. they panic because they're.
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under the. water gets in there as well the conditions are it's very challenging physically and also emotionally. mentally because you have to prepare yourself for anything. that could be. anything what kind of story. had to make a journey so many. but then you have. people. to ship and then there are a lot of people who are fleeing libya who are businessmen and traders business
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women working as all bears and maids in libya and then things got out of hand people are being kidnapped raped held hostage. over and over and over we had people on board during the last rescue who had been kidnapped over five times in libya they've given everything they had and they were just willing to get out no matter what they said it will if we die it's better than staying in libya it's a call for european countries to take responsibility and to take ownership the e.u. is one union and the have signed agreements to help each other and it does seem like italy's love to handle this by themselves now and italy is crying for help. new german legislation branding both fake news and online terrorist propaganda as criminal activity has been hits with a storm of criticism not least in the country's parliament the green party's warns that media firms may overregulate while the anti establishment alternative for germany party described it as a dark day for journalism
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a european digital rights group even issued an open letter before the legislation was passed claiming the bill breaches e.u. laws the new rules mean companies will have twenty four hours to remove the content facebook is already hiring more people to check flags posts with billions of users there are concerns that web joints in general may be overwhelmed by complaints or we contacted facebook for comment of the company told us legislation is the way to fight the online hate speech with regulation threatening to remove content that is not actually illegal when we discuss the issue with mass here burger meaning political activists to shout out u.k. he believes the law risks leading to censorship. everywhere you look on the internet there is how each beat hate speech for defamation law and those kind of things but there is a problem when you start to try and tell private enterprise corporations to try and do it and then there's also this issue that you've got to find what it is you know
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for someone hate speech may be actually true for all vice versa you know how do you define what actually is a reality in every single newspaper or news network out of the sun has a slant of some kind or another part of the problem where you've got a government which is essentially trying to do that for the people who are saying well this is this we don't regard as new so we're going to get rid of that for you we're going to get rid of that and you need to watch this kind of news and i look at it through this kind of lens and that becomes quite dangerous is essentially censorship you can call it regulation you can call it whatever you want but the reality is essentially a ship because you are censoring a certain point of view or certain set of knew when i was a she just because you don't deem them as as fair or factually correct they stop listening is worried about the internet you know the internet is this one place where everybody everybody in the world can essentially have a voice they see that as as the centralized they see it as almost anarchic and for
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that i think it scares them the final of the fever confederations cup is taking place in st petersburg tomorrow and we have all the build up and more news after this break. situation. the private company where sixty or seventy billion dollars a lot of the . second is. left including the c.e.o. who are going to parachute in. the c.f.o. according to c.s. . i'm sure will be another hundred million dollars he's already a billionaire so this could be a multi hundred billion dollars for her regardless of where the company says she's or not there's
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a lot of people speculating that the underlying core business model of the labor is unsustainable and this company's going to go the way of enron as multi billion dollars. welcome back now the face of confederations cup twenty seventeen hosted by russia is inching closer to the final game neil harvey and stan collymore bringing you all special coverage of the twenty.
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the final germany against chile on paper they look pretty well balanced who do you think has the upper hand which coin credible i can't remember i tournament with every champions league or world cup or confederation is called having such a huge experience gap all elaborate that for you gretz go on three goals for germany team over an hour on two goals for germany lost in long two goals for germany. three of the holy scorers in this tournament have thirteen caps thirteen appearances for their country between them converse the alexy sanchez who plays for austin and england has got one hundred fourteen appearances for chile so it's a huge gap in experience and it's going to be fascinating to hear this plays out at the center to read it let's go to the stadium now think petersburg stadium which is where the final will be played of course going to a party just outside obviously not too many in the way of fans of the moment maybe a few just curious having a look around but lots to be excited about a few people around a few lights coming on
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a few more people turning up as well if you go into the hotels everybody there let people speak english because the nature of this final i think if you're a host nation of course everybody wanted russia to be a need to do really well but of course looking at then some of the other teams coming through this is set up as you said to be a cracking final with two of the world's best teams and also just before hand when we were looking at all the numbers of fans who bought tickets assigned for russians watching the tournament chile and germany were among the fans who bought them ice tickets so lots of them there there are they've been anticipating good final mexico which for a moment i'm going in a long two trips over a month i haven't seen so much as anybody other than but their beautiful eyelids that made man woman and child racism hooliganism where receipt. well there isn't. he apparently and i've every read it across reports across the whole of the media across the world as well and nobody has reported anything i think is to the delight of fee for particular russia as well but johnny avanti now was full of praise because it wasn't just a question of as you mentioned hill egotism racism some of these other issues that
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have been long debated about particular issues in eastern europe but also the fact that the infrastructure wouldn't be finished but the fee for present itself is full of praise on a social level and an infrastructure level about the tournament so far we're hearing about violence about incidents. about. racism when we had nothing we had no incidents everything run smoothly everything run perfectly we're hearing about the infrastructure as well they are not ready and how will it work and all the infrastructure is are absolutely beautiful beautiful football stadiums transport works visa free entry will defend id free transport between the venues by train this is something that does not happen in many other countries were big events or organized well that city for many years particularly say i've been here since the time that the world cup bid was announced and where the host city would be and then about the confederations cup
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we've been hearing about the negatives about the potential for races and the potential of the infrastructure would be ready but it's all coming together and for once we cannot concentrate on the positives it's all about a cracking game of football between two of the world's best teams here at the magnificent stadium is to petersburg on sunday night thank you after saying you're very briefly the stadiums are ready the trouble is ready and often his took a lot of stick for us to say from all four cities been absolutely fantastic i would say that you know it's not like people are looking for problems and about you not hearing anything but mostly on telling absolute narrow wall hearing some pretty bird joined by some young four or five and they were showing off their fancy footwork and some of these kids on the cover. which does well and. that's just the making. of the ball put you through. because even though there's even. a strategic . experience. in st petersburg here that's what. the best football
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playing service but it's certainly a very beautiful. football. match. he . is. joined by peter stone to the chief correspondent for gold peter great to have you in the studio now first of all just explain to us what are you doing here in russia well obviously it's the big tournament next year the world cup and a lot of our team we haven't been to russia before for work to visit so they've set me on almost an exploratory mission here it's going to be a proper world cup next year i know a lot of people in the u.k. and ireland in the united states might have certain fears or preconceptions about what it's going to be like on the ground here next year but you know this sort of
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you know should really anybody's fears about coming here i found great stadiums for a straight stadiums great infrastructure great help from the volunteers free transport between the cities and around the cities for all the sounds and i just find that the people you know the country would know for you when you're here you know i had one woman on the train platform and so what you actually followed her daughter who spoke english to make sure that i was getting on the right train and it's that sort of helpfulness. quite by surprise here i found people that are warm there and like i said the country will for you you know all the security fronts fans will be kept apart but even even at that i think sure friends are going to make it quite well if we got a bit of weather for the world cup next year that's what we want yes i think that's the main thing obviously a lot of. well down the neo will be back on sunday with all the latest from the confederations cup final will join us on our international about.
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well the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has compared it wrong to a scorpion and remarks about the country's nuclear disarmament. the topic of iranian regime's compliance with its international obligations reminds me of the fable of the scorpion and the frog. the scorpion asked the frog for a ride across the river the frog quite rationally asks how do i know you won't sting me and the scorpion replies because it would kill both of us we'd both drown so the frog is convinced he lets the scorpion get on its back and starts across the river but sure enough midway through the scorpion stings him with his last breath the frog asks why and the scorpion replies because it's in my nature. the secretary general's report is filled with devastating evidence of the
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nature of the iranian regime one we're talking about international agreements and enforcement and one we're talking about the potential. of prosecuting through military means and the like. these little metaphorical parable references lose their quaintness this is serious business here so when it comes to international diplomacy but it comes with the possibility of sanctions when it comes to the possibility theoretically of war i would prefer lay off the metaphor in the parable and the simile and let's be very very clear and also never overreact always look for a peaceful peaceful interpretation and a peaceful outcome i hope well this is not the first time top american officials abuse this type of rhetoric when describing of a nation the former director of u.s. national intelligence james clapper has been fairly outspoken about russians and
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their suppose that genetics the historical practices of the russians. typically. genetically driven to coopt. penetrate. to gain favor whatever is there any reason to believe that russia is not continuing to attempt to or to infiltrate u.s. political organizations individuals or are true or. do we think it's in their d.n.a. . it's critical of u.s. policies that targeted with such rhetoric not only abroad but inside the u.s. as well one of america's most prominent folks that is known chill explained on r.t. america how the anti americanism label is used by politicians. suddenly critics of american empire or american capitalism got tarred with this at the american it's
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you know any american isn't a very interesting concept it's a concept that only exists and to turn states in the soviet union old soviet union you could be condemned for being a soviet in the brazilian military dictatorship you could be brazilian but aside from the united states i don't know of any other. authoritarian country with the concept even exist it's a very striking country concept if you're critical of policy you're anti american actually this has an interesting political origin. who was the ultimate ultimate evil in the bible the cold the prophet. elijah to him and asked him why he is a hater of israel meaning condemning the acts of the evil that's the basic concept authority if you challenge authority you're opposed to the society the
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culture of the community and so on. now in the full interview noam chomsky touches on a multitude of topics the program will add later on saturday on o.t. america and off to balance will be available on all t.v. dot com coming up next the nazi international going underground looks at the billion pound deal that is kept in britain's conservative policy in power and if you're watching us in the u.k. ireland sputnik looks back at what's been a horrible month for the tories one. economic development is all about numbers really pleased with this quarter we are one hundred six points. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o.
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mike du made over a twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says here. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is that just our free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the whatever the government tried to do. might be making things worse. because they. work this is. hopelessly. wrong.
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i'm not sure it's out there would. today the people to assembly protests u.k. ruler theresa may holding the north one day more demonstration outside the headquarters of the state and dated b.b.c. coming up in the show. we speak to the people's assembly about a revolution in the streets can reverse mainstream media. whether value for money from one hundred million. to take plus within twenty four. to the harvard business school. corporate greenwashing advocating. for profit. taking. questions.
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bribery. today. just because. an opinion polls doesn't believe in grave danger one cause he has fought for all this period and he being on the phone president nicolas maduro of venezuela talking about the legacy of one of his mentors tony benn who interviewed this t.v. show. that's cool been speaking to madeira now under siege from a failure by good vision to diversify the venezuelan economy in the face of og.


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