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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 2, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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moscow slams videos claiming to show a chemical attack conducted by assad as fakes saying washington a threat to strike syria in case of a toxic incident has triggered a provocation campaign. c.n.n. has left red faced after undercover videos apparently revealed the attitudes of some of its top employees towards the channels russia related output and. the military. completely oh sure but its coverage of this one seventeen confederations cup.
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it's four o'clock am in moscow and you're watching all to international live from our studios here with me welcome to the weekly the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman has slammed a video is alleged to show the aftermath of a chemical attack in syria saying they are fakes produced as part of an anti assad propaganda campaign. the social media smear campaign under the banner assad used chemical weapons has now started just as we predicted you'll see more of this fake videos over the following days the complain this planned to be on a grand scale videos purporting to show victims of an assad ordered chemical attack a flooded social media on saturday that's after the white house accuse the syrian government of pairing
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a toxic strike however when washington was asked to back up it failed to provide any evidence the us doesn't seem to need much proof when it comes to accusing assad as daniel bushell explains. but. there's one really bad habit and that's how it is and he only does this when he's winning he ruins everything by doing something really stupid for no reason at. take me now they crushing islamic states liberating vul swathes of syria and out of the blue comes this. the united states has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saddam regime that said knows the pro-ball consequences of a chemical attack it's the only thing really right now who could ruin him by giving his enemies pretext to attack him why would he do it because he's evil the
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murderous syrian dictator bashar assad has been a brutal dictator bashar al assad's a murderous regime in syria assad is the worst kind of brutal war criminal a classic super villain both stupid and evil beyond any logic the kind a villain but man would go off and america is batman. if mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price britain is already on board if it does something really dumb for no reason again the u.k. will join the us in punishing him we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action and if you've been following events in syria recently you know they'll hitting the united states has attacked as i said five times and what they say is
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self defense. problem is justifying the prolonged conflict isn't easy western voters don't want another gung ho i mean campaign they learned their lesson after the first few times the international community sick of reckless interventions the only thing left is to wait for asset to give them a cools and since he's a comic book supervillain that's just part of the script. well to discuss this further we're joined by seven journalist alan abraham he joins me live now hi welcome to the program now i suppose the first thing we need to establish is has damascus reacted to these reports. actually yesterday the amount of this or only issued a statement denying any use of chemical weapons saying that this actually is a well known tactic used by dong terrorist groups according to the statement of the syrian army when these groups feel that they are on the fallback they try to stage
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chemical attacks to stop the army from advancing again also again i'm quoting. through official statement. the other thing we have to suppose discusses how likely is it that damascus conducted something of this nature considering at the moment it looks like assad seems to be winning. yes well it is when we are discussing any scenarios about a possible chemical weapons attack we have to bear in mind that this is a criminal act and crimes should be investigated thoroughly actually and not just count on circumstantial evidence and this is what happened in previous incidents whether it was the alleged chemical weapons attack in timeshift one in april earlier this year or the recent incident and it's always the same there has been allegations. we have new credible proof or evidence of what really happened we're going to discuss the circumstances surrounding these attacks and it doesn't
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make a lot of sense for the syrian government when swimming near the top of the achieving actually substantial military gains or more than one from that it would do something that would enable the rebels to benefit from international support which would actually force the army to bring its operations into a complete halt but again these are all like. just theories and hypothesis like just at this point we're just discussing the circumstantial evidence. actually. the song to the rebels was saying right i'm going to attack. well i were pushed for time unfortunately today on today's program but thank you very much for your opinions on these latest reports things. for t.v. channel video cameras have been giving c.n.n. a fair few headaches this week several undercover clips were posted online allegedly exposing attitudes at the channel towards russia related stories the more it seems possible you. know. this regime is free to
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reserve the right but. it's just like. right now we don't know. what you think is going to happen this week to russia. really. you just saw a c.n.n. producer and one of their political commentators the last van jones responded to the undercover video saying his words had been taken out of context and that he did not think there was nothing to claims team trump colluded with russia and tried to cover it up both videos were released by investigative journalism group project veritas the founder is already facing a million dollar lawsuit over an undercover video sting against democratic organizations and activists we asked americans what they think about the media's coverage of and obsession with russia related stories. are you tired of hearing
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about trump and russia oh yes actually yes that's all i hear about problems. it's just getting a little tiring we're all exhausted but however however it has to be it has to get through this to come out and the truth is that there was interference in the american electorate system but by the sentiment you feel like this is what the american people want to see on t.v. is they want to hear about trump allegedly working with russia. not me not a my friend i think they would that something you know if if if there is something secret about something people want to know even more so if you just bring it out in the open if there is something you'll come out if it's not then it's just go away and you feel like the media should be reporting on this more or less and less i'd like to hear where these sources are coming from or who's saying it spars i know it could be my next door neighbor they don't have proof they need to drop it we all
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the people behind the video what the russia thing. we were the car radio out there i mean people can judge for them so sometimes you have to infer things from the conversation but that's certainly my interpretation and i think that's the way the mainstream media from first reading it what the way the drug war and we're going to wind it strikes again you know the president of the united states just went out to a beauty as i was urging the instagram you know so i'm assuming you're well it's not just c.n.n. i want to make it clear you're going to through in america or you know you are killing lives you ordered or you are be keeping stories you're keeping them a little or none of them through your are. the start of the week so the u.k.'s minority conservative government finally sign a deal with northern nine in stem across thinking in this party to store up its power but the deal came at a price with prime minister three days in may having to stump up a billion pounds for the province over the next two years. we have reached an
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agreement with the conservative party on support for government and parliament disagreement operate to deliver a stable government in the united kingdom's national interest at this vital time the government sees the prime minister backtrack on a number of k. election pledges including reforms to pensions and benefits the pay has agreed to support the tories are all matters of confidence and creating brags that talks and national security issues honest to say a joke has been taking a closer look. i don't know you set me down this is very nice because you are. right up instead of stepping down the british prime minister had a different plan but it seemed like whichever way she turned there was potential for trouble the tories have penned a deal with the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is opposed to a hard bracks it something may has accepted as
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a possibility on top of that the do you have been criticised for their policies on same sex. marriage and abortion as well as previous links with violent paramilitary groups in northern ireland not a perfect ally but the attendee u.p.a. m.p.'s have been crucial for theresa may so much so she was ready to pay their supply chain with a hefty price tag of one billion pounds to be spent over the next twenty years that's in addition to the previously announced five hundred million and funds to northern ireland and who is footing the bill you may ask as always the taxpayer taxpayers resent politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors that invariably end with their cash being thrown wherever it's politically advantageous rather than where it could be best spent to recently called it a good deal and the do you be are delighted if you think the same applies to scotland and wales think again this is the worst kind of pork barrel politics which has shredded the last vestiges of credibility of this weakened prime minister it is outrageous that the prime minister believes she can secure her own political future
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by throwing money at northern ireland was completely ignoring the rest of the u.k. despite the british government having now plastered together a solution the question is for how long will it stick after all the irony is that a mere seven tory m.p.'s switching sides would potentially be enough for a majority to slip away and party fund it. opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn claimed the deal was not in the national interest but rather in may's own interest and he voiced concern about where the money for the agreement was coming from al a fact there was no investment for the rest of the country we discussed the deal with alice. g.'s that managed to get this group the little coalition together but the do you pretty hotel to see she's still a minority government i think she's going to have real problems lasting i certainly think they'll be an election by october i think she'll find it very very difficult to hold this government together because don't forget she's got to be pleased to see you please she's also got a really. divided party the conservative party
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a strong massively divided over the major issue at the moment which is breaks it so it might make her a little bit was more secure for a few days but this is no answer i think it bites that obviously makes position more secure because with the do you play they have a working majority of course you don't leave your ploys to confidence and supply matters government isn't going to get much of a legislative program through but that was over didn't in the thin nature of the queen's speech in a sense it's so you the conservatives what could have been a great deal of trouble with some of their own supporters who were very unhappy about these changes can to make it more difficult for the conservatives to balance the books which they're having problems with anyway in terms of trying to reduce the budget deficit to a manageable level. after the break we'll be going live to st petersburg where football of confederations cup final is just hours away.
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one of the biggest challenges that any investigators face in dealing with cyber crime after a beautician who did it why did it come from and as we've seen with many of these attacks and you've mentioned one across the recent run somewhere attack it's still unclear where that originated from so our clear message to government is to work
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together around the world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships and make sure that diplomacy is the key to everything. welcome back to the program it's the last day of the confederations cup twenty seventeen and the hour is the ticking down to the final between chile and germany neil harvey and stan collymore are in st petersburg and have been closely watching the closing stages of the tournament so let's hand over to the now frost special coverage of. all the world series st petersburg the sun is shining everything is coming together now for a. untasted final germany against chile they say evening it's fourth in the fee for
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world rankings alongside me my number one sidekick we haven't replaced a yet you thing really well you did a little things replaced by the bat and then open right place for the cat but there is still time you know the rest of the everything's looking good now for very much for your team to look very well matched on paper what i first want to know is with what forward off i was just over to go until kickoff as a professional footballer now with a big match he played in big finals with an f.a. cup final what are you doing now in terms of preparation it's quite simple leave hopefully have a good night's sleep. the interesting thing between germany and chilly chilly have played in big finals in south america and of course this is the third final consecutively some of the young germans won't experienced the build up to the sky and so it's going to be interesting so you have relaxed but not before you trying to get a good night's sleep you get open you go for a walk that might well have been around some preachers burning this morning perhaps in the grate in the grounds of their hotel there would have
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a little bit of lunch together they would have gone through with both managers conan's set pretty since he small came wave of watched videos of their opponents and then we just getting ready to get on to the broadcasts of the police said roy does take them towards the stadium as you may believe they're protected from the fans at this stage you don't just ask how does a little graeme i mean what you have tells us when we went to see cristiano ronaldo the. airport style security they will pretty much have the gardens at the back of the hotel. and shepherded to appalled me voice my quiet where they can get a little bit of relaxation have a little bit of a chance as a group and focus with the always on the prize of that confederations cup trophy later on so that's another situation but for the players this talk a little bit more about the fans of the games themselves now we can go to our correspondents we've got brad guys the and now he's in the spotlight stage and that's where the fourth place now. going to mexico to take the place and also take
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home teach you keeping an eye on perpetrations for the final here in st petersburg . the latest on not much that. the game is on last i heard it was one zero one nil to mexico when do you know i would much rather be inside there than out here talking about it in the rain but it's all right we're not made out of sugar the game is on everybody's having a jolly old time we spoke to fads as they were heading in many of them decked out in their favorites of their preferred teams get a you know with smiles and cheery spirits looking forward to it is what they've told us over the course of the tournament. and we with the much of mexico russia we thought maybe they were like going to be mad if we want to match it completely opposite they were still playing friendly russian people they're all friendly
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trinity test he's been nice if you place a beautiful gathering people would come back from work he should come here to be here. it'll be interesting to see how this sense because portugal and mexico of course played each other to a draw during the group stage they were in the same group was russia which unfortunately failed to make it out of the group stage nevertheless the stadium itself is packed from what we've been told forty five thousand tickets a soul does indeed the sixty thousand tickets for the final so certainly much mary inside there than it is out here. thank you from the capital into the second city st petersburg paltry each we've had some fantastic times there with the chilean fans guy looks a. you're having the same. yes i am i'm here behind the
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corinthia hey so what's the nest the prospect the main routes insipidus back and it's turned into a little bit of chile because the team is about to appear and behind them are all that she founds laserjet. got he got. up. got right hand. got the. oh they certainly good boys they're waiting for the team to pay the table to be out for forty five we can just see the bus directly in front of us and as you can hear it's going to be noisy as they found a celebration before going underground to get the met church of the subpoenas big stadium. many thanks kate lovely colorful musical and the chilly fans got to hand it to the turnip in the thousands long journey and they all really adding to the atmosphere but we got a feeling in the studio they're ready to go full throttle to support that they.
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give us a song really gung ho no where oh yes. she . said do you do that or do you. see that. one moment of the road oh well a lot of the. man who did. ok really need to do some journey funds and now to sort of balance and teach him that i'm going to pull spanish proxima proxima make something you can tell about that woman to spell it right. ok speaking of balance and independence bring in karen panda now he's a sports writer for the guardian kevin you've been out covering the torch first the one. if you're looking for on you with your trip short well for
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a really great time very enjoyable you know there was a lot of concern among foreign fans about whether russia was ready and generally you know whether russia was a safe place to count but from ever spoken to it's passed with flying colors have you enjoyed it because we've been here filming i've been here the first time in a long and seeing the changes in russia bilingual signage and the usual suspects coffee shops and big department stores a chance to have a lot since our first time in fifteen years ago we surprised you you know i was this is my third time in russia and i think. done a great job make it more accessible from fans that from the airport signage the friendly volunteers i've been really impressed by the volunteers actually done a great job always very accessible and willing to help out ok i don't want to overstate how great things are going nowhere is perfect there must be something you feel could be improved but you know i mean it is a rehearsal essentially for the world cup what more can be done yeah exactly i
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think the crowds are a little disappointing that's not entirely unexpected this is not a big you know he's not a huge talent we're going to get their fans coming in their millions but that must be in the group stages was disappointing and i really have to know i can see. we see a packed stadium and lots of cheering fans i want to pick up on because you've said about this before confederations cup. the solution right. talk was an early ninety's construct and it's the first time brazil of brazil usually a massive troop draw no disrespect to portugal as champions of europe has been given to spy even a to lead in germany in years gone by portugal probably second ranked in terms of the biggest the big boys in europe brazil or argentina chile a big jewel chile not such a big draw they've got three thousand fans here so i think all things considered. after a lot of football played in the domestic season around europe it is a slight. it's a very useful exercise to have a look at transport to have
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a look at the plan or due process and top look at how much motion is on track what would you think about the ticket price now something else you mention a fee for going to hollywood ticket prices i just think they're ok i understand that local russians can get slightly cheaper tickets so i think that's probably a good solution but to continue on stands point it is an open question where to from here for the confederations cup it's already been announced that qatar being the twenty twenty two world cup hosts won't be having a confederations cup because the weather it would be too hard and so favor of obviously move the actual well car there's some talk that one of their neighbors might host it but yesterday. the president in fantasia no fronted a press conference and was asked directly will we see confederations cup in four years' time and he refused to answer he said look we don't have to go and analyze this man some talk maybe you can turn it into a club tournament rather than a national team and. i think this tournament is assured that russia rees on the
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right track for the world cup but it's also still there are a number of questions left unanswered you know the four hosts for this tournament. because on st petersburg and moscow there are four of the more prepared to do any work there that the big cities with used to the foreign foreign in foreign travel is coming here the stadiums in some of those already ready obviously the same for this big stadium that's been under construction for a long time i think the big question for the hosts and for the local organizers committee is are the less the cities the lesser it has population and as a moral center is that one believes actually are very ready and i've spoken to some colleagues who've traveled out there and there are some concerns and so i think the confederations cup has been fantastic and i personally enjoyed it they're strong and fans are spoken to and the other fans had a great time but there are still some questions i suppose we'll have to wait and say and you'll be going out there and we will hopefully as well see how the one question is would you go on you know your football fan as well as being a journalist would you recommend for the australians to quiet the ones that come out. an above average replied yeah i would australia hasn't yet qualified so
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fingers crossed that we do i'll be very upset if we don't come back and i get to make the trip again but i'll certainly be telling all of my friends and colleagues back hard that you know next year when i tell you well card is going to be a really fantastic twenty yard thing that's all we can ask the good the bad the ugly and honest and raise a country kiran good work up we will see you next year there will be so ok so just for a half hours to go lots more build up we're talking to news tactics like most on an icy. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final.
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be the one percent. in the whole middle of the room sick. real news group. called the feeling. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get the role of. the world according to just.
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come along for the. if you take an economics course you're taught that markets are based on informed consumers making rational judgments for the suppose you turn on the television set and take a look at the. summit are they trying to create informed consumers making rational choices the country they're trying to create uninformed consumers who will act
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irrationally in the so huge industry one of the biggest industries in the country. six. yeah health that's what i'd like to say pleasantly plump. because. let's be. oh i can mean ten things going. well if you will afford only.


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