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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 4, 2017 9:29pm-10:01pm EDT

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also there was a russian there is a desire for this conflict continue i don't think the goal of this crisis was to have it to dissolve the goal is to have a conflict and the conflict that we see is as collating rapidly in the next week or so. portugal as president has admitted military warehouse close to the capitalist burn has been raided officials haven't given any specific details although leaks have emerged claiming to state the amount of weaponry and munitions have gone missing the presence called for an investigation adding it's not the first three of its kind. to really investigate all the facts similar incidents have been reports of countries over the past two years. on newspaper reports suggest more than one hundred fifty grenades were taking out of a huge range of equipment stored in that warehouse
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a large quantity of ammunition and units of plastic explosives were also taken portugal's defense minister has war and that the weapons are likely to find their way onto the black market and nato report stated back in two thousand and eleven that if such a thing were to happen weapons and munitions would likely be used in terror plots. he has contacted nato on the matter and they confirmed that the incident did not happened at a native facility they also said that responsibility lies within the portuguese authorities to investigate what exactly happened form a british army officer chris hunter agrees the soul and weaponry might be used for terrorist attacks. now just getting into these sort of storage facilities themselves requires you know a significant level of knowledge definitely a professional job if you like. if you try to have
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a match the security systems that are in place without knowing how to get it to them without having you know the necessary keys an entry equipments then you know they're very difficult to bypass so i think you know ultimately this is a well planned pre-planned probably with some sort of inside influence type job and if that's the case then i would imagine they had the necessary logistics to support them in removing him transporting these munitions and they could have stolen what we're seeing here of course is the opportunity and the potential for terrorists and criminals to use conventional military ordnance which is you know significantly more powerful and and more dangerous. maxon r.t. international cross stuck with peter a lot of alice sizes up the situation and that means will is.
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clear. income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and no they're really cute ten minute fast to the point where people
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describe the system as being seized with a kind of a alice. hello and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm peter lavelle every once in a while crosstalk has a look at the big picture of a story in this case it is the middle east one of the current defining trends who are the winners and losers and how is this fall. and very dangerous region changing and it is american influence on the declining. cross-linking the shifting sands in the middle east i'm joined by my guest so i
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mean nader in beirut he's a middle east analyst and in erbil we have joe lauria he is an independent journalist or a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to you first joe my introduction was very very broad. from your standpoint and you're in iraq right now what what are the most important trends affecting the middle east because there's so much going on right now unfortunately particularly the united states it's overshadowed by what i call fake news i want to do real news on this program here joe your thoughts were how is the middle east changing go ahead it's very easy to get lost in all the details like this so frankly complex particularly in syria i think the overall if you're looking for a really big picture you have to look at u.s. iranian relations and in that in the subtext of that saudi iranian relations and below that the standoff between saudi arabia bahrain egypt against qatar which i think could be a prelude to conflict with iran trying to bring qatar into their own capital to see
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camp david to close to iran so i think that conflict again between syria and iran it's a sushi is in between saudi arabia and iran overshadows the entire region their sectarian proxy wars their conflict has to be brought to an end and some kind of an accommodation between these two regional powers they're not going anywhere there has to be a balance of power there the united states if it wanted to be a great power they're the only ones that have the leverage on both parties to bring them together to end their their their conflict because that spreads all over from grain to afghanistan certainly lebannon syria and in iraq the a worry. and saudi conflict is the overall issue right now and it has so many complex local localized conflicts that has to be dealt with and it doesn't look that way at all the trump administration is not doing that they are lowering themselves united states to the level of the sectarian combatants they are just
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taking sides or taking a sunni side in a frighteningly complex sectarian war that goes across the region this is the major issue in the issue in the region and the major problem that washington is is committing right now ok let me go to sami in beirut we can talk about american influence in a second here but could i ask you the same question that i asked joe in your mind what are the main confines of what's going on in the middle east because as joe has pointed out it's a long long laundry list ok go ahead sami. yes i think what this at stake today is the new order in the middle east because. that was one hundred years ago has definitely gone and now there is a new order but to a different players with different regional powers that opening them up and for instance you have russia getting a big role in syria especially in the last two years iran the united states of
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america and. lesser extent saudi arabia so this is a new order. by these. powers and of course i forgot turkey that is a compact of the regional powers on the. road and the name of the game today is fighting the. core issue is who will be policing. this. the areas of influence that will be controlled by each of the. two we have already mentioned so what's at stake today. you. this would define the balance of power for years. to come in joe it's very interesting in looking at syria here with the end of day i saw islamic state it seems to me that there's
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a lot of jockeying for position for what could possibly be could be some kind of peace settlement. in your mind here is you know we have tillerson the secretary of state saying if i can quote foreign policy tillerson ready to let russia decide assad's feet i mean that is a remarkable statement considering the flip flop flip flop flip flop that we keep hearing from washington on syria i mean do you take killer since the words at face value because i mean i thought it was interesting but i mean what's what are these guys going to say tomorrow go ahead joe. you know i do not his words at face value i don't think they know what the hell they're doing it's clear that look at the during the campaign trump said he would not announce what his plans are you know military plans or does want to give the enemy the heads up now obviously tactically in a battle that's you don't do that but the strict strategy of the united states for the middle larger middle east or in syria has to be explained to the american people whether we agree with it or not at least the obama administration you know
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pretty much stuck to regime change which we you know most of us on this show ever agree that that's a mistake but trump we don't know what exactly they're trying to do there except iran iran seems to be the underlying theme in everything you do everything they say . they've this seems to be shaping up some conflict with iran which is an enormously dangerous and even closer relationship with saudi arabia their religion but israel is taken for granted it's the same with every administration pretty much but the there are even closer to saudi arabia now in particular in this conflict with what they're having with qatar and i think that this is the only thing that we can discern coming out of washington is that they are shaping up to some kind of. conflict or confrontation with iran which is an enormous mistake other than that on the day to day politics of what they want to side in or not whether russia will decide this or not whether the u.s. is cooperating with russia and syria not or whether they're going to shooting down syrian aircraft piloted aircraft this is just a complete model for
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a region that's normally a model but this stage is not providing any clarity at least what the hell they want to see done in the region and this makes it even harder as an analyst to try to figure out what exactly is going on and what the u.s. motives are sammy i get the impression that there's been a devolution of responsibility here. so taking what joe just said about saudi arabia do you think the trumpet ministration is kind of allocating saudi arabia to be its point man in the region of course it has it's an israeli we have the saudis and the israelis very close together but there's one problem with all that and that is turkey and now a nato ally here i mean what's going to happen there because there is an enormous amount of friction here and it's all summed up in one word kurds go ahead sami. i think the end in mind when it comes to the united states of america has been said to clearly by their chief of the pentagon general davis and he's kind of sitting
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there. for your interests in iran and so the goal is facing iran now the problem is the united states of america does not have to do was . to face to iran iraq and syria it's true that they could do on a proxy which is. in iraq but this has limit because of supporting the kurds. and here i mean you can understand the position of. secretary of state who try to. set the bridges with russia because washington needs russia to pressure on iran to limit on iran in syria so because of obama
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administration policy or do it was that all were from. lack of clarity. washington lost a lot of tools. a lot of leverage it's true that now it's increasing its presence in terms of. presence on the ground and there are investing more but it's not easy to get back. to all the situation where they were the major force prevailing today their primary focus is to face up to iran but they need partners. deafening partner but they need other partners to this is where their son is trying to engage with the russians in it's very interesting is because i absolutely agree with sammy i think it's the there are fewer and fewer tools of influence but there are more and more troops and troops are not
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a very good instrument of politics at the end of the day look at the number of troops that are in qatar and what in all of these saber rattling we have from saudi arabia and other gulf countries and the united states is right in the middle of that you have a turkey a nato ally the united states is on the other side in the conflict in syria i mean if this is too much military involvement it actually limits their options in a way go ahead joe. i'm not sure i agree i think ok but the other way around that the u.s. is now looking for proxies the saudis and israel if they want to attack iran which they've said repeatedly they basically do. bomb a bit solemn and in a pretty calm princes talk about bringing the war inside iraq they need. united states this is their long standing goal is to control the united states to back their plans they don't have the military might to fight iran they might have the might to back to suss out a certain doom to back extremists throughout the region particularly in syria and they can't take on iran without the united states coming on board i think that's
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what we saw when trump went to saudi arabia and to israel they were lobbying him to do this eventually and it's very scary because trump might be someone who will go along and do it he seems reckless and as far as qatar goes you know i mean and the qatar situation into because it shows again this enormous split and really a factor we have to consider is incompetence in washington right now because you've got to listen and not to some one side saying they want to negotiate selman and drops going out on twitter you know backing saudi arabia to saudi arabia to the hill to calling qatar the largest purveyor of terrorism in the world so you've got they've got to get together on the same page somehow or we don't know what's going to happen but they certainly are not. they are being lobbied to be the force for a war against iran and in southeast syria right now if out time for they are backing still their own rebels this is clearly an attempt to cut off the baghdad damascus highway which the iranians used to supply hezbollah this is israel's main
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concern is that the iranians continue to supply his blood they've been doing it by air but this is a land route that the americans i think they're trying to cut off that seems to be what their aim is although that's also a guessing game right here like that junot let me just because i says not that i have to hear that we have to go to a hard break and after that hard break we'll continue our discussion on the changing middle east a party. i max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just adding more and more to the.
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totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed because we. welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the shifting sands in the middle east. ok let me go back to sami in beirut one of the most important changes that's been going on is the change in leadership in saudi arabia in the sort of giddy about it it looks like washington is given a green light is this really smart to embolden this young crown prince i mean you know the recent foreign policy of saudi arabia has been nothing but an utter disaster in that you know we can look at syria and we could look to yemen but it looks like the saudis are being prodded along early and given the green light from
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their allies does this worry you for the region and for saudi arabia itself go ahead sami. definitely that is in new era in saudi arabia i mean some. of of appeasement that is definitely in change and. it's more. it's true it's better for the young prince given what's going on was in yemen given the challenge of facing up to iran which is not an easy challenge given that the line in oil prices i mean the conditions of his leadership are not easy at all but however one has to keep in mind. has been directly hit by. inside saudi arabia so that was very close to a yard and maybe this pushed the leadership to this new change in
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leadership and giving the fact that for the last decade iran's influence in the region has been increasing by the day let's not forget that in two thousand and three iran was trying to find a deed was the united states of america to be the second in line after the war in iraq today in iraq controlled largely by iran or iran proxies and that each and this road from damascus to baghdad what has been called the shiite crescent is now a reality and this is giving iran a high leverage. and the ultimate test today with regard to syria is to see to check if iran will be to establishment
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to establish definitely bridge that will link the military in iraq. well joe we go back to iran i mean it kind of goes to my point in talking about saudi arabia let's go all the way back to the illegal invasion of iraq in two thousand and three and let's go all the way up to two thousand and seventeen i mean iran's in influence is growing in the region well i wonder why it's because one failure in a venture after another i mean all iran has to do more or less stand there and it can influence increase its influence i mean this is the i find it just really amazing when there's no learning curve coming out of western countries if you don't like iran why are you helping them indirectly over and over and over again it's i mean it's this is foreign policy international relations one o one go ahead joe there's no doubt that the american invasion here in iraq in two thousand and three helped iran's position regionally but it also led directly to the existence of islamic state in iraq many of the bath party officials that were
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kicked out of power joined that group and are trying to get back to power they're almost defeated now in mosul but they'll continue as an asymmetrical warfare throughout iraq so that they're not going to go away but if you look from a western point of view if you're in brussels or paris or san bernardino or very land or any of the places that have been hit by either orchestrated or inspired attacks by the islamic state are you looking at iran as being a danger to western cities what is the last remaining and back terrorist group that attacked a western city this is a sunni backed saudi inspired and paid for in many ways groups i'm not saying this direct relationship between saudi arabia and those attacks they've certainly been supporting isis we know that from hillary clinton's e-mails so these are the groups that are threatening the west why is the west so obsessed about iran and when it's the threat comes from the saudis back groups and as far as yemen goes you know they was a deal you had a deal where the who these were going to withdraw from sanaa and that's when saudi
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arabia bombed the day that that deal is about to come into into force the only thing that had settled was the presidency and saudi arabia. did not want to see any kind of democracy within their borders this is been a reckless war with yemen yes they've attacked now it's saudi territory it's become absolutely out of control and mama good soundman as the corrupt deputy crown prince the effective king of saudi arabia has got no democratic control on what he does if any country with any democracy would have been a lot of trouble politically after what the disaster in yemen but he continues on with this bellicose speech against iran with this possibility even of an invasion of qatar by saudi arabia and its allies this is just getting more and more dangerous and he has a reckless foresee that united states is backing to the hilt we now doubt that that son in law of trump is great friends with been my hollenbeck solomon so i don't know what to say about that now where we're headed with that sami is sticking with . sami this thing with saudi arabia here. i'm going to agree with joe here it it
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seems that it wants a gemini in the region and it wants other countries in the region the gulf countries to mirror its domestic politics and foreign policy which means no human rights no democracy no civil society. al-jazeera comes to mind out of qatar i mean is this what the gulf countries are signing up to and at the same time the more they put pressure on qatar qatar just moves into the arms of iran again i don't understand the logic of how this supports the national interest of saudi arabia and the security of the entire region it seems are doing everything backwards in brawn go ahead sami. when it comes to democracy all the countries in the middle east including iran have faith that this saw. including iran on the side including iran including iran course include including of course including iran
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when you have i mean a council of experts that all the candy that will be allowed to participate in the election. we cannot talk about the democrats it's not about to go into the ballot it's about free campaigning it's about creating the conduct the checks and balances inside the system and the human rights that are respected but this site i would like to focus on one made sure i mean problem was that tension between sunnis and shia and we cannot jump over to the reality the problem is not only between iran and between the saudi arabia the problem inside the house inside the other board itself you have this big divide between two sick did in groups and this is at the core of what the war happening in c.d.o. this is bold to could inflame at any point in their been on in kuwait and behind
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and this. problem i don't think that i mean putting the blame on one side would have a definite. between iran and saudi arabia and that getting the real issue with a lot but they're going to ising or defeat or develop one part. of the other is not it's not definitely going to how to that is nor. good cop bad cop game here we have deep divide inside. dimension. that putting. or putting. in the stability of the whole for years and come so if diplomacy has to play at all to push the major players to each. and yemen and the syria case can be
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a good start for this kind of approach more because the problem is not once more with saudi arabia what. is egypt. we have seen during the last day of this crisis there arises around qatar qatar is directly i mean. to be a supporter of the. group. the fueling terrorism and this crisis is not between cut out and start with between qatar and four major countries in the east including egypt which center of gravity of the award in that each ok kill i mean how carrying divine how real is it in how is it being used as a political tool i mean if you look at syria for example a secular society. certainly ruled by iron hand but they did did not
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have that kind of sectarian divide and now it is important to them i mean it seems to me that washington is picked the sunni's israel is overjoyed because it wants to see the sunni and shia fight and it gives them a breathing room and actually to expand and then you golan heights it seems to me it's a political tool the sectarianism it is it it isn't innate in the populations of the country because we always began with these are royal families these are dictatorships and then there are people here not necessarily states go ahead joe that's a good question first i agree with about iran not being full democracy it has more democracy at the. no i would say was able to moxie sectarian issue the sectarian issue is here i've been here more than a year and a half in iraq i've spent well more than two years all over the region and it's a real thing on the ground people really do i mean people i know sunni guys here
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who are very friendly with a really good guy the mentionable the moment you mention iran or she isn't they turn into monsters i mean it's just an amazing transformation however that has come from the top in a lot of ways there's no question about that is being used by the rulers of saudi arabia and iran i guess to. push their geo political interests in the region by using religious differences so that you're absolutely right peter in saying that but there are real theological differences you get down and speak with people and they really get upset by things that shia believe they they some many of them believe they're not even muslims so to me theology becomes if there are all of history has been just a way to divide people and not to unite them in any way and that people could believe whatever they want to how they behave that that counts and unfortunately with behavior does bleed into belief leads into behavior so we see this division is absolutely on the ground as sammy said this is a huge huge problem and again as i said at the beginning only the united states is in a position to do something about that they have to bring the major sunni and iranian
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powers and i think it's saudi arabia is more of the gravity a center of gravity than egypt it used to be i think egypt they have to bring saudis on the egyptians who are all can't really stay here so i'm going to turn back here to get them in to we bring those things we together we don't run out of time those were pearls of wisdom many thanks to my guests and herbal and in beirut and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are t. see you next time and remember crosstalk. say. look they're on the cheap bus and then going through all that come through stuff but the idea is their right to do is come he said to me give them everything that's been discussed.
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in this country because this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. doesn't answer to the ones at the same time. similar. because if you feel if the middle of on board not that god can we believe again with the fall of the computer with the plane going to come back to the three story you have to see. the best. move. to.
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our breaking story this hour of the you ask south korea fired missiles in the show force against north korea. at least disperse mass protests against the g twenty summit and home birth using water cannons. donald trump will have his first face to face talks with vladimir putin at the g. twenty. on friday with one of the most and dissipated meetings of the year for. russia and china call for a deescalation after north korea other ballistic missile. intends to day.


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