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headlines when the international protests against the g twenty summit break out in days before world leaders even. an independent report says british people don't believe muslims are integrated into society while the government's accused of failing to fight islamophobia in the media. and c.n.n. blackmailing the posting responsible for creating the president. threatening to reveal his identity if he does such a thing again. a
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worldwide news headlines live from moscow news team here a very warm welcome to you. with two days to go now before the g twenty summit begins in seems world leaders on going to get the warmest of welcomes the host cities already been protests. least dispersing the crowd were fully. pepper spray and water cannons were also used against the anticapitalist activists have also cleared protesters set up in one of the city's parks while several of them we understand were arrested correspondent peter all of us has been closely following the story. police everybody is being prepared for a large scale demonstrations and violence over the coming days as protest as a rifle the g twenty but this one really. quite
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a lot of people by surprise and it seems to have come about through the sheer number of people that have turned up to protest against this g. twenty they were camping in l of a park in hamburg and police decided that there was no way that was going to happen this tent city that was being set up there was dispersed by the police with some of the demonstrators arrested they fought back pepper spray was used police in full riot gear from the pictures we've seen going in there as well some quite ugly scenes very early on we've been told to expect serious demonstrations out these g. twenty this g. twenty summits we've seen fly is all around the capital here in berlin also around other cities and other nations i've seen saying come to hamburg on these dates be part of these demonstrations in the. days of.
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the. fact that they also a lot of criticism over the situation to actually place this g twenty in how the police operation though is what's being called the biggest in recent german history they have had some successes if you will call them that going into this but it also gives us a key is just how prepared and interested look into just how prepared the demonstrators are police have been showing off the whole of weapons that they've confiscated in the city of rostock that was supposed to be part of a cache that was going to be taken to hamburg they believe and used in the potential riots there it includes things like throwing knives baseball bats brass knuckles telescopic batons as well as precision catapults now those are weapons that police have said could cause well really cut to. injuries there very serious
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weapons in the right hands we're going to be following all the way through here to try and see what happens i say we are expecting violence we weren't expecting it so soon it does seem though that the protests against this g twenty may fall far eclipse the political and diplomatic this hitchens that may be made during the summit well aside from a heavy police presence two special security zones have already been set up in hamburg police are classing the summit as a major challenge with at least eight thousand protesters are expected on the streets. of the. german security authorities are preparing with the great diligence for their biggest police operation this year this of course concerns the hamburg police which is strongly supported by the state police and the federal police might have become much more radical because the police is also doing a big mistake by escalating everything quite in the beginning showing a really hard line and this is basically what the protesters are not accepting it
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was decided that the protesters can stay with their camp inside of part and of course they have to overnight there because most of these protesters the young people they cannot afford the message expensive hotel prices so. nobody was thinking of that suddenly it's not allowed to them to overnight in that tent and without any reason they were just taking away all the demonstrators and their right to be. in this park and basically this is a kind escalation which definitely will eat into litter on direction. british people don't believe muslims living in the country have integrated property or the government's failing to get that prejudice in society that's according to a new independent report released at a time when media sentiments turning increasingly negative towards muslims is a quick look at what the seventy six page document had to say. the british
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government and u.k. muslims suffer from a broken relationship anti muslim prejudice should be treated as a hate crime is something akin to anti semitism. britain needs a better anti radicalization strategy involving more muslim inputs the current one isn't trusted and isn't working on new present strategy will challenge the extremist ideology and it will stop the radicalization of founder of all people. the media needs to stop treating muslims as victims or threats to stop creating in us and them mentality and it should get guidelines for this. on the back of the latest wave of anti muslim sentiment expressed in the british tabloids while a boy has been finding out what people in london think about regulating media to avoid such abuse. i wanted to show you some of these headlines and ask you what you
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make of them. one hundred five great muslims sympathies for jihad. what do you think of that. load of baloney. because what i think is hard to say. because i don't know how accurate describes these people of the students believe that's all muslims are to is this is this is this is faith this is not a fluke which is a bit of a danger for everybody you know because what you thought they were typing people. can become a reality do you think that there should be more regulation that journalists should be given more rules about how to pull on muslim specifically obviously i'm not looking i think to do with the iraqi regime i believe so yes i agree completely with that that not threaten press freedom. press freedoms friend anyway so are you when journalists. go too far and do
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a live report something that's not accurate for the facts or solely in paper or whatever i personally think that that journalist should be struck off to the watch you have to watch people to have to chip in full for the truth because it is always fun somebody to we invited guests with opposing views to comment on the role of the media in this mission. the problem we have at the minute with muslim integration into the u.k. is that not only have we got incredible amount of media corruption manipulation skewing far right leanings the rise of the far right across the media and activists cams this report suggests is that there is a responsibility on british society to help integrate to approach muslims not as suspects not as terrorists but the problem we have is over and over again will be given examples of muslim extremist terrorism we hear about burkas we'll hear about . radicalization of this report looks at it through the wrong end of the telescope
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i believe some muslims seek to have no relationship whatsoever with british society they have chosen not to integrate it why should it be up to british society to extend to them when they are quite a section of them are quite clearly not interested in our traditions and respecting our laws reality is this are well integrated a society muslims are here to stay we are not anywhere you will not get to shut the borders down and overwhelming as we saw your general election there i look i mean the movement i honestly i don't think you should need a corner left looking for social well that what you want managed and looking for this looking for change looking to get your parents talking about foreign policy austerity i'm trying to point out that there's a section of muslims who seem to have a problem with so much that characterizes britain modern british society the pluralism the acceptance of people who have different sexual preferences the except i mean the desire to have shari'a law which apparently one in three muslims want
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that seems to me essentially inconceivable with the desire to integrate anti muslim hysteria is being fuelled is being pumped primed in british society led by the media and far right hate preachers now it's just i truly deal with the facts of the matter it is a large section of radical islamists who have brought fear. there are to the streets of this united kingdom i believe in a free press that has a right to say whatever it wants a free press that can report matters and chooses british media demonising and persecuting religious minority and in fact the european commission have recommended regulation of the british media because of as they say overwhelming islamist fabian racism it is r.t. international c.n.n. is being accused of blackmailing the person behind the donald trump wrestling clip which the president tweeted a few days ago channel is threatening to reveal his identity if he does such
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a thing again that's good to know but i just don't see excuse me joining us here in the studio today but an unexpected turn in the story of murat if you listen to you i think we i think we have to show the video first to you know really appreciate this story let's see it now. on to we're on to. so there's a guy who made this video it's a humorous humorous little video you know which ever way you look at it someone edited it from founded posted it on his twitter and it blew up got hundreds of thousands of likes even more views in there was a huge huge storm about it a lot of baggage arguing back and forth and either way you either laughed at c.n.n. or a trumpet depending on your prejudice and c.n.n.
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didn't like being laughed at at all it seems they had the idea they came up with an idea to launch a manhunt for this guy to find him on live and they stalked him online i honestly can't tell you what went through their heads when they approved this idea nevertheless you know they've they found this guy and what they did is called doc singh dog singh is digging up private information on someone on the internet or something on the internet and then publishing it for whatever reason it can be for law enforcement it can be for business could also be used for extortion for coercion harassment online shaming vigilante justice and bullying this this is what you know when this is what c.n.n. went out and did and they succeeded they found this guy and they admit that when they finally called him and first he didn't pick up when they finally reached him he was nervous i would say probably more terrified than the nervous and he issues
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an apology out of the blue says i'm sorry i won't ever do this again and to be honest with you i think most people would be very sorry about anything if somebody threatened to publish their identity their potentially their home address to millions of people so that you know every crazy in the world can know where they live the guy says i'm sorry i won't ever do this again obviously the internet reacted with. anger on reddit one guy writes that holding private information under the condition of his continued contrition in continuing to feel sorry e.'s tantamount to blackmail it is an ambiguity the bullying of a private citizen by a major conglomerate c.n.n. is saying and it's right on their website that if he does anything like this again if he makes a video critical of c.n.n. they reserve the right to release is to publish his identity and potentially is
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details like his majesty you know i just want to say again as a journalist myself if i went out and found someone who doesn't like me or threaten to publish the details i would expect to pay hell for it you know and what c.n.n. was thinking here is anyone's guess quite remarkable because if thank you. now in a controversial move canada is reportedly set to pay eight million dollars compensation and apologize to a convicted murderer who was tortured during his time at guantanamo bay back in two thousand and two i was captured by u.s. forces in afghanistan and detained of the background for the murder of a u.s. soldier later that year he was transferred to guantanamo bay and held for more than a decade january twenty ten the canadian supreme court ruled that i had been tortured during his detention and later that year he pleaded guilty to the murder of the soldier who was transferred to kandahar and twenty twelve to serve the rest
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of his sentence and he was released in may twenty fifteen pending an appeal of his give guilty plea which you claim was made under duress we spoke to another guantanamo prisoner who met hubbard during his detention i was held in the background detention facility facility in afghanistan when almost father was first brought into custody and i spent some time with him in bagram he had his eye had been shot out he was blind in one one eye he had huge exit wounds in his shoulder and just above his chest and he was a just turned fifteen he was just fifteen from being fourteen he was tortured in front of me he was abused and screamed at and shouted at spat at and stripped naked and his his treatment was was it was a war crime there's no that way to describe it the whole issue in the beginning had been the canadian government complicity in his torture it's this book recorded video evidence that the government was physically present that sent members of the intelligence services to go and interrogate him while he was
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a child while he was suffering from these horrific wounds and everybody who's in guantanamo soldiers guards and prisoners knew that this is not the way to treat a child since two thousand and two almost eight hundred people have been held at guantanamo bay which despite a valid by barack obama that had to close it remains open today. at present forty one people are still being held there and many of the inmates were detained without trial and were tortured we understand nine have reportedly died. however when it comes to compensating a former good mo detainee and convicted murderer a former pentagon analyst michael maloof believes it's outrageous to hand over cash to a killer the reality is he should not be compensated he did kill and americans and he worked with his father who was closely mike to al qaeda and osama bin laden is just lucky he was picked up and was in the still alive today and he should just
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move on and for the tradition government to prepare a liberal progressive government to come out and offer compensation as they did a few years ago to another canadian who was similarly get mo i think is. over the top i think that the fact that the family of the soldier who was killed is going to canadian court now to retrieve that money and to pay them for that for their loss i think is appropriate. more news after the break. that's. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to.
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have to go on to be press it's like them before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should be. income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really acute unmanifest to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis.
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thanks for joining us the e.u. has announced more funding for italy which is struggling to handle the surging wave of migrants coming from africa however italy along with the united nations are calling for other european states to share the responsibility of housing the refugees and that's as more and more migrants continue to land in italy in fact just the last few days alone twelve thousand newcomers have arrived on italian shores and the route between italy and other member states escalated on tuesday when austria analysis plan to deploy troops on vehicles to the border rome was infuriated slamming the decision as unjustified or europe's chiefs keep saying they're willing to help italy though it's far from convinced. that if we do believe we can to leave italy or greece on its own. like to say that it want to help address this issue there is anger that we are left alone czech republic has
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taken twelve poland and hungry have taken exactly not good enough you know live from geneva with us now william spend who is a spokesman for the un's refugee agency the un. thanks for joining us on r.t. international today do you think other european states should be more involved in solving the humanitarian crisis unfolding in italy. yes we do because we don't think that italy on its own can handle the situation but we think that europe as a whole would be able to. respond to this situation the crisis that we saw in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen where greece was basically left on its own was the result of this failure of responding in a coherent way by by the whole of europe the same thing is happening again we cannot leave one country with greece with a reason germany with a research italy to deal with tens of thousands of our rivals. to their shows every
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every week. europe on. the we're looking about five hundred million people we're talking about the richest and most developed economies in the world of course the resources are there but this responsibility needs to be share it equitably among all the member states of the european union now just less than twenty four hours ago i spoke with the former foreign minister of italy mr franco frattini he described europe as being useless in this situation why is it really being left by itself to deal with the ongoing migrant crisis which as far as we understand is only getting more severe. well it seems that there is a lack of political will from other countries to. take on the responsibilities in this matter and that's why only a few countries have been dealing effectively with this crisis the countries are on
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the front lines are italian greece but countries such as germany austria sweden also been taking a large proportion of refugees and migrants but this needs to be and then there were where the whole of europe and indeed the international community as a whole needs to play a part it is a very complex issue it's not something that can be resolved by one country on its own now mr spenlow some states say they just can't afford to take in migrants do you think as sovereign countries they have the right to make their own decisions that perhaps that run contrary to the directives of brussels. we need to make a distinction between people who move for economic reasons and those who are fleeing war and persecution. there are european laws or national laws there are international goals that say that if you are told if your family conflict if your life is a danger at home you should receive protection if you ask for protection in our
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country he could make migration is a totally different thing here countries have the right to have their own immigration policy and to. the people comply with those rules and if they don't they are in the right to send them back of course in a humane way respectful of their rights so we think that for instance if you take the case of. about one third of the people who are landing in italy. in the past have received refugee. status that means that one third of them are entitled to protection and not so for those all the solutions need to be found . for them to be. provided of course. in safety and dignity and that they will not be threatened when they return home. that will send a strong message to people that this is not the way to come to europe at the same
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time we need to find legal ways for the most vulnerable refugees to travel safely and legally to europe rather than taking these dangerous. for many of them. very quickly much to spend very little time here we've already seen a twenty percent spike in migrant arrivals compared to the same time last year forecasters saying the numbers will only increase when you talk about one possible option of sending them back to their country of origin as you say in a humane way italy's been threatening to close its ports to the rescue ships bringing the migrants to the coast is it realistic is that a realistic policy if only to close its ports because some say the boats will just go to other coastlines. well we think that you cannot know whether somebody is a refugee or an economic migrant when they are on a bolt in the middle of the sea they're all human beings we need to rescue them
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that has to be imperative they need to be taken to safely land then you can do a proper assessment if they are not in need of protection then they can simply be sent back what we think is that once they disembark it's not necessarily italy that has to deal with the assessment of the claims this can be shared by different european countries writer william spengler the u.n. that refugee agency spokesman thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. international today thank you. south korean and u.s. forces have fired missiles into the sea of japan in a display of resolve towards north korea. thank you. it was part of a joint drill between our washington and seoul and according to them the exercise used missiles that can be quote easily deployed it all came in response to north korea's latest missile test on tuesday which the pentagon said was an
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intercontinental ballistic missile the drill was carried out despite a joint russia china statement demanding compromise from all sides. the sides suggest north korea voluntarily declares a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches and that the u.s. and south korea refrain from joint drills u.s. army and republic of korea military personnel conducted a combined a van exercise in assets country north korea's destabilizing and unlawful actions. we talked to several analysts about how u.s. involvement in the north korean crisis has influenced its resolution. which. responds more and more certainly. on the. ground. i'm sure why are all the noise.
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i think what the u.s. and south korea are doing is basically flexing their muscle to show we're not afraid of march three are we also have big bad weapons but what they're doing is is is answering fire with fire in a region that is a powder keg slightest miscalculation on the korean peninsula can trigger a conflict that basically mieris the entire region in a protracted war that could have catastrophic consequences not only for the region but also for the global economy and that is not in anyone's interest. eighty one year old man has made the two thousand kilometer journey by road all the way from the west of germany to the venice of the north back of the russian city of st petersburg but the trip took far longer than you might expect as the pensioner did it all on his vintage tractor he says it was worth every moment.
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i came to st petersburg because i wanted to get to know the contrary and the people to leave here. i mean these are overwhelmed right now because for so many people around me and i see that interested in me and want to meet me icons put into words the feelings that i'm experiencing right now. i said joining us so far here on the program on r.t. international today coming up next on this network kong oh my precious.
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what we see on television left wing advocates left wingers out there and they're shutting down professors from speaking at college and so the shutting down colleges . this is an example of them being interacting in an offer to our tarion passé become little dictators yes and this is a link to the fact that as children they were completely shielded from any of the so-called dangers of life kept in a bubble and so when they become young adults anything that disrupts a bubble a loud sound you know a professor saying something that doesn't agree with them they go into shock they go into stuff like meltdown.


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