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tv   Headline News  RT  July 5, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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leave. them alone you follow me or. beings want to go with the country at a crossroads anger on the island is on the rise. london summons north korea's ambassador to the u.k. after pyongyang's latest missile tests that is the pentagon says the north korean missile was of a type they've never seen before. the russian defense ministry has announced that it carried out strikes against eisel targets on the border of the syrian provinces of hama and. c.n.n. is accused of blackmailing the person responsible for creating the president trump what slim clear threatening to reveal his identity if he does something similar again. tear
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gas and water cannon violent clashes erupt in hamburg days before the world leaders arrive in the german city for the g. twenty summit. hello there it's nine pm here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron good to have you with us our top story this hour london has summoned north korea's ambassador to the u.k. for an explanation of the pyongyang's latest missile test meanwhile u.s. military officials are sounding the alarm over the long range missile calling it a new type that they've never seen before arty's caleb moore pin joins us now from new york to tell us more on the latest kaleb good to see you know what exactly has got the pentagon so worried about this latest missile test from north korea. well it's being called a game changer it appears that the democratic people's republic of korea has
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launched what's called an intercontinental ballistic missile or an i.c.b.m. that could potentially reach the united states now at this point this is the first time that north korea has launched an i.c.b.m. and it was at a new site and the type of missile used is a new type that the united states was completely unaware that north korea had and was capable of launching and testing when it comes just hours ahead of the emergency meeting of the u.n. security council on north korea now how do you think about expected to go. well we've already seen donald trump on twitter tweeting out criticism of the chinese government saying so much for working with china blaming china for allegedly having economic relations with north korea now all eyes are on a u.n. security council meeting which is scheduled to take place just shortly here in
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manhattan the security council meeting was called by the united states along with south korea and japan and the meeting is expected to address this recent launch of an i.c.b.m. testing of an i.c.b.m. by north korea and now at this point we've heard words from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov saying that the launch should not be used as a pretext for regime change which could have unpredictable consequences in the region which borders board the both the russian federation and the people's republic of china furthermore russia and china have been firm that they want to demilitarized the korean peninsula they want north korea to end its nuclear tests and it's testing the missiles and they want the united states to end its cooperation with south korea and in carrying out provocative military drills and war games now the meeting at the u.n. security council is expected to take place just shortly furthermore upcoming on friday we have the g twenty summit at the g.
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twenty summit were supposed to have the meeting of the second meeting between donald trump and china's president xi as well as the first face to face meeting between donald trump and russia's president vladimir putin now the g. twenty summit is expected to be overshadowed by the launch and the tensions caused in the aftermath of that launch at the moment all eyes are on the u.n. security council as we're waiting for a reaction from the world to the launch by north korea on bringing us up to speed on the latest developments thanks for that kate is when i continue the discussion now and bring in. bruce going to coordinate. it claypool network against weapons and nuclear power in space mr daniel thank you for joining us on r.t. international now u.s. officials are saying that this new miss though could pose a direct threat to the country's mainland how far do you think washington is prepared to go and it's worth bones against north korea. but i think with the
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trumpet ministration power we're donald trump is really. yielded to the military to really make a lot of these decisions you don't know what's going to happen we don't really know what their policy is whether it comes to north korea or the middle east and syria or anything so right now everything is on the table but first of all let me say i'm against everybody nuclear weapons but without the united states is without a doubt the biggest hypocrite on the entire planet because the u.s. routinely tests intercontinental ballistic missiles are anyone from vandenberg air force base in california into the pacific and. they return routinely test so-called missile defense systems that are key elements in u.s. first rockets landing so we have to ask ourselves this question in the last fifty years how many countries has north korea invaded well the answer of course is zero
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but in the last fifty years how many countries has the united states invaded how many nations have been destroyed by the united states and i think the answer is dozens so really the united states has no room to criticize and to talk and to complain about north korean military war. terry launches missiles that comes at a time when tension is a rather high between beijing and washington as well what do you think what do you make of the thought that the white house has flounced china for a thing creased trade with north korea and why is washington telling beijing what to do. well the united states sees its global power its military power and its economic power slipping away and they know that they have just
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a very brief moment to try to hang on to it to stay in a dominant role and the only way the united states can really corner of course dominate anymore is through military power is by just wrecking other countries so it's willing to do that that's what we see the united states doing basically threatening in this case china you need in russia threatening them with wrecking the entire asia pacific in a in a middle eastern like chaos and war if the united states doesn't get his own way this is really a dangerous dangerous situation where u.s. strike on north korea could unleash a massive war on the korean peninsula killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people particularly in seoul in seoul south korea as well as american g.i.'s more than twenty five thousand of them scattered around south korea and into
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another twenty some thousand in japan as well so what the united states is really doing is very dangerous the u.s. could deescalate this whole thing tomorrow if it stop this war games along the north korean border and also began to pull out its bases from the south korean peninsula that's the way to create peace in the region birth county and a coordinated the global network against weapons and nuclear power in space thank you for your time and sharing your expertise on this nothing. but with two days to go before the g twenty summit begins and how it seems that world leaders aren't going to get the warmest of welcomes the host city has been and go to in protest. i think. police dispensing they found but i think that is why it did pepper spray and move to canada who are also used against the county thompson list activity
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officers have created which protest is set up in one of the city's hog's several arrests were made to speak to all of that has been closely following the story. police everybody had been prepared for large scale demonstrations and almost certainly violence over the coming days as protesters are right for the g. twenty but this one really caught a lot of people by surprise and it seems to have come about through the sheer number of people that have turned up to protest against this g. twenty they were camping in l a park in hamburg police decided that there was no way that was going to happen this tent city that was being set up there was dispersed by the police with some of the demonstrators arrested they fought back pepper spray was used police in full riot gear from the pictures we've seen going in there as well some quite ugly scenes very early on we've been told to expect serious demonstrations out these g. twenty this g. twenty summits we've seen fly is all around the capital here in berlin also around
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other cities and other nations i've seen saying come to hamburg on these dates be part of these demonstrations. to push this. stuff. back that's been also a lot of criticism over the situation to actually place this g. twenty in the house the police operation though is while it's being called the biggest in recent german history they have had some successes if you will call them not going into this but it also. gives us a key is just how prepared and interested look into just how prepared the demonstrators are police have been showing off a haul of weapons that they've confiscated in the city of rostock that was supposed
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to be part of a cache that was going to be taken to hamburg they believe in used in the potential riots there it includes things like throwing knives baseball bats brass knuckles telescopic batons as well as precision catapults those are weapons that police have said could cause well really catastrophic injuries they're very serious weapons in the right hands we're going to be following all the way through here to try and see what happens or say we're expecting violence we weren't expecting it so soon it does seem though that the protests against this g twenty four eclipse the political and diplomatic decisions that may be made during the summit aside from the heavy police presence two special security zones have already been set up in hamburg police that are classing the summit as a major challenge with at least eight thousand protesters expected on the streets we spoke to their peace activist in hamburg told is the protests will carry on.
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really it will be more of the next day's protesting day to day evening and evening and we will finalize the protests with a huge money for station on top of the it's a question if we can keep democracy in our country if we get a cane to fight for the right of protest against the violence of the government the behavior of the police and the government including the national government and the marquis is totally unacceptable it is a gauge german constitution b.j. loud to protest everywhere which is which has its own paragraph for the right of demonstrations not happened here it is against our constitution. ations of blackmail of being leveled at syria c.n.n. after it tracked down the person behind that donald trump rice in clip which the president tweeted just a few days ago now the channels a threatening to reveal this man's identity if he makes another video like that
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trump one of his the clip at the center of the control of a c it's an edited video of trump's scripted appearance at a wrestling match this was back in two thousand and seven the person who is attacked has a c.n.n. logo for head as you can see but channel has since accused the president of encouraging violence against reporters but he's more of a personal. so this guy makes a humorous little video and then it blows up someone edited it donald trump found it and posted it on his twitter feed it got millions of views hundreds of thousands of likes and many people had to love c.n.n. did not like being laughed at not one bit they launched a manhunt for the original creator of the video what they did is dog saying it is digging up private information on someone or something and then publishing it could
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be used for law enforcement for business extortion coercion harassment online shaming and vigilante justice the reaction has been furious even julian songes waited on the matter saying that potentially what c.n.n. did may be a crime. the multi-billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism c.n.n. and c.n.n. succeeded they found the original creator years since apologized and promised never to make another video critical of c.n.n. channel says when they finally talk to him he sounded nervous as well he might c.n.n. is threatening to publish his identity for all the loonies in the world to know if he ever stops being sorry it's right there on their website c.n.n. reserves the right to publish his identity if he stops being sorry if anything
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changes isn't that the deficient of blackmail the internet has reacted with few or one user on reddit is saying that holding private information under the condition of his continued contrition is an ambiguous sleep bullying of a private citizen by a major conglomerate if not blackmail look the truth of matter is when you are in a hole you stop digging. the truth about we see that you sort of get rid of those producers when really the problem of fake uses it to make within the organization and now you see them bullying and threatening private twitter users as i say pandora's box is open the c.n.n. executives can't stop this now what they've got stu is reform and change and start telling the truth they're not going to do that anytime soon so twitter is not going to stop doing what it does at the time so the author of cnn's article about the
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implicated reddit user has dismissed on occasions a black man tweet he says the line about revealing the person's identity has been misinterpreted and simply mean there was no agreement on that issue. the wrestling video may not be the only thing that c.n.n. would find offensive if it looks online though it would have quite a job tracking down all the relevant content. thanks to thank you thank you thank you thank you thank
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you thank you kay court has held a hearing on whether to lift tony blair's immunity from prosecution over the iraq war artie's laurence smith reports the background to this is that last year a private criminal prosecution was brought against barrett was blocked by judges because it was ruled that blair would have immunity against criminal prosecution so there was no point proceeding with it this case they could see that to mean or see overturned it could see him face charges and in fact the charge that they want to level is one of aggression to the second aim of this case is to establish whether aggression is in fact a crime under english law this attempt to private prosecution is based on the findings of last year's chilcote inquiry the report was published last year and it concluded that the war at the time wasn't a last resort which of course it should be that the consequences of the invasion
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were severely underestimated and that post conflict planning in iraq was wholly inadequate despite all this tony blair has been in public life off and on. on ever since that in fact earlier this year he announced that he would be making a comeback to politics because of breaks it now when he said that he faced the now familiar cries of war criminal but he remains utterly unfazed by those listen to this legacy of iraq war and his responsibility for the crimes of the mean spirited regard him as someone who should step back into politics which reputation for being a warmonger. they really should be imprisoned these war criminals the reaction to the war has come and destroy your preschooler. not for me it's not i mean people say that. with this immunity being lifted or of course the relatives of those who
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died in the iraq war and in fact the families of soldiers who were killed crowd funded one hundred fifty thousand pounds last year and they've used that money to have this chilcote report forensically examined to see whether there is grounds for prosecuting tony blair the hearing is over for now there's another week being allowed to fester admissions to be made if it's not dismissed it will then go up to the supreme court who will decide whether this crime of aggression is indeed a crime under english law but the families of those involved may yet get their day in court with tony blair. the former british ambassador all of a mile says the called so are the wrong way to go about holding blair to account i don't expect the legal proceeding will get anywhere i can't be sure my my guess is that it won't lead to a result i think tony blair was a war criminal i've said that in public before but i'm not convinced that taking
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him to court to court is the right way to deal with an issue like this we live in a parliamentary democracy i'd like to see it don't with politically but i think the end result will be that we'll have to say if tony blair was to be dealt with as he should be dealt with it would have to be by parliament and that means impeachment i imagine we're going to happen i'm afraid. the russian defense ministry is that is taken out a number of i saw positions in syria as they made ongoing syria peace talks in the kazakh capital austan or his r.t.s. were mankinds or. so if ninety five and strategic bombers draw brang strategic cruise missiles on the border or hama and holmes provinces in syria and they fired those strikes at a distance all one thousand kilometers destroying three weapons and ammunition stockpiles as well as one command center now those high precision missiles are capable of being fired from
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a range all forty five hundred kilometers and according to russia's objective control they did their job very effectively now this is all happening on the back all of the peace talks were just concluded in the capital of kazakhstan where a russian envoy ambassador suggested that said security areas in deescalation zones should be created now that decision is yet to be made to bud so the russian envoy suggested that peacekeeping force should be stationed there as well however those should be lightly armed just for self-defense now you and syria and voice stefan's in mistura says that while there was a progress salts and. decision could be in place but is still with will be just a temporary solution let's have a listen to what he said but we all know everybody agrees. difficulty is shown by
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itself in arrangement what they need in order to progress on the political side finding mr also mentioned that he holds that the progress which was reached at the latest session in us and i will be carried into geneva talks which are set to begin on monday. to discuss the latest round of astronaut talks i'm now joined by history and international relations professor jamal wakim mr wood came thank you for joining us on the program now the talks ended with no final deal on syria's deescalation zones how likely is that decision to be made at the geneva talks next week. well i don't believe the. witness any progress. for the political solution or towards a political solution for the city in crisis especially the united states is. such
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a sort of they are trying to the americans are trying. situation in syria. tension in southern city and used in syria because the current balance of power doesn't favor them so that's why i don't believe that there would be any breakthrough in the near future or whether or in geneva. well although there was no final day along the serious deescalation zones the u.n. special envoy to syria stephan de mistura said that progress had indeed been made enough to know what kind of progress was that. well i believe the escalation zones such approach progress. mending fences with a key which was considered as one of the basic players in the city in crisis since the onset of this crisis so this was another progress of course to progress by the
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syrian army on ground. against terrorist groups whether in the south or in the east and north is only byproduct of the us to not talks but still i believe that the us cannot books should be complemented with talks in geneva with the willingness of the united states to really set the solution a political solution for the sitting crisis so far the americans are not ready for such a move because they don't believe that the current situation in syria would favor bad influence in that region and how likely is it do you think that syria will be discussed at the upcoming g. twenty summit do you think that world leaders will be able to come up with a major agreement back. well i don't think so because the west considers the city in crisis as a war by proxy directed against russia and iran as part of it couldn't start the g.
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by the united states and the west to contain the rising eurasian powers so that's why i believe in the near future that would be no willingness by the west. achieving a political solution for the crisis they would try to. control in syria to promote better agenda for a new middle east out along new geopolitical. actually. spot of their plan to contain russia and iran and prevent them from having access to these mediterranean and that's why the americans are. consistent in. following these objectives. i believe that we need to wait for a net for another two years before the americans would be ready for such a sort of you should ok when prospects than jamal became professor of history and international relations thank you for your time thank you. for the g.
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twenty summit is making headlines for another reason to enough the highly anticipated first meeting between donald trump and florida may appear to and it comes with speculation still rife five alleged links between taim transcon the kremlin stockland viggo has the details. something interesting to note is that friday's meeting which has been of course receiving a lot of attention and hype in the media will be the first official bilateral meeting between a u.s. and russian president in nearly two years the first six months of terms presidency have seen prevailing anti russian sentiments in the u.s. limiting the two world leaders interactions to a few phone calls and while no specific agenda has been set for friday's meeting it is expected the leaders will discuss important issues such as syria and ukraine the fight against terrorism meanwhile the mainstream media has been full of different speculation as to what will be discussed you think that the subject of russian interference and u.s.
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elections is going to come up well it's certainly sure if that is a topic not broached by the president it states big mistake or not no absolutely would be a mistake but it appears unlikely that the president will consult putin about russia's meddling in the election so it seems there was looking to see whether or not allegations are russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election will be brought up by trump or if he'll touch on the never ending accusations of collusion between team trump and moscow they may however be disappointed on that front but there is no doubt that every aspect done to body language will be analyzed as many are saying this meeting will be an indicator of the future of u.s. russia relations so there's no doubt that the two presidents have much to discuss the only question that remains is how much they will be able to accomplish under such strange circumstances. he was an aussie international coming up next a u.k. labor m.p. tells going underground about the failings of austerity. income
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inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of defectiveness in congress there is these are well documented trends going back decades and no they're really acute in manifest to the point where people describe the system as being seized with a kind of paralysis. afshin
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rattansi we're going underground sixty nine years to the day a u.k. labor government launched a universal health care system the n.h.s. coming up in the show fight the power ahead of this week's g twenty gathering of leaders of richest nations in germany we speak to newly elected labor m.p. laura pedagogue about how passionate didn't see a nation of austerity in her maiden speech in the u.k. house of commons and is europe's largest palestine convention goes ahead this weekend despite attempts by israeli lobby is to have a council one of the speakers of the producer of a new film endorsed by no i'm trying to speak about nato nations support for the illegal occupation.


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