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tv   Headline News  RT  July 5, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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number eleven resolutions of the security council we express our intention with other interested student. to continue efforts to ensure that through dialogue and consultations with. lucian they're. coming up on our chimerica the united states and south korea responded to north korea's latest missile test with a combined military test and a missile or launches of their own we've got reaction from around the globe over the rising tension in the korean peninsula. protests erupted days before the g twenty summit in homburg in germany where u.s. president on a trump and russian president vladimir putin are set to meet on friday and russian forces reported a successful bombing of the self-proclaimed islamic state in syria and iraq this morning all that coming up.
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good afternoon it is wednesday july fifth poor pm in washington d.c. i'm on your part until you're watching our team america we begin this hour with the growing tensions in the korean peninsula the united nations security council is holding an emergency session over north korea's latest missile launch the emergency meeting comes at the request of japan the united states and south korea u.s. representative to the u.n. and nikki haley called the escalation alarming the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must in the coming days we will bring before the security council resolution that raises the international response in a way that is proportional to north korea's new escalation i will not detail the resolution here today but the options are all known to us if we are unified the
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international community can cut off the major sources of hard currency to the north korean regime we can restrict the flow of oil through their military and their weapons program we can increase air and maritime restrictions we can hold senior regime officials accountable this morning the u.s. and south korea followed up on north korea's missile tests with missile tests of its own feeling yank claims to have launched an intercontinental ballistic missile today a fourth of july gift to the trump administration that's in south korea's president who was just in d.c. last week from poe's responding with a joint military drill artists modellers sario is at the white house with the latest reactions from the president tensions between north korea and the united states have reached a tipping point as north korea tests an intercontinental ballistic missile but theoretically has the potential to reach the united states before president onil trump took office in january he tweeted that this event would not happen now that
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it has trump tweeted this about north korean leader kim jong un saying this guy have anything better to do with his life hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. the u.s. army in south korea's military carried out a joint military drill wednesday in response to pyongyang launching tactical missiles into the waters off the east coast of the korean peninsula i think what the u.s. and south korea are doing is basically flexing their muscle to show we're not afraid of north korea we also have big bad weapon but what. doing and is answering fire with fire in a region that is a powder keg north korea hasn't gained any useful military capability here. should they ever launch a strike the consequences would be catastrophic for north korea so they don't expect them to gain any military advantage what they're looking for and what they've achieved now is status as
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a nuclear power and that status will convey political advantages clearly washington moscow and beijing will have to cooperate on this issue to bring the right kind of pressure to bear to bring north korea to the table through north korea's state media we've learned that kim jong un is valuing never to put his nuclear weapons program on the negotiating table and he's urging scientists to frequently send big and small gifts to the american bastard that he says meaning more missile tests president trump has made clear he's looking to china to put heavy pressure on north korea but it's also said he's willing to act alone and today tweeted that trade between china and north korea grew almost forty percent in the first quarter so much for china working with us but we had to give it a try meanwhile china and russia are urging diplomatic talks not military action shows military drills at the united states and south korea conducted earlier
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wednesday that was at the request of south korean president moon j.n. moon was just here at the white house visiting with trump last week and both leaders vowed to make dealing with north korea a top priority in washington seeming dollars ario r.t. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has warned against attempts to bring about regime change in north korea and relation to a proposed u.n. security council resolution on the denuclearization of the korean peninsula artie's kate partridge has more all of this press conference is to do with the escalation of the situation over the sea of japan so i can offer all pointed out as you. said that the u.n. security council said there must be denuclearized nation of north korea but he was at pains to point out that this should not be a pretext for regime change in north korea by the west he also said that there shouldn't be a means of solving this particular conflict by use of force nor would it be acceptable if there to be any strangulation or suffocation of north korea by economic means either all those other negatives are things that they didn't want to
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happen let's go towards a positive things or what change they do want to put forward russia and china have put together a pack of measures that they propose and they're going to put forward to the u.n. security council as a way of resolving this particular situation and also as we were seeing yesterday the leaders of both countries they presented to the media their plan their initiative to help solve this particular situation the side suggests north korea voluntarily declares a moratorium on nuclear tests missile launches and that the u.s. and south korea refrain from joint drills. well this joint action between the russian and chinese premiers came kind of in response to a tweet from u.s. president donald trump who led china to take heavy action against north korea in what he called to do it once and for all while this follows on from the background here is they went to pyongyang to. see. the united states the russian foreign ministry step up to about fifty kilometers hama's the
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into the sea of japan and certainly no threat to russia in response though the u.s. amsa the south koreans decided to operate what they called joint military drills with easily deployable missiles pointed towards north korea in case of any conflict well all of this now of course is an escalating situation and we're now waiting for the response of the u.n. security council following that proposal put forward by russia and china for more on the evolving situation in korea i'm joined now by robert nigh men policy director at just foreign policy welcome to the show robert what is your assessment of the pozole for north korea china and russia have put forward where the koreans would voluntarily freeze their weapons and nuclear tests if the u.s. and south korea in return halted their joint military actions which threaten north korea. i think it's a good starting point there is no military solution to this problem and the only
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option is diplomacy and that means that there have to be there has to be a willingness for concessions on all sides the russian and chinese proposals that you referred to piers to be something of an update to an earlier chinese proposal whether it will work or not it certainly has the characteristic that is asking both sides to do something to deescalate so that makes it sensible plausible unfortunately so far all we're hearing from the tron trumpet ministration is more threat more pressure more escalation that hasn't worked isn't likely to work and is dangerous we can question is what is the u.s. willing to do in fact so high a closed door in the past president trump has indicated a willingness to talk to north korea that's positive the fact that discussions are
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happening at the u.n. security council that's poz that that's the right place to have this discussion with the united states russia and china all at the table and able to have conversations behind closed doors for a new diplomatic initiative in the new diplomatic service you said yourself it seems like a pretty straightforward plan as mutual deescalation that what would be the greatest obstacle to such a deal at this point if it seems that i mean common sense almost. well there the or the trumpet ministration may have backed itself into a corner by suggesting that something can be accomplished only with threats fortunately or unfortunately in this case meaning fortunately trump has shown himself willing to dramatically reverse themselves so maybe this would be an opportunity for him to. dramatically reverse themselves on the idea that we can
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accomplish something only with threats the unfortunately through several us administrations there was a kind of job move against talking with north korea that doesn't make any sense as i said trump's apparent willingness ducking the grid no actually i was a positive innovation in europe for involving which unfortunately so far the drug administration has not followed through on so this kind of a nurse in us diplomacy or lack of us is that seems to be the main obstacle how do you think of the developments in north korea had demonstrated the limits of the us fear of influence and asia and this time totally have a real incentive to rein in north korea completely. well it was so i'm in so that we have to specify what we mean by rain in north korea we have to have a realistic goal i don't think any. you know independent analysts would say that
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there's any any coercive measure that the world could do with your with go china and russia's cooperation that's going to make the north korean government suddenly give up its nuclear weapons program with nothing substantial. in exchange that clearly the north korean government sees this as a key national security measure to defend themselves against boys whom you know look at the do we learn nothing from the negotiations with. iran the west has made fanjul concerts concessions in exchange for substantial iranian concessions yes you the west must give up the famously of regime change not our business to like or dislike the north korean government that is the that we must pursue give up regime change give up the fantasy of
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a military solution and engage in real diplomacy that gives security guarantees to the north or in done that might be a bigger ask than many realize that one final question though robert president trump got plenty of attention for the tweet he sent out following this latest missile test i want to turn attention to what another member of the administration said on tuesday u.s. ambassador to the when the key halley complained on twitter grumbling spending my force in meetings all day hash tag thanks to north korea coming from one of the top diplomats in the u.s. what kind of message do these electronic statements send to the international community. well it's a little sloppy no she doesn't want to be on call twenty four seven three sixty five she should find another job but let's not compound the error by getting too focused on that we know that the real story is that the the u.s.
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government must pursue real diplomacy if she does that then nikki haley i will sing her praises she doesn't do that then she deserves to know the aging either way her tweets don't matter that much for the sake of the war robert nyman policy director at just foreign policy thanks so much for your time this afternoon good to be with you with two days to go before the g. twenty summit begins and homburg it seems world leaders aren't going to get the warmest welcomes the host city has been and golfed and protests in fact police dispersing the crowd. i. thank. god i think i.
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should say. police dispersing the crowd were fully kitted out in riot gear pepper spray and a water cannons were also used against the anticapitalist activists officers have cleared a camp which protesters set up in one of the city's parks and several arrests were made artie's people all over has been closely following the story police everybody is being prepared for a large scale demonstrations and almost certainly violence over the coming days as protesters are right for the g. twenty but this one really caught a lot of people by surprise and it seems to have come about through the she had a number of people that have turned up to protest against this g. twenty they were camping in the park in homburg polices the site is that there was
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no way that was going to happen this tent city that was being set up there was dispersed by the police with some of the demonstrators arrested they fall back at the spray was used police in full riot gear from the pictures we've seen now going in there as well some quite ugly scenes very early on we've been told to expect serious demonstrations out the streets went to the street twenty summits we've seen fly is all around the capital here in berlin also around other cities in the e.u. nations i've seen say come to come but all these states be part of these demonstrations. there's a. book . about this and so
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a lot of criticism over the situation to actually place this g twenty in how membered the police operation though is well it's being called the biggest in recent german history they have had some successes if you will call them that going into this but it also gives us a key is just how prepared and interested look into just how prepared the demonstrators are police have been showing off a haul of weapons that they've confiscated in the city of rostock it was supposed to be part of a cache that was going to be taken to how they believe in used in the potential riots there it includes things like throwing knives baseball bats brass knuckles telescopic batons as well as precision catapults now those are weapons that police have said could cause well really catastrophic injuries there very serious weapons in the right hands we're going to be following all the way through here to try and see what happens and say we're expecting violence we weren't expecting it so soon it does seem though that the protests against this g twenty may far eclipse the
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political and diplomatic this kitchen's that may be made jury in the summit. tensions between the syrian government and militants are running high as the two sides meet in kazakhstan for the fifth round of peace talks the opposition forces they accuse damascus of breaking a cease fire the government itself had implemented in order for the astounding meeting to take place but despite this direction the highly important talks are continuing in the meantime right in the fence ministry reports a successful operation against the islamic state in syria aren't he's elected here said he has those details three large weapons stockpiles of islam and state and the those are the targets hit in the latest russian air strike against a terrorist organization in syria according to the statement from the defense ministry for the first time since moscow joined the anti isis in syria in september twenty fifth seen the russian air force deployed its newest one hundred one strategic cruise missiles its effective range can reach four and
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a half thousand kilometers but these particular strikes were made from a range of around a thousand kilometers the russian defense ministry said all targets were hit successfully from tuple of ninety five m. at strategic bombers which had flown all the way from an air base in central russia for the air strikes before safety returning back and it's only the second time since february that the russian air force deployed these long range bombers and back then the operation was also branded a success with several isis training camps ammunition stockpiles and armored vehicles were destroyed wednesday's strike took place in an area east of holmes and south of iraq where positions of the islamic state are still strong despite the only growing coalition of sold on the defacto capital of rocket and all that while guns have been relatively silent in the war between the syrian government on the rebels as damascus implemented a limited ceasefire in the south of the country where the fifth round of. the rebel forces have already accused a mosque because of breaking the cease fire but the meeting in kazakhstan's capital
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facilitated by russia iran and turkey has entered its second day with establishing borders of de confliction zones in syria. being the main issue on the agenda alexy recessed r.t. reporting from washington d.c. c.n.n. has been accused of blackmail after it reportedly tracked down the person behind the internet donald trump wrestling twitter and if the channel is threatening to reveal his identity now if he makes another video like the trump one here's my guys give humorous little video and then it blows up someone edited it donald trump found it and posted it on his twitter feed it got millions of views hundreds of thousands of likes and many people had a love c.n.n. did not like being laughed at not one bit they launched a manhunt for the original creator of the video what they did is doxie it is
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digging up private information on someone or something and then publishing it could be used for law enforcement for business extortion coercion harassment online shaming and vigilante justice the reaction has been furious even songes way did on the matter saying that potentially what c.n.n. did may be a crime. the multi billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism c.n.n. and c.n.n. succeeded they found the original creator and he has since apologized and promised never to make another video critical of c.n.n. channel says when they finally talk to him he sounded nervous as well he might c.n.n. is threatening to publish his identity for all the loonies in the world to know if
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he ever stops being sorry it's right there on their website c.n.n. reserves the right to publish his identity if he stops being sorry if anything changes isn't that the deficient of blackmail the internet has reacted with few or one user on reddit is saying that holding private information under the condition of his continued contrition is an ambiguous sleep bullying of a private citizen by a major conglomerate if not blackmail look the truth the matter is when you are in a hole you stop digging is an english phrase the truth about we see that you sort of get rid of those producers when really the problem of fake news is in demick within the organization and now you see them bullying and threatening private twitter users as i say pandora's box is open the c.n.n. executives can't stop this now what they've got stooges reform and change and start telling the truth they're not going to do that anytime soon so twitter is not going
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to stop doing what it does at the time so. across the pond a u.k. court has held a hearing on whether or not to lift tony blair's and unity from prosecution over the iraq war artie's laura smith reports from london the background to this is that last year a private criminal prosecution was brought against tony blair and it was blocked by judges because it was ruled that blair would have immunity against criminal prosecution so there was no point proceeding with it this case could see that immunity overturned it could see him face charges and in fact the charge that they want to level is one of aggression to the second aim of this case is to establish whether aggression is in fact a crime under english law this attempt to private prosecution is based on the findings of last year's chilcote's inquiry report was published last year and it concluded that the war at the time wasn't a last resort which of course it should be that the consequences of the invasion
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were severely underestimated and that post conflict planning in iraq was wholly inadequate despite all this tony blair has been in public life off and on ever since then in fact earlier this year he announced that he would be making a comeback to politics because of bricks that now when he said that he faced the now familiar cries of war criminal but he remains to be unfazed by those who listen to this legacy of iraq war and his service sponsibility for the crimes of the right a lot of people who just regard him as someone who should step back into politics bush reputation for being a warmonger. they really should be imprisoned these were criminal reaction to the war has come and destroy do preschool. not for me it's not i mean people say that.
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with this immunity being lifted or of course the relatives of those who died in the iraq war in fact the. emilie's of soldiers who were killed crowd funded one hundred fifty thousand pounds last year and they've used that money to have this chilcote report forensically examined to see whether there is grounds for prosecuting tony blair the hearing is over for now there's another week being allowed for submissions to be made if it's not dismissed it will then go up to the supreme court who will decide whether this crime of aggression is indeed a crime under english law but the families of those involved may yet get their day in court with tony blair. and that does it for us for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america also check out our website r t dot com powered class america you can also follow me on twitter out on your part until like. for decades the american middle choir so it's been railroaded by washington politics. big body corporate it
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has grown a lot of voice that's how what is the culture in this country. i would still. argue america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get a break in the break. for. reporters who cover the white house are having some trouble with the new administration they don't like it so much that the president keeps calling them fake news and calling their credibility into question and during a recent way house press briefing one reporter decided he had just had enough and went on a rampage deputy press secretary sarah could be standers was talking about how c.n.n. had had to retract
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a story because it wasn't true and she said the president is frustrated by the constant barrage of fake news and that's when one of the reporters in the press briefing room last it brian carom began a heated exchange with sanders which aired on t.v. they went back and forth for a bit with each other and his outburst cocky attention of other media outlets because care of them went on and s n b c to talk about the event with brian williams he said we were bullied and browbeaten every day and i pretty much of had enough of it we can't take the bullying anymore he went on to say that the president is inflaming the very people who got him into office. and that he's trying to undermine the very essence of put we to do so this reporter this journalist is angry that his credibility is being questioned so what does he do he has a high profile has the fit in the white house press briefing room and then goes on to m.s.n. he's the to complain and he does so to brian williams
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a guy who has been caught lying a million times to the american people and yet still has a prime job in the news this is what brian carom did to tell the world that everyone needs to take him in the rest of the media seriously he goes and complains to brian williams now the fact that he spoke to a known reporter of fake news to do so is hilarious to me but it's definitely not my favorite part of this ridiculous story my favorite part of this ridiculous story is that bryan carom is a white house reporter for none other than the very esteemed media outlet known as playboy as in the magazine known for showing naked ladies the guy writes for a magazine known for naked ladies and he's going around telling everyone that it's our president's fault that the media is not being taken seriously seriously all these reporters are acting like they're outraged while they're eating up all of the attention and ratings they don't seem to get the very obvious thing going on right now that everyone else can see that it's not the president making them look stupid
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they're doing that all on their own. brooks is just why would you put. your wife. you've gotten. now i've lived to do to let him know. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents to tell the story about the ugly side of quilting the. corporate media everything uses to talk about these cars are not something i'm not a pretty clear picture about how disturbing council up for conduct has become
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a model these are stories that you know no exception to my pepto of the host of american. questions. people have got to know whether or not fair presenter supply american people deserve. at this point. guard against the military industrial. we shall never know gold. or should know that. yet we do what we must with a. future.


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