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peninsula on tuesday north korea successfully tested another intercontinental ballistic missile it landed in japanese korean waters after reaching an altitude of almost two thousand miles in response the united states and south korea conducted full military exercises of their own the u.n. security council held an emergency session this afternoon at the request of japan and south korea r.t.c. modell rosario further details from the white house tensions between north korea in the united states have reached a tipping point as north korea tests an intercontinental ballistic missile but theoretically has the potential to reach the united states before president onil trump took office in january he tweeted that this event would not happen now that it has tweeted this about north korean leader kim jong il saying does this guy have anything better to do with his life hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. the u.s.
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army and south korea's military carried out a joint military drill wednesday in response to pyongyang launching tactical missiles into the waters off the east coast of the korean peninsula i think what the u.s. and south korea are doing is basically flexing their muscle to show we're not afraid of north korea we also have big bad weapons but what they're doing is answering fire with fire in a region that is a powder keg north korea hasn't gained any useful military capability here. should they ever launch a strike the consequences would be catastrophic for north korea so they don't expect them to gain any military advantage what they're looking for and what they've achieved now is status as a nuclear power and that status will convey political advantages clearly washington moscow and beijing have to cooperate on this issue to bring the right kind of pressure to bear to bring north korea to. north korea's state media we have learned
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that kim jong un is of value never to put his nuclear weapons program on the negotiating table and he's urging scientists to frequently send big and small gifts to the american bastards as he says meaning more missile tests president trump has made clear he's looking to china to put heavy pressure on north korea but has also said he's willing to act alone and today tweeted that trade between china and north korea grew almost forty percent in the first quarter so much for china working with us but we had to give it a try meanwhile china and russia are urging diplomatic talks not military action so as military drills for the united states and south korea conducted earlier wednesday that was at the request of south korean president moon. moon was just here at the white house visiting with trump last week and both leaders vowed to make dealing with north korea a top priority in washington cmon dollars r e o r t. russia's defy the envoy to the
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un cold on the united states and south korea to hold military drills while the security council works on a solution. we call upon the d.p. r. k. as a voluntary political decision to declare a moratorium on the testing of nuclear explosive devices and the testing of ballistic missiles though the us and the korean republic should refrain from conducting full scale joint training exercises in parallel there could be talks held where general principles for relations would be affirmed including the non use of force not using aggression and sharing peaceful coexistence as well as efforts for the denuclearization of the d.p. r. k. meanwhile russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has warned against attempts to bring about regime change in north korea are t.s.k. partridge has more tonight all of this press conference is to do with the escalation of the situation over the sea of japan so i got after all pointed out as you said that the un security council said there must be denuclearized nation of
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north korea but he was at pains to point out that this should not be a pretext for regime change in north korea by the west he also said that there shouldn't be a means of solving this particular conflict by use of force nor would it be acceptable if there to be any strangulation or suffocation of north korea by economic means either of those other negatives as the things that they didn't want to happen let's go towards a positive things are what change they do want to put forward russia and china have put together a pack of measures that they propose and they're going to put forward to the u.n. security council as a way of resolving this particular situation and also as we were seeing yesterday the leaders of both countries they presented to the media that plan their initiative to help solve this particular situation the side suggests north korea voluntarily declares a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches and that the u.s. and south korea refrain from joint drills. well this joint action between the russian and chinese premiers came kind of in response to a tweet from u.s.
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president donald trump who urged china to take heavy action against north korea in what he called to do it once and for all while this follows on from the background on tuesday when pyongyang saying they've launched an interpol stop in syria by the united states the russian foreign ministry said that it was probably like fifty kilometers thomas the into the sea of japan and certainly no threat to russia in response though the u.s. i am so the south koreans decided to operate what they called joint military drills with easily deployable missiles to pointed towards north korea in case of any conflict but all of this now of course is an escalating situation and we're now waiting for the response all of the u.n. security council following that proposal put forward by russia and china. the question is back tonight what's next how close is the united states to take a military action against north korea and what are the issues or workable to a real solution the messaging by the administration today was clear there are
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countries that are allowing even encouraging trade with north korea in violation of u.n. security council resolutions such countries would also like to continue their trade or. such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the united states that's not going to happen our attitude on trade changes when countries do not take international security threats seriously yesterday's i.c.b.m. escalation requires an escalated diplomatic and economic response time is short action is required. the world is on notice if we act together we can still prevent a catastrophe and we can rid the world of a grave threat if we fail to act in a serious way there will be a different response the commander of american troops in south korea general vincent brooks told the new york times restraint which is
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a choice is all that separates armistice and war for more on all this let's turn to former ambassador to the u.n. bill richardson who has dealt directly with the north koreans governor good to have you with us tonight appreciate your time this is really escalating i mean if you look at the pattern of going into iraq dealing with afghanistan years ago the u.n. security council's involved now the rhetoric coming from the administration at the gauntlet the gauntlet being thrown down where is this i mean is the united states the you think close to taking military action against north korea. well i think the united states is putting that out on the table but not quite ready yet we have a little time this is a major escalation by the north koreans this i.c.b.m. new technology new threats the way they treated the american prisoner auto warm beer they have three additional americans there shooting missiles nuclear weapons i
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think the military option i was pleased that the administration did not have to size that as much as they have in the past trade sanctions cyber efforts at their degrading their nuclear materials and their missile activity diplomacy u.n. i think that's the way to go i think the president kim joan is trying to box the president in he's acting defiantly think the president needs to formulate a policy with his military and diplomatic advisors not tweet out his instinct as he does every morning well be careful well you know as a former ambassador and president the u.n. that your words mean something and when nikki haley says the world is zero notice how are we as americans in the world supposed to take that. well i think this is important that the administration have one messenger and that perhaps should be the
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secretary of state i think it's important that we be calm and collected find a way in this g twenty meeting the president and the chinese president. sit down and really say ok you said you were going to help me on north korea mr president of china you really haven't done that much you need to do more you need to put more pressure if you're not going to do it then we really are going to go a different path but just be patient don't talk about preemptive military strikes that's not going to work that's a major escalation we've got american troops there south korea and twenty five million we don't want a brush fire that could escalate into a nuclear catastrophe well the president has pointed out that china has increased its trade with north korea since the meeting down in mar a lago florida and i think the question really begs tonight mr ambassador what
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why is it in china's interest to help the united states in dealing with north korea if they're increasing trade and they don't want any more american influence on the korean peninsula so what's in it for china. well what's in it for china is china i agree with you likes the turmoil for the united states they like the mess that the region is and they don't want north and south korea to come together they like this the preeminence of china geopolitically has because of this mess because of their trade policies the one thing china fears is a collapse of north korea and thousands of refugees from north korea going to china but china should recognize that stability in the region is good for them for trade for commerce militarily geo politically they don't want japan and south korea that are mad at north korea to be mad at china do which is the case now so you know i
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had china's motives right now are not only suspect but i don't think they're well thought out well you heard nikki haley today threatening more sanctions with countries that work with north korea i assume as a consumer that that would include china so what impact will more trade restrictions have on other countries. well you know that's that's an interesting idea we've never tried that but with china i think we can get adam there are a lot of chinese banks that launder money to north korea that loan money to north korea if we put sanctions on those as we did under the bush administration they did work we took a mob when there was a period of engagement i think that makes sense now other countries it's going to need a broad coalition most countries don't trade with north korea but there are some
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that provide some nuclear materials to them like iran like syria i think russia is a big player here that might be able to help us russia has not given much of a role with north korea but they trade with north korea their neighbors they have a good relationship president should explore that with president putin maybe president putin can help they vote with us on the security council on sanctions issues but maybe putin can play a more prominent role and cooling north korea down by either pushing china or getting involved more themselves anything is needed right now things are not going well you know they're not how do you view this meeting with putin and trump how important is it. well it's very important we shouldn't expect too much out of it i think both sides are kind of locked in i think the president it's going to be very
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difficult for him to make any concessions on the compound's on trade issues and i think president putin recognizes that the relationship on syria is not well now where i think there can be some progress as maybe a process on syria where they reach an understanding at least not to mess with each other militarily on some of those overflights military flights zone of activity that each respects and maybe eventually some kind of leading discussion sponsored by the u.n. as it already is the leads to a transition where assad is out i think putin has to realize that assad is not a not a plus maybe he's an ally but but you know his is quicksand is increasing and there should be a political transit maybe a small progress on syria is the best we can achieve but at least cool things down
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i think president trump should talk about the election he should tell putin look you can't do stuff like that anymore so we shouldn't expect much out of this summit except we don't want things to get any worse in a very important relationship mr former ambassador bill richardson good to have you with us tonight appreciate your time bill thanks. president trump touched down in poland today kicking off his second foreign tour as head of state the trip is headlined by a meeting between president trump and russia's president vladimir putin at the g. twenty on friday in hamburg germany meanwhile hamburgers already engulfed in protests police in full riot gear a dispersing crowds using pepper spray and water cannons artie's peter oliver has the details please everybody of being prepared for large scale demonstrations and the looks. the violence over the coming days as protesters are right for the g. twenty but this one really caught a lot of people by surprise and it seems to have come about through the she had
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a number of people that have turned up to protest against this treaty twenty they were camping in park in hamburg and police is the site is that there was no way that was going to happen this tent city that was being set up there was dispersed by the police with some of the demonstrators arrested they fought back at the spray was used police say in full riot gear from the pictures we've seen now going in there as well some quite ugly scenes very early on we've been told to expect serious demonstrations out the streets went to the streets wednesday some of its we've seen fly is all around the capital here in berlin and also around other cities and other nations i've see the same current to come but all of these states because of these demonstrations.
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by the so a lot of criticism over the decision to actually place this g. twenty in how big the police operation though is while it's being called the biggest in recent german history they have had some successes if you will call them not going into this but it also gives us a key is just how prepared and interest to look into just how prepared the demonstrators are police the theme showing off the whole of weapons that they've confiscated in the the city of rostock that was supposed to be part of a cache that was going to be taken to how they believe in used in the potential riots that includes things like throwing knives baseball bats bras knuckles telescopic bats holmes as well as precision. catapults now those are weapons that police have said could cause well really catastrophic injuries they have very
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serious weapons in the right hands we're going to be following all the way through here to try and see what happens i say we're expecting violence we weren't expecting it so soon it does seem though that the protests against this g twenty may far eclipse the political and diplomatic the situations that may be made during the summit for more on the president's upcoming visit to the g. twenty we're joined tonight by our political panel chris nigh wimp contributor of the hill and also rob democratic strategist great to have both of you with us tonight all right the big meeting with vladimir putin rob what are your expectations here bill richardson you heard him said we shouldn't really expect too much your thoughts on it. i agree with them one hundred percent because we've the everybody is whipped into a frenzy we have two diametrically opposed sides right now i see the no street dahmus is on one side and the pollyannas on the other we're going to land somewhere in between chris christie want what i can't win i got that chris why can't we have
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high expectations flattery or putin knows what the united states wants and of course trump has got a pretty good idea that russia's not getting out of syria any time soon why can't they get on that well i think they can answer i depart a little bit with governor richardson in the sense that you don't know what's going to happen until you get in the ring i mean obviously they're diametrically opposed but we're not going to know until metaphorically someone throws a punch and sets some expectations of a president trump can step in there and try to do some something with the side try to leverage you know some sort of back channel communications to essentially say we know we need to get rid of this guy i mean assad is like the drunk guy in the bar that needed to leave twenty minutes ago and no one's thrown him out i mean if. russia can't see that then you know we're going to need to put some more pressure on in that respect rob wouldn't it be fair for vladimir putin to say to trump you know what is your policy in syria do you want do you want regime change what do you want you don't have troops on the ground but your use of cruise missiles where is the united states on this i've been trump's one from biggest detractors he's
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blocked me on twitter but i think the g twenty maybe trump's opportunity to rise to the occasion i think is going to be in his mill you and i think he may just be able to schmooze putin and some of these other people it's all an exercise in diplomacy and he will trump wants to be well liked i think he can make something happen here i just think he may disarm putin and everybody else how's he going to be well liked with such a hard stance on trade chris i mean he's upset everybody in the european union when it comes to trade to the point where they don't you know you are what. angela merkel said about the united states it can't be could. that a friend of the more sure will the fact of matter is look the president definitely has an abrasive aggressive style at times no doubt about that but this is what he's been consistent on america first when you look at things like nato and you look at you know obviously it was sort of like everyone's face was sort of melting about the fact that you know they should pay more in these sorts of things but they should i mean he's going over there he's setting the expectations and there's going
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to be a reaction it's still a feeling out process he's still a newer president in their eyes and you know we have expectations that need to be set but part of his campaign was shaken things up and i think it's clear there's days doing it your thoughts rob on that trump is very good at bluster and he blusters a lot that doesn't mean he's going to be able to follow through on any of this what i've been reading and watching and with merkel all day is he does have everybody back on their heels right now there so he could come in and manipulate things a little bit if he's advised accordingly and i'm hoping that's what his people are going to do well let's talk we're going to make something happen let's talk quickly north korea when you say you've got people on their heels you've got the world on the heels right now because nikki haley said today the world's got to be on notice what does that mean chris well i mean this obviously has a lot more to do than you know kim jong un's terrible haircut i mean he's obviously a dangerous guy in the region he's provoking if he's continuing to head in the
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opposite direction of peace and he's continuing to test these technologies i think again that's going to be a more a challenge for president pisgah to leverage relationship with china and it's going to be tough when we're at odds frayed but we've got to get some sort of concession from china to put more pressure on north robbo to tell the chinese president now if they're good buddies. well you know he says they're good buzz buddies trump says he's good buddies with everybody i don't know what china's going to be able to do in terms of controlling north korea or anybody else and i think this is a a big test for trump and i think that we have to move slowly and cautiously and use diplomacy at first and nothing preemptive but for anybody the cia's been working on this for a while i'm sure they have ten plans laid out depending on what possibly takes place in the right rob chris great to have both of you we're going to be like you thanks as you bet the senate g.o.p. is reeling after having to postpone a vote on their health care bill now they are hitting back at the democrats with
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a new ad released by the orrin see the ad shows footage of democratic lawmakers attacking republican attempts to repeal and replace obamacare it comes with a challenge to the democrats as well that come up with their own plan to replace a bill they admit is flawed we're joined tonight by a former congressman from florida alan grayson allen nice to have you on what do you make of this back and forth do the democrats have to lay out exactly how they would fix obamacare your thoughts going to have you on this is a new blood libel from the republican party we have a health care program in this country it's called obamacare it's a strong effort to achieve what every other major country in the world is cheap and that's called universal health care what this debate has done is it's flesh it's flushed out a division among the elites in this country both democratic and republican the republican elites believe that health care should be only for the healthy and the wealthy you are in their way leads don't believe that they believe health care
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should be for everyone as the public feels you were there when this fight was going on for obamacare the democrats gave up on the public option last week chuck schumer says some of our members are even talking about the public option it's almost like they're revisiting territory that they should have taken. long time ago but what i'm noticed in this debate is that there's really only a handful of democrats bernie sanders the lead that's willing to even talk about universal health care if you take a poll in this country the majority of americans want it or is this going to end. it's going to end with universal health care that's where it's headed because that's what the public wants and the republicans and their corporate owners are not going to be able to resist that forever we started on this road in one nine hundred sixty five when we extended universal health care to everybody on their sixty fifth birthday and we're going to finish the job it's just a matter of time and deciding how and when it could happen because of a public option it could happen because it will gradually lower the age of
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qualification and eligibility for medicare but it is inevitable because health care is a human right the democrats their best move at this point your opinion. to keep fighting for universal health care and to make it a moral issue the public is with us as you point out overwhelmingly the public here understands that in virtually every country in the world that has the pride of calling itself a successful country everybody can see a doctor when he or she is sick and in this country it's still the case that tens of thousands of americans die each year but because they have no access to health care because they can't see a doctor when they're sick i don't hear nancy pelosi i don't hear chuck schumer or any of those on the democratic leadership team in the house or senate saying this is where we're going universal health care put a stake in the ground and stand by then they're not doing that why not they don't do it because they're concerned because some of them and i don't want include palosi in this but the answer is some of them are concerned that their corporate
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benefactors and this is true of the democratic party as well as the republican party i would be unhappy with them and that's a shame the argument to make is that this is a moral issue as i said years ago republican health care is very simple don't get sick and if you do get sick die quickly and they've had seven years to prove me wrong they still haven't done that the democrats need to be the alternative in the alternative is very simple you can see a doctor when you're sick and get the care that you need to stay healthy and live regardless of whether you are healthy regardless of whether you're a wealthy isn't it actually the sick who need this the most and it is the sick who the insurance companies are always going to deny the care to if they possibly can because it's so expensive is this weakness by the democrats undermining house leadership how strong do you think nancy pelosi is. oh i think very strongly if there is any proponent of universal health care among democratic leaders in the house or the senate it's nancy pelosi and when i was in congress word was passed
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down to me that my public option bill which got eighty eight co-sponsors in two weeks to expand medicare to open it to everybody who was willing to pay for it a very simple concept in a four page bill the word came down to me and that was our next step unfortunately lost power to the republicans and we haven't gone that back yet all right but the next step is in fact to open up medicare establish a public option for everybody who will pay for it and then gradually lower the age of qualification so that ultimately we do have universal health care and i'd love to hear schumer and palosi have a press conference and say just that because i think that's what the ninety one would be nice alan grayson great to have you with us thank you for your time tonight. the news keeps getting worse for soon the network is being accused of blackmail against reddit user who created the now infamous donald trump wrestling video milledge june joins us tonight she's been following this story as this review fallout unfolds you know c.n.n. is now embroiled in this very public fight it's c.n.n.
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versus all of the internet. you've seen it before we've all seen it all of donald trump's thirty plus million twitter followers saw this video after potest tweeted out this decade old appearance trump made resurfaced last week after c.n.n. had what to put lightly a rough week with a series of project veritas videos releasing showing that their producers and other staff members badmouthing their own network the network responded today though by publishing statements such as this they were mocking the poster for sounding a little bit nervous and then going on to say that c.n.n. reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change now that being their agreement whatever that is but now c.n.n. is under fire from what seems like the whole entire internet after one of their reporters andrew kosinski essential docs that reddit poster and essentially
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threatened to out his identity if he posted any more so-called funny videos and that is tantamount to blackmail and big voices like julia sun have chimed in saying that a billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making videos about it is not journalism and the beltway press along with international papers all over the world saying that this was a prank that has now spiraled out of control whatever the case the internet is lighting up with the hash tag c.n.n. blackmail all across america and while this particular reddit user has a. history of posting vulgar or in cindy airy comments posts really means it would appear that the internet is not thrilled with the idea that a huge corporation appears to be bullying the little guy so add things are really looking so good for c.n.n. right now because it seems like they're making a series of editorial missteps and president trump keeps calling them out on it and
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all of this though just deepening the feud between the two which in turn trickles down to the rest of us here in the media world kind of a bold the president doesn't get everywhere the smell of thank you and that is our news tonight we'll see you tomorrow night. sleep.


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