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tv   Headline News  RT  July 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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my tattoo is over two years old you will go in the money using the drug and who runs the blood business. you live without international coming up this hour feeling the heat in hamburg as the g twenty world leaders arrive for this summit thousands of protesters are there too and they get them fired up. tension escalates over north korea the united states she would envoy threatens military force after pyongyang's latest ballistic missile we try to gauge where that's going to go. c.n.n. threat to reveal the creator of the viral trump wrestling clip backfires now the internet communities railed against child.
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warning for me just turned eleven am this thursday morning the sixth of july here in moscow and kevin i mean this is r.t. international first the six people have been arrested in a second night of protests ahead of the g. twenty summit in the german city of hamburg seems a porsche dealership was targeted in an arson attack destroying luxury vehicles there police believe left wing activists protesting the event were behind that incident this all happening just a few hours before the first delegation for the g. twenty arrived for playing the humbug and not all those participating are expected to be given a warm welcome here is why let's check out how couple of facts you may not have known it's known historical even having some far right left rather extremist living there local police say they're expecting eight thousand violent demonstrators to be out in force in fact we're hearing over one hundred seventy groups me around germany have signed a call to protest and during this summit they've already been clashes before it's even kicked off. well i'm here outside of row to
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floral ridge flora it's one of the oldest school seen germany people being squatting here since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine after the government said all the local city government said they wanted to redevelop the site while they fought tooth and nail with city authorities right up until twenty fourteen when the anti competent lists in far left groups well they won and the city government backed down and said they could have the site it's now a cultural center and it's become one of the main jumping off points for this year's no to the g twenty demonstrations here you can see plenty of bonds around putting across the message that it's demonstrators want to give to those twenty world leaders as they arrive here in hamburg there's also places where people can get information about where demonstrations are taking place as well. a plenty of those demonstrators are already making themselves heard here in hamburg this is a much more serene scene on wednesday evening than perhaps we saw old shoes day
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night they're doing it all under the watchful eye of a heavy police presence here expecting as many as twenty thousand police officers are more taking part in being called the largest police operation in recent memory however it was here on tuesday evening that things got ugly early on. i. i i. and it's not heavy police presence which i think is set to play a crucial role in how this g. twenty summit plays out you can see many offices many v. cleese vehicles all around me here we've actually spoken to some demonstrators who said they think that the police presence could be what trick is demonstrators into violence however we shouldn't really kid ourselves. we are expecting to see what's
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being called the biggest black bloc ever now the black bloc of the real hardline of the leftist groups now they're the ones that usually get involved whenever there's any major trouble in fact we have seen a lot of people from those organizations around here those people involved in those type of of groups they were expecting to say even more now what we have seen is police said take part in a raid and which they collected a cache of weapons that was supposedly heading here perhaps to be used in the said demonstrations particularly the welcome to hell demonstration which is set to take place later on thursday now this cache of weapons included things like throwing knives brass knuckles baseball bats telescopic telescopic batons and precision catapults which have been described by police as a potentially very dangerous weapon in the right all wrong hands depending on how you look at it it does seem that whilst there are all peaceful demonstrations taking place there is always the possibility that this could flare up it could boil
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over and we could see more violence i think it would be an eternal optimist i would think we'd get through to saturday and the g seven g twenty being finished without seeing more clashes between police and demonstrators. seems tensions might not be restricted to outside the summit walls either because inside some leaders are not seeing eye to what on a number of challenges facing the global community. china i don't want china dictating to me shine through china. we are left alone czech republic has taken twelve po'd in the hungry have taken back they are not good enough no.
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good as it is. everything will be made to benefit american workers protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. in this most recent. fighting and. in the build up to the g twenty delegations a rival is their accommodation tracting headlines in germany right now some claim the saudi royal family booked out a whole luxury hotel for the team but king solomon seems later than counselled as a visit to the summit but still left all hundred fifty six rooms booked. questions
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located the very center of the city with reports saying u.s. president was prevented from staying there because of booking from has finally found a place to say we can report away from some of the other g. twenty participants. for the next few days is this nineteenth century building in the past is welcome high ranking former u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger and the dalai lama some reports say the villainess taro tree was previously transformed into a high security to help the american president choose the location but it's not the only reason the media think. c.n.n. learning just moments ago that president and russian president vladimir putin. meeting has now been upgraded it will now be a full fledged bilateral meeting well it's official a lot of we are putin and donald trump are finally meeting in person sending the media into overdrive and they're billing this as nothing less than a historic encounter that will shape the world face to face meeting with who will
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likely get the most attention. the highly anticipated meeting will happen friday at the g. twenty summit sure this is an important meeting it's not often that u.s. and russian presidents get to have a tete a tete and it's the perfect opportunity for putin to discuss matters that do indeed shape the world likely to be on the agenda syria ukraine and disarmament but that's not why the media thinks this is going to be a big deal you think that the subject of russian interference in u.s. elections is going to come up well it certainly sure appears unlikely that the president will confront putin why on earth would he not send a very clear message to putin on that absolutely would be a mistake he's going to convey to putin that he's weak so supposedly this is all about confronting putin on a legit russian interference in the u.s. presidential election plus him bearing those ever pesky accusations of being a puppet but how is trump supposed to do that if suppose for just one minute none of that is true because the verdict still out a number of long running investigations have so far failed to deliver any real
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evidence or rock solid conclusions with ukraine with syria with north korea. the recent russian proposal for north korea i think there are a lot more important. things to worry about the favorite hobby horse of the democratic party in the united states they will do anything to keep this story alive i think the president should not discuss it with the russians there's an investigation alive there's still questions probably would even be inappropriate for trump to bring up the subject himself knowing that there's a live investigation about it out there and the two presidents have much to talk about it doesn't have anything to do with this increasingly fable filled story turns the headlines are some of the best click bait in town right now so far it's been all about meddling in collusion but the media is probably going to be left disappointed on that front this time let's hope they don't miss out on the real story what progress if any is made uncle mobile issues the. washington d.c.
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. meeting between trump and putin comes as the u.s. is threatening military action against north korea to pyongyang test the new missile in violation of u.n. sanctions the statement came from washington to the u.n. during a security council session mopin has more details. beaking to the fifteen member body here in manhattan at the united nations headquarters in the security council chamber u.s. ambassador nikki haley spoke strongly not just against north korea but against any country that she felt supports them now in her statements largely condemning the recent launch of a missile she went as far as to threaten the use of military force utilizing military options the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must the united states will soon submit a draft resolution to the u.n. security council and u.s.
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leaders say that if this resolution is not passed they will take action on their own the russian envoy he also spoke to the u.n. security council and he said that sanctions are not the way out of the crisis. with . sanctions cannot be a cure all and this has been demonstrated by history but so what we need here is to seek a political solution and be creative in our diplomacy we've proposed as i've said in my statement to work collectively. there has been a proposal from both russia and china to deescalate the situation on the peninsula with not only north korea ending its nuclear proliferation and its testing of missiles but also the united states are getting rid of this bad missile system in the south and ending their provocative military exercises with south korea so a lot of different proposals being made the world is waiting to see this resolution that u.s. leader spoke of on wednesday south korean u.s.
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forces for the road missiles into the sea of japan believed to be a warning shot towards north korea american officials said afterwards that similar weapons systems could quote easily be deployed to the region as a deterrent. while north korea's launches put nations on edge than are been hearing from some analysts it's america's next response to it or which could risk pushing the crisis into war. but north korea launched a missile that wasn't intended to hurt anyone and it did not hurt anyone and what we saw at the united nations today was the continuation of the spectacle in which the united states and her increasingly few are lies or using by the international body of peace as a client of global apartheid to justify and rubberstamp wars and saying sions which amount to war they're going to be watching today's proceedings they're going to hate the united states even more than they already do they'll see russia and china is countries which don't necessarily always agree with them countries which on
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allies to them but countries which do not wish them and the people home countries that want to engage in peace the countries that could end up saving north korea from american aggression and they will smile upon that surely they're not provoking the international community that's the spin based on washington's dominance in the international community at the united nations just three weeks ago the united states carried out a bomb a nuclear bomb dropping drill that simulated the nuclear destruction of north korea nobody called their provocative where north korea sends off a missile test saying we're not going to be bullied that's provocative so you know the question the narrative of north korea's provocations in and provocative activity in the face of the united states and south korea carrying out the largest war exercises in the world simulating the destruction the invasion and destruction of north korea while that's never considered a provocation and that just doesn't ring true that's a double standard and we need to stop accepting the dominant narrative offered by
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washington. well more ahead with me kevin oh it looks like c.n.n. sparked an internet meme warhol bring it up to speed on where it's going after the break. i think you guys are stuck in an alternate reality and russia today and sport neck and various n.g.o.s put out a set of facts that simply do not accord with reality you have constructed an alternative reality here in russia that makes it very difficult for you to cooperate with others.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted and. it's full of the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank take. it seriously send us an e-mail. or post eleven here mosco now so seems the internet community is turning on c.n.n. after the news channel said it might disclose the identity of the alleged creator of the viral main featuring donald trump wrestling its logo here a few key responses the multi-billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not just.
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donald's happy day keep the tweets coming there is something self evidently creepy bullying and heavy handed about a large news organization publicly announcing they will expose someone's identity if it ever again publishes consonants on the internet that the network deems inappropriate objects. it is a despite the says sharply then says the video was first posted by donald trump less take it chronologically then the next day c.n.n. said of the track down the clips created attempted to make contact but he or she would please the individual then supposedly posted an apology on the news aggregating website read it but pleaded for c.n.n. to keep the identity quiet and this more the channel pointed out that no threats were made with it reserves the right to reveal who's behind the clip if more this kind of thing is made again now the internet community is rallying to the guy's defense with a slew of new c.n.n.
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means one section already at a low as negative a fourteen thousand followers. i thought it was wrong markable that c.n.n. found this the reddit user who created the gif. here's how c.n.n. has further since responded to the accusations it says that his name this guy's name has not yet been disclosed because of concerns for his safety and that any assumption of blackmailing him is false he spoke exclusively to
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a moderator for the reddit website which is where this clip originated he asked us to conceal his identity too by the way. just so you're this guy on a solo the guy who posted the original gift it would be frightening if i were him and i receive random phone calls e-mails from seeing mail out of nowhere i would not be super enthusiastic about c.n.n. one of the largest news communities in the world so you know we can throw it's about telling you to stop doing what you want to do on the internet c.n.n. has no right to do that c.n.n. has all of the internet against them right now and one organizations attack freedom of speech and never ends up well for them and make no mistake about it this is an attack on the internet and c.n.n. has formally declared war on it in return we need to see you know were hurt and told are advertisers that you do not approve of by running ads on their network our
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site right now on the road the people who are pushing this you know hash tag on there are exposing c.n.n. fraud news network they are are doing the right thing. the gulf crisis is deepening with the saudi led referred me that it will continue to blockade cats at a meeting in cairo saudi arabia bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. said the council's response to their recent list of demands leptin in substance for its part mind tames the saudi bloc is simply trying to label a political rival as a terrorist. but of the battles that sounds response was negative on the whole it did not lay the foundations for cattles abandonment of the policies of this use most of that we have already off interest. but they. are supporting terrorism was it could be designed to genetic sentiment
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in the us what other countries failed to get us is living but i think of it as. it was. some of the demands are clear briefly which the four countries are insisting on first off they want carter to cut its ties with the rand and militant groups who are considered by the saudis and their allies as terrorists qatar is also being told to shut down a turkish military base on its territory it's a thirteen point listing all calling on qatar to close its international news outlets including al-jazeera and the sidelobe bloc also wants doa to cease contacts with political opposition groups in their respective countries because it may look tiny on the map but it's quite an influential regional player when you look more closely the us for instance has got two military bases near the capital one of which is its largest in the region and turkey's also got a military base there too the only one outside of its territory plus doe are partners with the rand and running the world's largest natural gas field which spans both the territorial waters meantime the us leaders held
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a phone call with egyptian president urging a resolution to the crisis president trump though has himself accused qatar of funding terrorism a few times lately most recently during a political fundraiser from which an audiophile it was leaked to the intercept news website. the. rules. it's. the. i beat military analyst colonel allen spoke to a c says u.s. policies towards kata are proving indeed to be contradictory. we've seen from this administration that there are at least three four different middle east policies the white house has one policy the state department has another policy and the pentagon and cia have different policies it's the same in syria and iraq it's the same with qatar why it's a president has been very vocal against the u.s. military has been very supportive of qatar because the biggest a base in the region that they have there which is
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a forward operating base for us and called so the u.s. military a very pro well it's a president has been used a lot of people by. speaking against almost on a daily basis no legitimate state can give sovereignty like saudi arabia is effectively also there is to stand down on their foreign policy shut down shut down news websites. all the reins of state infrastructure to the saudis seems on the acceptable to the. national thanks for being with us i'm kevin know it more for me just. full of stories twenty four seven after the break discussing washington and moscow circle of always finding faults in each other's policies.
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income inequality. gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effect of congress these are well documented trends going. no there really acute in manifest to the point where people describe the system as. a kind of. global blog so if you're on the the idea. dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't believe the new socks credits tell you that will be gossip and tabloid bias files of the most important news today. octomom has been telling you are not cool enough and that's why their product. leaves are the hawks that we along with our audience will watch.
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a political symbol so this is the year but i don't know there's a book in the us and what a month. hanumant it enough of a. puff allowed me. the somethin that was. on long enough something not set in. the market and then to huddles look ma that's what i can now maybe i maybe i'm a bit forward after a. long . term. part of.
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the. welcome to worlds apart from the russians and the americans are strikingly similar in describing what's wrong with one another both ascribed a policy of chaos and destruction to them assist with one difference while washington sees moscow as an intentional spoiler russia sees the united states as an incompetent one is there still a way out of this circle of mutual recrimination to discuss that and now i'm joined by charles a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations it's a cartoon it's great to see you're here in moscow thank you very much for your time now you joined the obama administration back in two thousand and fourteen when the russian american relationship was already deteriorating very fast looking back do you think of this year may become a sort of a turning point or perhaps even the breaking point in the in the in the history of the bilateral ties. i don't think it's a breaking point in the sense that there's no going back we know from pre fourteen
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era that a reset rapprochement between what moscow and washington is possible and i do think that it's going to be tough slaw going to get back to a situation in which the united states and russia trust each other again and cooperate more than they compete i also think that the domestic political environment right now in the united states makes that even more difficult because you have a situation in which president trump whether justified or not is seen as having. if not colluded with encouraged russia to interfere in the u.s. election and because of congress because of the investigation out of the justice department everyone's going to be saying why is he being nice to russia why is he being i have to have said by being nice to russia you mean the simple fact of meeting a russian leader no because as a candidate he was talking about essentially throwing ukraine under the bus
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recognizing crimea dropping sanctions before there's a settlement and so everybody was saying what's the basis focus is that back down from their statements as they did from many others so do you think the russian issue is somewhat different way than all the others because in my sense there's i think far more scrutiny when it comes to russia for some reason than let's say when it comes to the saudi arabia or iran for that matter see position and all of those but it's only russia that seems to matter it's an american no i think that what's happened on the russian account is two things one because of the political environment in the united states it became more difficult for him to talk about reaching out to putin and to he faced a lot of pushback for not saying i stand by article five for originally saying nato is obsolete and because of. the heat that he took i think he said you know what i'm not sure this is working for me i am going to end up taking
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a more conventional position on these issues which is where he is right now. it's interesting you say that because i think what you just said is the basis for an argument you continue sabotaging trumps governance so that he does not collude with the russian war but as a russian i think i see them in a totally different lie because it seems to me that the kremlin is benefiting much more from trump and the united states being sabotaged because in a way takes the united states all of the political scene as a serious player what do you think russia is more interested at this point of time the american corporation or the continuing american absence from the scene well i think i wouldn't call it sabotage trump trump is sabotaging himself as both perhaps i do think so i mean he comes out with tweets every day most recently against journalists on m.s.n. b.c. i know he digs.


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