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tv   Headline News  RT  July 6, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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headline stories this hour the leaders of the world's greatest economic powers begin arriving in the german city of the g. twenty summit we look at the challenges facing visions trying to move. the. protests with as many as one hundred activists expected to turn their promising to disrupt the summit. to help. also this hour the u.s. threatens military force against a defiant north korea. missile test. c.n.n.
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threat to reveal the creator of the viral trump arrest. the internet community real against. your chiming in from our right to run the world welcome to. my names you know neil if your company or top story world leaders have started to arrive in homburg ahead of the g twenty summit which is begin to start tomorrow friday let's go live now to who is there for us keeping an eye on all things economic political and otherwise hialeah all eyes are uncertain figures though aren't even though there's so much to the scales. here and again well the. g twenty venue that you can see right behind my shoulder is still quite well the.
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today the center of attention is the airport where the arrivals of the leaders are happening one after another if only we had a leader's arrival board that would look quite impressive imagine for example. donald trump's claim has just landed in fact that is absolutely true the american president has just arrived in hamburg and i assume right now you can see live pictures from the hamburg airport where the president is about to call him out of his airplane or maybe this kind of announcement flight to london to hamburg with to resume a on board has been delayed because of bad weather over the english channel i guess you understand what kind of bad weather i'm driving at here well jokes aside let's forget about them for a moment let's look at some of the highlights that we are bound to see on friday and saturday there is nothing you can do about it number one will be the first meeting between the american president and the russian president now mr trump has
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been in office now for almost six months and as the leaders of russia and the u.s. still haven't met finally it is happening it is happening and how and they can discuss all the into the issues sorry that anchors all around the world have been talking about in the last months or maybe years that is of course syria north korea ukraine but despite possible vital steps that can be made when it comes to these international issues when it comes to these difficulties the media again have been focusing on the trumped russia collusion story. i think that the subject of russian interference in u.s. elections is going to come up well it certainly sure appears unlikely that the president will confront putin why on earth would he not send a very clear message to. it would be
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a mistake he's going to convey to putin that he's weak. number two how will mr crump get along with the host marco now just take a look at some of the things that the german chancellor said recently one of the quotes that i'm going to give you is admittedly wherever during the last decades the americans played a role of guarantors of world order there's always been to put it mildly a lot of criticism and that is something that you didn't really expect to hear from a german leader in the past few years well she said it and then also the angle of merkel's election program in which when she referred to the u.s. she replaced the word friends with partners so of course that is going to intriguing to be intriguing could we have seen that come and maybe just take
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a look. thank you for. now highlight number three is of course turkey and the participation of the turkish president. we have seen many issues with him taken part in the summit even before the g twenty get together began for example apparently they couldn't find a place in event where the turkish president could give a speech then there were difficulties i guess it is fair to say as usual with the tapered one security guard speaking let him to hamburg and of course the latest news the biggest news of thursday the european parliament's and now it's meant as that turkey's e.u. accession talks. will be suspended if ankara implemented the constitutional
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overhaul that was backed by referendum in april which will expand the powers of the turkish president. so these are the things that we'll all be watching for you here in hamburg at this big g. twenty summit. yaz you're just speaking there donald trump and his wife melanie have just disembarked. a couple of minutes ago there and you were just looking at them come in to a lot of other leaders of course. coming into the city as well for the summit tomorrow and on saturday. now the host city of hamburg has been preparing from us protests organized by radical left wing groups police expect around one hundred thousand people to take part in incredible number the first groups already flooding the streets and they've got a message for those attending the summit. well
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homburg has already seen some unpleasant scenes just a few hours before the first delegation arrive for the g. twenty a porsche dealership was targeted in an arson attack destroying eight luxury cars police believe left wing activists were behind the incident now here's why not all of those attending the summit are expected to be given a warm welcome homburg is known for historically having some far left extremist living their local police say be expected around eight thousand violent demonstrators to be art in force over one hundred seventy groups from right around germany signed a call to protest the number of already being cautious against the g twenty meeting
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. well let's send our cross to peter all over who's in speak more on this peter want to see happening where you are there are a lot of protesters one hundred thousand expected tonight what are you seeing. the moment. yes i'm here right at the welcome to hell a demonstration here in hamburg where everybody is gathering ahead of their march through the city as you said they're expecting upwards to one hundred thousand people to come here in the hour or so i've been here the results of people arriving certainly nowhere near that one hundred thousand yet but lots and lots of people arriving every minute what we have seen also is a number of shops businesses balls restaurants all up and down the streets where they are expected to march and also even on those where the not expected to march they've been putting huge pieces of plywood up against their windows just to make sure that they don't get broken those that haven't put those bits of plywood up
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they've had signs in their windows saying we also don't like the g twenty and police spandau a stalls that seems to be the message coming from a lot of the shop owners here. we are expecting no this to be the biggest and perhaps the most potentially violent of the demonstrations you mentioned earlier on the police here a suggested that as many as eighty thousand people from not fall left extremist groups that have connections to the violent demonstration that they have they could people could be less they are certainly some of those number here as well and we've also seen in the lead up to they said this g. twenty police seizing a cache of weapons in the the city overall stolpe that was according to the authorities being planned to be moved here to see how but now those weapons included things like baseball bats telescoping butts holmes throwing knives what's being called precision catapults they could be used to cause really quite severe injury they have the police calling them a quite a a pretty hefty type of
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a. to somebody so keeping an eye out to make sure that those people brought those weapons here but also when i've been speaking to the demonstrators they've accused the police of rather heavy handed tactics on tuesday night in particular which saw fights break out between those that had set up tents and. the police had been scented to clear them out police alternately using moral to cannon and tear gas to clear them out of those blocks what we heard from demonstrators were there that it was a very robust presence by the police some suggesting they had gone too far that certainly wasn't in evidence last night when i was at the the the night downs demonstration it took place around twenty thousand people there all went off peacefully the only major incident occurring a wednesday as you mentioned previously the the setting fire to a number of cars at a dealership in the north of the in the north of the city so we'll be keeping an eye on how things develop here on the welcome to hell demonstration not just the welcome that they want to give to the g.
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twenty leaders they have not happy with them and they want to make their voice heard i'll be following them throughout the afternoon on the evening as they make their way through how big a bringing you updates here and thanks very much for that peter all of our live from. ken livingstone a former mayor of london spoke to the program he sings violence can break out when the police don't recognize people's right to have their voices heard. peaceful protests that should never be interfered with the police should have a blockade i mean very few protesters turn out. very often with violence that happened to them right because police came to a peaceful demonstration and working to be establishment not recognizing the right to people to protest. well in the build up to the g. twenty delegations arrival their accommodation also made the headlines in germany some claim the saudi royal family and a whole luxury hotel for their team over king solomon later council his visit to
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the summit while still leaving all one hundred fifty six rooms the. otel in question is located in the very center of the city it's believed that the u.s. president was prevented from staying there because of the booth. but told trump has finally found a place to lay his head away from some of the other g. twenty participants trips home for the next number of days is a nineteenth century building on in the past it's a welcome guest such as former u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger on the dalai lama some reports say the villa and its territory was previously transformed into a high security area. was a factor in the american president choosing the location but a combination is far from the only thing that's driving a wedge between the world leaders.
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see. china i don't want china dictating to may shine through china face anger then we are left alone czech republic has taken twelve thousand nine hundred taken seriously exactly not good enough. to visit the business than see. the. defense is often punished because. every decision will be made to benefit american worker protection will lead to great prosperity and strength they'd love to put a limit to that it is not soon dismissed and put takes in this most recent book on the elemental leaks i am to buy to get built.
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it looks like c.n.n. sparked an internet war i'll bring you right up to speed on the votes in ninety seconds to.
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all the feel we can. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old old. old according to josh. walker. come along for the ride. a quarter of an hour into the program welcome back the internet community is turning on c.n.n. after the news channel said it might disclose the identity of the alleged creator of the viral mame featuring donald trump wrestling its logo i'm sure you've seen and heard a few notable responses a multi-billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing
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a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism see. donald's happy day keep the tweets coming through something self evidently creepy bullying and heavy handed about a large news organization publicly announcing they will expose someone's identity if it ever again publishes consonance on the internet that the network deems inappropriate objects. well it's a twitter spot that's escalated sharply since the video was first posted by donald trump on sunday the next day c.n.n. said it had tracked on they clips create sure on the tempted to make contact but failed the individual event posted her supposedly posted an apology on the news i grew up getting website read it and contacted c.n.n. pledging to keep his identity quiet the child pointed out that no threats for made but that it reserves the right to reveal who's behind the clip if another is made
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know the internet community rallying to the guys defense with a slew of new c.n.n. means. i thought it was remarkable that c.n.n. found this the reddit user who created think if. well here's c.n.n. has since responded to the accusations it say's that the person's name has not yet
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been disclosed because of safety concerns and that any assumption of blackmailing him is false we spoke exclusively to the moderator for the reddit page where the clip originated he asked us to conceal his identity just say you're the sky high on a solo the guy who posted the original gif it would be frightening if i were him and i received random phone calls random emails from sea mail out of nowhere i would not super and boozy asked about c.n.n. one of the largest news communities in the world sending out boy threats about telling you to stop doing what you want to do on the internet policy and has no right to do that c.n.n. has all of the internet against them right now and one organizations attack freedom of speech and never ends up well for them and make no mistake about it this is an attack on the internet and c.n.n. has formally declared war on it in return we need to hit c.n.n.
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we're hurts and told or ever tells us that you do not approve of them by running ads on their network our site right now on the right of the people who are pushing the c.n.n. black milk hash tag that are exposing c.n.n. for the fraud news network that they are on are doing the right thing. the u.s. secretary of state has said that america would potentially be willing to deepen cooperation with russia in the fight against islamic state in syria with the details of that here's our case maracas the. well the tone of the statement was somewhat neutral more so than we've come to expect it was even corporative but there were its own twists and turns in it for example the united states said that it is open to working with russia on stablish a no fly zone over syria working out to gether a joint mechanism when the united states talks about no fly zones there's
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a lot of suspicion everybody remembers what happened in libya where the u.s. and its nato allies established a no fly zone for humanitarian purposes to ease the suffering of civilians only for it to turn into a we fly you don't deserve where the united states bombed you know gadhafi his father his fighters his military anyone and wanted with impunity and nobody else could fly up in the skies it was also an interesting bit about chemical weapons where the united states said that russia has an obligation to stop assad from staging any further chemical attacks the key word here being further because it was never stablished for a fact that assad carried out any chemical attacks by an international body an international investigation take the latest attack that happened in april this year the. nation for the prohibition of chemical weapons which was investigating it then
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investigators didn't even go to the location to gather soil samples to establish what this chemical attack was what the gas used was they were given those samples by rebels the other thing about chemical weapons is that washington says russia has an obligation by the same logic you can hold the united states responsible if any of its allies like the s.d.f. syrian kurds or for example the iraqi military if they resort to immoral or illegal methods of. more like torture the russian foreign ministry also warned that they have evidence that isis is preparing provocation for false flag chemical attack in syria to draw the united states in them on the topic of provocations and fake news the russian foreign ministry also expects a retraction and correction from c.n.n. we're talking about the boy that became iconic an icon of the battle of aleppo vod
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the civilians there went through with you know much of the big media mainstream media rallying behind him saying look this is what the russians and the syrians are doing in aleppo and the russians have promised not to forget that story until a retraction and a correction is issued by c.n.n. . earlier this week russia turkey under run met in for another round of talks on syria's reconciliation after two days of negotiations they agreed on a plan for deescalation zones in syria with the final details expected by the end of august we heard from the russian president's special envoy to syria this is what he had to say. i feel positive about the results of the latest round of talks on syria although there haven't been any major steps forward it's still all moving in the right direction toward stabilizing the situation and finding a peaceful way out of the syrian crisis we probably haven't achieved all of our
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goals we aim big therefore it's not always possible to achieve the desired goals at least for now. look at the club. and i don't think we have any disagreements on the deescalation zones that everyone understands this term deescalation zones has become a set phrase meaning as under the control of the moderate and radical opposition group for such zones of deescalation have been drawn up the main difficulty today is to agree on the borders of the deescalation zones it is tough because working with maps while sitting somewhere in ankara or moscow or tehran is impossible there is always a need to be present there on the ground it's important for the fate of the people living there with any ceasefire very much depends on how we manage to agree on these boundaries. business. the bombing of the syrian army deserves only condemnation there is no excuse for striking the
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government's army as it's fighting terrorists because we believe the actions of the u.s. in eastern syria to be absolutely unacceptable and we believe the u.s. should allow the syrian army axis to the border with iraq so that the border can be brought under full control as soon as possible we hope that after i saw was destroyed there will be no place for american army units in syria if they are not invited by the government. the u.s. is ramping up its threats against north korea over this secretive country's latest missile test it will trump is vowing consequences over what he describes us very behavior it follows washington's u.n. ambassador telling the security council that the u.s. was ready to use military action if necessary with the details here's artie's killam open beaking to the fifteen member body here in manhattan at the united nations headquarters in the security council chamber u.s.
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ambassador nikki haley spoke strongly not just against north korea but against any country that she felt supports them now in her statements largely condemning the recent launch of a missile she went as far as to threaten the use of military force utilizing military options the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must the united states will soon submit a draft resolution to the u.n. security council and u.s. leaders say that if this resolution is not passed they will take action on their own the russian envoy he also spoke to the u.n. security council and he said that sanctions are not the way out of the crisis obscene. sanctions cannot be a cure all and this has been demonstrated by history so what we need here is to
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seek a political solution and be creative in our diplomacy we've proposed as i've said in my statement to work collectively. there has been a proposal from both russia and china to deescalate the situation on the peninsula with not only north korea ending its nuclear proliferation and its testing of missiles but also the united states a getting rid of this bad missile system in the south and ending their provocative military exercises with south korea so a lot of different proposals being made the world is waiting to see this resolution that u.s. leaders spoke of. moxon stacey are in mexico and looking at how to get business done in a country grappling with corruption with violence next year on our. income
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inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really acute in minute fast to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis. there's a saying. look they're going to be cheap. and then through all the contras. let's ideas they're right let's go through this company he said if we give them everything that's going to bust. this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. doesn't listen to the ones at the same time. it was
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a non-governmental. similar. why do you need one but i did because if you feel if the minutes of on board not that i got to meet leave again with the phone with the couple that with the plane. would come back to the three story you have to see. the best. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report coming to you from mexico city baby. they got it and i don't know any. all right what's up actually parody is
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a very important cactus i guess you call it to the art native art that goes back thousands of years and yet you still scholes with beads all over them you know covering them at the top you see the hexagon which is apparently a symbol for the p.o.d. in the minds of the expands the mind and of course i would never advocate any use of anything that's a controlled substance but apparently core of the culture here you have some kind of consciousness raising experience along with p.o.d. and magic mushrooms this type of thing and who knows what it's all about you got to come down to mexico and check it out yourself it was the journey to the grandfather that's what you know you go to the grandfather and they ask you from latin and south america goes to your grandmother so well actually grandparents might be quite important to the story i want to cover here because you and i had been walking around with jeff berwick. the dollar vigilante and an arc of poco and we.


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