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tv   Headline News  RT  July 6, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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right through. to. the do you think you're going to do. anything. coming up on r t america we are now looking at a live picture of hamburg germany where things have calmed down just a bit earlier protesters were clashing with police just two miles from the g twenty summit launching tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. these protests are happening one day i had of the summit where u.s. president donald trump will meet with russian president vladimir putin for the first time and per cent. and the floodgates opened after the trump c.n.n. wrestling meaning went viral we've got the best means from the internet right here .
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it's thursday july sixth four pm in washington d.c. i'm ashley banks and you're watching our team america we begin today in hamburg germany where protesters are clashing with police ahead of the g. twenty summit protesters were seen throwing bottles and firecrackers at officers who then began using water cannons and tear gas to disperse and the crowd police expect thousands of people to show up from around europe to protest they came equipped with the riot gear and at least fifteen thousand more officers were deployed to the area and then attempt to keep things under control r.t.s. peter oliver is on the ground in hamburg local wife to him shortly. these protests are ahead of the u. twenty summit in hamburg where world leaders including u.s. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin will take part putin and will hold an official bilateral meeting during the summit and u.k.
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prime minister theresa may is expected to speak to trump about the issue of climate change for for more ilya for trinket breaks down what to expect from the talks. let's look at some of the highlights that we are expecting most on friday and saturday. there's nothing you can do about it first of all this summit will be watched because of the first ever meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin we'll see if they can do something about all the issues that news anchors all around the world have been going on about in the last months or maybe even years that is syria north korea and ukraine and the world the media have been generally focusing on the trump russia collusion story all over again you think that the subject of russian interference in u.s. elections is going to come up well it certainly sure appears unlikely that the president will confront putin why on earth would he not send
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a very clear message to putin on that absolutely would be a mistake he's going to convey to putin that he's weak. and shriek number two how will mr trump get along with the german chancellor the host merkel just take a look at some of the things the german leader said recently that there angle of merkel referred to the u.s. as part there is instead of friends is it that berlin and washington are not such big friends anymore could we have seen that come in maybe. thank you. ok. thank you for. you. now highlight number three is of course turkey and the participation of the turkish
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president. we have seen many issues with him taken part in the summit even before the g. twenty get together began for example apparently they couldn't find. a place and event where of the turkish president could give a speech then there were difficulties i guess it is fair to say as usual with the tapered one security guard speaking let in to hamburg and of course the latest news the biggest news of thursday the european parliament and now it's meant that turkey's e.u. accession talks will be suspended if and cross implements the constitutional overhaul that was backed by referendum in april which will expand the powers of the turkish president top pair to watch so these are the things that we'll all be watching for you here in hamburg at this big g. twenty summit where the highly anticipated upcoming meeting between president trump
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and russian president vladimir putin many see this meeting as an opportunity to address pressing global issues like the increasing possibility of a world war while others in the u.s. media and democratic party see this meeting as trump cozying up to who tend to discuss this further i'm now joined by norman solomon moore nater of roots action dot org executive director of the institute for public accuracy and author of war made easy how presidents and pundits keep spinning us to death norman thank you so much for joining us now why is the putin trip meeting so important. well it's really a crossroads of history right now we're at a moment of human history where transcending narrow idiology may be the difference between survival of humanity or not you would know it from the huge amount of media focus elsewhere but really the united states and russia hold in
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their hands in their governmental hands the future of humanity so even though there's a whole lot of static and a thousand and one different stories it's as though hidden in plain sight is this crossroads that we're at today and that literally and figuratively trump and putin will be out tomorrow and your opinion what are the main a fourth is why are the main forces putting pressure on trump and domestic u.s. politics. well inside the united states of course there is tremendous unpopularity among fully half or more of the population towards trump and i certainly agree with those who feel that he has shown himself to be a terrible president with only a passing acquaintance with truthfulness a lot of indictive ness a lot of really vicious policies domestically and in terms of warfare overseas and yet at the same time even
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a broken clock is correct approximately twice every twenty four hours and when we don't trump has said as he has said numerous times that it would be good for the united states to get along with russia those are fighting words for the military industrial complex in the united states and much of the mass media so i think that rather than challenging or discouraging or attacking trump or when he makes sense about the need for some movement towards detente with russia and these are attacks that the democratic party hierarchy continues to make we should be encouraging those overtures we should be supporting the idea that detente is a worthy goal between these two countries i want to switch gears a little bit and your opinion what's your response to the anti russia attitudes in the u.s. and media as it pertains to the so-called russia russia gate and from the democrats in general. well it's become a sort of a meme
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a kneejerk response that was encouraged frankly by the hillary clinton campaign especially in the aftermath of the november election taken up by so much of the mass media and you know whatever grain of truth there may be in terms of russian interference is overwhelmed by the hyperbole by the aggressiveness by the very dangerous hostility that is being ginned up by much of the us mass media and by the top of the democratic party and let's not forget there are republican hawks such as john mccain and lindsey graham in the senate who are equally aggressive minded equally extreme in terms of their willingness and interest in escalating hostilities and negativity towards russia these are a long term structural problems in the u.s. economy where there is a huge profit taking going on perennially by the military industrial complex and so
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these factors have combined to really increase hostility towards russia is very dangerous and it's important that we turn that around we have about a minute left norman i german chancellor angela merkel expresses frustration and said that the g twenty countries cannot rely on the u.s. and muscle work on problems without the u.s. what potential do you see in the upcoming trunk in putin meeting. well you know their agendas of course running where nato and the what's called the atlantic alliance has been expanding towards russia's borders in a very dangerous way certainly from the vantage point of the kremlin and i think it's important to try to look at this entire problem from the standpoint of world security not just the narrow idiology is a nationalisms coming from various capitals if that can happen then it will be possible to reduce the dangers of nuclear war and really by the way take on the
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huge problem of climate change as well all right thank you so much norman for that insight that was norman solomon thank you again thank you let's get back to what we were showing you at the top of the show protesters and police clashing and hamburg germany ahead of the g. twenty summit parties peter oliver has been on the ground there all day peter now at the top of the show we were showing our live footage it seems like everything is calming down a bit can you talk about the atmosphere there on the ground in hamburg. are looks like we're having. we're looking at live pictures right now on the other hand burgh and it looks like things have been calming down earlier there were clashes between protesters and police looks like we may have lost our connection
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with our tease peter oliver and we hope to get him back up for you guys. we're still looking at live pictures in hamburg as you can see the protesters are walking alongside police police are in riot gear and they're just walking along the streets looks like it's kind of peaceful compared to what was happening earlier protesters are throwing firecrackers and bottles at officers and officers retaliated with pepper spray all right now to the latest on north korea of the united states and south korea are responding to what they call recent escalation by north korea with a show of military might south korean jets and navy ships fired a barrage of guided missiles into the ocean during drills today displaying its military power just two days after north korea's first test launch of an enter continental ballistic missile that follows u.s. president donald trump speech and warsaw poland yesterday where he called for
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consequences for north korea's quote very bad behavior once we secure our nation's from the threat of terrorism but we must also confront the threat from north korea and that's what it is it's a threat and we will confront it very strongly. i mean all in north korea's capital yesterday thousands rallied in kim il sung's square to celebrate the country's first intercontinental ballistic missile launch the rally was accompanied by a dazzling fireworks display former u.s. ambassador to the united nations bill richardson describes a recent event as a major escalation by the north koreans and called for the chinese president to engage in diplomatic efforts to help resolve the crisis unfolding. kim jonas trying to box the president in he's acting the finally i think the president needs to
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formulate a policy with his military and diplomatic advisors not tweet out his instinct as he does every morning the one thing china fears is a collapse of north korea and thousands of refugees from north korea going to china but china should recognize that stability in the region is good for them for trade for commerce militarily geo politically. all right we're are gone back to what we were showing you at the top of the show where protesters and police were clashing in hamburg germany at of the g twenty summit our teams peter oliver has been on the ground there all day peter oliver can you tell us what the scene as like right now . hello. when you join me right now is demonstrate is a moving through the city they have been some violent scenes that stances a few hours ago we're coming up on well just fifteen minutes past ten in the
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evening here in hamburg for anybody of views that know the city we're just coming from the report on the on of the major nightlife spots here in in the gym in northern german city we have seen violent scenes they started on the embankment of the river where by tear gas as well as wall to count and was used by the police now what i was been hearing from the old guys is of these demonstrations throughout the day that one of the biggest concerns was due to the regulations that are being placed on them by the police full this macho the lack of rules that have been placed on them that they presumed that that would mean that they were allowed to take the marching route that they wanted to take however what it seems it meant was the police had no intention of letting them march they canceled them they station water cannon around the the perimeters of where they were and not really created a tinderbox with but eventually bottles being thrown at police and police responding with with force into that then resulted in sporadic incidents is all around the city really wasn't under control by the police for quite
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a while it seems to be although louts under control at the moment you can see a police line marching these people through the cameraman comes over this way we almost one hundred eighty degrees that being led by police vehicles as well and there was a voice shouting from the the truck directing everybody through the crowd here saying that when they got to the place that they get into right now they'll be reunite. with the members of the demonstration and there will be some kind of a break for a little while notice us a break this isn't ending anytime soon i've got the feeling this may be going on for quite a while sporadically we all seem bottles thrown one of the reasons why i keep looking over my shoulder is of course the police are the targets and we're just behind the lines these are on teacup the list demonstrate is the twenty demonstrators they always turn out the g twenty events however this time around it's a little more spicy everybody we've spoken to has said that the presence of donald trump has made this even more of
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a demonstration that they want to come to we've also heard from some saying that i'm going to merkel's policies have a gender at they say twenty summit which is is based a lot around globalism is something that they're demonstrating against that they're wanting to come out in the streets we heard from organizers potentially one hundred thousand people i don't think it was as many as the as many as not however due to the nature of this taking place in such a big city it's very difficult to tell just how many people are out here that's the scene this is the way it looks as it has said the sun is setting here in hamburg we've got the g. twenty to actually start on friday this is the way it looks before it's got even under way here you did mention that i had sounds like some protesters were a bit upset add some roads our blocked off as they out already were saying that they don't want people protesting in the city or in the roads leading to the airport now i'm sure you have an opportunity to speak to the protesters besides the presence of donald trump and some other world leaders why exactly are the protesters pro protesting against the g twenty.
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well the g. twenty represents everything essentially is a lot of these demonstrators are against as i mentioned is a lot of of demonstrators here we have seen flags actually up the. policy of germany flying as well so there are people from extraordinary the. who want to. overthrow that system of capitalism that the g twenty that's the main reasons that they get people to come here. i mentioned globalism and the presence of donald trump. makes it even more of a tinderbox it only took would have taken a spark we certainly. did a little bit all right thank you so much peter for the report. was our correspondent peter oliver. now that the weeks have been difficult for c.n.n. following a string of scandals involving the network now after its reaction to trump's
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controversial wrestling team and also faces serious accusations of blackmailing and internet prank or and some say that c.n.n. has declared the war on the internet our g.'s alexy our chef the report what any media in the world would consider a bad week with the retractions high profile resignations and dirty laundry hung out to dry culminated for c.n.n. with the president of the united states posting a viral meme and while some were justly debating whether it was presidential of donald trump to do so it has become clear his long standing war with the most trusted name in news has gone nuclear the network respond in arguably bizarre fashion suggesting trump's tweet was incitement of violence against journalists and that the president should do his job instead but the bizarre thing did not end there just a day later c.n.n. published a piece by one of its reporters andrew kaczynski called how c.n.n. found the reddit user behind the trump wrestling gifts and at first it seemed like a mild attempt to damage control until this line c.n.n.
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is not publishing the person's name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts because he said he is not going to repeat here this ugly behavior of social media again but this once c.n.n. reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change and that itself led many to believe that the network was basically blackmailing or dog seeing the man despite his apology for creating the video the author of the article went on twitter to debunk this claim that's a lie or in a separate tweet he also said it was misinterpreted nothing to see here move along but if so why has it left so many people outraged from different sides of political debate. the multi billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is no generalism c.n.n. there is something self evidently creepy bullying and heavy handed about
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a large news organization publicly announcing they will expose someone's identity if it ever again publishes concent on the internet that the net was deemed inappropriate objects in the bill now the moderator off the reddit group where the me was originally posted spoke out exclusively telling r.t. that c.n.n. declared you know one of the we are just news communities in the world sending out boy threats about telling you to stop doing what you want to do on the internet c.n.n. has no right to do that c.n.n. has all of the internet against them right now and when organizations attack freedom of speech and never ends up well for them and make no mistake about it this is an attack on the internet and c.n.n. has informally declared war on it in return we need to hit c.n.n. we're hertz and told there ever times and that you do not approve of them by running ads on their network our site right now on the road to people who were
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watching the c.n.n. black milk hash tag they're exposing c.n.n. for the fraud news network they are on are doing the right thing for months now the network has been engaged in a fight with trump with emotions running high from both sides but it's a big question why the c.n.n. has enough of what it takes to fight the internet which could be very useful and very cruel altogether let's hear us s.q.r.t. reporting from washington d.c. . after the rustling mean with president trump and c.n.n. went viral it opened up the floodgates for more animated fights between the president and the network artie's natasha sweet has some of the top trending post on twitter it's a fight like none other president donald trump going head to head again c.n.n. the network that he calls fake news at a joint news conference with the polish president in warsaw today reporter asked for trance response regarding c.n.n. going after him take a listen since you started the whole wrestling video thing what are your thoughts
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about what has happened since then i mean c.n.n. went after you and as threaten to expose the identity of a person they said was responsible for and i'd like your thoughts i think was c.n.n. did was. unfortunate for them as you know now they have some pretty serious problems they have been fake news for a long time they've been covering me in a very. very dishonest way you have that also by the way mr for. all of you have spent any time on twitter it's likely that you've come across some type of dialogue regarding c n n's reaction to the me and while c.n.n. defended itself there are many attacking the network here saying that they're extorting a private citizen even one of the first comments saying that it's pretty sad when c.n.n. first line of investigative journalism involves an online me many are joining the president and bashing c.n.n. and the memes continue to roll and one of the more shocking me is c.n.n. holding the original me maker hostage saying brace yourselves more memes are coming
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c.n.n. blackmailed him wasn't kidding check out this one mimicking the video game moral combat telling trying to finish him basically implying to kill off the network as the characters in the game would finish off their opponents it reads we know criminal news network isn't only fake news but they're extremely stupid the gifts and names are going crazy i guess they spilled they're wrong but you get the point if you want to see something closer to our real. a lot of famous you have it right here as if the facial expression of the dentist say it all well the caption says hey c.n.n. oh a good one and last but not least claiming to make you laugh out loud it shows the president in a straight fight against c.n.n. as a car jumping up doing a round kick straight into the windshield while the original wrestling name with.
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the following is a flash flood watch a mountain the national weather service flash flood watch in effect through late tonight the national weather service in mount holly has issued a flash flood watch for portions of northern delaware north east berlin so the new jersey and southeast pennsylvania including the following is in northern delaware new castle in northeast maryland cecil in kent maryland in southern new jersey cambon gloucester and salem in southeastern virginia delaware eastern chester eastern montgomery and philadelphia through late tonight small clusters of excessive rain producing showers will cause flooding in a few spots the urban areas of northern delaware if you're vulnerable to flooding this evening travel will be impacted with poor drainage flooding this evening with
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storm totals by midnight mere one inch but isolated five inch amounts possible a flash flood watch means that conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding flash flooding is a very dangerous situation you should monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action should flash flood warnings be issued. and now apparently he's going to new phrases anti journalism in a recent newsletter entitled white house versus c.n.n. stelter dramatically talked about how the new president has been attacking c.n.n. for covering him negatively and felt like everyone else at the end and for whatever reason cannot or will not see that that's true so delta wrote a section in this white house to c.n.n. newsletter with the subtitle pro journalism and anti journalism he started out by talking about people who are pro journalism or pro jay as he calls it people who are pro j are those who know c.n.n.
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has made mistakes but will learn from those mistakes and be accountable to them pro jay people know that most journalists try to be fair and right stelter notes these protests people are very staid and rational and they aren't mad at c.n.n. at all celts are totally defines this group of people and explains to the reader what these people think because apparently knows what everyone thinks including the very evil anti journalism people according to seltzer anti journalism people or anti gay people don't promote accountability they just promote resentment and worse hatred these anti-gay people according to stelter as opposed to jay himself aren't interested in eradicating bias or improving news coverage they just want to stay in power reporting altogether and he writes that might sound naive but it's real and it's insidious and millions of americans are being exposed to these very dangerous
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entitled j.s every single day so stelter knows exactly why anti j.s are anti c.n.n. and it's only an evil net farias reason to get rid of the media altogether which is incredibly short sighted and idiotic if you ask me but apparently it's die. really impressed him fell with his new term anti journalism because he took to twitter about it and a lot of people responded that they way i did that calling on c.n.n. is not about being against journalism it's about saying hey z. and then you're totally biased and you just refuse to see it just like stelter is doing with this anti journalism thing just like he did by calling anyone who challenge him on twitter anti journalist for real that's crude up how insulated and blind can you be to call people who disagree with you anti journalism it's so mind blowing liefeld right and yet also so unself aware to the point where i just need
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to clean my own term for it i call it. and i'm definitely feeling it right now. but since we don't. have the experience. you get all of the old. according to.
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come along for the. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand down in the music business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer.


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