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tv   News with Ed  RT  July 6, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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on the news tonight president trouble arrives for massive protests at the g. twenty is the world intice a pates tomorrow's meeting with russian president vladimir putin and c.n.n. faces allegations of blackmailing the individual responsible for the viral trump c.n.n. wrestling video and congressman steve scully says back in intensive care with serious infections as he fights to recover from a gunshot wound i have ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching party america. good evening friends we start tonight with president trump in hamburg germany ahead
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of a major meeting with russian president vladimir putin at the g. twenty on the president's agenda is the future of u.s. trade policy in europe in dealing with other major economic partners the president's meeting with putin on friday will likely take precedence over other issues syria ukraine north korea and nato are all on the docket as putin in front sit down for the first time meeting as heads of state while speaking in poland today the president mentioned russia just once calling for greater cooperation we must adapt our alliance to compete effectively in new ways and on all new battlefields. we urge russia to see suits destabilizing activities in ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes including syria and iran and to instead joined
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a community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and in defense of civilization itself the president was a crowd pleaser today making assurances to nato allies specifically mentioning article five of the nato treaty guaranteeing mutual protection the united states has demonstrated not merely with words but with its actions that we stand firmly behind article five the mutual defense commitment big meeting tomorrow manila tran joins us for the details on what to look for in tomorrow's big meeting between putin and trump at all and this is i guess the main event the big event at the g. twenty meeting tomorrow between president trump and president putin it's getting all of the attention and strong speculation on just what president trump will be pushing during that meeting the mainstream media though has been focused on president trump calling out putin for election interference when asked about the
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issue at a press conference the president trying to downplay the significance of russian involvement. well you once and for all yes or no definitively say that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen election well i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people in other countries could've been a lot of people interfered you see i've said it very i said it very simply i think it could very well have been russia but i think it could well have been other countries and i won't be specific but. i think a lot of people had to fear i think it's been happening for a long time it's been happening for many many years the conversation with putin will certainly be different than other g. twenty leaders russia and the united states have more in common than in conflict there are no border issues there are no natural resource issues no immigration issues so some experts are looking for progress to come out of that meeting what needs to be discussed though syria who will want clarification on the trump
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doctrine on syria nato expansion another major concern of the russians trump is expected to press putin on crimea and the involvement in ukraine then the big threat according to trump is north korea what role can russia play outside of the security council. i think russia is a big player here that might be able to help us russia has not given much of a role with north korea but they trade with north korea their neighbors they have a good relationship president should explore that with president putin maybe president putin can help they both with us on the security council on sanctions issues but maybe putin can play a more prominent role and cooling north korea down by either pushing china or getting involved more of themselves anything is needed right now things are not going well so as you see there there is a lot to be gained from this very first meeting between trump and putin despite
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what the mainstream media is saying and trying to corner him on this election stuff one of the big concerns with russia is may. no expansion what about that well you can expect president putin to bring up that issue definitely with president trying seeing as nato has not only added a twenty ninth member expanding east with montenegro they're putting troops right up against russia's border and the west is essentially breaking a deal that was struck with the former soviet union over the german unification back in the one nine hundred ninety s. the west has continued to say that no agreement actually existed but hundreds of memos meeting minutes and transcripts would suggest otherwise it was a quid pro quo so the flip side of this really gives five near putin a very valid reason to address this issue and also syria i mean there is the potential for cooperation both leaders have talked about that that should be an issue tomorrow i certainly think a lot of americans are hoping to see that as for syria bashar al assad as we know and the syrian military have made massive gains to rid their country of isis of
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course with the backing and help of the russian military the u.s. influence there in the region though seems to be aimed at arming and helping the assad rebels while publicly saying that they're there to fight isis the u.s. has kind of flip flopped on their goals in syria one day it's regime change the next day it's to defeat isis but that's all tough talk coming out of nikki haley her waffling over at the u.n. so as embassador richardson said there needs to be one singular voice for american foreign policy not need to be coming out of secretary of state rex tillerson and i think that is something that certainly should be addressed between the two world leaders tomorrow all right thanks for the appreciate that global economic policy is at the forefront of the g. twenty meeting taking place in hamburg president from whelk i'm further economic cooperation with all and emphasize the united states is willingness to be a major energy supplier for the region. to the citizens of this great reach america
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is to expand our partnership with you we welcome stronger ties of trade and. commerce as you grow your economies and we are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy so poland and its neighbors are never again house. to a single supplier of energy the european union of the g. twenty nations are concerned the troubled ministration will continue to back away from trade policies put in place by previous administrations president vladimir putin penned an article in the german business newspaper. today criticizing president from stance on free trade policy for more on the economic agenda of the g. twenty we're joined tonight by bart chilton former commissioner for the commodity futures trading commission bart nice to have you with us tonight deals do they get done at the g twenty or is it just framework time well both i mean there was
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a deal announced late this afternoon between the e.u. and japan which they count for about a third of the global world production that's a pretty big deal and surely they time that they've been working on this since two thousand and thirteen but i think it's mainly about relationships on trade more than anything else and we're going to see a lot of that going the chinese president xi is been meeting with many leaders including angela merkel and you also meet with president trump and a lot of that conversation some of it will be about north korea of course but a lot of that is filling in the void sort of created by the trump administration on trade so a lot lots going on all right the european union does a deal gosh i wonder what the brits are thinking tonight about that are they in on this deal with the british the day they will not be on it for the long term maybe for the next eighteen months or something but they're not going to hold their breath so yeah it's a it's a big deal and particularly for the e.u. with regard to autos i mean go auto exports and germany also produces
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a lot of pharmaceuticals they'll export bows to. japan and from the japanese side back into the e.u. also autos of course but telecommunications primarily the president has been well documented on how he feels american workers are getting shafted in trade deals is this a big moment for the president when it comes to trade what think it is but he's sort of the weirdo in the crowd he's sort of the odd man out i mean that the theme of the g. twenty meeting is talking about interconnectedness of the world and our world and he's talking about isolationism and about redoing trade deals i mean the transpacific partnership is a good example president trump pulled out on january twenty third yet china present she is saying hey maybe we'll step in and fill that twelve spot in that deal the transatlantic partnership between the e.u. and the u.s. has gone nowhere so i mean we've got to sell products that we're going have
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a manufacturing base got to sell products on play well he wants to sell energy the president wants to sell energy in telling bowlen you're never going to be isolated again dealing with just one person one country one supplier what do you make of that well i mean that's a good it's a good thing to say i'm not sure that we're going to be able to provide the energy for them i mean there's a lot that mean as we've talked about many times that i mean oil is a global commodity there's lots of people that will produce that oil whether or not it's from the middle east or from russia or any number of other places but you know we could be one of them but i don't look at it as a big spigot for us to be sending energy to poland so president putin calls out trump on trade we really don't have any major trade issues with russia so i thought that was kind of a jab and then of course trump calls out putin on destabilizing behavior i mean it's almost like ok this is the territory we're mad this is where you're at now how are we going to get this thing done how do you expect to have a dog to have something where they mark their territory and so well the trade between you're actually correct the trade between the two countries is fairly
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insignificant it's about forty billion dollars roughly think russia is our largest buyer of like a twenty. third largest trading partner so there are no where really on the radar we send them autos aircraft some ag products and they send us primarily some oil mineral fuel and then a little bit of fertilizer but i don't think there's anything that going on here other than positioning leading up to the meeting that manila and you were talking about all right bart chilton great to have you on thanks so much part of the g twenty has been the site of serious clashes between protesters and police artie's peter oliver was on the ground at the site of the protest earlier. where you join me right now is demonstrate is a moving through the city they have been some violent scenes that starts is a few hours ago we're coming up on well just fifteen minutes past ten in the evening here in homburg for anybody of views that know the city we're just coming
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from the one of the major nightlife spots here in in the northern german city we have seen violent scenes they started on the embankment of the river where by tear gas as well as want to count and was used by the police now what i was been hearing from the old guys is of these demonstrations throughout the day that one of the biggest concerns was due to the regulations that are being placed on them by the police told a small the lack of rules that had been placed on them that they presumed that that would mean that they were allowed to take the marching route that they wanted to take however what it seems it meant was the police had no intention of letting them march they canceled them they stationed water cannon around the the perimeters of where they were and not really created a tinderbox with but eventually bottles being thrown at police and police responding with with force into that then resulted in sporadic incidents is all around the city really wasn't under control by the police for quite a while it seems to be allowed under control at the moment you can see
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a police line marching these people through the cameraman comes over this way we go one hundred eighty degrees that being led by. police vehicles as well there was a voice shouting from the truck directing everybody through the crowd here saying that when they got to the place that they get into right now they'll be reunited with other members of the demonstration and there will be some kind of a break for a little while notice us a break this isn't ending any time soon i've got the feeling this may be going on for quite a while sporadically we are seeing bottles throw and one of the reasons why i keep looking over my shoulder is of course the police are the target and we're just behind the lines these are demonstrate is the twenty demonstrators they always turn out the g twenty events however this time around it's a little more spicy everybody we've spoken to has said that the presence of donald trump has made even more of a demonstration that they want to come to we've also heard from some saying that angle of policies over gender it they say twenty summit which is is based
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a lot around globalism is something that they had demonstrating against that they wanted to come out in the streets we heard from organizers potentially one hundred thousand people i don't think it was as many as many as that however due to the nature of this taking place in such a big city it's very difficult to tell just how many people out here that's the scene this is the way it looks as it is said the sun is setting here in hamburg we've got the g. twenty to actually start on friday this is the way it looks before it's got even under way for more on the g. twenty of the president's meeting tomorrow. we go to our political panel the saving president the eagle forum. in new york city. gentlemen nice to have you with us go to the conservative here give me the best possible outcome for this meeting for donald trump after the media all day long is that basically coaching the president
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on what he's got to do or it's not a good meeting i want your thoughts. well you know one thing is i was just chuckling listening to the show and you know even the protesters more protesters are coming to this event because a trump they say i mean there's so much attraction look i think what trump needs with the putin meeting is a couple things number one he needs to come off as a serious leader i think he will i think putin is a you know a serious man himself so they'll be a sort of they look and feel like leaders of two major powers and i think that to be good i think trump needs to come away actually with a relationship with more confidence because frankly the americans need to work with putin against north korea they need to work with putin against some of the things that china is even doing so i think you're going to see that defy expectations and actually come away with something what he needs which is some some relationship some affinity with putin germany the democrats have said for months that one of the shortcomings of the president is that he is short on detail and that he's going to
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get rolled by putin what are your thoughts going into this meeting well i think even some of her own supporters they would say he looks presidential so i think it's going to be difficult for him to do that i don't think he looks very literally even though the support his policy it's clear that he is very short on details again the his supporters would do that what he really means on the stand is that the kind of sentiment he's putting is america first and the fastest way he's doing that is not going to endear himself to the rest of the world and because of the way we're attached to the rest of the world it's not really going to work in the way that he believes it's going to be very disastrous for those of us back home as i'm in fact. but ed if i could jump in one second i think if you look at vladimir putin he's been concerned about it been concerned about building up russia and building up his people he's put russia first i think they're going to relate on that and by the way i think trump is a tall guy he looks presidential i think anybody disputes that it's been pretty
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impressive already so i think that's all going to be good optics and it will be a framework meeting it will be a framework meeting that will be about you know kind of how they know each other not about whether there's eighty seven you know steps to take this where that way it'll be more about how they relate to each other and i think that's going to be very positive trump has shown he can do that putin has shown he can do that and i think the world is going to be pleased to see stability between these two men and that they're going to go charging past the world when the president talks about trade he does isolate america in a sense germany workers want to hear some good stuff about this but then again i mean i know some democrats are out there saying that they you know it's about jobs it's about bad trade agreements but with that comes a level of isolation what's the balancing act here. what what it is a very big balancing act i don't think downtime does balance very well it's that's one of the problems i would push back i don't think most people think he is very presidential whether it's the tweets or whether it's the fake videos of everyone
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praising him i think that's pretty good successes that that's not his strong point but in that isolationism if you have european union and japan trying to isolate america back and angela merkel who can benefit from isolating trump because he's so disliked in this country that's a problem now i think what we have to remember is that america is not the first hedge i'm on the other head humans who failed previously in the history books and i don't think we're keeping that on the forefront this is a much different world and so we have to make sure that we talk to our allies talk to even those who don't necessarily disagree with us who don't necessarily agree with us and that's not something that he has done well already very important because it can be damaging back here home and i want to go just quickly finally with you on syria is there a chance of president europe will give up syria to the russians and assad and just go to another day another chapter what about that. i think there's
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a chance that he will bring it up and get assurances that things are going to different direction i think i do think i don't think donald trump wants a war in syria doesn't want us to be there he just wants to stabilize things so i i think you want might not hear about that in the public but i think that's going to be a topic that's discussed i think both parties trump and putin want more stability and want isis gone and that's a top priority i think you may be on to something there martin johnny williams gentlemen appreciate your time tonight thanks so much after a rough couple of weeks a c.n.n. faces accusations of blackmailing an internet prankster with some saying the network has declared war on the internet artie's a lecture reports tonight what any media in the world would consider a bad week with the tractions high profile resignations and dirty laundry hung out to dry culminated for c.n.n. with the president of the united states posting a viral mean and while some were justly debating whether it was presidential of donald trump to do so it has become clear his long standing war with the most
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trusted name in news has gone nuclear the network respond in arguably bizarre fashion suggesting trump's tweet was incitement of violence against journalists and that the president should do his job instead but the bizarre thing did not and they're just a day later c.n.n. published a piece by one of its reporters andrew kaczynski called how c.n.n. found the reddit user behind the trump wrestling gif and at first it seemed like a mild attempt at damage control until this line c.n.n. is not publishing the person's name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts because he said he is not going to repeat here this ugly behavior of social media again but this one c.n.n. reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change and that itself led many to believe that the network was basically blackmailing or doc saying the man despite his apology for creating the video the author of the article when. on
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twitter to debunk this claim that's all a lie or in a separate tweet he also said it was misinterpreted nothing to see here move along but if so why has it left so many people outraged from different sides of political debate. the multi-billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism c.n.n. there is something self evidently creepy bullying and heavy handed about a large news organization publicly announcing they will expose someone's identity if it ever again publishes consonance on the internet that the network deems inappropriate objects and will now the moderator off the reddit group where the name was originally posted spoke out exclusively telling r.t. that c.n.n. declared war on the internet you know in one of the largest news communities in the world so you know where you can throw us about telling you to stop doing what you
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want to do on the internet or c.n.n. has no right to do that c.n.n. has all of the internet against them right now and when organizations attacked reagan was speech and never ends up well for them and make no mistake about it this is an attack on the internet and c.n.n. has formally declared war on it in return we need to see you know were hurt and told are ever times yours that you do not approve of by running ads on their network our site right now on the road the people who are pushing this you know hash tag on there are exposing c.n.n. for the fraud news network they are are doing the right thing for months now the network has been engaged in a fight with trump with emotions running high from both sides but it's a big question why the c.n.n. has enough of what it takes to fight the internet which could be very useful and very cruel altogether lexer s.s.t. r.t. reporting from washington d.c.
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for more on this we go to our legal media analyst lionel line a lot to talk about tonight who is the captain of the media titanic over there is it jeff zucker is he in trouble where is this going to go. oh absolutely let's put this into perspective ed if this were any other organization but but c.n.n. if this were the picayune scar literally ed schultz because that let me tell you what i would do if i was a lawyer representing this individual number one there's three things we're looking at possibly extortion blackmail and coersion rather than going to the legal reasons there's a statute in many jurisdictions and federal and civil and criminal called coercion and what it means is this if i come do you ever whatever reason i get you to read for a new from doing something saying something writing something freedom of speech with the threat of exposing a fact which is true but could subject you to embarrassment to many shame
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a loss of job identity wrath violence whatever that is coersion know what c.n.n. did was they said originally in this cave file character of sorts he said we did not make any claims the apple logia was was entered beforehand and we came after the fact that was great tell till they are pended what they said with the following we reserve the right to dox you to reveal who you are should you violate the terms of our super secret double probation which we have just automatically about and this is unprecedented during the time of an eighty five billion dollar merger yeah did zucker read this clearly did they not get the memo they must not have been what about the memo to advertisers that's going out do you think god we've seen advertisers take down air talent can they take down a network. absolutely but i understand yet again this fellow at first it was
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a fifteen year old that not this person was pulled out of obscurity because the president or someone referred to something which may have been a gift which he did which was add a cent compared to the avalanche because where you know by any means necessary is the is the rallying cry so he's plucked from obscurity and basically manhandled by a corporate entity threatened with this and he's saying what do what what have i done i merely just participating in what we're doing ad do they understand what they've done do they understand that this transcends any of the stupid fake news business this this this is a new and new and a new page so and horror so quickly how does c.n.n. mop this up but going away and making a golf channel to say that's it we're finished we're through they've not gotten the message yet there's nothing that they seem to understand and when chris cuomo sits
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back and tweets cheviots think maybe we should let this person maybe we should reveal this person identity nobody seems to understand it because there it's so inflated in this is all sense of superiority and impenetrability this is really serious this may be the. moment the coda excellent analysis always lionel nice to have you with us tonight thanks so much thank you sir u.s. congressman steve scully's is back in intensive care schoolies was shot last month while practicing ahead of the congressional baseball game simo del rosario has more from our newsroom tonight. ed we first learned late wednesday that congressman steve school east have been readmitted to the intensive care unit at med star washington hospital did a new concerns for infection tonight the hospital announced he had surgery to manage that infection on behalf of this family med star says he taller rated the procedure well but remains in serious condition this is
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a downgrade from two weeks ago when schoolies was originally transferred out of the i.c.u. in fair condition and now it's been three weeks since a gunman opened fire during a republican congressional baseball practice in alexandria virginia u.s. capitol police officers and other officers returned fire eventually killing the gunman but not before he shot schoolies capitol police officer crystal greiner lobbyist matt mika and congressional staffers are the other three have been released from the hospital and are recovering according to med star though school east was shot in the hip the bullet tore through his pelvis and internal organs resulting in several surgeries the hospital made clear his road to recovery would be long including an extensive period of rehabilitation he was on that road and this is just one more setback for the congressman who lost a lot of blood in the first days hemorrhaging from the trauma for the news with ed schultz i'm see modellers are you and certainly our thoughts and prayers are with steve's school lucilla's family going through all of this the best to them that is
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our news tonight following on twitter news with ed like you know the facebook page we got it. from washington thanks for watching we see that. you are watching. our students more. all the food we know from. everyone in the world should experience flu
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and you'll get the old. the old according. to my rule come along. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that. fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most diluted society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians and a celebrity are two ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate and those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universe up to make new designs to push through the cruelty and exploitation of the neo liberal are pushed so far to the mars.


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