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tv   Documentary  RT  July 7, 2017 12:29am-1:01am EDT

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income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really acute and manifest to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis.
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you know me. better i'm going to go. get my lover i don't know no mall. no nothing. because of the. you know. what. you call my do you. mean unique well when i'm gone i thought to be cool.
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but i'm going to. transfer the next call to good men i mean who's. pushing the scene and democracy. did. not smile. and. we're not. going to be worth it whether that was a little over. the last night it was very. well i sat down with. come on monday and i. was in the might have to. end it but i guess when you. when i talk with me when i want to find somebody who can help us i'm not up but if one is going to get on my well what about the line up when these i don't feel that they've done ok i'll cut and run at them because. you know if it
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didn't work out. i mean it's not difficult but i'll probably going to be made but. you know when you mean us a p.v.c. so you shift one thing at a time sort of come on to us. as soon as you notice your. states and that's been a. whole d.-m.n. a kind of a nice round. it isn't isn't it. how . could you tell us the advantage of the show. that you.
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didn't. know what to do but. it's a. lucky sort of commitment. not so much that yeah thank you very much yeah i don't think i'm. going to be so cruel if you as a. chef. because i could tell you when i got. up just as a body. thank you jennifer i do not
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get why you want a legacy because you. look at john back you know it's the one i don't know and i don't know what and i don't and i. don't know who the we're going to be like the last blow when i was at the ground floor because you. know you show. up at our view of. someone you don't think you know you have you know so it's not that by not. being you. if you go. back to university i'll let them know you base your base if they're now in asia but then i merely saw you but that they're not. busting tell you that when i. look you know i'm going to put the base you know my show where never got over where before you might be doing my did you call me one i don't know who we're going to back up we're glad i did and you know what i mean i met up with. the program and
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we're going to fight. them but we want to thank you i think it makes you act as if you know buzzing with. money for the right that's what i got to do the end use and that's why i'm the only. one to have. one today and i know that he knew by benjamin who i did a quick look at a bed rock about a one in a fluke. that i was doing in a day it i never letting you do. i come back to keep going i let the money come up and he was among those up. to see a player for a while but then she would. you know when i may but now run up a little bit of anybody. i would say that it is that typical going to feel bad that i have actually seen well too much clavell out of
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a democrat. who now mungo. anybody. to cut it up look at the be given what. you've. got you've got one on me well listen my belly. button up on set up with. you got baghdad will get it can you tell me it's not about. one of us exclusives. i'm fine of course let him continue coming up with a white man explain. why you. never exude that belief you don't want to know what you are. going to miss that you know. the
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full messiah under. which. she would go but. you find it funny. even. assuming the one of the similar similar. but if you think dandolo know what that's. like. then one of course he did but. most of my work. people. and i. think about it. because it's from the from the look on. yeah you. were. in the loop well. when you found that you were going to focus on the kind of stuff you could.
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work on who was. looking so. when on a project because unlike the most vocal i was a little more. publicly off because i wasn't. happy. but i want. her. back to me to stop i want to put aside put them on day.
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release. yeah you. know like you do you know. what you
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look like you. will. find it funny. and i'm. just you. know how do you. guys live up in a school. you can see in the village. there is no television. pleasure to. welcome back we hope the right. behind me. thinks they know that.
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they know but they don't understand in which way. the corporation comes here they will give them some salary but it's misery as as before. where. we've come this far. this is the system this is the system. so. we will do yes. but. some of us us. thought was somewhat. skewed could not see much of it i put my.
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money pretty quick cause it's a big deal. because they get a situational semantic issue of if you need this all the bases. because you see defeat them to get you to be that it's your cue for good meat to keep you going to get up if you. fail. to do that fifty one p.g. county double digits to good year. six. six six. that doesn't. keep. the
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people who are that it's up to you. yes you know you don't want that to be easy to do. if you don't seem especially. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first woman to . the person with the loudest voice of the biggest. truth to stand. is just the right questions.
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it was only a matter of time before congressional democrats. moved. it's happening. for that but every one knows who. it was.
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just so you were able to deal with. it as you would you be good. enough for them if you know he says he knew it wasn't a case. of you know professional. tell. me what your general does with it you see that it's going to go through as i say yeah come on if you don't know who are you to what could you know we don't know about the number one on i don't know what they did that will do what it was to assume the problem was if i do what i want to start something fun out of what i would love to woman give me because i wouldn't want any of this is good i miss that minute those two and a can be seen as well so i want to be as funny as they get and you get any wonder. that i would want to kill the good guy when i was a. donor none of that i mean some of the dimension of my life was to
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look into this. novel that people get on t.v. and i don't like it was much easier. for him you know what you believe i mean we're not going in the number is on the notice of these delegates is he really. is as i was so we even took on a choke up. one of. the. you know someone who you know you know. if. you're getting your money and so you don't see that. i just want you know i'm. not.
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going to do this i'm proud of the. name of the ship. and i. dish it and sing songs from the lead from. the album is it. not. to you rather you don't believe i let the. second boy how about as evan when he was a second. do you know. what i'm going to have in the newseum as i'm going to make it up to this he's got a secret you know what are. you feeling when and he. should not look up not coming to the landing because of some of.
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what i do. but i wasn't the only one up on the. lawn. if you know how much i'm going to. but i don't because obama got to do a lot. of stuff and what. you. got more about. twenty. percent of you want to know. the number. i said. well when i did you do know that you. were going out. there i don't know going on so probably some of the evil guy did is that you know what i'm about their lives i woke up if your kids are going to get ones i. will let
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you know nothing but will you be killed because there was no way that you feel. i've been a good at their lives. to them. both . to the political. party made you feel like it was good thank. you but if you need to find him.
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in down there i mean. nobody can i mean. he said he just you could hear. it when you said ok i'll have a new interview doesn't it i don't have an intern i gotta have you have to have you know part she. wanted for that. she should do just. for us is just a month or so just as i said that and you know i'm here if you own through enough wood i don't. well. when i said to myself that i think. you're missing hiker but when you finish. i mean i. guess is you. know you know could you. have made me miserable committee member of any division of each. egg like.
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that you go on and. tell. you of my. interest in it. and if. you don't know. if. i've. got a good shit. that when or that's. a form you know it's. going to consist of if you. saw what contributed for the progress of the war. the minutes of. the
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economy of the awards will go down and many many countries which stuff. imagine this is not fun anymore god how can we live again in the world with the phone or not the cup. without the plane it'll be really had to sas. we're coming back to this three story video to see the. lead the best to keep you. busy i can't say that. what he's having control of i want to. know because no one benefits no mentors i'm not the best but i wish ten countries had one funny that make you dems have to wish you wide web getting. i'm a physician for my children because now we've got to be ceased to be slaves for.
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there's never be enough power. to challenge the western countries. soft. tissue check with british each off sniffs. i don't i don't i don't think i don't think our children will be able to solve the problem that we did soft. money. cards or that. you.
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know. keep it till is a. good look. at those lives even if you must really have a sequel still screw. the rest. of the system the funniest. mean for. because. you have. a heads up and shipped to you that. it's hard to keep in. good time to spend less time to see if.
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they have to go to school. i don't know the folks at the book i wrote. a book but. i don't see i don't see any of those things. because my wife broke the ice. many times. when i. would see him so i would. know because she. had a lot. of them. will get. this right. this week and
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that's a good. one. but that's on the board i. have. after they have killed my wife and one measure it's not the life of the people who are church. you know. it's a dozen. other two seaters families you know but i decided to look
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for my wife i'm nuts i've been through many south plains i have i don't have left so i want to. sure. that's. i understand. and that's a funeral i. now or my wife chose looking that the ninety's what's you don't even know be said no i don't i don't need to know and then when to get the right place says that the. we have to get. a little bit. sooner for the birds of prey for those who. know she was
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a prostitute and that she was really opposed but she had forgotten everything and sometimes she said she looked at me and say take. that light maybe i'll be dead one you know but this is never how can you think i love that song. was. done was i've got. to go to the.
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income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization. effect of congress these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really acute unmanifest to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis. was . i. love. clothes. police.
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clashes between on fiji protesters and riot police who want to spread. the somebody itself. all eyes will be on the first face to face encounter. between the russian and the u.s. president was. elsewhere a c.n.n. analyst says the creator of the donald trump wrestling me has no right to anonymity despite the network frequently using sources for the rush of coverage.


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