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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 7, 2017 3:29am-4:01am EDT

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oh and welcome to crossfire all things considered. it was only about of time before congressional democrats would attempt to impeach and remove donald trump from the presidency well it's happening at this point it is unlikely this endeavor will succeed but this isn't stopping the never troubled verse.
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cross talking impeachment i'm joined by my guest dr jean allowed in imperial beach she is a psychology expert and host of american trends with dr gina in phoenix we have just bernstein he is a t.v. talk show host and in paris we cross to robert barnes he is a trial lawyer in criminal and constitutional law or across the uk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always encourage it you know let me go to you first because you're up early as for this program here we had over the last you know almost eleven months investigation investigation report report into donald trump his transition team since he's been president wall to wall coverage about wrongdoing no one wrongdoing has been proven no evidence has been shown there is been some crimes committed but by not by this administration that's a topic for another program so now they're on this new memo ok really appropriate right now somehow the president the united states is deficient he is not competent he's not he doesn't have the mental capacity here it seems to me this is
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a huge gross infringement on the goldwater rule what right does the media have to talk about the mental state of the president of the united states you know what i'm talking about can you explain to our viewers what the goldwater rule is and how you think it's being misapplied right now go ahead. well right now there are around twenty four about two dozen democrats partisan lawmakers who have never said a good thing about president trump ever at least since he was running for president as a republican and they've decided that they want to convene this panel of experts to decide if the president is mentally competent three guesses why peter is because the whole russia collusion thing didn't work and so they've moved on to something else to try to just make trouble they can't actually even do this it's the most ridiculous again nothing burger that we've seen since the russia collusion story they can't do it because they were never one would need the vice president to be
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a part of this and obviously our vice president is going to have nothing to do with it he obviously reveres the president i've seldom seen a relationship between a president and a vice president like this one and that's not going to go anywhere as you know here they also need a majority of congress members but here's the thing you refer to the goldwater rule the goldwater rule is something that came along it was an addendum to our twenty fifth amendment article four of that twenty fifth amendment and it happened after barry goldwater was trashed by a pictorial news magazine that doesn't even exist anymore and they had a bunch of psychologists and psychiatrists come in and say that he was crazy that was mentally unfit to be president as you know very goldwater was never that actually elected president but where he was victorious was in a lawsuit against that magazine that ultimately resulted in the quote unquote goldwater rule that we know today that says that you cannot diagnose a sitting public president president without any sort of clinical
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nation. you know robert on the legal merits of what's going on in congress i mean there was an inevitability that they were going to try to do this as jeanne is just pointed out the russian collusion story is lost a lot of air here but you know if you look at the entirety of the. the twenty fifth amendment i mean there is criminal wrongdoing we don't have any mr meanings or high crimes can at least they can't prove it but they want to start a process of impeachment without any evidence i mean this is everything is backwards here i mean again it has it seems to me that this is just to feed the media beast the liberal media beast ok because they love it go ahead robert well the democratic party is clearly forgotten its name and it should change its image from the donkey to sort of a deep state octopus because that's what this is really about it's a it's about the deep state against democracy and which institution is going to hold out in the end and the democratic party has become the either unwitting or winning or willing aid to the deep state and its attempts to do another coup this
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time misusing in abusing the twenty fifth amendment which the longstanding great democratic congressman gonzales argued should never have even been part of the constitution which senator ted kennedy said should never be applied outside of the very rare circumstance of total visibility and you have the democrats absconding in abandoning these key critical legal principles of what the amendment meant of what it is supposed to be of how it's supposed to apply all to advance the agenda of a deep state that does not believe elections should really matter in the united states and that's why it goes beyond president trump this goes right to the core of democracy in america and you know josh you mentioned the word already in this program mean here are definitely on purpose here i mean i have seen all of them i see what the president puts on twitter i kind of grimace sometimes sometimes it's not my taste but having a different taste isn't legal it's not breaking laws ok and i think this is one of
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the thing unfit his character is unfit well you can't that's not again against the law that's not a criminal offense here but you would know that if you were watching c.n.n. and that's n.b.c. go ahead josh. well i think that's a great point i also think that they ought to look at the fact that there was a play going on in new york city in which they were assassinating the president of the united states you had kathy griffin holding up a fake beheaded head scaring the living daylights out of baron trump and everybody else that saw that image and yet they're trying to say that somehow that they were hurt and offended by by a joke i mean of him wrestling with the c.n.n. head you know what's interesting about it is that the internet has responded there's a video out there right now yeah in which they went through a whole bunch of different scenarios in which they put donald trump and c.n.n. in that video and it basically said this is how the internet has responded i think that they have completely overplayed their hand here the fact that they're that
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these snowflakes at c.n.n. are having an issue with this they ought to be looking at the fact that they have been exposed by project very toss and my good buddy james o'keefe over there doing some fantastic work finding out behind the scenes that they know that the russian story was absolute garbage favorite mitt it is jon bon a field the producer c.n.n. completely fake news look fake news is not just a moniker or or a hash tag it's for real folks and it is that c.n.n. jena you know one of the things i think is very very interesting is that because america has this kind of culture of victimization everybody is a victim i how c.n.n. could come out and say they were a victim of something is just laughable on its face here but what i see here the media doing i think the media's leading and i think the report the democrats are following is that they're projecting all of their negativity about about what they know about themselves and to others it is a process of projecting we had this central park we have the play we had the bloody
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head and we had a loony take saying where the republicans so i can start firing away at a baseball field but they can't see their own faults in themselves gina go ahead psychologically when you look at the issue. projection you sort of sort of see a part where a child in their maturity stops projecting stops blaming other people for what they're doing right we've all seen that with the with the child in the park say i did too he did it you know and that is is is a classic sign of immaturity and when you give that up and start taking responsibility sometimes even for things that aren't your fault but just for the sake of making things better that's a classic sign of adulthood so i'll just let you make your own surmise moments from there but you're right that's exactly what we're seeing is a division this division is the only way now if you watch i promise you you will see a pattern of division within the democrats they've lost their soul they've lost their identity they descriptors on your show as well are by your cast for x.
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because now it's all about dividing people up into little pieces so that they can control them and this is that american well you know it seems to me they've lost their mind but maybe i'm violating the goldwater world right now robert let me go to you because it because what i think is really interesting from from a legal point of view these anonymous sources and the leaking of names the unmasking of names you know that this is talking about breaking the law and not someone that has a bad sense of humor or and in the sense of of cruelty because i think that sometimes donald trump does exhibit that but there's a lot that lots of laws have been broken here again the liberals a mainstream media no no these are patriots we're getting these leaks because they're patriots now which against the law that's why we have these laws go ahead robert oh precisely what there have been crimes and there has been a conspiracy but the crimes in the conspiracy have been by the deep state against the democratic institutions and democratic will of the american people against president trump and his administration and against those who don't want more war
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around the world you've had americans voting consecutive elections seeking the time with russia dot conflict with russia seeking less war in the middle east not more with the middle east and yet the deep state continues to to try. perpetuate that conflict mindset and mentality and they do so by engaging in massive illegal conduct the reason for those masking rules in existence was to make the otherwise illegal n.s.a. spying on everyday americans legal because they said don't worry we're not actually invading your privacy because we're never going to identify you and the process of our surveillance once they unmasked people they have vitiated the entire premise upon which that made that entire surveillance mechanism legal and now it is no longer legal at all and everything they have done has been a criminal conspiracy against the american people and that's why president trump was right to call the media and c.n.n. the enemy of the american people you know it josh it seems to me in the in the totality of all of this when we get back to the the the i was going to say the
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hacking of the republican the democratic primary no it was the cheating occurred right there this is where the origins of all of this is if we hadn't had that if we'd had a bernie sanders candidate see we would be talking very differently i think right now that's the epicenter of where all these stories came from because everyone's covering up for if not illegal certainly an ethical behavior go ahead josh. well i think that's that's another good point but you also have to understand that look the democrats have put all of their eggs in the russia basket and they went down this rabbit hole and they went deep down this rabbit hole but eventually when you go down a rabbit hole eventually you get you come to a dead end and there's only one direction to go from there and that's back up from the where you came from and that's exactly what's happening let's not forget the fact that james komi testimony of a couple of weeks ago was an absolute gold mine of information i mean he talked about the fact that he himself was
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a leaker that one of his friends leaked information yet to the press then he talked about the fact that loretta lynch a former attorney general had a wrench tried to you know stop the investigation into hillary clinton you don't call it a criminal investigation call it a security matter so let me just say he's in i have to go to you or any of us code i have to do one hundred ten i have to go to a hard break here or you have to are short break we'll continue our discussion on the attempts to impeach donald trump stay with r.t. . so something seems wrong. why don't we all just don't. let me. get to shape out of this thing comes out to. it against me equals betrayal.
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when somebody find themselves well it's a party we choose to look for common ground. companies like comcast for example is a company that has an anti-american as they get it as it's a company as anti-democratic as it gets copped a plea on n.b.c. saying of course they are so out of it and of course our. charity trump it epic sketches and they'll see take up their big solo brawl at sacking de curry ministration office same time serving the terrorists of coca so those people who are in that association should understand that they are. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it
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would i tell you i'm sorry finally i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a cave in still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. all the layers to do the same. i think they're going to be cheap busted and then do it to all the countries don't let the idea of the right is going
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to do is come to be said to me give them everything to live to do for us to leave. discomfort. this is what we don't understand how we are in such. a person to the ones at the same time. i was in. a. similar similar. jalap. one leg of the us if you feel. the minutes of. that good mood leave again with the phone the cup. with the flame. would come back to the place story you have to see. that.
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welcome back to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the attempt to impeach donald trump. let me go back to you in imperial beach you know why don't we turn everything upside down ok i think we've had you know some people have known donald trump for decades and you know i see them on the cable networks and they say that's the way he's been for decades that's the way it's ok so you know he's a bomb thrower he talks from the gut that's the way is he's a new york real estate guy ok but i'd like to turn everything upside down do you think the mainstream media is competent in their jobs because i have very strong doubts look what's been happening over at c.n.n. in the last few weeks months and even years i mean this is you know crash and burn i mean all of the on ethical behavior going on there we know it's
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a winter witch hunt against trump they've even had ranking staff our producers say that i mean this to all of the admissions so i have to really wonder if they are really competent in do. their job and put all those people that criticize trump for being on twitter well maybe it's good that he's on twitter because it least he gets his message out before it's completely distorted by the mainstream media go ahead gina the american people are in love with authenticity and that is the that is the i think the underlying theme honestly peter of what this president offered that was unique and different you know we had a lot of really polished well prepped politician types and america said no that is not what we want we want somebody that's real so that's why i think america is willing to take maybe what they wouldn't otherwise want to take in terms of a tweet or something that maybe feels a little unsavory for the moment but then we always recovers well and always comes out on top and i think that's what some of these in mainstream media probably need
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to learn look there's been massive layoffs you know you look at the new york times . new york times all of them any of the newspapers around the country really are having problems massive layoffs so it's not just mainstream media television networks it's also newspapers and ultimately you've got to start being that authentic into t. or the american people don't trust you and let's not forget media's trustworthiness is lower than here lower than president trump's ever has been or will be that's right that's right is everything that is right you know robert you know this is one of the things you know again even though i would say tepid supporters or at least people that are not against him are having a lot of questions about his twitter twitter feed but i would guess a counterargument is that you could essentially say this is one of the pillars that got him elected in the first place because he's authentic as we heard from geno this is what people want and you know what if twitter wants to mess with him then he can just turn it into a utility and take it away from him so that twitter be careful ok because just as
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gina said the more you go after he's like a wee bit wobbles but doesn't fall down go ahead robert in paris. well exactly you've had psychological malpractise by professional shrinks diagnosing people they've never met you've had legal malpractise by lawyers and legal scholars sort of making up the law to serve purposes it does not actually serve in writing you had political malpractise by the democratic party abandoning its roots in its democratic orientation to serve the deep state agenda and you had a butt but beyond all of that has been the journalistic malpractise led by c.n.n. to the degree that you have sarah palin suing the new york times sonder fairbanks suing emma roller infusion and univision so you have all of these journalists who have decided they're not going to live by any journalistic ethics anymore any journalistic rules anymore they're going to go out and target the guy who created this mean and blackmail and coerced him into this fake apology putting
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a proverbial gun do is add and then brag about it to the world these are people who have lost all sense of standards they keep accusing trump of doing what they themselves are doing which is abandoning the professional standards they're supposed to live by you know the argument from the liberals is always you know he's different he's unconventional and he has to be treated differently and he has to and we have to come up with a new way with you but you know what that's hypocrisy because what they've just done i mean there's a lot of things the president does that i don't like and i've made programs about it ok don't get me wrong what i don't like is the an ethical attitude and the hypocritical approach the media takes to whatever thing they don't like out there ok and i think they have shown their true face is that they have their own set of values donald trump doesn't match that and he must be taken care of and you know what they've gotten so lazy in an ethical they can even fight that battle now go ahead josh president trump is the mohammad ali of politics he is the best
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counterpuncher that is out there truly he is you know for the people that call him a political novice and the fact. you know he doesn't have the experience i would venture to say that he's probably one of the greatest one of the greatest politicians that i've ever seen on a campaign trail doing a stump speech he's fantastic and i think you know he's the last of a dying breed this is an old style old amerikana new yorker a brash bold businessman who wants to get things done that he doesn't care about political correctness he doesn't care about what his tweets will you know mean to other people these snowflakes out there in america and i think what's happened here and what he should continue to do is not only continue to tweet but continue to tweet to get around the the mainstream media is the lies and deceptions which he's been able to do and i think he ought to also use that to get his agenda through
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congress you know to say and call out the people that are stopping his agenda and say hey you know what not only the democrats but these republicans in the senate and house these are the ones that are actually voting to stop our agenda to make america great again if you want the wall if you want tax cuts if you want obamacare repeal i need you to put the pressure on these embers of congress he literally needs to almost declare war on congress i know that sounds crazy because the republicans are in control but ultimately it's the global credit party of washington examiner all serving the same mass it's just this one i don't care about i don't care about democrats or republicans i could care less i call them the collective swamp ok there's no differentiation geno one of the things i think is fascinating and looking at trump here i think everyone agrees would agree even his critics to be he understands media very well he this is something he has inside him but i'm glad we have you on the program because. i think he's a good psychologist you know i mean in kind of
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a novelist way he has an intuitive understanding of people and i think this ability to understand use media to his advantage and understanding the heartland the fly over states which the media is just completely alien to right now this is something he makes the connection i think he makes a connection with his language when he approaches and he i think he understands what the reaction is going ok i saw the fake. wrestling match i remember that as a kid it was funny i can understand why people would get upset about it ok i mean considering all of the bio and so we've seen on the left ok all across the country even an assassination attempt on a g.o.p. lawmaker go ahead gina. you make you make such such salient points there you're absolutely right i mean since when is a shooting at a congressional baseball game it's fake and now we've got wrestling that has become real and the left is taking it so dramatically seriously when there was no threat
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imposed or otherwise plied or otherwise but i think where he really gets it and josh alluded to this a little bit is that he uses the media's own vices against them good probably lets them be distracted down some rabbit trail and while he is back getting things done you know we saw last week it was the court decision that came down on his temporary travel ban in his favor we saw the case law action which is something that who could oppose that right in america who democrat or republican labels don't matter on something like that we saw some of the new measures on illegal immigration we've even seen just his intentions materialize for example illegal immigration down record lows simply because he's mentioned it and so when you see that sort of effectiveness no wonder the left is in a tailspin panic but what they have to do it feels so silly to say enough and by using democrats all the time these days are going to say hey we lost this election
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we're sorry we know we had some trust of the of the american people and here's what we're going to do to gain it back these are the values we're going to stand on they're not willing to take a look in the mirror long enough to do that peter you know they don't you know robert one of the things that i find really interesting is that because again the invention twitter he tweets a russia gate is a fake story it's a hoax ok and then a few months later if you're twenty four seven you know you know and false accusations and destruction of character and people lying and covering up and then you know he says it's c.n.n. who speak fake newbridge very fake news and now we know lot of. it is very very go get it really is. that's why i think because people like us ourselves if we look at a wider horizon then it makes a lot more sense instead of this kind of microscopic you know second by second hyperventilating that you see all the time and seeing in an m s n b c it's for me it's just unwatchable you don't learn you don't learn anything at all all you have
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is a lot of crybabies go ahead. oh exactly and i think where c.n.n. has a legitimate concern is that they've had a history of their deceptions being successful and with trump they're no longer being successful with their deceptions i mean c.n.n. helped spread the incubated baby story that led to the first iraqi war spread the story that led to the second iraqi war tried to spread false stories that led to the syrian. syrian war so there are so accustomed to lying and getting away with it they're shocked when somebody comes in and says hey the emperor is naked and that's what trump does better than anybody he's he's he's that kid who just speaks the authentic truth exactly as it is and that's what terrifies them so much and that's why they have to double down and triple down on these absurd and ludicrous russia hoax stories and other stories that have made a mockery of all of he's allowed them to become a self-parody by the way in which they've attacked him good very you know josh we
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did a program a few weeks ago about you know because it kind of the an atmosphere of civil war because we have the mainstream media that just talks to themselves essentially like they did during the election they have learned nothing forty seconds josh last word goes to you in phoenix go ahead here's here's the thing with donald trump we have been conditioned to accept donald trump for who he is for the past thirty thirty five years we were not watching the apprentice to find out who he was going to hire we were watching the apprentice to find out who he was going to fire so the people the american people have been desensitized to his attitude and behaviors and believe me his poll numbers are wrong he's probably had a fifty five to sixty five percent approval rating throughout. well that's a very good point because you know what all during the election cycle the polls got everything wrong i want to thank my guests here in paris phoenix and in imperial beach and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time and remember.
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