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tv   Headline News  RT  July 7, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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international all eyes are on the first face to face encounter between the russian and u.s. presidents as they prepare to hold a highly anticipated talks on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit also. clashes between on t g twenty protesters on police are ongoing with more than one hundred officers injured on scores of demonstrators the tank. also ahead on the
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program. the radar france admits there are one hundred registered gun owners on its terror watch list despite the country having suffered a spring recent attack. one minute past five pm this friday evening here in moscow i mean only a welcome to our international spotlight on the first face to face meeting between the russian and u.s. presidents get together on the sidelines of the g. twenty is expected to start any moment you know the event has been highly anticipated since don't trump was sworn in last january well let's cross slide thank you standing by as well in the northern german city of hamburg hi there ed.
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so there we go we got the hello the hung up in the back all that art of the way we're now just waiting we expect to happen any moment now is the first direct face to face talks between vladimir putin and donald trump. and he was the eldest again well what can i say the two most influential men on this planet are late and if the two presidents administrations had stuck to the schedule we would already be watching the first ever meeting between a lot of our proof and donald trump but it's not happening yet it was meant to start at three forty five pm local time which is a bit more than sixty minutes ago so yes the presidents are late now this brings us to a new entry because i was told that the presidents were meant to talk from that it's thirty minutes till let's say one hour but it will that mean that kind of delay that they will have to cut short their meeting because of the tight g twenty
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schedule that we don't know if we will find the answer very very soon are just a couple of hours ago we saw the first pictures of the first ever the first ever a handshake of mr trump and history which was followed by donald trump tapping his russian counterpart on the shoulder not that much visual of food for thought here but at least no awkward handshake moments that's something that's not something that often happens when mr trump i mean it's his counterparts from different countries not the judging by the american presidents twitter he was really looking forward to that meeting at least that's what he said in one of his latest tweets where he singled out the russian president in its wheat where he said that he was looking forward to meeting all of the g. twenty leaders today and of course the yad all the g twenty. what happens on day
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one of the summer to leave the get together they shine themselves up well get their hair lovely and then stand up for the family photo as it's known what was your take this year on the. bridge i mean. oh yes that's a very important ceremony it is traditional and you may think that it is always the same never absolutely not because when you see more than twenty most important most influential leaders of this world standing together without any translators just in front of the cameras and they need to get together in this crowd in front of those cameras everything is interesting how they interact any blink of an eye the positions now this. was at the very center as the host obviously on her left of the leader of china xi jinping and then the washington post a lot of so that was pretty much in the center of the crowd and that is.
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something that we saw at another g. twenty summit a couple of years ago when vladimir putin was very far from the center of that group and that was when a lot of media speculated on what they called an isolation of the russian leader at the g twenty summit but guess what this time around donald trump the new u.s. president was on the very far left side of that crowds and perhaps nobody is going to speculate about some kind of isolation of donald trump in this case but there was something that i found really entertaining it seemed that the french president and manual macro at the very last moment that donald trump is standing there and he's there on the far left and he just ran up to him and they started talking and emotionally emotionally and we saw emanuel macron tap. being the american
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president on the shoulder when the photo session was over we solved a lot of our pool and anglo merkel's smiling walk in quietly having a conversation for a minute or two we know that vladimir putin is fluent in german so perhaps it was quite an easy thing for him to do and trust me still they were not as a motional as emanuel and donald trump when they were also leaving that photo shoot hall. predicts some big friendship american deals in the pipeline after that helping in going to the site of daniel and donald trump in the photo let's check back with you a little bit later when that meeting finally does take place to get your take on what was happening but for now i thank you. well the summit is expected to see some tough talks on there are some major points of contention between some of the world leaders taking a closer look here's jack. the mind of the g.
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twenty goes shaping the interconnected world but the countries that make up the world's greatest economic powers are an awkward fit to say the least it's true that some have been getting along swimmingly take german chancellor merkel and her chinese counterparts to. close toward linking up if you try to add mr trump things fall apart for one terms bromance was she only over there to see if north korea tensions trump and merkel don't like either the chancellor it doesn't even or further to the us as a friend anymore of course they didn't get along from the very start really the german people look at the overthrowing this woman i don't know what the hell she was thinking it takes wits to convince people with facts instead of using thinks she was person of the year i was supposed to be person of the year and trump isn't
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the only mismatch from her relationship with everyone turkey's president has been going down hill as of late head of the summit he was told not to bring his troublemaking bodyguard and was reportedly denied venue's to make a public address and that wasn't much of a surprise really after erda want to kiss berlin open up the process. potential for conflict was a tertiary so we want to avoid additional reasons for conflict now if we try to put into the mix he fits great with china but not so much sanctions over the crisis in ukraine are in their way and the same issues keep russia and the e.u. as a whole from connecting the e.u. and its turn is that with italy as its promises to help deal with the refugee influx have yet to come to fruition yet another disconnect then we are left to the public has taken twelve code of the groove taken except with good enough the king of saudi arabia to simply let the table and skip the summit altogether. as for the
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remaining g twenty members they're just as mismatched to the idea of a completed jigsaw puzzle with the g twenty members shaping an interconnected world things almost impossible it's much more likely individual elements will find each other never coming together with everyone to make them all picture. washington d.c. . the summit protesters and police have clashed for a second day in hamburg security forces used in watertown and pepper spray against the demonstrators. stones on flares poets' over one hundred fifty officers were injured forty five protesters detail a hundred thousand people are expected to protest over the course of the summit. i.
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our europe correspondent peter all of her has been following the rallies in hamburg . tensions have boiled over between demonstrators and the police. i can see the main body of the crowd and saw this but. everyone seriously so you can see that that really has been is what can you please describe for me what happened where you were well as far as i could tell there were attack in the demonstration with no reason obviously i couldn't see anything. as far as i could tell and i'm from that. i've never seen anything like this we've had fights about squatters houses and all that i've never seen anything like the aggression the as far as i can tell purposelessness is that of wooden english it is now it is . ok present. prison bomber putin are just meeting for the first time
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in the g twenty let's listen in double trouble believe it speaking. could we have a secular. president and i have discussed various they. haven't heard me. talk to our. a lot of. things that. everybody. in the heart of the. it was. going to get was. very. serious and if you know where the. mission of that happening the president trumps that welcome to write about putin saying that they have had some good talks done more let me put in is no speaking let's let's. talk to the couple of times.
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on. what. you. want. well. you know we're not even if it. was. for me will you i think it will target. the. only yourself. and be. all. that we need to. know that. i'm delighted to be able to meet you both and it was very much over at all between both of you and. result i.
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feel like. i. was the first stay face to face meeting with donald trump and putin there the g twenty summit in burg they were just about to start their meeting i believe to last around thirty to sixty minutes both men just seeing all of the hoped for and by lot of relationships and good relationships between the two countries a number of one shakes as well we sold the initial one a couple of hours ago just on the sidelines of the summit let's bring in gilbert doctorow the european court either all of the american committee for an east west accord limited thanks for standing by there we're just waiting to go to those
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pictures what do you expect from not meeting between presidents putin trump today. well you have some of the two have a very serious meeting which is the way this is described by a lot of the media it would require advance preparation there are teams generally of each side which get together advance and agree on the on the details of the agenda and agree on what can be achieved and what could be signed off on during a meeting none of that has happened for obvious reasons the reasons are that donald trump is under siege by the u.s. media and by the congress and this is every attempt to find some accommodation or even some dialogue with russia in scrutinized and criticized heavily day by day for these reasons there has been no substantive preparation for the meeting that he's having today with with president putin and it would be unrealistic to expect them
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to emerge from their discussions with a list of of agreements but what we hope for is agreement on one issue only the single issue that is most threatening to world peace at this moment and that is the state of affairs in syria and it is both both reasonable and it is important to hope that the two presidents agree not on an outcome but on a process a process whereby their direct assistance will in the next few weeks put the finishing details on what will be an accommodation and a mutual understanding on a peace settlement in syria that is achievable it is even on the side of trumps most most a v.m. and critics like the washington post carrying an article a couple of days ago by david ignacio's. urging that russia and the united
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states sign off on such a an understanding of the confliction and of no from the of the overflights. and everything else that goes into bringing bringing water to the now very disorderly south and southeast of syria what perhaps more hope that syria will be discussed and something substance of comes out of it is in the pictures go but right before we went to you we saw of course the two presidents but we also saw rex tillerson secretary of state of the u.s. . in the meeting room which may suggest that syria will be one of the the most pertinent issues being discussed. of course of the the setting for this meeting is as good as it all by itself attracted a lot of attention including by your own report taj a few minutes ago that is all that has them astray sions in homework. what is going
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on of the g. twenty is very little different from what has preceded earlier g twenty gatherings all over the globe and that is the anti globalist protesters seizing the opportunity before the media to make their case the curious thing in the unusual thing about this particular gathering the first one the donald trump as president is that he is the first american president ever to be anti globalist and so the logic is that all the demonstrators should be lined up to shake his hand to get his autograph but of course nothing of that sort of stopping the protests are going on with the usual vehemence working against mr trump and having the protesters among his admirers is his position on global warming and pulling that i'd states that of the paris convention on climate change so in that particular area you have over the protesters falling over one another two to dismiss and to attack donald
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trump and everything he stands for do you think it was a wise decision by angle americal to choose homburg as the g twenty host city because given the strength of left wing sentiment there it was always going to be very difficult for policing and for people getting a raw and we even saw trump's wife couldn't make a meeting of the g. twenty leaders and wives and husbands today because of protests it does give some question as to why that city was chosen. well i don't think it really would make too much difference which city were chosen the only way to avoid the the difficulties a logistical problems and the restrictions on movement of the participants would be to have it as germany has that in the past in a very remote alpine setting that would be possible but they can't do that every time and so it was logical that it would be in an urban setting in an urban setting
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it really doesn't make too much difference that was on board or was berlin or is any city. in germany's very densely settled area with very. politically active citizens who are very hot under the collar about the issues of globalism the issues of climate change and the whole agenda of mr trump mr trump himself was a red flag to all of these people everything that he has for us to mystic program works against the ideology of the protestors and would attract hordes of people who are never the g twenty meeting were to be held always a pleasure to have you on the program gilbert doctorow a european coordinator of the american committee for at least west accords the minute. ok this is r.t. international lots more news coming away after this short break.
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her. place. called the feeling of freedom to. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get on the old the old. the old according to just.
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welcome to my world come along for the ride. twenty one minutes into the program welcome back france's interior minister has revealed that around one hundred registered gun owners in the country are on the terror watch list. i have asked local police to identify the registered owners of firearms on terror watch lists we have identified about one hundred people and the author of cesar taking action to correct the situation this appears to be a significant dysfunctional. the announcement comes just a couple of weeks after the latest terror attack in central park this when a car full of weapons and gas canisters rammed into a police. the attacker was the only person killed in the incident the thirty one
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year old man was a known gun enthusiast and also on a terror watch list french journalist and author of jihadist fronts alexander mendell to list the legal gun ownership by people on the list is not the only concern either. he shows that the. carelessness of french bureaucracy you have ten thousand people that are registered on the watch the least on the. east end you have about one percent of them that legally own weapons the frightening thing about that is that they have access to shooting ranges where they go to to train where the sometimes even have to. meet local police policemen and they talk with them and they have information about security it's not about the weapons themselves it's more about the fact that they are they have access to this shooting range
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where the trained to shoot. back to our breaking news story this hour the leaders of russia and the u.s. are currently right now holding their first face to face talks on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in pictures where a few moments ago when they spoke to the media scrum just before closing the deal with their respective foreign ministers secretary of state of course as well for the u.s. . for a discussion that meeting has been highly anticipated it's being held behind closed doors we can only guess at this stage what is being discussed we do not have that agenda going underground host afshin rattansi joining us on the program hi there at the leadership that there are there waiting for a positive outcome from that meeting that's what was said to the media what do you think what kind of results can we expect here today. well president a lot needs to be discussed or
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a lot is going to be discussed we're going to remember the g. twenty itself was born of economic crises the g. twenty itself began in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine in the fallout of the asian crisis and one. economic crisis has followed another but these two leaders are slightly separated from the neo liberal globalisation crises that have been the whole mark of the g. twenty president trump obviously in power arguably because of the failure of globalization to deal with the american working classes of the midwest rustbelt president putin opinion polls showing him one of the most popular leaders arguably at the g twenty he's only in power because the failure of globalization is seen by the russian people some might argue so you have two leaders very different to certainly the ideals and beliefs of the hosts of this year's g. twenty and your merkel picking are picking a city like hamburg which has seen such poverty and destruction on the basis of the
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twenty eight crisis so what's fascinating here is you're seeing two leaders and we must remember two leaders who have the fate of the world in their hands they both have the largest nuclear military austin was on the planet they both have the ability to destroy the earth. obviously the context in which they speak to each other very different than the context that say any western european leader might have who still believes in the great idealism of a neo liberal globalized world. action we don't know what's being discussed but there is hope that something concrete can come out of it do you think for instance we'll see any agreements reached over syria probably the most pressing issue of our time. one has to realize the depth of propaganda against donald trump within the united states on the eve of this very meeting the fake news network as characterized by president drum was presenting
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what many analysts believe are deep state attacks on any idea of reproach more between moscow and washington. saying that russia is planning to destabilize the next you that's chen rule election so when it comes to something like syria where was very clear in his campaign that he was against the hillary clinton ideas of backing al-qaeda linked in the isis link. what president i think was terrorist in syria. can trump really deal with putin when they both agreed when drunk was running is presidential campaign but can trump agree now that he has a full force of intelligence agencies he was talking about them in poland the intelligence agencies who have been so to the fore in trying to destabilize the only secular government in the middle east that of president assad so it will be
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quite something to see what power a president an executive of united states government has against the legislature let alone the so-called secret state of the united states yet fascinating to see what comes out of this going underground host option return say thank you. on r.t. . in case you're new to the game this is how it works my economy is built around corporate operations from washington washington media the media. voters elect me to run this country business because.
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it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really acute unmanifest to the point where people describe the system as being seized with a kind of paralysis. this is what we discover inside machines interrogate the donors the volunteers answer the medical questions and electronic terminals one single physical examination measuring blood pressure. this is mainly to avoid the donors fainting while donating blood which would slow down the entire chain. not
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a single chair in the room is empty an endless stream of donors with no time to recover after the donation twelve hours a day seven days a week. in view of such summary checks everything is based on what people say pay donations entailed a certain risk they encourage donors to lie about their health. such compensation also attracts a high risk population that sometimes has secrets to hide. might be. a very. key. question but the base your know i can offer you this computer no no no. if i was lying when i. moved over two years old it looks like it's part of the bricks but it.


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