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tv   Headline News  RT  July 7, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the. breaking news here on r t international the russian american presidents for their first face to face meeting on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in germany. between twenty protesters. with more than one hundred officers injured and scores of demonstrators detained. also coming up on the program this hour. there are
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a. registered. watch list despite the country having suffered a string of recent attacks. wherever you're churning in from around the world this hour welcome to moscow and to our international my names you know neal good to of your company our top story this hour the leaders of russia and the u.s. are currently holding their first face to face meeting on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in the northern german city. it is expected that there are talks will address a whole range of issues including the state of bilateral relations between moscow and washington as well as a range of other issues including the crises in syria. and in ukraine well let's
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bring in chris bambery to the program chris is a political analyst always good to have you here chris so we believe that meeting is still ongoing between the leaders or for the u.s. they said that they want a positive come from the meeting what do you what do you expect. well why do a putin likes meeting face to face he makes contact with other world leaders and he usually does something unusual for instance when he met angela merkel for the first time he took a dog knowing that it's a pet labrador knowing that merkel did not like dogs when he met nicolas sarkozy then president of france he more or less threatened him i don't think it would threaten don't trump i think it will be trying to establish a good personal relationship with donald donald trump like for instance he did with tony blair will remember he took him for a beer when they were in st petersburg together so i think he'll be trying to establish reporter with trump and try to establish
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a personal relationship he can build on but the same time i think you'll be aware that trump isn't quite his own man here donald trump but out he's on the campaign trail as a member saying he was going to improve relations with by the most putin and russia but since then he's been subject to the allegations that there was russian interference in the way action campaign we've seen his congress become much more hostile to russia threatening war sanctions of course as a republican dominated congress threatening sanctions against against russia and prior to his visit to hamburg that speech in warsaw attacked russia for intervening not just in ukraine but also in syria trump is under pressure from the security force forces and from his own party republicans would take a rather harder line on putin than he was saying in his campaign to be president before that meeting the mainstream media was swamped by reports on potential russia u.s. tension of course let's take
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a listen just to what was said chris. turns out former intelligence officials are now telling c.n.n. that russian spies the cloak and dago permissions in the u.s. since the election u.s. authorities have detected an uptick in suspected russian intelligence officers entering the u.s. is this. this type of coverage is it going to have an impact on the meeting we just heard right as this spoke to the media right before their own head to head a question was shot through a nod to russia alleged russian collusion in the election is this going to overshadow their first meeting. no i don't think it is that think they are going to have a meeting and try and make things that make things up trying to establish that personal relationship and of course trump as famously a tank fake news and to be honest most of this stuff is just total tattle it reminds me the other week there was an attack on the e-mails that the british parliament and the russians were immediately blamed with no shred of evidence
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there's very little of substance here and it really is kind of an echo of the old cold war politics of the fifty's sixty's and seventy's you know when russia was russia was the bogeyman here so i think what we will see is i think there probably will be a good discussion between trump computed i think he will get on and more stablish relationship but what effect that will have on for instance congress which is determined to push through more sanctions against russia i don't know what effect will have on the american secret services who are feeding this stuff to the media all the time about russian events i don't know what so what we have here is really the the whole pie supposed to can be represented or between these two windows to get over that but since trump's election a lot of water and fortune has gone to the bridge damaging relationships the one positive i have to see is that donald trump is not barack obama and really for vladimir putin in russia obama was probably the worst u.s.
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president he's ever accounted preside over the worsening of relationships in america and the fact that donald trump is not barack obama is good news for russia and ease tension between those two leaders as they discuss and moments political analyst chris brown really for your time and your thoughts this hour thank you. ok our correspondent is also in homburg good to have you back on the show there and here we are we having their last hour where we just for this meeting to occur we believe it's still on going because i suppose there's a lot to discuss. hello again to you and to all our viewers. we do understand that the meeting is still underway and that means that it's getting close to at least what our laws now what we saw in the room when the cameras were still inside were of course the two presidents the two top
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diplomats that is the foreign minister on the russian and the secretary of state on the u.s. side to translators and besides this more than one hundred of journalists even even though that was very small the usual opening statements that traditionally sounded very diplomatic both of the leaders said that they are really happy to finally meet and person and mr trump went on to say quoting here obviously that will continue and if quote and certainly and that case referred to the personal face to face meeting between him and the president there were two handshakes in that room that were also initiated by donald before the first one mr trump said it's a to which responded in english thank you sir now after this when the journalists when all the cameramen were also in that room were being asked
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to leave the room we heard thank you thank you but the journalists started screaming out questions and english and guess what the words that we could make out of these questions contain things like election and meddling. thank you very. thank you thank you thank you. well i don't know if he saw it in the left corner of your screen mr had quite a laugh when he heard that because he's gotten quite used to being bombarded by american journalists questions about allegations of interfering and meddling and the u.s. election last year now again it seems that this meeting will go on for more than one hour the only intrigue right now is will that delay the twenty minute delay that we saw ahead of the meeting affect the talks and unfortunately we won't
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be able to get the details of what was said for quite a while because the leaders will not hold a joint press conference but we're hoping to hear something from rob who is going to talk to the press i guess in ten or fifteen minutes again that is something that was scheduled so we'll see what the russian foreign minister has to say maybe he will shed some light on further details of the first ever face to face talks between vladimir putin and donald trump just on the generation of the meeting and i think it was perhaps a clue what putin said to the media right before the meeting we spoke over the phone but phone conversations are never enough so i suppose we should have known it's going to go on a little bit longer of course the meeting is taking place on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit anything interesting from other leaders so far today day one. well
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just a couple of hours couple of hours ago we saw the family photo session that is something traditional g twenty summit but you know when you see all these more than twenty five most influential people of this world. in one room everything catches the eyes of the reporters in there the way the people are standing and the position this time around the person who was in the very middle that was of course the host angela merkel on her left was the leader of china xi jinping and then the russian president vladimir putin so this all around he was pretty much in the center unlike a few years ago when at another g. twenty summit was somewhere very far from the middle of the crowd and that led to plenty of media speculation. has been isolated at this g. twenty summit but guess what. the hamburg g twenty summit.
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found himself on the very edge of this crowd but i guess no one's going to say that they're trying to isolate this man but something that i found really entertaining was when emanuel that i don't know whether he did that on purpose he. started tapping him on the shoulder and that went on for a minute so that was something quite fascinating to watch. that family photo session. we saw that. walked off with talk in german perhaps we know that the russian president is fluent in german conversation went on a minute or two they were smiling but it was much. when it comes to. the new french president. live from the g twenty summit who.
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are still we believe in conversation at the very first meeting of. the day thank you. summit protesters and police for a second day in the northern german city security forces used one. her callin on pepper spray against the demonstrators who threw bottles stones and flares out police over one hundred fifty officers were injured forty five protesters the one hundred thousand people are expected to protest over the course of the summer.
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well our europe correspondent peter all of her has been following the release from hamburg. tensions have boiled over between demonstrators and the police. i can see the main body of the crowd as i describe it as they say i may sing every bomb seriously so you can say that that really hurts you of course and it's what can you please describe for me what happened where you were well as far as i could tell there were attack in the demonstration with no reason obviously i couldn't see anything you know as far as i can tell and i'm from that. i've never seen anything like this we've had fights about squatters houses and all that i've never seen anything like the aggression the as far as i can tell purposelessness is that of wooden english it is now it is now. i've never seen and my face hurts maced and everything that is unbelievable.
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just behind me you can see some smoldering remains then out from a trash fire that was started. that is a. sports car i believe that's been torched now there are. eight seams roaming the moments of small bits of violence and what you sold your soul last time is just how quickly it can start and then the police come in to try and put it out but whenever they put it out in one place it seems to pop up elsewhere we understand from the police that they with ordering people to remove their masks they were refusing to do so then water cannon we used pepper spray was used. well despite there being a whole load of stories about potential violence coming from demonstrators in the build up to this large gathering well we have been hearing from one member of the
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local palm and here in how much is about the role the police could play in provoking violence yesterday was a big demonstration twenty to thirty thousand people that was very very peace and that was the same day and indeed it was nearly the same spectrum which were come today in the evening i talked to those who. appealed for this demonstration and they say we want a peaceful demonstration but i fear of there will be an escalation because the strategy of the police is slow to deescalate if as it should be and might be the people want different. way of contradiction as well hear the crowd chanting away than sci fi she's that build avanti for chance going on all under the watchful eye if we move the camera over here over the watchful eye of a lot of police officers. we just to keep a bit vigilant because we are saying oh we. are being thrown at the police just as
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you can see there we're actually right between the police and the demonstrators right now so we're going to try and get out of the way just will moment while i'm talking to you not the best place to be if. he has a huge call the police officers that's marching through the city then leading the demonstrates is they're only going to be allowed to go in the directions that the police want them to and the result is what we've seen it's we've seen violent clashes with the police we've seen. exactly the situation we have at the moment right now. so all the peaceful marches there but also violent protests happening let's get the take of stay cool ugly from the greek sarees a party as to why we're seeing the scenes we are good to have you on the program the protests seem to be very intense this time around i write what you think of it
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. when i think of it as a growing your own there were about the these leaders all most of them. over the one percent of the world we're sure why lou the ninety nine ninety five percent. are getting poorer and one percent is good their research you know now we would be more. of the war but if you see three people by their own copy at their home they are moved to reach the people so that's why. there is a growing anger maybe. big young people you know that's where the protesters will yeah i was just going to say that's why the protests are actually there but the question is will their demands actually be met on the way they're doing it some of them is it the right way because we saw. images of a mother going to collect her son from the school in a car left her car to the school gates came back and her car was was burnt to
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a crisp you know that's not going to get the public on side is it. i don't know exactly what. from both sides of the police started the horror story or some elements from the protesters they did but you know the the the thing. why so many people and the way so many young people are much more than the previous . twenty meter readings because of the people and the young people going over the work any of that money. that is going to leave. the. bodies and this is the first time we discovered and often the second of the second world war and that's why i. think we've come to understand that the reset of. the standard well you think it was wise in the first place to choose hamburgers the g
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twenty host city given the strength of the left wing sentiment there you know in hindsight we probably always were going to see these scenes of violence as well as peaceful protests why wasn't it maybe done in a quieter area because this is only going to add to the protests having it in a left wing city such as number. i think it would be because you never really major general because they're young. they are facing the same discrimination you have to pay to see the big ideas. and they're going or should believe the worst. you know i don't know next time what the location will be but if the leaders. of the world want to. find a good. nobody else. otherwise the phrase that.
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spread all over the world. and. maybe for the young people. from the greek series a party we appreciate you coming on the program this hour. more news coming away after the break stay with us. it was only a matter of time before congressional democrats would attempt to impeach and remove donald trump from the presidency well it's happening at this point it is unlikely this endeavor will succeed but this isn't stopping the never trumper. comcast for example is a company that has an anti-american as they get it as it's a company as anti-democratic as it gets comcast and n.b.c. and of course they are. of course. parody epic sketches and.
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attacking a foreign ministry of the same time serving the terrorists so those people who are in that so situation should understand that they are. twenty one minutes past six pm here in moscow welcome back france's interior minister has revealed on the run one hundred registered gun owners in the country are also on the terror watch list. i have asked local police to identify the registered owners of firearms on terror watch lists we have identified about one hundred people and the author of cesar taking action to correct the
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situation this appears to be a significant dysfunctional. would be announcement comes just a couple of weeks after the latest terror attack in central park when a car full of weapons and gas canisters rammed into a police the attacker thankfully was the only person killed in the incident the thirty one year old man was a known gun enthusiast and also in a terror watch list french journalist and author of jihadist from alexander mental to list the legal gun ownership by people on the list is not the only concern. the show he shows that the. carelessness of french bureaucracy you have ten thousand people that are registered on the watch the least on the. other end you have about one percent of them that legalese own weapons but the frightening thing about that is that they have access to shooting ranges where
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they go to to train where they sometimes even have to. meet local police policemen and they talk with them and they have information about security it's not about the weapons themselves it's more about the fact that they are they have access to these shooting ranges where they can train to shoot. after months of reporting on alleged russian meddling in the us election using all unnamed sources c.n.n. seems to be changing its towards one of the channel's own political analysts no sales people do not of the right to stay anonymous it was in response to the backlash the network faced for threatening to reveal the man behind a viral mean featuring president wrestling the c.n.n. logo with more inert here's killam open. again and now thinks that we the people do
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not have the right to be anonymous this is how kirsten powers their political analyst explained it in a tweet. people do not have a right to stay anonymous so they can spew their racist massage honest homophobic garbage now that's an interesting argument coming from a network that's been running stories about trump based on unnamed sources for months based on anonymous sources according to this source who spoke on the condition of anonymity anonymous sources are the basis of most truthful reporting oftentimes you do have to gather information using anonymous sources say can i use your name and they say no can i use you as an anonymous source a source familiar with the matter they say yes and then we report the information on the air we heard c.n.n. use this phrase so much it's actually spawned a number of online memes sure c.n.n. protects their online sources but the way they see it if you post something online that they consider to be offensive they have the right to reveal your personal information to the public something that could actually put
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a person in harms way oh and they get to decide what's considered to be offensive as well apologized for some of those other houses that were racist anti-semitic and that is not publishing to users name because of his apology think bribery in reverse they get said to me say listen if you are if you're a track that read it they there's a couple of bucks for you that will be bribery kind of sort of but if i were is if you listen if you don't retract that right at the i'm going to expose you i'm going to docs you i mean let everybody know where you live how to let people know where you live what you said things you've said perhaps you might be politically correct things that might cause you problems with your job it's almost a blackmail coersion but it's unprecedented c.n.n. may be a powerful news agency but just to proclaim to them the policeman of what's considered to be offensive in the end u.s. law has the final say caleb mop and artsy new york. though it
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looks like italy is being left alone to. at the worsening refugee influx problem of its ports after a you ministers failed to find a way forward to share the burden instead members want to target n.g.o.s rescue boats from north africa which are suspected of being exploited by people traffickers and just a number of days up to twelve thousand people have london in italy while more than eighty five thousand of arrived since the start of this year alone italy's top prosecutor believes the crisis has created a security threat those who arrive on the dinghies then undergo a process of radicalization that may lead to the realization of terror attacks meanwhile the head of europe's law enforcement agency sais the terror threats on the continent sits of a twenty year high several of the terrorists who carried out recent atrocities in europe came through the mediterranean route from africa to italy but the spiked italy excepting the biggest number of migrants it is thus far been spurred must
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terror attacks we discussed why that might be with italian police officer on union leader gianni. so that's the easiest pray for islamic radicals are desperate men those who are criminals or are in prison a muslim who came to italy is integrated and has a job is not easily influenced by islamic radicalism the desperate man is willing to do all he can to redeem himself but for these men to be sacrificed in the holy war means social redemption and being respected we try to control what goes on in prisons but it's not easy as many of these muslims are in prison for minor crimes i mean for this reason they are not isolated on are in contact with other prisoners so it is easy for them to come into contact with the extremist element that's a bit coy in focus on been bust next.
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income inequality wage stagnation gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress. there are these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really a cute ten minute fast to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually just pull on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know really what it is that really packs a punch how yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue that i see people you never heard of love redacted tonight i'm president of the world bank so take him on the road. seriously send us an e-mail.


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