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tv   Headline News  RT  July 7, 2017 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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russia and the u.s. agree to implement a cease fire in three syrian provinces following the first face to face meeting between president putin and truck. i. i. mean clashes between anti g twenty protesters and police are ongoing and with more than a hundred officers injured and scores of demonstrates is the. possible side to come . and on the radar france admits there are around one hundred registered gun owners on its terror watch list despite the country having suffered a string of recent attacks.
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i welcome come from moscow you're watching r.t. international. now russia and the u.s. have agreed to establish a cease fire in three areas of syria the announcement was made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov following a two hour long meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump on the sidelines of the g twenty summit. yes it was sort of remote on the west as the russia the u.s. and julian let's have reached a ceasefire agreement for syria to cease fire will come into effect in three areas there are. and it will come into force on this one through july twelve am so moscow's time the u.s. and russia have committed to monitoring and ensuring humanitarian access to the areas initially security in these areas will be ensured by russian military police
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and close cooperation for us. usual because it's a bridge which. frankly he's been following events in hamburg for us as we said earlier we're all wondering whether anything concrete will come out of this meeting but it appears that is the case with regards to syria certainly. andrew good evening once again well what a friday it's been for mr trump and mr putin at the g. twenty summit here in hamburg they finally met and talked about three times longer than both administrations expected and when it was finally over their meeting that lasted for more than two hours the journalists all of us here were of course hungry for the details and the person who gave us those details first of all was russian foreign minister sergei lavrov he was the one who shed light and who announced that
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breakthrough cease fire now you may be skeptical about that breakthrough fair enough cease fires serious cease fires that were struck by russia and the u.s. by far not a success story not a history of success in this case of course there's always issues with the monitoring of how things are employment but under the rock obama administrations we didn't see decisions like friday's one you know they didn't happen at all first of all putin and obama. i mean that often but when those meetings we didn't see any concrete decisions come out of there the only person who try to do the job if we talk about some kind of syria diplomacy in this case was the u.s. secretary of state john kerry but it wasn't really the business it seemed of rock obama when it comes to dealing with the russian president. thank you very much. for
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making that your family. just going to mention to you that going into this meeting president trump was under a bit of pressure was need to raise the issue of hacking and perhaps alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential campaign and it does seem that those topics were touched upon. i think what you've just seen right now was the reaction of to journalists you know these were the guys who didn't even leave dol trump a chance to bring up the issue of russian election interference just before that because when they were asked to leave the room the u.s. journalist i guess they were screaming in english that's what they said these were questions and i can tell you that rex tillerson who was also there he told us that actually the thing that mr trump opened the discussions with was the
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issues the concerns of the american people over allegations of russian hacking now after that we heard from certain lavrov who told the media that russia's take on the issue hasn't changed take a listen. to what happens when you switch or you put your other than your side this company has been blown through and that's been admitted by those involved accusations have been around for many months but no. evidence has been provided to trump says that putin denied any involvement in the u.s. election and he accepted that. a lot are note here's something else for you that we've heard from u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson explained why it took mr poe and mr trump seoul all the discussions that they've had at the g twenty summit today that
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there was so much to talk about all these issues. just about everything got touched on to one degree or another and i think there was just such a level of engagement and exchange neither one of them wanted to stop shamble times i had to remind the president people are sticking their heads in the door and i think maybe they send in the first lady at one point to see if she could get us out of there and i didn't work either. but andrew what we will be watching out for right now is of course the reaction from across the atlantic because you take my words president donald trump will be under a lot of pressure back home for what rex tillerson called a true chemistry between the presidents of russia and the u.s. yes thankfully that will be see what happens. there for us in hamburg thank you. let's get the views now of a ward winning journalist martin j.
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he's based in beirut martin good evening she were a lot talked about afternoon and the focus does seem to be on syria what do you make of that development about cease fires being declared in the southwest of the country. well i think we can be positive but i don't think we should be too excited about it i mean it is that there was a need for a symbolic deal you have to remember that when world leaders get together there's a very rarely anything that comes off the hoof i mean usually both sides have been talking it will be in talks for about four for four weeks and sometimes even months beforehand so there is an agenda and i think you know look i think we have to be realistic i think from probably said you know can't you get your people to stop fighting are people in the south because it's giving a lot of problems to the israelis and i think putin played a blinder i mean he played exactly the diplomatic and the very clever position by saying well ok probably we can manage that you know but now you know let's see
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where these where this agreement takes us because it now now when the talks actually go into the next stage of the next level the next few weeks months we'll see where the trump appreciates the move so i don't think we should be too excited about it it's encouraging that at least we know now that russia and america can do deals in syria but this was quite a small deal and if you have to understand that in the last few weeks of the great deal of pressure on the israeli prime minister because these skirmishes in the south of the country of syria were getting closer and closer to the government heights are gone heights as of course incredibly important incredibly symbolic in the middle east. for on a practical sort of basis martin it's all very well having two people in a ring saying oh yes we like to have a ceasefire thank you but you then got to have all the parties on the ground agreeing to it do you think that will happen i mean how do you think perhaps the rebels will react to seeing russians policing the sort of ceasefire zones take.
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yeah normally the question over the rebels another question could be you know was iran consulted at all on this ceasefire and sells them in the iran's played a very very important role in the syrian war and i noted that stuck out to me that russians are playing the role of the supreme regional power in in a war which is involved many other players as well on the asset side. so i think we have from it's interesting i mean looking at it from a distance what i think some of the skeptical members of the press room like most self have been saying for quite some time now is that israel isn't playing an increasingly important role in dong trumps from policy. ideas in the middle east and i think this is another example of it i think we can assume that israel was behind this particular agreement and says an awful lot you know the israelis were also very much part of the decision to install the new saudi crown prince in riyadh
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in saudi arabia so i think this is gives us an indication of the future of how these deals going to pan out. in order for these deals to go ahead how important is the chemistry do you think between trump and putin i know it's a topic in the media always likes to talk about but unless two people generally get on and trust each other it's very difficult to make any sort of progress isn't it. exactly well i don't know about trusting each other but i certainly think that they get along i mean you know you've got to you've got to put these things into context look back just a few months ago in the last few months of the bomber's period in office there was that iconic photograph if you're a member of a bomber and putin glaring at one another and now look at the pictures today that come through you know i mean i think putin. can get along and i think they've both got objects of their own political and geopolitical jew political objectives in the
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region of syria seems to be the basis of that we've got a lot you know this is only one. final piece of the jigsaw puzzle this is quite symbolic and quite easy this was doable you know in the future we've got much much tougher much harder conundrums to overcome and i think that's why perhaps they really got down to this intensive talking today because you know what to do about the kurds this tension that has been built up now accentuated by turkey now sticking its. foot in the in the in the in the trough so to speak and you know and who gets what after the dust settles and rocker is taken and the decisions to take over your idea of deescalation zones in our idea of the escalation zones and a no fly zones there's a lot there you know that still is going to take a lot time to get through so i think now we need to look at the next few weeks and few months and look very carefully at the back channel talks that are going to
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start obviously from today and see whether see whether these guys talk to each other see whether we get telephone calls on a regular basis on a weekly basis that would give me some confidence that they both genuinely want to resolve the syria issue the problem i have with it is that i've been writing this for a long time know my own editorials i genuinely believe there's no difference whatsoever between trump's idea and syria then all of a bombers which is essentially a long term regime change and that's where the difficulties will come i think some of the things that we've been witnessing in the last few weeks in syria of all pointed to a longer term plan of turning finally when the battle for isis is over turning those same troops on the same hard work towards the regime and i think that all the signs of you know it's just a question of when that flash point starts whether it's in the east with the american soldiers in town or in other areas i think it's really a question of time sure it is extremely complicated isn't it that martin we have to
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leave it there was good until i was award winning. martin jay based in beirut thank you. well the first face to face meetings here between president trump and putin had been highly anticipated in the first images to surface from the meeting did get a lot of attention this photo in particular was picked upon many compared it to a scene from the popular political drama series house of cards as putin has almost the exact same facial expression as the fictional kremlin boss victor pet throw off well there we can talk about all this to a bit further daryn stanton is where they seize their body language expert hello to you darrin. let's start with that first thing what did you make of that president trump extending an open palm and putin considering whether to take him up on the offer. was for a much. life imitating art almost because yeah i mean the thing about president
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trump is is a classic way of shaking hands is very much into into a dominant some power thing called a bone crusher because we've seen in recent summits of meetings of various politicians the thing about this particular photograph is as you've said is an open palm gesture which shows that you know i mean you no harm or you know that the old meaning of that is i have no weapons and i think there was and has written from president putin almost like what's this a new strategy that are more wear off you know so it was like a little bit of a thought there what should i do it do you think these sort of actions as well is this something president trump with a thought about you know his handshake and how he should offer it. i think end of the day you know earlier on your previous guest was mentioning about this this kind of mutual respect that the two men have for each other and i think in recent meetings we have seen you know this bonecrusher sort of with mr trudeau inverse of the leaders so i think you know i think because the president trump is receive so
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much water tension maybe i'm a sick asian you know president trump has got mutual respect for president putin and is just about getting all of the job kind of build him up to report ok well let's go to the family photo which is also attracted a lot of attention there it is as you can see it on your screens the big difference here than three years ago putin very much in a central place there isn't he amongst that family photo compared to three years ago pretty much when he was on the end does that show he's in more favor now. i think so i'm in a moment sure there's some sort of protocol in terms of where people are placed you know and that may change over time but you know potentially it may be a personal request from himself or his advisors that he wants to be more front and central within that photograph as he's playing obviously a very important role in in world events so you know potentially the more central he gets potentially the more powerful you may appear in the photo you're not sure
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how much he had to jostle to get that central position but you're right it is down to protocol and i think the protocol is that the new arrivals to the world stage if you like do stand on the end we think on the end there but the interesting thing is the reaction from the new macron to he's a new leader he has to appear on the end but what do you make of his interaction when he try to stand next to try and. again i think present the man as very comfortable is own skin and he doesn't really give too much away. i didn't see too much of president in terms of any tells or gestures but i just think you know for him he's not so much into playing sort of power games or mind games he's very much a man that's you know what you see is what you get really yeah i mean i can describe their down what he did he came down the stage and then he sort of patted either shoulder of the president you wouldn't do that if you weren't confident pushy but please. absolutely because any gesture to do with patting or part in the
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back it's a power full power part of body language so it's essentially we've seen all the world leaders in the past where the guy the people through the door all. of you know i think of some famous footage a while but with president clinton many years ago when there was almost like a dunce with other world leaders that they realize the first one through the door was that was seen as the we come on so many gesture where we patted me on the back on the shoulder all the arm is very much seen as the fire but yes they are confident and it's almost saying your week of the yeah was just a little bit of her. trumper merkel traumatically doing that very actor to angela merkel now at the end of the family photo they all dispersed but there was an interesting moment because angela merkel seemed to backtrack slightly slightly to try and have another word with with president putin did did you see that and what do you make of it what can we read into that. clip to be honest so our corporate
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comment on my particular clip ok but if the scene was we've got two world leaders right they're all leaving the stage merkel is a couple of meters ahead and she takes the time to stop to turn back and to go back and then walk alongside president clinton as they left the room that's what happened i mean is that just being friendly or is it something else going. yeah i think it's more to do with etiquette really so it's obviously it's almost like you know when this is your home you know you sort of you see them out of your home or guide them in so maybe that was just potentially. to make him feel welcome and also just out of social etiquette i think that's probably about chester was all about is really is there anything else that caught your eye today down it's fascinating isn't it talking people's body language between president putin and trump. around a table and again they shake hands but this time we noticed president trump sort of pout president putin under the under the arm which was quite a mob gesture but that again is a bizarre is a power gesture to say that you know we're here but i'm still the powerful man you
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know i'm still the head on show so to speak so i think you know although the two men have got mutual respect for each other. you know i think there's little call leakage that leakage gestures that i see between the two men especially from president trump that he still wants to be seen as very much the you know the top man and also a source of footage where the both one of his sat side by side. president trump has got this what we call reverse steeple gesture with the hands and that's again confidence and dominance and then we also see president putin with his legs sort of . quite spread apart again my is a very classic dominance gesture so both men have been been very careful to be seen by the world's media has been very powerful yeah i think they both have their legs splayed actually with. a battle of the legs ok down plated to till she leave it there in stanton body language x. like to thank you now until some protesters meanwhile clips of class for
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a second day in hamburg security forces used to cannon and pepper spray against the demonstrators he threw bottles stones and flares at police over one hundred fifty officers were injured forty five protesters have been detained one hundred thousand people are expected to protest over the course of the summit. was. cry. well correspondent peter all of that has been in the thick of it on the streets. and he sent this report. this is the scene here in central see a number of water cannon behind me they've been used. demonstrators that we're
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throwing bottles the police. ten seen here just shortly just time ago. being thrown the police responded with. these reinforcements that you can see just arriving including it and vehicle just over to my right there we understand that had this crane was used because the wind blows through the unmistakable in the air i'm going to move over this way right now because there are there is a large group of demonstrators over in a small park to my left over there throwing bottles still in broken glass moving towards us it has been like this that shooting for the last twenty four it's being called a game of cat and mouse between demonstrators and the police they've they've. in the morning on friday a group of what's known as. this group they were good in
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cause they told an area of the city they were going through an area of the city one hundred breaking windows the other putting flares through those windows in order to set fire to days cause we saw huge plumes of smoke over the over the skyline of that was going on and as i'm speaking to you may be able to hear firecrackers continuing to be set off a large movement of people coming through here. over my left shoulder if you can see that i think it's some form of garbage fire that's being set up i'm actually just before i leave you i'm going to see if we can spin around one hundred eighty degrees as you can understand as a lot of things happening here there is a group here in these purple pink vests they are the legal team they've been we didn't see so many of these last night but we're seeing a lot more of them now and they're here trying to calm down things when we see these. standoff between police and demonstrators so it seems twenty
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four hours on we're no different here and sporadic violence continues to break out amongst these on t g twenty demonstrators and the riot police. now france's interior minister has revealed that around one hundred registered gun owners in the country are on a terror watch list. i have asked local police to identify the registered owners of firearms on terror watch lists we have identified about one hundred people and the off thirty's are taking action to correct the situation this appears to be a significant dysfunction. the announcement comes just a couple of weeks after the latest terror attack in central paris when a car full of weapons and gas canisters rammed into a police van the attacker was the only person killed in the instant and a thirty one year old man was a known gun enthusiastic and also on the terror watch list french journalist and author of jihadist france alexander mental told us that the legal gun ownership by
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people on the list is not the only concern either. he shows that the. carelessness of french bureaucracy you have ten thousand people that are registered on the watch the least on the. east end you have about one percent of that legalese own weapons the frightening thing about that is that they have access to shooting ranges where they go to to train where they sometimes even have to meet local police policemen and they talk with them and they have information about security it's not about the weapons themselves it's more about the fact that they are they have access to this shooting range where they can train to shoot.
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after months of reporting on alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election using unnamed sources c.n.n. seems to be changing its attitude toward anonymity one of the channel's own political analysts now says that people do not have the right to stay anonymous it was in response the backlash the network faced for threatening to reveal the man behind a viral mean featuring president trump wrestling the c.n.n. . as. c.n.n. now thinks that we the people do not have the right to be anonymous this is how kirsten powers their political analyst explained it in a tweet. people do not have a right to stay anonymous so they can spew their racist massage honest homophobic garbage now that's an interesting argument coming from a network that's been running stories about trump based on unnamed sources for months anonymous sources according to this source who spoke on the condition of anonymity anonymous sources are the basis of most truthful reporting oftentimes you
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do have to gather information using anonymous sources say can i use your name they say no can i use you as an anonymous source a source familiar with the matter they say yes and then we report the information on the air we heard c.n.n. use this phrase so much it's actually spawned a number of online names sure c.n.n. protects their online sources but the way they see it if you post something online that they consider to be offensive they have the right to reveal your personal information to the public something that could actually put a person in harms way oh and they get to decide what's considered to be offensive as well apologized for some of those other racist anti-semitic and it's not publishing to users name because of his apology think bribery in reverse they get said to me say listen if you if you're a track that reddit thing here is a couple of bucks for you that would be bribery kind of sort of but if i were is if you listen if you don't we. track that read it i'm going to expose you and get it
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dark so you i mean let everybody know where you live now to let people know where you live what you said things you've said perhaps it might be politically correct things that might cause you problems with your job it's almost a blackmail coordination but it's unprecedented c.n.n. may be a powerful news agency but just to proclaim to them the policemen of what's considered to be offensive in the end u.s. law has the final say. r.t. new york. it looks like italy being left alone to sort out the worsening refugee influx problem that it supports after the ministers fail to find a way forward to share the burden instead members want to target n.g.a. rescue boats from north africa which are suspected of being exploited by people traffickers well in just a matter of days up to twelve thousand people have landed in italy while more than eighty five thousand have arrived since the start of this year italy's top
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prosecutor believes the crisis has created a security threat those who arrive on the day then undergo a process of radicalization that may lead to the realization of terror attacks. meanwhile the head of europe's law enforcement agency says the terror threat on the continent sits at a twenty year high several of the terrorists who carried out recent atrocities in europe came through the mediterranean route from africa to italy but despite easily accepting the biggest number of migrants it has thus far been spared mass terror attacks me discuss this further with italian police officer and union leader. the easiest prey for islamic radicals are desperate men those who are criminals or are in prison a muslim who came to italy and is integrated and has a job is not easily influenced by islamic radicalism the desperate man is willing to do all he can to redeem himself but for these men to be sacrificed in the holy
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war means social redemption and being respected we try to control what goes on in prisons but it's not easy as many of these muslims are in prison for minor crimes for this reason they are not isolated on are in contact with other prisoners so it is easy for them to come into contact with the extremist element. of course the video that was. you know at the beginning of the migrant crisis in europe i explained that there was no security field so i said terrorist could come and hide here easily i mean the problem of information exchange is not being adequately addressed by european intelligence services we are all very busy with our own problems and there is no common spirits the interests of some countries prevail over others.


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