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get out of the tape ostrich a thought about the traditional story son not just stand by him some time to see that as we've got a final exam a school math doesn't have to not be while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of a shadow nickel what will put to the couple who probably globally don't coffee cup attala economy in the us is up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean a and to follow the five dollars to. buy a ticket. is a tourist phobia full fare fall into an identity. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donations around the world giving blood is
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seen as a symbol of generosity one of the noblest acts in modern society but the reality is different altogether. if there's the perfect money making industry our willingness to pay for available therapies basically especially for a loved ones knows no bounds at the heart of this business class mom a yellow liquid rich in proteins it's the main component of blood it's more expensive than oil and harder to look struck us children bought it down to did he does it processed tell us his new book any bad spirits called acceptable paedo mush old irish system stammered keep down may i meant to be beautiful he should reply he did you pull. off a motor car or. are blaming this she was killing me so. i don't want to do that number of most of us. we decided to explore a little known area within the health industry. in the blood trail. our
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investigation took us to france germany and the us they don't like arrest or interview the i don't know and. they don't want something a do all right they need to stop public want to know. today carlos is donating blood despite his busy job he's a regular blood donor at the red cross center and lows on carlos sees his act as a sign of commitment to the community. especially if more than one hundred million donations are collected each year worldwide in two thousand and fifteen. the swiss red cross registered three hundred eleven thousand donations the figure diminishes each year and they're constantly seeking new donors their message is clear giving blood saves lives. southwest over much of new.
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sickish for it might add to. the money to do more similar to the additional. sure that's going to one. first who've come in. to build a pool on the need to get the team. flown that. if. they have blood is a quite peculiar juice said dabble with glee but he's not the only want to be interested health is also an industry and blood donations are subject to the laws of the market. but. what will this shift is when you don't perform. giving blood these swiss donors must complete
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a medical question here and give their informed consent in particular there is one line at the end of the form a sentence in small letters i am aware that some components of my donation may be used for the production of drugs only a few donors read this line though it's crucial in reality most of the donated blood is sold to private companies something the red cross doesn't advertise. to help them i hope to sponsor thousand look spent on per yard. does seem to fold loot spend in the us highest in these the blue spend and since not in style it's been plus an. investment need plethora. and given thoughts to going on that include tile in the system plus muscle the. plot sent the samangan direct into entropy taylor get off to the internet ties to putz he entered in the
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uncool salute to low stop and decent as well the woman is at stealth and uses the title to us into fast off to put scent gate in the so going on to talk till need into sleep the sinfield men. loot look their own to come into. the plasma fractionation industry these are the pharmaceutical companies that buy eighty thousand liters of plasma from the red cross each year the humanitarian institution makes nearly ten million swiss francs from this sale by the donors aware of it. is some kind of removal doing yesterday between a song pop aso. saying i know many. of the shows i. don't wonder so i'm against it if it could only do so. it. for me i'm.
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a kiss wait don't his appeal to the song and watching. him when you don't use an. assault first discovery the majority of the donors blood is sold to pharmaceutical industries. the industry is so interested in carlos's blood for a specific reason it's liquid parts called plasma contains sought after proteins. they're used to make very expensive and profitable drugs. who are the players behind this industry. we decided to track the plasma trade. to see if outlast to fix fifty seven percent of our blood is made of a plastic plastic. other liquid poisons the whole of life that transports water and nutrients to all sounds or not it is composed of approximately ninety percent water
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and ten percent plasma plasma industry is healing chant a handful of companies share the world market baxter in the usa c.s.l. bearing in australia and your foals in spring and the company farm in switzerland which we discover through these promotional films. is produced by the think bio reactor developed over millions of years of evolution the human body for these companies plasma is nothing but a raw material and very lucrative to europe and the professional term is fractionation the name of the procedure that transforms donors plasma into drugs to do this with a callback to freeze and to mix thousands of liters of human plasma these companies control a market which is worth seventeen billion dollars and growing steadily history so that the plasma gong margaery the president and co-founder of on. the pharma is
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a very discrete person forbes estimates his fortune at six billion dollars this is one of his very rare public appearances how do you see the future developing these products lifesaving drugs and they will be required for some patient groups as a lifelong therapy presumably they're covered by in most insurance they have to be as to very expensive but that is also the other part of the same from the same calling them many countries who simply cannot afford to provide this kind of level of treatment to the population yet at least it sounds easy when you say replies well should be available enough to just go through your population your country the plows and you'll be in good shape when you make those products it's not the case. remains a family business dedicated to the way it's going to patients to go. in
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that like adventure. throughout the world the lives of millions of patients depend on these treatments tomorrow is one of them today she's receiving her treatment at a hospital in bear since childhood she suffers from an immune deficiency that causes repeated infections. yeah thanks to her plasma based treatment tamar's life has become easier so much so that it would be difficult for her to go without. and they may say. yes. so to escape was quick. to say. that today. he had her. tumor. that it was ok.
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you are special. place and. where is her life changing drug from where is the blood in the drug from from swiss donors. i want me. to race me. next they. didn't know what. the plasmas origin isn't public information it's a trade secret we decide to visit swiss medic this is the swiss authority in charge of drug control including their origins these expert analyzed plasma samples each week as well as the blood derived products that are used in hospitals.
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know worse or worse than debts committees in the metro system sale for you to pick from from fifty concerts cities chattanooga none seeing you is. the feeling when. i was. to. see. these it in didn't d.c. and he lost the fight to the last inference he's made. it includes two three from cleveland. west twenty fifth street. cleveland united states we decided to travel there. helping like comcast for example is a company that is an anti-american as they get it as us it's
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a company as anti-democratic as it gets copied our say on n.b.c. . they are just out of of course i've already trumped epic sketches and see fake at their banks so. that sacking the car administration was the same time serving the terrorists so those people are in that so situation should understand that they are terror. yet there is a saying. there won't be cheap us and then to improve the country so let's idea is really their right to do is come to that he said if we give them everything lifting to pass. this country. this is what we don't understand how we are poor in such an country.
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the nurse until the ones at the same time. similar to me. i do not. need one but i did because if you feel. the minutes of not that got leave to the phone the computer with the plane. would come back to the place story you do have to see. the. if you move. to the. west twenty fifth street the address listed in swiss medics register some of your plans used in the drug sold in switzerland comes from here. this blood collection
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center belongs to the australian company c.s.l. donate plasma so. save lives earn up to two hundred dollars a month. there are donor ads everywhere which tell us that the volunteers are paid for their blood. as opposed to most european countries the usa allows compensation for blood donations this practice is legal. we enter the premises which are under heavy surveillance impossible to speak with the status of . just yank it just taking shit you drain me you know we do from the outside from the ok for us the creation across the street is good to get. to. the center is in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods. cleveland is a devastated city the financial crisis of two thousand and eight was a fatal blow. pastor
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lester williams knows the reality of life in this neighborhood many of his church followers sell their plasma. to united one that. would i guess you know war is legal so i will probably get it does when people decide to do that but what is strange is that the companies they continue to call this a donation. but which is a donation way when you pay someone is not a dotage. there's no free desolate donation should be should be free of until they do exploiting exploiting people who are in whatever conditions he is economically.
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and actually now to do a nation to actually pay him for not in charge of the us in charge in switzerland for the pleasant and so make your money on it and both ways you know the little good to giving to these people is not very much. in cleveland all the market leaders are represented to see south poles. we also find octo pharma the swiss company which produces tamara's drug. like that to. the end of the bull market goes there twice a week to sell its plasma. budget right now where a month for thirty two bucks for red forty five dollars for a full fifty dollars
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a month and i'm sure it's so so out of it to say of the ballpark around. trying to turn twenty five a month and i found out that i can with the plaids boy you know or you know that's the problem when you're on tight budget it's a fragile thing you know. we wanted to go inside with him to speak with the people in charge this turned out to be impossible the hostility increased the closer we got to the center and. nothing to you you were almost property it. is now my friend everything so we question donors outside in the parking lot. first those this kind of like the extra money thing you know just to get a little money on the side you know hope new bills and stuff. and in a just kind of became a regular firstly first start you get fifty dollars the first. new customer in
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after on tuesday or thursday as any two days of the week and twenty dollars in any go up to forty dollars along if you've been donating now for a year. it's starting to let you know two times we. yes this. is good for the families is good for my family and. so one hand washing. you know and does it for any kind of moral reason no one does it for them or no one no one does it because it helps people it's just it's one of the side of things is that it helps. the procedure is well established as soon as the plasma bottle is full the donors credit card is credited. here right here now. this is the plasma or blood bank or. like a regular of visa card your they put their money on your car immediately after you
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get done. sometimes. they forget to put the money on your car and you've got to call the number on your car you know because if you don't call the number on you're still going to be without money. after the economic crisis donations soared in the usa going from fifteen million in two thousand and seven to thirty two million in two thousand and fourteen luke schaffer is a sociologist at michigan university. when we look at the numbers of families reporting cash incomes below two dollars per person per day in any given month. it well more than doubles over a fifteen year period and when we look at the number of families who are who are on
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food stamps it actually quadrupled emergency that goes through the roof so when all of these things are put in the same direction. we walked into the plasma clinic down the street and just ask people why are you here what's going on people lost their jobs haven't been able to find work you know in many cases that's going to be the only and i mean in the household and to their only option. we rejoined mark at the entrance to the center it didn't work out the way he wanted the center refused him because his blood pressure was too high. to be able to donate. and it's very important. i take my blood pressure medication and i think i think. it's the end if you can't it's it's it's a find it show you see it is it is it is. not life or
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death it's to do with. i might have to ask friends if they you know just for you know i mean i'll take care of it soon i'll be able to i'll be able to get my blood pressure straighten out and that's why it is good for me to travel. we accompanied him to a small subsidized apartment that he's been living in for a year. money to make a cell phone home when i had my stroke it was about three years ago i went into the doctor's to be quite honest i was drinking a lot i was doing drugs i was combining
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a lot of bad stuff you know so the next day i went to the cleveland clinic which is one of our really good hospitals in cleveland and the word with people that don't have a lot of money is you get raided it when you get raided it may mean you can basically go there for free and get health care and as we're qualifying the lady doing it you say oh you're way below poverty level. way below you know there's below and it was way below so that was an eye opener. there are times when. for my own self-esteem. i don't want to accept help or want to be able to. say no thanks but no fix to a god to farm. it's kind of easy money. it's necessary at least for me it's necessary.
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for mark and many other americans blood is last source of income. he could no longer donate he'd have no income. but all of these blood donations are affecting his health. david is a doctor in one of the city's largest public hospitals metro health is the safety net system for cleveland we take care of people were guard us of their ability to pay for a lot of our patients and the people that we take care of at metro health this is their one of the few strategies that they can use to get money out of the literature of say about the long term effects of donating blood to the weak i couldn't find anything in the literature describing what the effects or i know from
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talking to my patients who do donate plasma that they're tired so they get fatigued they have headaches but beyond that. now all i know is the red cross has one time a month and these guys are doing it twice a week. to talk to this individual who was donating my patient and he may not be able to afford a cell phone bill or rents and that is more important for his health potentially than the down side effects of donating because if he doesn't have a cell phone he can't get a job. or he can't pay his bills. you know how free is so. this is. the dilemma that weren't. but if you could earn extra money while doing something great for others to farm up last month you can not only our plasma donations by dole to the treatment of rare chronic
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internet diseases you could also the usa is the world's main exporter of human plasma with seventy percent of the world market their success is based on a foolproof recipe by building on this type of campaign they nurture the image of a country with excellent sanitary conditions. the market is under the supervision of the food and drug administration the f.d.a. stamp is a guarantee of quality opening the doors to the international market each week frozen plasma is dispatched in shipments mainly to europe. this is the other side of the american dream masses of poor people willing to sell their blood they provide an unlimited pool of primary material we wanted to understand the conditions in which blood is collected seven am in cleveland in the parking lot of the pharma. i hate doing no more dead heat
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we were abject at and i want to get no more i just small and i didn't need flour we need but it kills me so. i don't want. raised to zero. and. these stories illustrate the industrial pace and inadequate. however the farm assures the authorities that there is strict donor monitoring but if that's the good news why didn't the swiss company let a central you have just why did they prevent us from talking to the staff it's just how are its donors selected to check we had to go and see for ourselves with a hidden camera.
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