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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i. think through violence groups the city of hamburg in germany is police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of anti g twenty protesters at the world leaders' summit the presidents of russia and the u.s. met face to face for the very first time reaching some breakthrough agreements in what were extended talks will tell you all about that plus to the pentagon reportedly ups the level of secrecy surrounding its nuclear weapons inspections after a review was revealed the level of incompetence among those responsible for washington's arsenal.
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hello good morning for me kevin i mean this is our to internationalise a level in the morning here in moscow now this saturday over weekends going good starting with this president's donald trump putin of met for extended talks last evening on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit with the first face to face diplomatic meeting lasting for over two hours. to listen said they had a very robust exchange. there was so much to talk about all these issues. just about everything got touched on to one degree or another and i think there was just such a level of engagement and exchange neither one of them wanted to stop cheryl times i had to remind the president of people sticking their heads in the door and i think maybe this is the first lady at one point to see if she could get us out of there and i didn't work either. and the meeting brought about
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a potential breakthrough for the syria conflict too as the leaders agreed to establish a cease fire in the country. it was following the historic told us mr trump and mr putin at the g twenty summit and hamburg the two leaders finally met and talked about three times longer than both administrations expected and now straight after the meeting was over all the journalists here were hungry for the details and we got them from the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov he was the first one to announce the breakthrough cease fire you may be skeptical about the breakthrough fair enough serious cease fires struck by washington in russia by far not a success story in the past but under barack obama we didn't hear about decisions like friday's one out all it was up to john kerry to do the job when it comes to syria diplomacy on the part of the u.s.
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and the buildup to this the number one issue discussed in the u.s. media was whether donald trump was going to bring up the issue of russian interference in the u.s. election well i can tell you that american journalists didn't give their president a chance to be the first one to bring this question up thank you very much. you may remember the last. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson who was also in that room during the talks told us that the american president. opened his discussion with his russian counterpart by citing the concerns of the american people over allegations of russian hacking rex tillerson went on to say that the president came back to that question several times but a lot of putin kept denying any involvement in the meantime the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says that russia's take on this issue hasn't changed because
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other than your little folks said this campaign has been blown out of proportion and that's been admitted by those involved these accusations have been around for many months but no evidence has been provided to trump says that putin denied any involvement in the u.s. elections and the sense that what we will be watching out for right now is of course the reaction from across the atlantic because you take my word president donald trump will be under a lot of pressure back home for what rex tillerson called a true chemistry between the presidents of russia and the u.s. . away from the politics pictures from the g. twenty summit have been capturing the imagination of people on social media take this for example some drew comparisons between trump and putin's talks with that political t.v. series house of cards with a look at those pictures scarily similar as the russian president appeared to strike a similar facial expression for
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a minute as the fictional kremlin boss to patrol off body language expert derren stand to broker for us all this gesturing and what it means. there was interest in the interaction between president putin and trump. around a table and again they shake hands but this time we noticed president trump sort of pat president putin under the under the arm which was quite not gesture but that again is a base that is a power gesture to almost say that you know we're here but i'm still the powerful man you know i'm still the head on chair so to speak so i think you know although i think the two men have what mutual respect for each other. you know i think this this little what we call leakage these little leakage gestures that i see between the two men especially from president trump that he still wants to be seen as very much the you know the top man and also a source of footage where the both of his sat side by side. president trump has got this what we call a reverse steeple gesture with the hands and that's again confidence and dominance
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and then we also see president putin with his with legs sort of quite spread apart and again my is a very classic dominance gesture. apart from the expert as we showed the video of the g. twenty summit of people from a few different countries to this is what they made of the world leaders body language. to. try to find a way to get over something so i. try to fundraise nation building bridges exactly how they can find a truck two of them are probably still trying to figure out how we go look to talking about ukraine and the way to saw how we should stop please stop maybe north korea. and they talk about the rocket launch. this morning. so is it oh. no no. he's now saying this which is it cuts off
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a red line in the sand what could that be in relation to could be europe a could be nato a full suzi. what you think these three are talking about discussing the menu where they're going on holiday. they're probably advising him on what to say and. i'm pretty sure he's going to barrus us we'll help you get those refugees just take those refugees out of paris don't worry that's all you've got to do to put him somewhere else and get him out of the country he has to say mute it's you could be here it's going to be very. probably would. you want a bridge i'll give you a bridge this is the place prisoner i could sell bridges to the bridge makers of everywhere this is the so good so good what about her seized seized him and that's all right it's going to be i can't stand the super super awesome awesome. news based in the house looks like it's class and quiet but yeah. i'm sure.
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we're back in hamburg here's some more highlights from the summit as world leaders said to impress the counterparts the host. her. lower. lip. her low. low. low. low. low. low. key. live. live. live
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q. . to. her hooked her. live. to. keep the leash to keep a lid. keelin keep. keelin little while the world leaders got down to some orderly business outside of the
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pale sad times thousands descended on hamburg to protest the summit with riot stating that city into more of a war zone. but it does sound. as far as i can tell and i'm from member. of never seeing anything like this. sporadic scenes of chaos spread across hamburg streets with protests to smashing windows and setting cars a lot of times our europe correspondent peter all of it was there to. it's continue down the east over the last twenty four hours now as you can see just behind me there's actually more water cannon
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a riving at the intersection where i am. they will say a quiet tense scene here just shortly just dull long time ago by a number of bottles were being thrown the police responded with water cannon we saw these reinforcements that you can see just see it arriving including it and ahmed vehicle just over to my right there. is certainly a very large police presence a helicopter flying overhead many other emergency vehicles around but there's also an awful lot of demonstrators here and then numbers don't seem to be diminishing either. what you can see from where i am right now is what the police have been reserved for epa tension situation it could unfold over my left shoulder we've got an armored vehicle here we've got a northern of the wall to count in here in the area where i am i can see between
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a full five maybe six of these will take on and really serious pieces of equipment that are all around this into sections waiting to see if this is going to be the next flashpoint. we have seen as well some very serious incidences of violence take place that we know a number of police officers around two hundred have been injured we don't know how many demonstrators the certainly has been quite a lot of people injured we have seen ambulances as well we understand as well over forty people have been detained by the place to see that rise and rise as this continues. we saw a large number of black block mancini's through the streets of homburg some of them breaking windows others then have with little flares put. days red flares into the car setting those cars on fire. this is the scene in hamburg as you can see
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a heavy police presence there just marching past me basically i'm at an intersection in central humber which has become a scene of multiple standoff between police and demonstrators the older came through from police that this base in the section here this junction had to be cleared. there is a section of demonstrators just over there you may be able to see walter kalin being used every time they try and come closer to this intersection they get sprayed back with. the guy. that has continued and i can tell you right now the helicopters flying overhead a shining searchlight so they can still see plumes of smoke across the city so.
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there were plenty of peaceful protests who of course over the g. twenty this kissing couple who are nonetheless still blasted by police for ticket. else lismore in the pentagon's increasing the level of secrecy around its nuclear weapons inspections according to the associated press news agency safety and security reports had previously been made available to the public but not now seems the u.s. joint chiefs of staff say a new layer of secrecy is necessary we are comfortable with the secrecy for as long as nuclear weapons exist the u.s. will maintain a safe secure and effective nuclear stockpile however transparency compiling a sate the move goes beyond u.s. national security concerns they fear it's about covering up incompetence and i have been a few lapses in the past is a reminder of some of them. every
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single day for. the most part what. it's done is. it's not lightly. the internal and external reviews i ordered showed that are consistent lack of investment and support for a nuclear forces or far too many years has left us with too little margin to cope with mounting stresses. the reviews found evidence of systematic problems that if not addressed could undermine the safety security and effectiveness of the elements
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of the force in the future we discussed the pentagon's nucleus secrecy move now then with experts in the u.s. . i think that that for some particular information so is not revealing the actual secrets but he does show probably did united states feel uncomfortable to show in public its confidence in its own reliability safety and. training of its own personnel in that field and that's and it's. regrettable it's worrisome and it's unfortunate decision they just don't want anybody to know what's going on and they've been very careless there was a huge report about accidents at los alamos there was a report a couple years ago where a plane was missing with carrying nuclear warhead loaded missiles that went from
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minnesota air force base to new orleans and they didn't even know it was missing for thirty six hours just been lucky i don't think anybody's going to liberally push that button in a nuclear war or it's going to be an accident and it's going to be aging compute is so not coming up and those of migrants heading to europe so overwhelming some nations leaving leaders still scrambling for a solution to tell you about just. for example is a company that is an anti-american yet. it's a company as democratic as it gets. after.
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thirty. that sacking a foreign minister the same time serving the terrorists so those people are in that . should understand that they are. i think the us russia relationship is very important and has suffered and we need to make it better there's no question about it we need to cooperate on so many issues on nuclear weapons on syria on iran on energy on trade. a surge of migrants trying to get into europe in recent months has led the
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migration commission to admit the situation is getting wood despite years spent trying to search for a solution seems the e.u. seem very limited results. particularly the africans are selling small businesses or selling wives or selling their taxes in order to pay for these trips and we think it's very unfortunate that people are facing it to our family or job while it's still risking their lives. to the cold so they shouldn't just smuggle the goods. we need them all at the international level to break the floodlit the flow.
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and use the internet chief area to do that and more on the state and downstream were people step before and obedient to fall before we. did you know in many areas the definition to rescue people and somebody that i didn't share that i will share with us as we get back to my children i mentioned a continuation and beseeching office or. if the boat sensors are deliberately turned off by n.g.o.s in order to obscure the location did not does not arouse confidence.
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what is happening in front of on me. is an unfolding tragedy. a low quick snapshot of the extent of the problem right now italy has already seen at least eighty five thousand migrants reach it shore so far this year is pleading with fellow e.u. nations to share the burden but that seemed to this week be largely ignored over in france a makeshift camp in paris was cleared on friday with migrants sent to recruit gyms and sports centers over the north in cali the former site of the notorious jungle camp that seem budget hotels fill their rooms now with those refugees and greece to which also has taken a huge share of migrants will their locals on the other to kill us for instance a furious at the hotels having to be used as emergency housing we sounded our european political analyst and european parliament m.p. about the migrant crisis both agree it's a huge problem for different reasons. this i mean this whole migrant story is based
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on hypocrisy where are these migrants coming from they're coming from they're coming from afghanistan they're coming from iraq they're coming from syria they're coming from libya these are the countries where the u.s. and nato said they were going to bring democracy so you bring democracy and twenty years later you get the microscope in droves so the responsibility of the west comes in the fact that they have destabilized countries and they have attacked some of the most secular countries in the mideast the second hypocrisy as you said is that they've all got these the nice words and very sweet to open the borders to refugees so they're inviting them when mr merkel said that she was going to greet these refugees that was an invitation but there's an invitation and then when the migrants or i will there's nobody to greet them italy is facing the biggest problem you know but the problem is not the but actually got these main political because you know the agreements between the member states of the european union for the relocation of the requisition for it and put every state member to accept some of
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them by the. fusion completely to accept even one refugee this is the the problem is a lack of clarity that is the you know it's a it's not that this a europe good for the european union it goes nowhere go to europe one million or migrants it's not a big deal the problem is the lack of human is the lack of common cold the lack of the founding i would be i.d.'s of the european union. it was the u.s. is gearing up to put soldiers in space now the vice president's plan is for a military unit to focus solely on missions beyond that it's making its way to the senate to jaclyn voters got more. i think the final frontier where everyone is rushing to go where no one has gone before our nation will return to the moon and
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we will put american boots on the face of mars. american boots on mars now no one would blame you for being a bit spooked by that phrasing given that the u.s. already has military boots on the grown in one hundred seventy seven countries but surely the vice president was just referring to scientists and brave explorers or what when it comes to military expansion in the u.s. this guy is a limit or at least it used to be congress is now working on a proposal to create a brand new branch of the u.s. armed forces and so mission would be to focus on space and while the u.s. air force who is now in charge of operations in space is strongly against it the plan is already making its way to the senate welcome to the oh so bright future youth of tomorrow must travel across the stars to defend our world ladies and gentlemen. this city will. go on.
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nightly. it's what we do using we have a problem things have always been seen as a territory for peaceful exploration and joint cooperation a place where humankind can unite around common goal that wasn't trying in the one nine hundred sixty seven outer space treaty which the us thought it limits the use of outer space peaceful activity cost forward to two thousand and seventeen the u.s. plan is to produce close combat ready based force justifying it as usual by highlighting the perceived threat coming from russia and china the russians and the chinese are near peers to us in space we will not allow the status quo to continue brushing and china thirty year for the last twenty years has gone to the united nations asking for a new treaty. they were to upgrade the language of the sixty's so the outer space treaty included new technologies and ban all weapons in space but the u.s.
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and israel have been blocking all of the new space treaty for all the years of clinton bush and obama to the trunk of ministration if the wood from mars one day turned out to be military one houston we have a problem in the r.t. washington d.c. . twenty six minutes past eleven in moscow coming up after a break for two programs depending way what you're not internationalists the latest going underground with a look at some of the g twenty stumbling blocks in britain our island you've got sputnik hearing this morning reasons why the war on terrorists still isn't working on the thoughts of a former probably the visor about why. the
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. beginning. sixteen. targets that europe assaulted by my enemy and to one of them at the six moment was president and what about russia you know it better than i do which is that now.
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we're going underground as the leaders of the world's richest nations meet to monks protests and violence at this year's g. twenty in germany leader of the e.u. a block on whose shores thousands are either drowning or being rescued by charities coming up in the show is the end of globalization we asked former executive secretary of the i.m.f. world bank development committee thomas a burns if neo liberal elites are beginning to feel the burden of the world's working classes and as london celebrates pride the u.k.'s largest venture we debate gay rights in russia and the dangers of teresa mayes deal with the deal. and histories of may threatens deportation after twelve months the samu have survived the grim felt our inferno in london we hear a soundtrack to new liberal austerity and as parliament sat on the anniversary of
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a labor government creating british universal health care we can. raise them a appears to need cough medicine at u.k. prime minister's questions all the civil war coming up at today's going underground but first casting a shadow over today's g. twenty summit has been missile testing from north korea prompting donald trump's irascible un ambassador nikki haley to somehow threaten china and russia vote with the international community to strengthen sanctions on north korea and if you choose not to we will go our own path own path international community all arguably tired code words that have been used for decades by successive u.s. officials even the amazon dot com washington post is educating its readers online as to why north koreans displays the usa let alone the u.k. the united states dropped six hundred thirty five thousand tonnes of korea compared with the five hundred in three.


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