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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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and is on the rise. and scripts the city of hamburg germany as police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of anti g twenty protest the time away from the trouble the presidents of russia of the us meet face to face for the very first time must be even break through agreements and extended talks we'll tell you all about that coming up to this half hour of news overwhelmed resorts another surge of migrants heading into europe is straining some nations there is dividing others over the best solution and a way forward plus the pentagon reportedly ups the secrecy surrounding its nuclear weapons inspections after competence has been called into question.
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by good afternoon life here at r.t. h.q. broadcasting internationally revenue are around the world have you started it is going good it's one o'clock in the afternoon here first president's donald trump putin of met for extended talks on the sidelines of the g twenty summit with the first face to face diplomatic meeting lasting for over two hours at the end of it u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said they had a very robust exchange. there was so much to talk about all these issues. just about everything got touched on to one degree or another and i think there was a level of engagement and exchange neither one of them wanted to stop. times i had to remind the president of sticking their heads in the door and i think even the
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first lady at one point to see if she could get us out of there and i didn't work either the meeting brought about a potential breakthrough for the syria conflict leaders agreed to establish a cease fire in the country. because in hamburg he's been there for the last couple of days you know hi again so the leaders convening for a day or two and wrapping up i guess later today bring us up to speed where we've been was going out for the rest of the day. kevin hello again well as we heard right stoller sun was very impressed with how the first ever meeting between a lot of our putin and donald trump went on saturday morning we heard from mr trump who said that he's equally happy with what's happened so right now let's hear some of the other things what exactly said on that as he met the u.k. prime minister to resign may i had a tremendous meeting yesterday. with the president and now we've had
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a really great meetings with a lot of people have you know i have to say well it may have been tremendous for several reasons but first of all perhaps because of that breakthrough cease fire that was announced right after the talks for three parts of syria now you may be skeptical about that breakthrough fair enough when it comes to serious cease fires brokered by washington and moscow by far that hasn't been a success story but you know what. decisions like that haven't been announced at all on a presidential level before it was up to us. of state john kerry to try and do the job when it comes to syria diplomacy on the part of the u.s. now when it comes to the russian president he has already met with the french president manual macron and the german chancellor angela merkel on saturday morning these were three party talks on the ukraine crisis the normandy format
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minus one if you like because the ukrainian president petro poroshenko wasn't present there it looked like the mood was between he saw emmanuel macron tapping with him on the back and that is something that actually has been doing throughout the whole summit now i can tell you that of course more meetings are still to come but more importantly press conferences of the leaders including a lot of our putin so i'll be watching that for you yeah good bring us up to speed when you get all the latest and we'll come back after noon india from out of the g. twenty. so away from the politics pictures from the g. twenty summit of been capturing the imagination of people on social media as they always do drew comparisons between trump and putin's talks with the political t.v. series house of cards new check out those pictures the russian president disappeared for a minute anyway to strike a particularly similar facial expression to the fictional kremlin boss victim
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petroff and body language expert darren stands and broke down for us what all is gesturing means or doesn't. but there was an interesting interaction between president putin and trump. around the table and again they shake hands but this time we noticed president trump sort of pats president putin on the under the arm which was quite mild gesture what i get is a blazer is a power gesture to say that you know we're here but i'm still the powerful man you know i'm still the head on chair so to speak so i think you know although i think the two men have got mutual respect for each other and you know i think this this little call leakage these little leakage gestures that i see between the two men especially from president trump that he still wants to be seen as very much the you know the top man and also a source of footage where the both of us he sat side by side and president trump has got this what we call reverse steeple gesture with the hands and that's again confidence and dominance and then we also see president putin with his with legs
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sort of quite spread apart and again my is a very classic dominant gesture. experts aside we also showed video of the g. twenty summit to some people in various different countries on the street this is what they thought of the world leaders body language. to. try to find a way to get over something so hopefully they try to find a resolution building bridges exactly how they can fight a trial two of them are probably still trying to figure out how we go what we're talking about ukraine and they to saw how. we should stop please stop oh well maybe north korea. and they talk about the rocket launch badge and maybe talk about cereal this morning. so is it oh so you put the conflict no no they did that and it. is now saying this which is it cuts off a red line in the sand what could that be in relation to could be europe it could
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be nato forces. what you think these three are talking about discussing the menu where they're going on holiday. they're probably advising him on what to say. i'm pretty sure he's going to embarrass us we'll help you get those refugees just take those refugees out of paris don't worry that's all you've got to do to put him somewhere else and get him out of the country he has to say mute it's huge. it's going to be very. probably will or. you want a bridge i'll give you a bridge this is the place i could sell bridges to the bridge makers of everywhere this is the so good so good. that's all right it's going to be like any super super awesome awesome. place to be awesome looks like his class in quiet.
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but here's some more highlights from the summit as world leaders set out to impress their counterparts on the host. perfectly for leg. length. are. plenty. of. places. such live. live. live live.
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live. live. live. live. live. live live . so well will these eventually go to those more than a business there was chaos outside thousand descended on homburg to protest that
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summit with why it's turning the city into more of a war zone it's like. as far as i can tell and i'm from member. of never seeing anything like this. sporadic sings a chaos spread across hamburg straits with protests to smashing windows and setting fire to cause there's some pictures the go into the new center just a bit earlier on show in the aftermath of the riots there you can see the j.c.b. diggers out there trying to clear it up you can see the broken windows those violent clashes resulted in several looted shop as well as damaged a.t.m.'s of
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wreckage on the streets real mess there in places isn't it all your correspondent peter all of has been following the unrest. it's continued down the east over the last twenty four hours now as you can see just behind me it is actually more walls account in a riving at the intersection where i am. they will say a quiet tense scene here just shortly just dull long time ago by a number of bottles were being thrown the police responded with water cannon we saw these reinforcements that you can see just see it arriving including it and vehicle just over to my right there. is certainly a very large police presence a helicopter flying overhead many other emergency vehicles around but there's also an awful lot of demonstrators here and then numbers don't seem to be diminishing either.
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what you can see from where i am right now is what the police have been reserved for up. tensional situation it could unfold over my left shoulder we've got an armored vehicle here we've got a north into the water cannon here in the area where i am i can see between a full five maybe six of these water cannons really serious pieces of equipment that are all around this intersection waiting to see if this is going to be the next flash point. we have seen as well some very serious incidences of violence take place that we know a number of police officers around two hundred have been injured we don't know how many demonstrators the certainly has been quite a lot of people injured we have seen ambulances as well we had to stand as well over forty people to be detained by the place i remounted to see that rise and rise as this continues. we saw a large number of black block marching through the streets of homburg some of them
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breaking windows others then i have with little flares putting those red flares into the car setting those cars on fire. this is the scene in hamburg as you can see a heavy police presence there just marching past me basically i'm at an intersection in central hamburg which has become a scene of multiple standoff between police and demonstrators the older came through here from police that this base in the section here this junction hot to be clear. there is a section of demonstrators just over there you may be able to see wall to count and being used every time they try and come closer to this intersection they get sprayed back with yeah but i am. counting.
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down on. that has continued and i can tell you right now the helicopters flying overhead. the shining searchlight so they can still see plumes of smoke across the city so. there were plenty of peaceful protests over the g. twenty as well of course that didn't make so many headlines today this kissing couple who were nonetheless blasted by police watertown. people throughout the afternoon elsewhere a surge of migrants trying to get into europe in recent months has led the e.u.'s migration commissioner to now admit that the situation is in fact getting worse and despite he is spent trying to search for a solution the e.u. use seem very limited results thus far.
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two thousand. and nine i had thought that i have to take me almost twenty percent between fifty yet because of that trade and it will get off the chinese. cooperation again. we need more of the international level to break the smuggling business model. putting more people in the boat they were sending out all boats those must join us every ten to be very slow and instead we had incidents almost every day in both they were taking more people than they really are or should be allowed to take their big box.
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journey is more dangerous don't question the the percentage of survival right. that is good that they're all that and for you and your head that they're going to cows that if he'd be. good to know all the language barrier between these get me share and the rescue people and so that you can share it all share their rights you can have it and that would be a long book and i mean they're going to be sure that it's not sustainable. the boat sensors are deliberately turned off by n.g.o.s in order to secure the location and that does not arouse confidence. that magic that all that you are yet to grow by the eco challenge the book life is yet very very.
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what is happening in front of our eyes in italy is an unfolding tragedy. well let's take stock of where europe is at the moment is a snapshot showing some of the current extent of the problem italy's already seen at least eighty five thousand migrants reach it shores so far this year it's been pleading with fellow even nations to share the burden has largely been ignored there's france that makeshift camp in paris cleared only on friday with the migrant sent to requisition gyms and sport centers of the north of france said kalai the former site of the notorious jungle camp that seen its budget hotels filled up with refugees to try and house them over in greece it's also taken only a huge share of migrants across the country locals on the island of chaos again a furious that the local hotels are having to be used still as emergency housing we sounded out european political analyst and european parliament and pay about the migrant crisis both agree it is a huge ongoing problem but they say for different reasons. this i mean this whole
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migrant story is based on hypocrisy where are these migrants coming from they're coming from they're coming from afghanistan they're coming from iraq they're coming from syria the coming from libya these are the countries where the u.s. and nato said they were going to bring democracy so you bring democracy and twenty years later you get the microscope in droves so the responsibility of the west comes in the fact that they have destabilized countries and they have attacked some of the most secular countries in the mideast the second hypocrisy as you said is that they've all got these nice words and very sweet to open the borders to refugees so they're inviting them when mrs merkel said that she was going to greet these refugees that was an invitation but there's an invitation and then when the migrants arrival there's nobody to greet them italy is facing the biggest problem you know but the problem is not the but actually got these main political because you know they've been a grimace between the member states of the european union for the relocation of the
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requisition for and put every state member to accept some of them but the. fusion completely to accept even one refugee this is the the problem is a lack of clarity that he he said you know it is not that this a europe good for the european union it goes nowhere. one meal my guess is not a big deal the problem the lack of humanity's the lack of common goal the lack of the founding out i would be i.d.'s of the european union coming up here claims the pentagon's cloaking incompetence will tell you all about it next. here's what people have been saying about redacted the night exactly it's pull on ourselves the only show i go out of my way to the times you really want is some really packed a punch. yam is the g.
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. we are fairly better than. the c. . heard of. president of the world bank very. seriously he sent us an e-mail. sixteen.
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the pentagon's increasing the level of secrecy around its nuclear weapons inspections according to associated press news agency seems safety and security reports had previously be made available to the public but not from now on the u.s. joint chiefs of staff say the moves necessary we are comfortable with the secrecy for as long as nuclear weapons exist the u.s. will maintain a safe secure and effective nuclear stockpile but transparency campaign to say the move goes beyond u.s. national security concerns they fear it's about covering up incompetence that have been a few lapses in the past is a reminder. every single day for. the most part what. it's not take lightly.
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the internal and external reviews i ordered showed that are consistent lack of investment and support for a nuclear forces or far too many years has left us with too little margin to cope with monica stresses. the reviews found evidence of systematic problems that if not addressed could undermine the safety security and effectiveness. of the force in the future we discussed the pentagon's nuclear secrecy move to some experts in the us. i think that for particular information in itself is not revealing any actual secrets but it does show probably did united
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states feel uncomfortable to show in public its confidence in its own reliability safety and. good. training of its own personnel in that field and that's and it's. regrettable it's worrisome and it's unfortunate decision they just don't want anybody to know what's going on and they've been very careless over this you reported bad accidents at los alamos there was a report a couple of years ago where a plane was missing with carrying nuclear warhead loaded missiles that went from minnesota air force base to new orleans and they didn't even know it was this think that there are six hours just been lucky i don't think anybody's going to liberate really push that button in a nuclear war or it's going to be an accident it's going to be aging computer.
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revolution las vegas looking to celebrate or maybe drown the sorrows won't find much compensation from the new stuff in one new planet hollywood while you say well this robot clever that mixes drinks move one hundred fifty bottles of liquor and soft drinks suspended overhead offering party a classic an eighteen signature drinks customers can order them using the mobile phones or the bar code to scan the system i guess that's where the pay is well the first clients have given the high tech bartenders a. robot future longside artificial intelligence is a worry too for a lot of people researchers worldwide have been concerned over its economic impact with the effects likely to see wages decreasing and higher unemployment figures we discussed all those worries with labor activist david busch. what we will see is probably over time in the introduction of new technologies in the service sector but instead of mass job displacement what we're likely to see is
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possible increase in productivity over time. you know the creation of new jobs because of those technologies i'm not saying that automation won't displace. what i am saying is that the rate will do with. it's unfolding. questions for us next year not international how donating blood provides a vital income for impoverished americans and a healthy profit stream for drugs firms but if you're in britain the raw wood you go going underground from a good afternoon. with
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manufacture can be sent to the public. when the ruling class is a project. we can all middle of the room signals. being real new.
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i think the u.s. russia relationship is very important and it has suffered and we need to make it better there's no question about it we need to cooperate on so many issues on nuclear weapons on syria on iran on energy on trade. this is what we discover inside machines interrogate the donors the volunteers answer the medical questions at electronic terminals one single physical examination measuring blood pressure. this is mainly to avoid the donors fainting
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while donating blood which would slow down the entire chain. not a single chair in the room is empty an endless stream of donors with no time to recover after the donation twelve hours a day seven days a week. in view of such summary checks everything is based on what people think a pay donations entailed a certain risk they encourage donors to lie about their health. such compensation also attracts a high risk population that sometimes has secrets to hide give. them. a very good to. be able to. question but the basic law know enough. yeah you use computer yes and no no no to say though if i was lying when i say my tattoos over two years old it
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looks like it's part of the bricks but it actually is what i miss in a blue fame to make it look like you do in iran the song. you know i had the science on though we will go in the money use and it's a drop of whom are just next first summer to big bang around here is k two. and so you know me even if they was the test not for drugs they don't show up you know they don't give their lives ha for about three to five minutes a day you chasing the game. show you know you got away to the next couple days backed out in the plaza. streamline. i get all of this class so i can get their fix everybody i feel everybody wins that's the way i see the people selling drugs they are used to this they love because simple fact that means walk the farmers there even if you know even if somewhere else. they clients will get.


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