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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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violence grips the city of hamburg in germany as police used tear gas on watertown men to disperse. twenty protesters away from the trouble the president of russia and the u.s. meet face to face for the very first time reaching some breakthrough agreements in extended talks. also ahead this hour overwhelmed and under resourced another surge of migrants heading into europe strained some nations on the. solution. on the pentagon reportedly ops the secrecy surrounding its nuclear weapon
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inspection competence is called into question. just after three pm here in moscow this july you know me welcome to our to international follow the sended on homburg to protest the g twenty summit there with riots turning the city into more of a war zone. that does. it is. as far as i can tell and i'm from member. of never seeing anything like this.
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or sporadic scenes of chaos spread across homburg streets with protestors smushing windows and setting cars on fire these are some of the latest pictures from hamburg showing the aftermath of the riots which resulted in looted shops as well as damage a.t.m.'s and wreckage on the streets the german justice minister has warned that such behavior will not be tolerated. every peaceful protest is welcome but that's no free pass for unrestrained rampaging these extremist criminals don't belong in the streets but in court whoever took these cars and then just police officers does not deserve any kind of toll or an. all right let's cross live now to peter oliver who is in hamburg and who has been following what's happening there for the
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last number of days to give us a sense of the mood in hamburg this saturday afternoon. this is the way it looks exactly where those pictures that you've just shown from the violence that started on friday night into saturday morning this was really the epicenter that took place you can see some of the damage here advertising hoardings have been destroyed there i'm in front of a bank where just over to my right here you can see a gentleman who's boarding up a a.t.m. machine or a series of a.t.m. machines that have all been smashed a lot of buildings have been boarded up here some of their windows put through that were boarded up numerous glazier trucks are out and about on the streets either putting up boards in case of further violence here through saturday or repairing windows that were broken on friday evening what we have seen from speaking to shop owners here though is that some were not willing to board up in abandoned their
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stores but wanting to stay overnight in them and just really asking the question why was the g. twenty brought here. some owners are covering windows so they don't get broken we are staying here twenty four hours a day to make sure that we can keep people bury and nothing gets broken a lot of places are closed so we can't work productively there's a total collapse of transportation you can't come in you can't get out of town but the facts are and our freedom. well there's also been some looting that's taken place the drug store which is near here had its front doors kicked in and windows kicked in and it was looted as some of the shops as well now you may be able to see people behind me taking photographs around to now it is very peaceful here at the moment we're seeing pretty much tourists coming out and snapping photographs of locals as. photographs of what unfolded last night but i spoke to some people at a demonstration it's also going on at the same time right now about what they made
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of the violence that occurred on friday night. feeling very very badly because we're living right next door to this contact with a chance in fact and the really hate it so that's a point because. i decided today to go to this demonstration to set a point that the violence was all followed the. message i want to send he's violent simply tragic what was clear from the very beginning scene was that the police did nothing once the officers granted in small groups generally you could say it was incompetence and. well there's generally a feeling that the police didn't do enough amongst those people were just there however what i can tell you from we were here watching what was unfolding on friday evening there was a very large police presence and when they went into action they certainly went into action very forcefully batons drawn shields out at the spray was used as well
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as the water cannon that we've seen and all that footage however some of those as we just heard you live here really wanted them to do that a lot sooner before bottles were thrown out the more flares or anything like that now we are expecting as many as one hundred thousand people to come to demonstrate over the course of this g. twenty which as many as eight thousand according to authorities from the high leftist groups that could. cause violence they have caused violence we've seen not throughout the at the time they've been here the violence though of course also impacted not only on the city of hamburg and the people that live here but on the u.s. first lady as well maloney a trump been planning on friday to take part in a river cruise and also to visit a climate change center which considering her husband's view on climate change was probably a very big deal for the people running not she was unable to attend those events. the violence basically kept paying. for the time being his security would letting her leave for
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a little while on friday but as we see the street pretty much getting back to normal right now despite the scars that have been left it is preparing for more demonstrations to take place today of course i'll be keeping an eye on bringing you all of the developments. giving us a good sense of what's been happening in the northern german city r.t. europe correspondent peter all over. what president donald trump and putin have met for extended talks on the sidelines all the g twenty summit with their first face to face diplomatic meeting last thing over two hours u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said they had a very robust exchange there was so much to talk about all these issues. just about everything got touched on to one degree or another and i think there was a level of engagement and exchange neither one of them wanted to stop. i had to remind the president of people sticking their heads in the door and i think even in
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the first lady at one point to see if she could get us out of there and i didn't work either on the meeting brought about a potential breakthrough for the syria conflict to the leaders agreed to establish a cease fire in the country big hopes for that one. so right still or so and was really impressed with how the first ever meeting between lattimer putin and donald trump went on saturday morning donald trump said that he was equally happy he called the meeting tremendous as he was talking to you case prime minister to resume a i had a tremendous meeting us today. with the president so we had a really great meetings with a lot of people having a lot to say well it may have been tremendous for several reasons but first of all perhaps because of the breakthrough cease fire that was announced straight after the putin trouble meeting for three regions of syria and you may be skeptical about
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a breakthrough fair enough when it comes to serious cease fires brokered by washington and moscow that is by far not a success story in the past but previously whenever even heard about such decisions under barack obama on a presidential level it was up to john kerry to try and do the job when it comes to syria diplomacy on the part of the u.s. when it comes to the washroom president vladimir putin he has already met and manual macron and. these are three party talks the normandy format minus one if you like because the cranium president petro poroshenko wasn't there the mood was between saw emanuel macron tapping with lattimer putin on the back and that is something that actually has been doing throughout the whole summit now i can tell you that of course more meetings are still to come but more importantly press conferences all of the leaders including a lot of our putin so i'll be watching that for you away from the politics pictures
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from the g. twenty summit have been capturing the imagination of people on social media some drew comparisons between trump on putin's talks with the political t.v. series hosts of cards as the russian president appeared to strike a similar facial expression a fictional kremlin boss actor petroff body language expert darren stanton broke done for us watch told the gesturing me. there was interest in the interaction between president putin and trump. around a table and again they shake hands but this time we noticed president trump sort of pats president putin under the under the arm which was quite mild gesture but that again is a place that is a power gesture to almost say that you know we're here but i'm still the powerful man you know i'm still the head on show so to speak so i think you know although the two men have what mutual respect for each other. you know i think this this little what we call leakage these little leakage gestures that i see between the two men especially from president trump that he still wants to be seen as very much
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the you know the top man and also a source of footage where the both of his sat side by side. president trump has got this what we call a reverse steeple gesture with the hands and that's again confidence and dominance and then we also see president putin with his with legs sort of quite split apart and again my is a very classic dominant gesture. apart from the experts we showed footage from day one of the g twenty summit to people from a few different countries here's what they make of the world leaders body language . to. try to find a way to get over something so i. try to fundraise nation building bridges exactly ali making fun of trial two of them are probably still trying to figure out how we go look to talk about ukraine and the need to saw oh we should stop please stop.
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north korea. and they talk about the rocket launch. this morning. so is it oh so you put the conflict no no. he's now saying in a speech is it cuts off a red line assad. what could that be in relation to could be europe a could be nato a full suzi. what you think these three a talking about discussing the menu or where they're going on holiday. they're probably advising him on what to say. i'm pretty sure he's going to embarrass us we'll help you get those refugees just take those refugees out of paris don't worry that's all you've got to do to put him somewhere else and get him out of the country he has to say. it's you going to be here it's going to be very. probably we're doing the nearest bar or something . you want a bridge i'll give you a bridge this is the best bridge north i could sell bridges to the bridge makers of
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everywhere this is the so good so good what about hershey's says jim and that's all right it's going to be like any super super awesome awesome. news place to be awesome looks like it's class and quiet. across. from sure. let's take a look at some more highlights from the summit no as world leader said i to impress their culture parts. liz. lemon. live. live. live. live.
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live. live. live. live. live. live. live. live live live live
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. live live let's talk more now on the business side cross live to political analyst garri out i'm good to see you back on the show just the overall picture. here what do you believe are the main challenges to be overcome at this g. twenty summit. well the main challenges are actually enforcing and getting what was said to turn in to solve that action remind the viewers of very important meeting from earlier this week between representatives of the chinese government and the russian government including of course president xi jinping of china and by the me of putin countless deals was signed in the areas of
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technological cooperation and energy media cooperation transport trade finance by lateral relations strengthened in terms of foreign affairs single policy on the. and so this was an example of a bilateral summit where things actually got done the g. twenty is best understood as a series of bilateral subjects the most famous or perhaps even from his first four being the one between divided we have putin and donald trump with of course the foreign ministers of both countries. and respectively being present now the agreement that they reached was a political victory for russia and a domestic political victory for trump for russia america is now the second country who is traditionally opposed the syrian government that russia and iran are partners with it's the second country that russia has brought in to a peace process that is essentially russian or third and russia in force the first
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was of course when turkey was brought into the a stone of process alongside russia and iran and now the united states as well as the traditional u.s. ally of jordan is going to be brought into the cease fire agreement for the three governing western syria and the u.s. and jordan more also along with russia in force the deescalation zones now on paper that's a very good geo political victory for russia. domestically donald trump can go to his audience in the u.s. and say i accomplished in a few months in office what barack obama could never do. that of some weight and importance with russia and how much is the serious cease fire deal agreed between put into a significant development after the g. twenty if the come into place momentarily or is it just a from. your thoughts on that because we really want something concrete to come out of this a lot of people expecting something to hold here will it. well with
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the astonished group was formed there were a lot of people skeptical of that but it formed and the group remains in place confirmed the agreements made at the g twenty in no way undermine or jettison the work being done in the store in the group then in may when the memorandum creating the initial deescalation zones was signed into stone a lot of people but that has also happened so there is a precedent for under russian leadership things getting done that one wouldn't otherwise expect but do they always get down as far really as completely as some would want the answer is because with all things in life and certainly with all things in geopolitics generally you know so a lot depends on america's interpretation of the writing we see that just to the east of where these new deescalation zones are to be established in a place called our town of where america has illegal gareth's and there have been
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times when america has followed unilaterally upon syrian troops and their allies which is in code very harsh criticisms from russia you saw just recently america shot down a jet a fighter jet of the syrian arab army air force and that was of course resoundingly by russia so they're reading from the same page but possibly in a slightly different dialect just another aspect of the of what we're seeing at the actual summit violent protests against the g. twenty how much do you think that the crowds concern both peaceful and otherwise we're listening to by the leaders just briefly if you can. well when people also responsible as to burn cause vandalize property put lives in danger set fire to a peaceful city then frankly they actually have quite a lot in common with many of the leaders of the g. twenty china and russia being two major exceptions to the rule the countries like
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the united states and its european allies they've been setting the middle east on fire for twenty years so the difference is between the the mad protesters and some of the mad policy makers inside the g twenty it's rather a difference of scale i should think political analyst album gary thank you as always for coming on the show and sharing your thoughts. another massive influx of refugees is seeing the e.u. again struggle for a solution more nut after the break. all the fear we kill. everyone in the world of experience. and you get it out of the old the old. the old according to gesture.
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the modern world come along for the. like comcast for example is a company that is an anti-american as they get it as if it's a company as anti-democratic as it gets comcast on n.b.c. and of course they are. of course. parody epic sketches and see think they're being sold liberal at sacking the current ministration the same time serving the terrorists so those people who are in that. should understand that they are ten or. twenty one minutes into the program welcome back a surge in migrants trying to get into europe in recent months has led the e.u.'s migration commissioner to admit the situation is getting worse and despite years
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spent searching for a solution the e.u. seemed very limited results. he has said to his house and i think you know who are that that and now i have taught them that i have to take me very to almost twenty percent between t.c.f. meant because of that train and the young officer tell you. who's to go thirty shillings a smuggler. we need more difficult because of international level two grades of smuggling business model. putting more people in the boat still sending out all boats those monsoon january february tend to be very slow and instead we had
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incidents almost every day in boats that were taking more people than they really are or should be allowed to take this very big boat. journey is more dangerous don't question be. the percentage of survival drops that is good that will end for you and it has to travel things to cows that it seems to be that. there is no to many barriers between these get mission to rescue people and so that i have shares that all share their rescues had been sent down to back longer than i meant and i'm going to ration that and the reason it's not sustainable. it's the boat sensors are deliberately turned off by n.g.o.s in order to obscure
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the location did not does not arouse confidence this x.x.l. . imagine that. you have yet to provide a child the book black berry. what is happening in front of. this unfolding tragedy. well here is a snapshot of the current problem italy's already seen at least eighty five thousand migrants reach its shores so far this year it's pleading with fellow e.u. nations to share the burden but being largely ignored in france a makeshift camp in paris was cleared on friday with the migrants sent to sports centers to the north in cali the former site of the notorious jungle camp the city has seen budget hotels fill their rooms with refugees and ingrates which has also taken on a huge share of migrants locals on the island of kielce are furious their hotels
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are having to be used as emergency housing where we got the thoughts of a european political analyst on the european parliament m.p. about the migrant crisis both agree it's a huge problem not the blame lies with the e.u. but for different reasons. the problem the lack of humanities the lack of common goals the lack of the founding out would be ideas of the european union. one million or migrants is not a big deal people of europe are exasperated because i don't think the people of europe mind having migrants and it's a tradition in many of european countries to greet a political refugees the problem is that these are not political refugees these are for most of the economical refugees problem is not the but actually got these men. because you know the agreements between the member states of the european union for the relocation of the refugees and the put every state member to accept some of
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them by the. fusion completely to accept even one refugee this is the the problem is the lack of charity that is the responsibility is in all the wars that nato and western countries have waged in foreign countries where are these migrants coming from they're coming from they're coming from afghanistan they're coming from iraq they're coming from syria they're coming from libya these are the countries where the u.s. and nato said they were going to bring democracy so you bring democracy in twenty years later you get the migrants coming in droves. the pentagon's increasing the level of secrecy around its nuclear weapons inspections according to the associated press news agency safety and security reports had previously been made available to the public but the u.s. joint chiefs of staff say the move is necessary we are comfortable with the secrecy for as long as nuclear weapons exist the u.s. will maintain a safe secure and effective nuclear stockpile however transparency campaigners say
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the move goes beyond u.s. national security concerns and fear it's about covering up incompetence and there have been a few laughters in the past a reminder of something. every single day for. the most part. it's not lightly. the internal and external reviews i ordered showed that are consistent lack of
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investment and support for a nuclear forces or far too many years has left us with too little margin to cope with monny stresses the reviews found evidence of systematic problems that if not addressed could undermine the safety security and effectiveness of the elements of the force in the future we discussed the pentagon's nuclear secrecy move with experts in the us. that for particularly for me she eats so is not revealing any actual secrets but he does show probably did united states feel uncomfortable to show in public its confidence in its own reliability safety and. good. training of its own personnel in that field and that's and it's. regrettable it's
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worrisome and it's unfortunate decision they just don't want anybody to know what's going on and they've been very careless there was a huge report a bad accidents at los alamos there was a report a couple of years ago where a plane was missing with carrying nuclear warhead loaded missiles that went from minnesota air force base to new orleans and they didn't even know it was missing for thirty six hours just been lucky i don't think anybody's going to deliberately push that button in a nuclear war or it's going to be an accident and it's going to be aging compute is next in our to international boom bust casting a financial eye over the g. twenty how on earth in britain are though it's sputnik. i'm going to france broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. .


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