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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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chancellor merkel they were some other issues that we looked at for example to find a way a counter example the digital economy but it was when you we made a proposal to set common rules to work on for the digital economy. our business which the quicky. define what cybersecurity is about it when we need to develop a system of rules of conduct. for this area the president of south africa spoke on this matter a lot today saying that we need to join our efforts actually all the speakers spoke about this and this is a when they reflected in the final document that we have to be ready that much to do it we need to do what we need to know what to do with the people who lose their jobs a result of this process. certain time lines
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using it but i said that we should also work with the labor unions because labor unions should not only protect the rights of workers but i don't also self-employed people working in the digital economy and. more and more people like that ration shop us over and in any case this also relates to education for women. girls in any case we often discuss this the issues but. at the fore we also discuss this. as applied to digital economy as well i think this was a useful for a man who will be helpful and it will help to stabilize the global economy. which you know. i'd like to call up on was my colleague last year when i was speaking about political issues discussed at the summons and there are more and more industrially being discussed because he talks about the economy. i mean certainly
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selfish economies of a country said thought that he had not seen the countability of the growth of the global economy do you think it's just a client's interest going to take his questions that took place again and my second question about sanctions. favorable trends we don't see any at this point or we hardly see a month by now there are certain facts we don't see trends we see some isolated facts that are not quite helpful for the development of the economy including the global economy you know the eurozone and russia a couple of. illegitimate restrictions which you mentioned. we believe that all those restrictions should billeted as we. are for free trade and we want to work with what ing to the w t o where we. can then which actually one of the subjects that we discussed in the economic section of the forum was free trade
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but the fighting protectionism this was also another important matter that we discussed which i forgot to mention earlier i'm usually used so on the whole we are making progress of course. but on much an optimistic most of our progress is not as good as we initially hope. the growth indicators are not as for promising as we hoped this initial e we do see some growth including in russia just recently i mentioned so. i'll repeat it again the russian economy because there's obviously grown in water as russia's economy but i still. got out of recession now we've been growing for three quarters in a row of my and in main most. people russia's economy grew by zero were three percent three point one per. would you are the same call. would
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the average growth rate for this year will be about two percent and this is a significant contribution to the growth of the global economy. let me remind you that you know who to put up which is what you said on about who i meant to rate is a low level of five point two percent he writes the central bank's reserves keep growing and central banks are reserved have reached four hundred twelve billion dollars. if we really should hold the budget our federal revenue has grown by forty percent of the chinese confirm this. but despite. the rate is quite low about four point four percent just gold this makes us quite optimistic even though i should say that this is why they're not an absolutely stable trend we should make sure that they're well. this trend continues we need
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to pull a grudge to maintain this growth trend and i have every reason to believe that we'll be able to do so next question again from interfax course i mr president you know when you're everyone was glued to screen following your meeting with president trump how do you assess the outcome of this meeting it's no secret that in poland there was quite harsh criticism of the american president and its mass media was quite hostile towards it. what about the. intervention of crossing into the us elections did you make peace decisions you know state of. the us president did you raise the question regarding this issue and we did talk about it this was not a single issue we spoke at length with you about these issues you are aware of our position i reiterated there is no reason to believe that russia meddled in the us
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elections. but. what is important here is that. we have agreed. that the situation of uncertainty especially going forward which we should have bored with. this kind of situation in these matters this is what i said at our last stop this is directly related to cyberspace and with the internet with a good resources and so on we have agreed with the u.s. president that the most. but i will set up a working group. and we'll work together so that i you know it is up on the. cyber security. we will make sure that international rules are maintained we need to prevent meddling into other countries if they are of course primarily we're talking about russia and the united states here. if we are able to set up this
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mechanism some and i have no reason to doubt there will be no more speculation on this subject and you also ask about our personal relationship i think we were able to establish a relationship which you know i don't know how it will sound but let me just tell you what i really think it should trump you see on t.v. is very different from the real person who is a very specifically to be able to understand what you tell him he advises your words pretty quickly and he's able to respond he answers your questions or he responds to whatever may come up in the course of discussion so our think if we keep going like that if we keep building our relationship the way we did it yesterday there is every reason to believe that we were we will be able to restore at least partially a level of insurrection that we need. to.
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make a film with which. especially. with but . with that i. represent c.b.s. and my question. to follow up on your response. when you deny the russian intervention into the american election. did president trump agree with your position did he accept this position and. after what he did he asked a lot of questions about this last week oh just. responded to all those questions as much as i could so a lot of things he did. what are your civil said but you have to ask him what he thinks about all this. kind of.
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not speaking about g. twenty nine but a question on domestic policy what's your attitude to mr in the valley and his. and. when you do get what i mean well i think we can have a dialogue when you can specially. the presidential level of government but i will you can only talk to people who have a constructive agenda even if it's there it's ridiculous but if you can when you. look at it if it's a person who only wants to attract attention to himself i'm not interested in this kind of dialogue the next question. i see which is something. for argument and talk to news. this morning you had to meet. with the french president and the german chancellor i can only suppose ditto the comment that you discussed in detail situation in ukraine is there any news is
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there a hope that the situation in a will come closer to its resolution with. compared to what how it is now up for. discussion that started of this situation with the us president how does it go in or do interests of the u.s. and other very different in regards to ukraine and the issue of the conflict. i'm suggesting that given the bad. grounds of the u.s. envoy on this issue and do just that i see your russia's interests and ukraine's interest going to school not only interests of the russian people and the ukrainian people and i strongly believe this stuff i absolutely believe this whole inside of our interests of culturally coincide and there may be a difference between their leadership today's little ship of ukraine and certain
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political forces in ukraine. but if we look at the situation objectively we'll see that both russia and ukraine are interested in corporation and we are both interested in combining are a couple of advantages and we are both interested in developing our economies i'm just simply because we inherited a lot from you so you have to pass by i mean copper aeration economic integration. we share the same infrastructure the same transport system i mean basically everything unfortunately our ukrainian colleagues neglect this today and they have only one asset the left which they offer on the market today and this is there are so far and one more thing and you've got to well they also i strayed in the policy of dividing russia and ukraine separating these two nations separating these two peoples which some people in the west are like this is
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a some people think that they should do their best to separate ukraine from russia that's why even today you see ukrainian elaters should actively offers this asset on the market. and they're quite good at it but sooner or later this will come to an end in any case we're interested in seeing the situation and as soon as possible which is just as regards the us or. ukrainian settlement. we did discuss this with president trump and we have agreed well this is already this has already happened there will be special and avoid pointed by the trumpet ministration that much and this person we deal with this matter on a regular basis. maintain contact with russia ukrainian all the stakeholders would you give us a very. address just as you can toss agency mr
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president i want to ask you about middle east the situation there is developing while it includes syria qatar and other countries as syria you probably had discussions on syria within the g twenty summit framework. and following the recent meeting in astronaut what's your assessment of the prospects for syrian settlement has there been any change maybe there has been a change for a more constructive dialogue given the yesterday and today and about qatar what's your assessment of the prospects for this country was it discussed at the g twenty one and if i may ask. you need a whole report right it's a rare opportunity so speaking about the policy anti-terrorism policy as far as a no agreeing that communique on terrorism was quite difficult to discuss why.
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frankly i'm not aware of those difficulties you should talk to sherpas about. i don't know i don't think there are any fundamental differences maybe just some technical differences. since. as far as i know they've got taxed has been agreed at least at the level of the presidents at the level of the heads of state we didn't have any difficulty everybody realizes that this. as a come on the thread and everybody says that they are ready to fight this threat as regards to tara we did not discuss this issue. on the white it will be a problem every jew no problems and it can have an effect on certain problems for example and security in the region but i did not discuss this issue with anybody that has a summit as regards to syria yet it's almost. with all my
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counterparts we discussed this issue at our meetings. whether the us has changed its position on syria i would say that america's position is more pragmatic now. on the whole it doesn't seem like it has changed a lot but there are even some standing that we can achieve a lot by joining our choices and as a result we have reached this agreement on the soudan deescalation zone. and we gardner so what's people think about this i can tell you that this is a really a breakthrough that we've been able to achieve for you know what is present i'm working with president trump. this is a practical result of our work together with the united states which in that we also get going to jordan and some other regional you contras involved in this work we had consultations with israel and we will continue consultations in the near
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future but this is a real positive result you may say this is even a breakthrough when you get so if we continue making progress in other areas like that if we make progress with other reduced collation zones for example we discussed this matter and in detail with the turkish president today to a large extent this does not depend on us on this is not up to us there are some differences between the regional players although sky. have their concerns have their preferences so we have their interests after all and those are legitimate interests mind you that because that's the way we should treat them we should treat them as a legitimate interest so we should be looking for a compromise and sometimes we are able to do that because in any case the fact that the new house still it is. used and we have those deescalation a zone as we discuss them this is you know itself
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a big step forward because what we need now is to come to an agreement regarding the specific borders of those zones and how we are going to ensure security within go zones bases and. warring words but it's extremely important. and based on the positive experience that we were. recently using good we were on the city's turkey and of course the syrian government and the president also said. we are able. to make progress but you know most importantly and we retreated. in our documents regarding the deescalation zone that borders on jordan. and. golan heights and the most important thing is that we ensure that syria's
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territorial integrity and the deescalation zone use shewed him. like territories that can work together and work with the official damascus if we are able to do that we will certainly have a strong foundation for a resulting the syrian problem through political means again only things. and always every and it was the ok question for me and i was to. well. we spoke about suppose a russian intervention into the election that there will be elections in germany but here in germany there's going to be election is russia planning to intervene in these elections and do you not see fire merkel about how you're going to do it maybe you can tell me. it's a provocative question you're asking like i told you we never meddled in the u.s.
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election why should we nato in germany we have very good relations with germany this is our number one and three a partner national level in europe and one of our biggest trade partners is the world wide and we have some dream huge joint projects that we support for example. nord stream to you but. there's a lot of speculation and myths related to its use this project but. in any case it's very obvious that this broader than a fit of the european economy and germany's economy because germany has abandoned nuclear energy as you know so why why why should we meddle in germany. germany is politics if you look at the media. at the german media i mean or their european of french media. what they do is they meddle in our affairs all the time but we are
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confident that's why this doesn't bother us and b c news your question are you n.b.c. news. so you will ask your question together all. i see but it will sink if there are much mr president for the chance to ask questions from our t.v. company but i. wanted to ask it is. your meeting with the president my colleague already asked if it's but was still you don't think wants to ask that we should ask. didn't trump what happened you have to ask him what he thinks about this. what happened nothing happened we did not meddle. but unfortunately the white house does not releasing the information ok we'll talk to the white house and we'll tell them to fix that again but could you perhaps say here what the president's trump told you when you told him that you did not intervene into the election where you started asking. questions he was interested in particular details
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so answering his questions you know as much detail as i was able to i told him about my conversations with the previous administration on the issue including my conversations with president obama but of course i don't think i can share the details of my conversations with president obama you don't do this generally and it would be improper for me to tell you in detail what we talked about with president bush and i responded to this question he asked a few more questions and i gave him my answers and i think he was satisfied with my answers. but i was. ready to. play a part but also speaking about the economic growth. government has already prepared
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to plan and aspire as i know you are away already but it's secret it's kept secret and we don't know why and you just shared some details of it. look me explain to you i guess you know because we have several different groups of experts working on the economic plan there is a group led by mr too tall for you much he works with businessmen with no business community down there is another group was led by me. bush acknowledged he has a large and number of experts in his group and then there is the governmental and no we should come up with a plan that would be acceptable that would be optimal. solution wolf we're going to meet in the world for what we are going to do with our economy after twenty eight c. and we have to consider all the proposals we have to evaluate all those plans and then should make the final decision it will do so maybe we will not just because
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one of the three options that we are offered we may. us know when they to combine a certain things from all these different options but which is that in any case this is a work in progress and we just don't want to anticipate anything we don't want to say anything prematurely but the government has done a lot of work on this it land and of course we will have a lee on the plan proposed by the government but we will also take into consideration what was proposed by the gudrid group and by they to talk to group they also have certain good ideas so currently we are looking at all those plans and trying to get. define the final plan for russia's economic development after twenty eighteen there is no secret about this but it's just that we don't want to do any now to announce certain things before we make
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a final decision because we can send a wrong kind of signal to the economy by doing that. you've got a. question on foreign policy as far as in. you know all the. car and its plans to be used after twenty eight. you know more about this than i do because obviously you've read all everything about it was emotional and i have no plan to use the car this vehicle. you never want to. ride in the vehicle that hasn't been tested so i suggest that you test it first and then i may use it later next question please r.t. which is a clue you know. it's a bit of. going to have the
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guys that are such today you already mentioned your meetings with the president ever dog on i like to ask a question when you talked about northern as i did you discuss the kurdish issue. and the territory where the russians representatives present observing and the. media. whipping up. for intervention off turkey in that area and just because some presidents are going the future of syrian president bashar. where they will be part of the political future of syria as opposed to just emotional well let me start with your last question mr tillerson very respected person sees and he has a russian order the order of friendship we respect and we love him but he is not there citizen of syria and the future of syria has to be decided by the people of syria and the future all threats then should be decided by the syrian people that's
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number one number two as regards the surety she she is a good. there's a big and complex problem and we are going for i maintain contact with many kurdish groups and we make no secret of it but. just as the union speech in regards to combat support for these groups are u.s. colleagues us are. actually far ahead of us in this respect they do this a lot more often i should say. our servicemen especially uncomfortable monitor the new cease fire yes they are present in many areas in syria the good and in the areas where we have reached an agreement a truce a cease fire but the areas that you mentioned. there is a very insignificant number maybe one or two we don't have the units there it's
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just a small number of individuals and the function that they perform because everybody benefits from it but to get at this point we don't see any plans for launching any offensive or anything like that on the contrary we expect that. preliminary and this is gaining on deescalation zones in certain areas like in libya and in the northern syria and us we hope that this agreement will be reached and we can never do this without turkey ok next question. if others consider. my colleagues already mentioned. there was also his statement of and delivering liquid gas to poland and europe how do you see sas so this statement is especially in the context of the north stream
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project will there be more tensions because you'd think this is an extremely positive development because healthy competition benefits everybody because we always support open market and healthy competition of the u.s. president of which i spoke yesterday at the session and there said that louis she wants to have guns honest and fair competition. actually when i spoke of this but i supported him and then you agreed with that and we are quite happy with it. today if this is what they do if we have open and fair competition because you know if it's not going to dubai is the if it's not politicized and if they don't use any political machine we would be quite happy with that is because as of today and this is very obvious that the cost of production and the delivery of liquefied natural gas from the u.s. to russia is much higher than
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a russian. rationale and. then russian l.n.g. cannot compete with russian natural gas delivered through. pipelines so we clearly have a competitive advantage for us to preserve those advantages our market partners should work actively for us to preserve this competitive advantage so let's conclude now the last question please. what. channel off to your first meeting with the president. do you think it will be possible and it's. for the russian american relations to come out of the crisis should be and you. really hope that we'll be able to do that on the. things we can see some positive signs even right now thank you very much. ok that was all very putin the russian president speaking.


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