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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 8, 2017 10:29am-11:01am EDT

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is march. a russian girl and russian. and. russian elegy cannot compete with russian natural gas delivered through. high plains so we clearly have a competitive advantage for us to preserve those advantages our market partners should work actually for us to preserve this competitive advantage so let's conclude now the last question please. channel after your first meeting with the president. do you think it will be possible and for the russian american relations to come out of the crisis should. really hope that we'll be able to do the. things we can see some positive signs even right now thank you very much . ok that was all they were put in the russian president speaking to the media on the second day of the g.
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twenty summit a whole raft of topics to be discussed there donald trump syria the economy and a lot of other issues seven dollar trouble of the main things that you got from that. truck that you see on t.v. is different from the trump you get in meetings also said that dead on trump had pressed them on topics about the alleged u.s. election interference said that he thinks that donald trump was satisfied with my answers to that ok we'll have more on that in the coming hours all about that but in the meantime let's talk more news. ok a second consecutive night of violent anti g. twenty protests has caused chaos in the german city of herman berg the left wing militants from across europe have converged on the city are all new involved in violent clashes with police the riders have torch cars on looted shops leaving a trail of smashed windows here and rest has reportedly left at least two hundred
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officers injured while some local business owners fearing further riots have taken steps to protect their premises and boarded up windows with the g. twenty summit now in its second day many say this city looks like a war zone. as far as i can tell and i'm from member. of never seen anything like this. will the german justice minister has spoken on the situation warning that such behavior will not be tolerated every peaceful protest is welcome but
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that's no free pass for unrestrained rampaging these extremist criminals don't belong in the streets but in courts whoever took these cars and didn't just police officers does not deserve any kind of toll or. well peter all over has been following the riots in hamburg for us over the last number of days. it took quite a few people here by surprise just how big the demonstrations and the violence got on their friday evening into saturday those pictures that you've just been seeing of what was going on overnight this is exactly where it was happening you can see just over here the advertising hoardings have been vandalized there behind me is a bank that was all it was locked up but it's now also been all smashed up over my right shoulder there the cash machines had been vandalized earlier on the guy was was taping them up to make sure that they they couldn't be destroyed any further and graffiti of course just outside this is a scene that we've seen across the street here and also a round different bits of the town as well but i spoke to some of the shop owners
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that are based here about what their plans were some were saying they were going to board them up saying they were going to wait it out and stay inside the store twenty four hours a day some owners were covering windows so they don't get broken a lot of places are closed so we couldn't work productively because a total collapse of transportation you can't come in you can't get out of town. and our freedoms in my opinion you can't organize the g. twenty two in a lift with liberal area especially in hamburg which is famous for its demonstrators my opinion is that this is a completely wrong place to do this that is one of the questions that is going to be asked in the aftermath of this g. twenty why put it in hamburg it is one of the major centers for counter culture in germany one of the major centers indeed for the far left here just over my left shoulder a place called they are off the floor it's a major hub for left wing groups here and it was from there that a lot of the organizing of these demonstrations originated from of course this area
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ending up being where violence took place on friday evening into saturday now i spoke to some of those who were taking part in a more peaceful demonstration on saturday and asked them what they made of the violent scenes that we saw on friday evening feeling every very badly because we are living right next door to this contact with this. and i really hate it so that's a point because. i decided today to go to visit demonstration to set a point. is this the violence yesterday evening was all full understand the message they want to send is violence is simply tragic. when i don't absolutely involve clear from the very beginning which the police did nothing the officers gathered in small groups generally you could say it was incompetent. or we heard about the actions of the police officers there with some people saying they wanted to see. however when the offices did spring into action it was very forceful indeed we saw
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some scenes of where bottles of being thrown at them police moving in with well they were messing about in the slightest they moved in in full riot gear. pepper spray at the ready. to count and we understand some two hundred people detained. many more people injured there we are we were expecting this of course there was a hundred thousand people set to descend here on how full these demonstrations with the authorities expecting around eight thousand from extremist groups and they're not just coming from here in germany from all over europe people coming here how big is the second biggest city in germany it's very easily reachable from most of northern europe most of southern europe as well pretty much all of europe very big . one person who fell foul of the demonstrators was the u.s. first lady melania trump she had to cancel some of a range of events that was due to security concerns she was unable to take on the
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river cruise or to attend a climate change meeting now potentially considering her husband's views on climate change would have been something that been well anticipated by the organizers unfortunately though her security saying that do to the the situation on the ground here in hamburg on friday those events were canceled we are expecting more to build up throughout south today and we'll probably expect to see similar scenes if not exactly the same scenes as we saw on friday evening later on saturday and of course i'll be keeping an eye on bringing you all of the latest here on alt. but hugh bronson from the alternative for germany party told us he doesn't think violence is the best way for protesters to make themselves heard. how big is well known for its left wing. sometimes extremist views so this shouldn't have been a surprise for anybody really well i believe that two groups of people who actually traveled to to take part in this one group is very peaceful they want to stage
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their protest but a perfectly in their right every german has the right to assemble freely without weapons it's part of the constitutional law the second group. they didn't want to have peaceful demonstrations they were set for trouble you have these i call them demolition tourists they travel from all over europe i know all of the germany to take part in a protest that is bound to be violent that is bound to destroy shops looting of supermarkets but they had no interest whatsoever in a peaceful protest and sadly this small but very violent group is now attracting all the attention of course the peaceful protesters are upset because this is not how you should stage you approached it your protest should always always be peaceful to be heard. ok let's delve a little bit deeper into this as well what president putin had to set his press conference forty five minutes ago because bruno drew ski professor at the national
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institute of languages and eastern civilizations joins us live from paris you very welcome to the program one of the things that president putin said that he had agreed a common cybersecurity watchdog with the u.s. president saying down the situation of uncertainty should be avoided if you think that this is going to stop speculation about russian hackers being directly involved with the russian government. we can hope so although it's also of course it's difficult to know because. people are. telling rush to intervene in. american elections they're not all the way linked with. the state we've all. been between putin and obama will be you know or recall the nice deep
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deep states the russian president also said the donald trump that we see on t.v. is different from the real man they of course have a two hour or twenty minute conversation yesterday on the sidelines of the summit he also said they find mutual understanding do you think that this means that finally moscow and washington will be able to mend the rift that was created during the obama administration. it's difficult to say because for sure. putin is a very light and he tried to have it set and sent trunked to present him as a response but the problem is not really. a problem that could occur between some. the problem is that the us administration small very. very well organized by oh. it's difficult to stoop to to. know
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what to know its troll is really the boss of the white house. was. because obama was linked with all the us establishment but she is not the case for trying to now so you know it deprived me of internet question in the united states to russia cannot sleep through. or something that is well known point questions about the election meddling came up increasingly about the us and indeed about the upcoming german election as well putin almost laughing it off saying you know the journalist just keep asking about germany is or is our biggest partner in europe why would we do this do you think it's going to keep up and why is it no evidence but yet it seems the big click made it's it's a big story on websites on t.v. channels is not the sole reason this is happening but people like to keep the story running. i did get there like to keep this story like thing but.
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i don't think got to determine case will happen because. related you know germany's and much more means well organized state than going ited states present at this and i think they don't really need. to up to this question in germany as it was in the united states because obviously in the united states it was an internal question between different sides that you must rush up the text into it to cite your older. terrorist compared to let's say in the united states it's not fair that in germany we have been much clearer political. scene was defamed. which functions. in a much more traditionally way yet i don't really see any of the. most important
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german parts used. you need to talk about some issues that it makes thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us this hour but of brewski professor out the national institute of languages on eastern civilizations and parts. thank you and use continues right after this.
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beginning said nato member. sixteen and the skull so much call it scientific trouble and it kind of retorts that you are up to surrounded by my enemies and to one of them that at a certain moment was president tom. what about russia you know it better than me that to which point tell relations that now. i think the us russia relationship is very important and nato has suffered and we need to make it better there's no question about it we need to cooperate on so many
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issues on nuclear weapons from syria on iran on energy on trade. you're back with r t international a surge in migrants trying to get into europe in recent months has led the migration commissioner to admit the situation is getting worse and the spike years searching for a solution the e.u.
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seem very limited results. he has said to his house and that you know how are that that nice has gotten out that i have just paid me. almost twenty percent between t.c.f. meant because of the trade and the yen also try. to go through a shilling a smuggling routes. we need more of the international level to break the smuggling business model. putting more people in the boat still sending out all boats those monsoon january february tend to be very slow and instead we had incidents almost every day in boats that were taking more people than they really are or should be
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allowed to take this very big boat. journey is more dangerous don't question be. the percentage of survival drops that is good that will end for you and it has to travel things to cows that if you believe that. there is no three minute area between leave that mission to rescue people and so then i have shares that i will share the rescue has been sent down to my numbers and i'm and then i'm going to ration that immediately so it's not sustainable. the boat sensors are deliberately turned off by n.g.o.s in order to obscure the location did not does not arouse confidence because x.x.l.
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. imagine if they said that. you are yet to provide a child the book life yet very very. what is happening in front of you need to leave is an unfolding tragedy. let's take a look at some examples of what is actually happening it clearly he's already seen at least eighty five fellows and migrants reach its shores so far this year it's pleading with fellow e.u. nations to share the burden but that's being largely ignored in france a makeshift camp in parts was cleared on friday with the migrants sent to gyms and sports centers to the north in cali the former site of the notorious jungle camp the city has seen budget hotels filled their rooms with refugees and increase which has also taken on a huge share of migrants locals on the island of chaos are furious their hotels are
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having to be used as an emergency housing well we've got the thoughts of a european political analyst and also a european parliament m.p. about the migrant crisis both agree it's a huge problem of the blame lies with the european union but for different reasons . the program the lack of humanities the lack of gold the lack of the fallen out with the ideas of the european union. one. of my goals is not to because the people of europe are exasperated because i don't think the people of europe mind having migrants and it's a tradition in many of european countries to greet a political refugees the problem is that these are not political refugees these are for most of them economical refugees probably is not the but actually got these men . because you know the agreements between the members of the group european union for the relocation of the refugees to put every state member to accept some of them
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by the. fusion complete with one refugee this is the the provision that if the responsibility is in all the wars that nato and western countries have waged in foreign countries where are these migrants coming from they're coming from they're coming from afghanistan they're coming from iraq they're coming from syria the coming from libya these are the countries where the u.s. and nato said they were going to bring democracy so you bring democracy in twenty years later you get the migrants coming in droves. and i turn to a top story now the russian president vladimir putin has just addressed the media following two days of talks with world leaders at the g. twenty summit in hamburg international affairs commentator sergio joins us now live to discuss what he had to say always a pleasure to have you on the program sir and yet can we just maybe start one of the specifics syria it was what they have told me or putin said was spoken about
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a lot he said that the upcoming cease fire was very positive in fact he said it was a breakthrough but there was a question about how to monitor the cease fire zones in syria russia's foreign minister said there would be russian. military police on the groin that's what he said do you expect the box from the syrian rebels because of that. well it is important that he specifically mentioned the authorities in damascus as one of the parties essential to this deal working and he even mentioned president bashar al assad by name which means that the russian side most certainly will not accept any more of the old bashar must go montra i also think it's important that he mention turkey and iran in the same breath as being on the same side of reading from the same page so we have two important kintz here
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one is that. and tech iran are perceived by moscow as being in the same camp if you will of gradual pacific ation in the other is that it will no longer be possible for someone in washington suddenly to remember him by the way bashar must go that unless and until it is accepted even tests italy even quietly that bashar is part of the solution and not part of the problem there will be no real breakthrough or putin also said the u.s. position on syria is more pragmatic does not mean that there will be no more incidents like when the u.s. shot down a syrian plane in iraq. i believe that on the whole paradoxically as it may seem the trump administration attitude is indeed more pragmatic than hillary clinton's would have been or even
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that of some of the hawks in the obama administration had been. the incident where the shooting of fifty nine cruise missiles at the syrian airport and the shooting down of the syrian plane were not followed as the hawks in washington had hoped by this collation mission creep by the announcement that they were no fly zones and so on these unpleasant as they were were indeed one off incidents that did not reflect an overall strategic change gear shifting in washington the russian president the donald trump this is one of the more interesting lines from a media conference that the man that we see on television is different to what we see in meetings the real man essentially he also said that they find mutual understanding do you think that means that moscow washington are going to be able
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to mend the rift which was pretty apartment during the obama administration. i must say i'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that the meeting went as well as it did considering the absolutely hysterical at the sphere in the american media and inside the beltway establishment because you really had feeding frenzy by the sharks telling trump that unless he brought fiona hill along into the room who is critical of trump of putin unless he told putin this that and the other unless he read him the riot act that putin will win the washington post went so far as to say two days ago that if they reason understanding and if there is some sort of new dialogue then putin wins in other words everybody in washington i'm talking about the inside the beltway establishment treated this as
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a zero sum game if trump doesn't overcome putin's resistance and makes him admit that indeed russia meddled then putin wins and i'm glad that trump has turned out to be an adult in this situation and i'm also glad that putin perceives this he understands that trump is in a very difficult position that any rapprochement any detente will be immediately grabbed by the media and the democrats and even conservative neo conservative republicans such as lindsey graham and john mccain as proof that trump has succumbed that trump in the words of c.n.n. from this afternoon has fallen into putin's threat crap so i think he's really between a rock and a hard place and considering the circumstances i think that trump has done well and putin has given him credit for that we appreciate your taking coming on the program
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to share it right here on international affairs surjit traffic of h. from belgrade thank you. ok we'll be going in depth to the media conference with the next hour of the fallout all thought all the details and plenty more world news i'll be back in five minutes time they were. a few months i'm still at the top. tier of all. we need to move to a lot of holes yet completed monday's. magnificent. food. save us from people really nice and friendly and i might the foreigners feel welcome in russia. because this does to a very enjoyable place to be a very friend make
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a poke. at least some basic go through a. bunch. of people the last year were very bad that have come here which are there still. is still exist. ricos treated as one. hundred forty three cool. and i knew a lot of. the islanders controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence julich was the only god you know me. either with. the audience who. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day.
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with the country at a crossroads anger of the. island is on the rise. and. fall over begin and since a natural number of sixteen she and the skull some are calling sign big trouble and condo retarded start to europe a surrounded by my enemy and one of them at a certain moment was president and what about russia you know it better than me i do which foretell relations are now. that is that i'll be here that. much as you just. tell us a little easier. bit are allowed the suggest that you get outside of that muck on the. by then got
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a session on the nod there in. by then is a shift the while and. all of a sudden it's not a sudden loss is going on want. some certainly not so it. can be no support was abeokuta the pope multiple injuries among current america so don't cook yourself you hope the look of the shows your your mercy on the phone to the bottom if you can because people from the c.d.c. so you're welcome to use a book in a moral sense of what my. own i'm a bit of nothing a. puff allowed me. the somethin that was like hey don lemon are something not set in. the market a salad to huddles look ma. no but up to now maybe i maybe i'm
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a bit bored after. absolutely the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before us on this national get out of the. sun was. asked is by no means a school. while the cities try desperately not to collapse. the profit of. the supper will probably go up on the coffee cup at. the supposed to mean
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a. to. my mind. is a tourist phobia will fail in town identity. president gives a personal insight into his first face to face meeting with donald trump on the sidelines of the g twenty summit in saying we don't get to see the real side of the u.s. president on t.v. it may sound strange but in real life it's completely different to play on t.v. it's very businesslike and easy to talk with. another night of violent. protest devastates the german city of hama burg. cars are burned militant left wing radicals with police even many officers injured. overwhelmed.


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