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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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it. is the. president who gives a personal insight into his first face to face meeting with on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit. we don't get to see the real side of the u.s. president on t.v. it. is completely. another night of violent. protests devastates the german city of. left wing radicals with police officers injured. overwhelmed. heading into.
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over. the world this is r t international with me you know your company our top story this hour the russian president vladimir putin has given his impressions of donald trump following their meeting at the g. twenty summit on friday. it's a trump and i have established a relationship it may sound strange but trump in real life is completely different to when he's on t.v. he's very businesslike and easy to talk with i think if we continue to work together in the way we did yesterday he will be able to still relations between the u.s. and russia and bring cool fruition between our countries to
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a new level. let's cross to where the president is because of a train because there are two in the northern german city of homburg hi there it does seem from the press coverage over the past hour we've been listening to that the first meeting between putin and trump was quite a positive one. unit hello well to doll trumps you heard it right that's how the russian president put it and i guess that a lot of our proof met at least one dollar trump in that little room and what we found out from right stores and was that there was positive chemistry so if the russian president was actually talking to the real donald trump there that means there is the attention i think you know for some positiveness and there is potential finally for a political fall says he wasn't president of course the two leaders discussed many many things in a will take a long time to mention all the issues that were there were well first of all it was
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syria and were never what that led to that led to a breakthrough cease fire agreement for three regions of syria now what the american airlift were wondering of course even before that meeting happened was whether they're going to hear about the allegations of russian interference in the u.s. election well we've learned that mr trump brought up that issue several times and whenever that happens lattimer putin applied that this is just a myth and during that press conference he washed. the president actually said that he thought donald trump accepted this still though after let's say fifteen minutes of that press conference something like that came a question from a german journalist and what president putin was asked about was whether russia was planning to meddle in the german election and here's what vladimir putin replied to
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that. which is that it was a tool new impetus was as you ask very provocative questions we have such an unusual reading and said this is this is that we didn't interfere in the u.s. elections if you do so why do we need to interfere in the juvenile actions because we have a long history of friendship with germany its own largest trading partner in europe but you know we have many joint projects and so why would we insist in the internal affairs butting issues of doing. well we were expecting also a press conference from donald trump but apparently that's not happening right now and that is of course a shame because it would be great to hear some insight also from the u.s. president not just the word tremendous that he said while meeting the u.k. prime minister to resume a when describing is talks with lot of uprooting well so far we haven't heard much about the international story about official visits from both sides and i guess
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that is something that should be on the table right now if both leaders are talking about some sort of continuation and moving towards improving relationships between russia and the u.s. so i guess we will have to wait for news on that in the next weeks or months maybe . you have the details do seem to eke i had different times don't daily only betraying coa live at the g. twenty in hamburg for us thank you. ok let's get more into the story because journalist and political commentator martin summers joins us live on the program hi there martin. it's the overall picture here do you think that following their meeting the two hour or twenty minute meeting it was supposed to be half an hour yesterday between vladimir putin and donald trump that relations will improve between the countries putin did speak quite possibly of trump within the past hour at that media conference. well it's to be hoped that it is possible that brill
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ations can be improved is obviously have been a pretty poor state up to now i think the problem for the russians so i don't for everybody really is how how much trouble is in charge of his own administration because it's quite clear that you know the cia the pentagon and so often wrong footing trumps moves and therefore the some question about whether we can deliver on what i've received discussed with a lot of putin but the fact that they have. to see some kind of personal chemistry is potentially very positive but of course as the sole source of all the problems that have to be dealt with it's not to sweep through the the russian president rejected all allegations of election meddling as he has done a many occasions but the word journalist there out that media conference suggesting that russia's going to meddle in the upcoming german election it doesn't seem to go away because. no it doesn't i mean this clearly a campaign to suggest that the russian is involved in fixing western elections i
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don't think there's a shred of evidence to suggest that it is that they have of course western elections all quite the scary beasts you know you don't want to see sausages made the result of interference that goes on you know billionaires buying this and. so on and so on and so forth so it's quite easy to accuse russia really meddling in elections when the elections are so messy in any case don't get didn't win a majority of the popular votes when he was elected he won the electoral college so all those who voted against him feeling bitter that they didn't get what they wanted but that's the american system i think what vladimir putin is in a very professional here is trying to deal with trump in a professional way and i think trump is a is a you know business professional and he can respond to that kind of. method if you like but i'm afraid that the. u.s. politics is too messy for us to be too very confident about what's going to happen he. did say that asked him a lot of questions want to know a lot of details apart alleged election interfering. one report also said what was
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discussed widely was syria. one of the aspects of this do you think that the serious cease fire deal that was announced on friday is going to have a significant impact on the conflict there's a lot of hope that it will. well let's hope so i mean there's no reason for this war to go on a day longer if there is protagonists who are outside syria can come to some understanding of how it should be settled i think the problem is as you move towards any kind of settlements those that don't want to settlement both internally in syria the more hardline rebel factions and their backers elsewhere. that they have they always have an interest in creating more mayhem in order to keep the game going. and i think if there is a clear commitment by the the americans to give up on regime change in syria then then everything becomes possible and i understand quite demography jesus' return to
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syria quite recently reviewing reports suggesting that because they're hopeful that things are going to settle down but i'm afraid the the of course the military industrial complex in the us is determined to have in russia as an enemy because they see it as a business opportunity they want to spend a lot of money on expensive kit and of peace breaks out in syria that germany's going to be canceled so they forgot a vested interest the rebels got a vested interest and elements with the state of the vested interest in continuing the conflict so we again it comes back to the question even if trying to do some kind of deal can they deliver journalist and commentator martin summers martin always good to get your take thank you. well a meeting has been capturing the imaginations of many on social media some drew parallels between putin's talks and scenes from the political t.v. series of cards as the russian president appeared to strike a facial expression similar to that of a fictional kremlin boss viktor petroff body language expert darren stanton dying
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for us what all the gesturing me. there was interest in the interaction between president putin and trump. around a table and again they shake hands but this time we noticed president trump sort of pats president putin under the under the arm which was quote not gesture but again is a blazer is a power gesture to almost say that you know we're here but i'm still the powerful man you know i'm still the head on chair so to speak so i think you know although i think the two men have got mutual respect for each other. you know i think this this little what we call leakage these little leakage gestures that i see between the two men especially from president trump that he still wants to be seen as very much the you know the top man and also a source of footage where the both of his sat side by side. president trump has got this what we call reverse steeple gesture with the hands and that's again confidence and dominance and then we also see president putin with his with legs sort of quite split apart and again my is
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a very classic dominant gesture. apart from the experts we showed footage from day one of the g twenty summit to people from a few different countries is what they made of the world leaders body language. try to find a way to go over something so. try to find a reservation buddy bridges exactly ali making fun of trump two of them are probably still trying to figure out how we go look to talking about ukraine and the way to saw how we should stop please stop. korea. and they talk about the rocket launch that. we took. this morning. so is it oh so you put it no no. he's now saying in a speech is it cuts off a red line in the sun. what could that be in relation to could be europe
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a could be a full susan. or. what you think these three a talking about discussing the menu where they're going on holiday. they're probably advising him on what to say and. i'm pretty sure he's going to barrus us will help you get those refugees just take those refugees out of paris don't worry that's all you've got to do to put him somewhere else and get him out of the country he has to say newt it's you going to be here it's going to be great. probably we're doing nearest bar something. you want a bridge i'll give you a bridge this is the best bridge know what i could sell bridges to the bridge makers of everywhere this is the so good so good don't want about her she says jim and that's all right it's going to be like any super super awesome awesome. news place to be awesome looks like it's class and quiet but. yeah. i'm sure.
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some pretty good parties as well back out the world leaders are trying hard to impress or counterparts. plenty. plenty. live. live. live. live live
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. live and we've got more news from hamburg after this break.
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we don't need. every the. theory of the. world according to josh. sixteen. targets that europe is surrounded by and one of them at the certain moment was president. what about russia you know it better than i do which political relations on.
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sixty minutes past the hour welcome back a second consecutive night of violent on t g twenty protests was caused chaos in the german city of hamburg radical left wing militants from across europe then looted shops and clashed with police the rest over the past few days has reportedly left at least two hundred officers injured. and some local business owners fearing for the riots have taken steps to protect their premises and boarded up windows with the g. twenty summit now well into its second day many say the city looks like a war zone. but.
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as far as i can tell and i'm from that. i've never seen anything like this. or the german justice minister has warned that such behavior will not be tolerated every peaceful protest is welcome but that's no free pass for unrestrained rampaging these extremist criminals don't belong in the streets but in court whoever took these cars and injures police officers does not deserve any kind of toll or an. europe correspondent for our team paper all of her has been following the riots in hamburg for us it took quite
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a few people here by surprise just how big the demonstrations and the violence got on there friday evening into saturday those pictures that you've just been seeing of what was going on overnight this is exactly where it was happening you can see just over here the advertising hoardings have been vandalized there behind me is a bank that was all it was locked up but it's now also been all smashed up over my right shoulder there the cash machines have been vandalized earlier on the guy was was taping them up to make sure that they they couldn't be destroyed any further and graffiti of course just outside this is a scene that we've seen across the street here and also a round different bits of the town as well but i spoke to some of the shop owners that are based here about what their plans were some were saying they were going to board them up saying they were going to wait it out and stay inside the store twenty four hours a day some owners were covering windows so they don't get broken a lot of places are closed so we couldn't work productively because a total collapse of transportation you can't come in you can't get out of town. and
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our freedoms in my opinion you can't organize the g. twenty two in a lift with liberal area especially in hamburg which is famous for its demonstrators my opinion is that this is a completely wrong place to do this that is one of the questions that is going to be asked in the aftermath of this g. twenty why put it in hamburg it is one of the major centers for counter culture in germany one of the major centers indeed for the far left here just over my left shoulder is a place called the floor it's a major hub for left wing groups here and it was from there that a lot of the organizing of these demonstrations originated from of course this area ending up being where violence took place on friday evening into saturday now i spoke to some of those who were taking part in a more peaceful demonstration on saturday and i asked them what they made of the violent scenes that we. we saw on friday evening feeling very very badly because we're living right next door to this contact with
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a chance in fact and really hate it so that's a point because the decided today to go to visit demonstration to set a point. just as the violence yesterday evening was all full understand the message they want to send is violence is simply tragic. when i don't have an abscess in the clear from the very beginning which the police did nothing the officers gathered in small groups generally you could say it was incompetent. or we heard about the actions of the police officers there with some people saying they want to the see. however when the offices did spring into action it was very forceful indeed resource some scenes of where bottles that being thrown at them police moving in with well they were messing about in the slightest they moved in in full riot gear buttons drawn shields out pepper spray at the ready. to count and we understand some two hundred people detained. many more people injured there we are we were
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expecting this of course there was a hundred thousand people set to descend here on how full these demonstrations with the authorities expecting around eight thousand from extremist groups and they're not just coming from here in germany from all over europe people coming here how is the second biggest city in germany very easily reachable from most of northern europe most of southern europe as well pretty much all of europe very big hold here . one person who fell foul of the demonstrators was the u.s. first lady melania trump she had to cancel some of range of events that was due to security concerns she was unable to take on the river boat cruise or to attend a climate change meeting now potentially considering her husband's views on climate change would have been something that been well anticipated by the organizers unfortunately though her security saying that due the to the. situation on the ground here in hamburg on friday. council we all respect seeing more to build up
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throughout the day and we'll probably expect to see similar scenes if not exactly the same scenes as we saw on friday evening later on saturday and of course i'll be keeping an eye on bringing you all of the latest here on. a surge in migrants trying to get into europe in recent months has led the e.u.'s migration commissioner to admit the situation is getting worse and despite years spent searching for a solution the e.u. seemed very limited results. two thousand. and nine has. taken me almost twenty percent between t.t.'s. because of that trade and it will happen often that.
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we need to go to the international level to break the from i believe. putting more people in the boat they were sending out well both those months of january february tend to be very slow. to this almost every day in both they were taking more people than they really should be allowed to take this big box. journey is more dangerous don't question the. percentage of survival drop out is good that it will end and it has to travel out that the. you know all the many areas in between to get
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a nation to rescue people and so that you can share that all share their rights you have that you back a long book and i'm and i'm going to be it's not sustainable. the boat sensors are deliberately turned off by n.g.o.s in order to secure the location and that does not arouse confidence. that imagine that. you are yet to grow by the eco challenge the people who are here get very angry. what is happening in front of you need to leave is an unfolding tragedy. well here's a snapshot of the current problem italy has already seen at least eighty five thousand migrants reach its shore so far this year alone it's pleading with fellow e.u.
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nations to share the burden but that's being largely ignored in france a makeshift camp and parlous was cleared on friday with the migrants sent to gyms and sports centers to the north in cali the former site of the notorious jungle camp the city budget hotels fill their rooms with refugees and increase which has also taken all the huge share of migrants locals on the island are furious that their hotels are having to be used as an emergency housing we've got the thoughts of a european political analyst and a european parliament m.p. about the migrant crisis both agree it's a huge problem and that the blame lies with the european union but for different reasons. the problem is the the lack of human is the lack of common goals the lack of the founding out i would be ideas of the european union for. one meal my guess is not the big deal people of europe are exasperated because i don't think the people of europe mind having migrants and it's
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a tradition in many of the european countries to greet a political refugees the problem is that these are not political refugees these are for most of them economical refugees problem is not the but actually got these men because because you know they've been agreements between the member states of the european union for the relocation of the refugees quota and put every state member to accept some of them by the. fusion completely to accept even one refugee this is the the problem is a lack of study that is the the responsibility is in all the wars that nato and western countries have waged in foreign countries where are these migrants coming from they're coming from the coming from afghanistan the coming from iraq they're coming from syria they're coming from libya these are all the countries where the us and nato said they were going to bring democracy so you bring democracy and twenty years later you get the microscope. next year on our to international a look at how donating blood provides
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a vital income for many impoverished americans and a healthy profit stream for pharmaceutical companies.
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i think the u.s. russia relationship is very important and has suffered and we need to make it better there's no question about it we need to cooperate on so many issues on nuclear weapons syria on iran on energy on trade. welcome to. the wonderful world of blood donations around the world giving blood is
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seen as a symbol of generosity one of the noblest acts in modern society but the reality is different altogether. there's the perfect money making industry our willingness to pay for available therapies basically especially for a loved ones knows no bounds at the heart of this business plasma a yellow liquid rich in proteins it's the main component of blood it's more expensive than oil it's a look struck us films on bond are down kitty does a process tell us a new book anybody's is called acceptable pretty dumb i shall die each systemic keep down may. be sure to pull she did you pull. off a motor car and communal the i mean this album is killing me so. i don't want to do that number of most of us. we decided to explore a little known area within the health industry the blood trail.


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