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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i was. i was. president from gives a revealing insight into his meeting with donald trump at the g twenty saying the public doesn't get to see the real side of the u.s. president. just now. it may sound strange but trump in real life is completely different to ponies on t.v. she is very business like come easy to talk with a company you never sent me a second consecutive night of violent protests against the summit devastates parts of hamburg shops and looted cars and militant demonstrators clashed with police. overwhelmed and under resourced another surge of migrants heading into europe strained some nations and divides others over the solution.
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for the welcome comes to life in moscow you're watching international. the russian president vladimir putin has given his impressions of donald trump following their meeting on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit speaking to the press on saturday he praised the u.s. leader and his approach to that talks. trump and i have established a relationship it may sound strange but trump in real life is completely different to when he's on t.v. he's very businesslike and easy to talk with i think if we continue to work together in the way we did yesterday we'll be able to restore relations between the u.s. and russia and bring cooperation between our countries to a new level to you dear friend donald trump's you heard it right that's how i. the
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russian president puts it but mr putin met only one donald trump in that blue room on friday and as we found out from right there was some positive chemistry between these two men there was so much to talk about all the. just about everything got touched on to one degree or another and i think there was just such a level of engagement and exchange me to want to want to. remind the president. of the door and i think even the first lady of one point. and i didn't work either well if that blood man who spent more than two hours talking to a lot of my approach was the real donald trump then there is potential for the lot awaited political thaw says a lot of our approach going back to the many issues that the two presidents discussed of course they spent a while talking about syria which resulted in the announcement of
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a breakthrough cease fire in three districts of the country at the russian president's press conference we heard him called the deal a giant step and it also turns out that the cream had been negotiated not only by the u.s. and russia but also by israel and jordan well when it comes to the american media it seems that they were mostly worried about whether their president would put pressure on flat improvement over allegations of russian interference and the u.s. presidential race donald trump brought up that issue several times. kept replying that russia wasn't involved and at the vladimir putin press conference one journalist asked him whether russia was planning to meddle in the german elections well the russian leader had quite a laugh and here's how he replied but if. you ask a very provocative quick. i've already answered this is that we didn't interfere in
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the u.s. elections so why do we need to interfere in the german elections because we have a long history of friendship with germany it's our largest trade partner in europe but we have many joint projects so why would we interfere in the internal affairs we were expecting a press conference by donald trump but apparently that dodd canceled and it is a real disappointment well i guess we will have to hear something from donald trump in the next days besides the word tremendous that he used to describe this meeting now i guess the main intrigue right now whether the administrations of the u.s. president and the russian president well now agree on official visits from both sides that will have to wait and see meanwhile seven u.s. media outlets still can't accept the idea that russia didn't interfere in the election the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley echoed that view on c.n.n.
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. i think president clinton did exactly what we thought he would do which is did i add this is russia trying to save face i must say i'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that the meeting went as well as it did considering the absolutely hysterical at the sphere in the american media that trump has succumbed that trump in the words of c.n.n. from this afternoon has fallen into putin's trap and i'm glad that trump has turned out to be an adult in this situation i think the problem for the russians so i don't for everybody really is how how much trouble is in charge of his own administration because it's quite clear that you know the cia the pentagon so often wrong footing trumps moves. for the some question about whether we can deliver whatever response discussed you plug into to the fact that they have all the secret leaks some kind of personal chemistry is potentially very positive but of course
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there's there's all sorts of all the problems that have to be dealt with it's not straight through well the patient from beijing has been capturing the imaginations of many on social media some drew parallels between their talks and scenes from the political t.v. series highs of cards as the russian president appeared to strike a facial expression similar to that of the fictional kremlin boss speak to petro of we showed footage from day one of the g. twenty summits of people from a few different countries and his what they make of the body language. try to find a way to go over something so hopefully try to find a resolution building bridges exactly how they can find a truck two of them are probably still trying to figure out how we go what we're talking about ukraine. or possibly stop please stop maybe north korea. and they talk about the rocket launch that it may be. this morning.
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oh so you put the conflict no no. he's now saying this which is it cuts off a red line in the sand what could that be in relation to could be europe a could be nato a full susie. what you think these three a talking about discussing the menu where they're going on holiday. they're probably advising him on what to say and not sound so stupid i'm pretty sure he's going to barrus us will help you get those refugees just take those refugees out of paris don't worry that's all you've got to do to put him somewhere else and get him out of the country he has to say mujhe it's you going to be here it's going to be very. probably will or. you want a bridge i'll give you a bridge this is the best bridge no word i could sell bridges to the bridge makers of everywhere this is the so good so good but what about her she's she's german
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that's all right it's going to be like skinny super super awesome awesome. news because she also looks like it's class and quiet but with. back at the summit the world leaders were trying hard to impress each other and the hopes. for leg length. leg. length. leg. length. leg leg live. up. to.
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live leg live. live . live
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. meanwhile outside on the streets of hamburg there was a second night of violent protests against the summits radical left wing militants from across europe vandalized and looted shops i. clashed with police the arrest over the past few days has reportedly left at least two hundred officers injured some local businesses fearing further riots have boarded up windows as a precaution after two days of g. twenty talks many say the city now looks like a war. but. as far as i can tell. of never seen anything like it.
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peter all of a has been in hamburg following the protests for us he now looks at the aftermath of two nights of trouble. it took quite a few people here by surprise just how big the demonstrations and the violence got on their friday evening into saturday those pictures that you've just been seeing of what was going on overnight this is exactly where it was happening you can see just over here the advertising hoardings have been vandalized there behind me is a bank that was all it was locked up but it's now also been all smashed up over my right shoulder there the cash machines had been vandalized earlier on the guy was was taping them up to make sure that they they couldn't be destroyed any further and graffiti of course just outside unbelievable. you have to right to demonstrate no problem but you have not to the right. to punish or to injure or destroy
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something look at this one else's. money because here cost five thousand or a minimum. three three times make fifty thousand i expect somebody to take responsibility for this so we asked our president our major mr scheuer but somebody has to have the responsibility but this is part of our. civil war this is a scene that we've seen across the street here and also a round different bits of the town as well but i spoke to some of the shop owners that are based here about what their plans were some were saying they were going to board them up some saying they were going to wait it out and stay inside the store twenty four hours a day some owners are covering windows so they don't get broken a lot of places are closed so we can't work productively because a total collapse of transportation you can't come in you can't get out of town that affects ours and our freedoms in my opinion you can't organize the g.
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twenty two in a left wing liberal area especially in hamburg which is famous for its demonstrators my opinion is that this is a completely wrong place to do this well that is one of the questions that is going to be asked in the aftermath of this g. twenty why put it in hamburg it is one of the. major centers for counter culture in germany one of the major centers indeed for the far left just over my left shoulder place called the floor it's a major hub full of left wing groups here and it was from there that a lot of the organizing of these demonstrations originated from of course this area ending up being the violence took place on friday into saturday now i spoke to some of those who were taking part in a more peaceful demonstration on saturday and they made of the violent scenes that we saw on friday evening a very very bad day because we're living right next door to this contact with a chance in fact and really hate it so that's
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a point because. i decided today to go to the demonstration to set a point. out of this violence yesterday evening was all full understand the message they want to send is violence simply tragic. when i don't have an absolute say in the clear from the very beginning was that the police did nothing the officers gathered in small groups generally you could say it was incompetent. or we heard the actions of the police officers there with some people saying they wanted to see . however when the offices did spring into action it was very forceful indeed. some scenes of web of being thrown at them police moving in with well they were messing about in the slightest they moved in in full riot gear. pepper spray at the ready. and we understand some two hundred people detained. many more people injured there we are if we were expecting this of course there was
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a hundred thousand people set to descend. for these demonstrations with the authorities expecting around eight thousand from extremist groups and they're not just coming from here in germany from all over europe people coming here how big is the second biggest city in germany it's very easily reachable from. most of northern europe most of southern europe as well pretty much all of europe very big hold here. one person who fell foul of the demonstrators was the u.s. first lady malani trump she had to cancel some of the range of events that was due to security concerns she was unable to take part in the riverboat cruise or to attend a climate change meeting now that potentially considering her husband's views on climate change would have been something that been well anticipated by the organizers of fortunate though her security saying that due to the the situation on the ground on friday those events were canceled it was patroller they're just going live pictures from hamburg for you in your many screen people act protesting again
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the scene of course or keep across that story for you now in the meantime he bronson from the alternative for germany party says the violent protests are counterproductive and steal the headlines and demonstrate peacefully. how big is well known for its left wing and. sometimes extremist views so this shouldn't have been a surprise for anybody really well i believe that two groups of people who actually traveled to how to take part in this one group is very peaceful they want to stage their protest they are perfectly in their right every german has the right to assemble freely without weapons it's part of the constitutional law the second group. they didn't want to have any peaceful demonstrations they were set for trouble you have these i call them demolition tourists they travel from all over europe and all all of the germany to take part in
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a protest that is bound to be violent that is bound to destroy shops looting of supermarkets but they had no interest whatsoever in a peaceful protest and sadly this small but very violent group is now attracting all the attention and of course the peaceful protesters are upset because this is not how you should stage your prostates your protest should always always be peaceful to be heard still ahead if you keep klux klan protesters led to several people being detained in virginia we have the details on that in a couple of. here's
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what people have been saying about rejecting exactly. the only show i go out of my way to. the really packed. john oliver of marty america's. we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted the next president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. welcome back now up to six people have been detained by police in virginia african
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klan group faced off with supporters from black lives matter klux klan members came out to protest against the removal of a confederate general statue you can't protest is then appeared to oppose them with police aiming to separate the two groups images from the scene to appear to show a take gas canister being used by police. after a surgeon refugees trying to get into europe migration chief admits the situation is getting worse. he has said to his house and i think you know who are that that and now rice has gotten out that i have just paid me almost twenty percent between t.c.f. meant because of that trade and they will yet also try.
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to go through a shilling a smuggling. we need to know if the international level to break the smuggling business model. putting more people in the boat still sending out all boats those months of january february tend to be very slow and instead we had incidents almost every day in boats that were taking more people than they really should be allowed to take this very big boat. journey is more dangerous don't question be. the percentage of survival drops that is good that they will execute and it has to travel in two thousand feet if need be that. is to know so many barriers
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between the get mission to rescue people and so that i have shares that all share their rescuers had been sent down to back longer than i meant and i'm going to ration that in between it's not sustainable. if the boat sensors are deliberately turned off by n.g.o.s in order to obscure the location did not does not arouse confidence this x.x.l. was my. if you didn't feel. you are yet to provide a handicapped child we will watch it get very very. what is happening in front of our eyes you need to use an unfolding tragedy. ok well here's a snapshot of the current crisis is really has already seen at least eighty five thousand migrants arrive so far this year and is pleading with fellow even
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a sions to share the burden and then we have france a makeshift camp in paris was cleared on friday with migrants sent to sports centers there and then to the north of there in cali the former site of the tourist jungle camp the city has seen budget hotels fill up with refugees and then over in greece which has also seen a huge influx of migrants locals on the island of kiosks a furious that their hotels are being used as emergency housing we got the thoughts of a european political analyst and also a member of the european parliament and although they view the crisis differently both do say that the e.u. is failing to address the issue. the problem is the lack of humanity is the lack of common cold the lack of the founding out of the ideas of the european union forty. one million or migrants is not a big deal people of europe are exasperated because i don't think the people of
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europe mind having migrants and it's a tradition in many of european countries to greet a political refugees the problem is that these are not political refugees these are for most of them economical refugees problem is not but actually got these main political because you know the agreements between the member states of the european union for the relocation of the refugees and the put every state member to accept some of them by the r.t. fusion completely to accept even one refugee this is the the provision like of story that is the responsibility is in all the wars that nato and western countries have waged in foreign countries where are these migrants coming from they're coming from they're coming from afghanistan they're coming from iraq they're coming from syria they're coming from libya these are the countries where the u.s. and nato said they were going to bring democracy so you bring democracy and twenty years later you get the microscope in droves. and skin is increasing the level of
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secrecy surrounding its inspections of nuclear weapons safety and security reports which have in the past exposed problems will no longer be made available to the public defense chief say the move is necessary we are comfortable with the secrecy for as long as nuclear weapons exist the u.s. will maintain a safe secure and effective nuclear stockpile whether transparency campaigners are convinced they say the move goes beyond national security concerns and do you think it's about covering up mistakes is a look back at some security failures that have happened recently. every single day. when. it's real. life.
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internal and external reviews are ordered to show that are consistent lack of investment and support for nuclear forces or far too many years has left us with too little margin to cope with mounting stresses. the reviews found evidence of systematic problems that if not addressed could undermine the safety security and effectiveness. of the force in the future. for the second year in a rather unique gold prospecting competition has taken place in russia's far eastern city of magadan there is viewing the spectacled to keep
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a close eye on the contestants to how to extract gold using old fashioned instruments everyone is welcome to take part in the yes that i tell ski contest and to try his luck at finding if he grams of gold in the winner is whoever collects the most gold does receive a prize equivalent to about sixteen and a half thousand dollars not bad for participants were also able to try to pickle regional entertainment such as horse riding on the shore rafting and sampling like were crazy.
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up next here nazi we've got so redacted tonight for you if you're watching as they when you can or i in this time the spot. like comcast for example is a company that is an anti-american as they get it's as if it's a company as anti-democratic as it gets comped as they own n.b.c. saying of course they owe us out of that and of course. parody trump epic sketches and see think that they're being sold at sacking a current ministration the same time serving the terrorists so those people who are in that so situation should understand that they are to.
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do the same. they're going to be cheap. and influence to hold the country so let's idea they're right to go to his computer he said if you give them everything to the bus. discomfort. this is what we don't understand how we are in such as. the source of the lens at the same time. the same kind of into. the saloon the world similar to salute dulles. the minutes of. got. to the front of the car.
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with the plane to. come back to the place story good to see. you. both. came through it. all right we are being lied to about syria we are being lied to by the president we are being lied to by the mainstream media this is my surprised face. last week famed people were surprised winning journalist seymour hersh revealed the motivations and facts given by trump for bombing syria were about as truthful as a bill cosby testimony. and was that testimony for joe putting which i still believe people generally are.


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