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tv   Headline News  RT  July 9, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the big stories this week just gone payoffs in days of the g. twenty. city resulting in hundreds of injuries among police and protesters despite the trouble outside there was progress inside though president putin and much anticipated first meeting resulting in a serious cease fire agreement that is due to take effect in just about an hour's time today we're on top of that plus. i c n n's accused of blackmailing the creator of that
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little president from wrestling clip in the wake of reveal his identity if he does something similar again there was a backlash against details ahead. good morning from moscow kevin oh and this is international as i say is just turned eleven in the morning here and this is the weekly a roundup of the stories of the last seven days we're starting in germany was big news there the last couple of days from the city of hamburg it's cutting the cost still after injuring some of the most violent scenes ever to accompany a g twenty summit over fifty thousand gathered on saturday alone and while the event was trying for the world's most powerful leaders outside it was a different story.
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the. sensitive i don't want him to eat the pretty decent talking to skits it fits him of
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the toughness. chefs that skip needs to get things that i just had to put in the woman punched if. i needed a first rather collect when protesters from across europe vandalized looted shops in homburg the unrest over the past few days has reportedly left at least two hundred offices injured. tensions have boiled over between demonstrators and the police. i can see the main body of the crowd as i this but he and his mates i am lacing every bomb seriously so you can have that really hurt you of course have been is what can you please describe for me what happened where you were well as far as i could tell they were attacking the demonstration with no reason just part of a. civil war. just
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behind me you can see some smoldering remains then out from a trash fire that was stuck says. that is a qassam from sportscar belief that's been. roaming the moments of as small bits of violence and the police come in to try and put it out but whenever they put it out in one place it seems to pop up elsewhere we understand from the police that they with ordering people to remove their masks they were refusing to do so then want to come in and we used pepper spray was used. right. here the crowd chanting away than sci fi she's the build of on sci fi chants going on all under the watchful eye if we move the camera over here over the watchful eye of a lot of police officers. which is to keep a bit vigilant here because we are seeing already what's the us flower being thrown
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at the police just as you can see there we're actually right between the police and the demonstrators right now so we're going to try and get out of the way just well moment while i'm talking to you not the best place to be it. has a huge call of police officers that is marching through the city then leading the the demonstrators they're only going to be allowed to go in the directions that the police want them to. and how do you like but i do like the moaners are covering windows so they don't get broken a lot of places are closed so we couldn't work productively because a total collapse of transportation you can't come in you can't get out of town without affects oz and our freedoms in my opinion you can't organize the g. twenty two in a left wing liberal area especially in hamburg which is famous for its demonstrators my opinion is that this is a completely wrong place to do this. it's continued down days over the last twenty four hours now as you can see just behind me there's actually more water cannon
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arriving at the intersection where i am. son of god is this the violence yesterday evening was awful and i also to understand the message they want to send is violence is simply tragic there was a quiet tense scene here just a long time ago whereby a number of bottles were being thrown the police responded with water cannon we saw these reinforcements that you can see just arriving including it and armored vehicle just over to my right there. there's certainly a very large police presence a helicopter flying overhead many other emergency vehicles around but there's also an awful lot of demonstrators here. to be a feeling of very very badly because we're living right next door to this contact with a chance unfettered and really hate it so that's
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a point because. i decided today to go to visit demonstration to set a point. this is the scene in hamburg as you can see a heavy police presence there just marching past me the older came through from police that this base in the section here this junction had to be cleared. there is a section of demonstrators just over. there you may be able to see water callen being used every time they try and come closer to this intersection they get sprayed. with. the guy. that has continued. war but through diplomacy one of the most watched encounters was the russian president's first face to face meeting with donald trump and then a post summit news briefing vladimir putin gave his personal impression of his american counterpart. trump and i have established a relationship it may sound strange but trump in real life is completely different
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to when he's on t.v. he's very businesslike and easy to talk with i think if we continue to work together in the way we did yesterday we will be able to still relations between the u.s. and russia and bring corporation between our countries to a new level two different donald trump's you heard it right that's how the washing president puts it but mr putin met only one donald trump in that blue room on friday and as we found out from right still or should there was some positive chemistry between these two men there was so much to talk about all these issues. just about everything got touched on to one degree or another and i think there was just such a level of engagement and exchange need to want to want to stop sure more times i had to remind the president before sticking their heads in the door and i think maybe the first lady at one point to see if she could get us out of there and i
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didn't work either well if that blood man who spent more than two hours talking to a lot of my approach was the real donald trump then there is potential for the lot awaited political thaw says a lot of our approach going back to the many issues that the two presidents discussed of course they spent a while talking about syria which resulted in the announcement of a breakthrough cease fire in three districts of the country at the russian president's press conference we heard him call the deal a giant step well when it comes to the american media it seems that they were mostly worried about whether their president would put pressure on flat improvement over allegations of russian interference in the u.s. presidential race donald trump brought up that issue several times a lot of our putin kept replying that washed up. wasn't involved in at the lot of a press conference one journalist asked him whether russia was planning to meddle
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in the german elections but a pitiful new approach was you ask a very provocative questions i've already answered this we didn't interfere in the us elections so why do we need to interfere in the german elections we have a long history of friendship with germany it's our largest trade partner in europe we have many joint projects so why would we interfere in the internal affairs well i guess we will have to hear something from donald trump in the next days besides the word tremendous that he used to describe this meeting i have tremendous meeting . with president bush and we had a really great meetings with a lot of people having a lot. of their meantime several u.s. media outlets are struggling to accept president trump's acceptance that russia did not interfere in last year's presidential election such as when c.n.n. taught america's u.n.
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ambassador. i think president clinton did exactly what we thought he would do which is did i add this is russia trying to save face i must say i'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that the meeting went as well as it did considering the absolutely hysterical at the sphere in the american media that trump has succumbed that trump in the words of c.n.n. from this afternoon has fallen into putin's trap and i'm glad that trump has turned out to be an adult in this situation i think the problem for the russians so i don't for everybody really is how how much trouble is in charge of his own administration because it's quite clear that you know the cia the pentagon and so often wrong footing trumps moves and therefore the some question about whether we can deliver whatever response discuss you plan inclusive of the fact that they have heard of the secret leaks some kind of personal chemistry is potentially very positive but of course there's there's all sorts of of the problems that have to be
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dealt with it's not to stray to mention c.n.n. just now other stories in the wake of found itself sparking an internet mean war it tracked down the creator of a clip featuring donald trump wrestling the news networks logo should have been a funny little thing the video been tweeted by president trump a few days earlier leading c.n.n. then to say to encourage violence against reporters i'm sure you've got your views either way picks at the story. so this guy makes a humorous little video and then it blows up someone edited it donald trump found it and posted it on his twitter feed ah it got millions of views hundreds of thousands of likes and many people had to love c.n.n. did not like being laughed at not one bit they launched a manhunt for the original creator of the video what they did these docs saying it
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is digging up private information on someone or with something and then publishing it can be used for law enforcement for business extortion coercion harassment online shaming and vigilante justice the reaction has been furious even songes way did on the matter saying that potentially what c.n.n. did may be a crime a multi-billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism c.n.n. and c.n.n. succeeded they found the original creator and he has since apologized and promised never to make another video critical of c.n.n. channel says when they finally talk to him he sounded nervous as well he might c.n.n. is threatening to publish his identity for all the loonies in the world to know if
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he ever stops being sorry it's right there on their website c.n.n. reserves the right to publish his identity if he stops being sorry if anything changes isn't that the definition of blackmail. in the backlash that followed the c.n.n. journalist who originally wrote about the main designers identity tweeted this response to the blackmail claims it's a bit vague he says quote the line was misinterpreted and that they simply meant that c.n.n. made no agreement about handling the man's identity end quote still more than the damage was done on the internet hit back with even more c.n.n. bashing me.
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about the more serious side of this he spoke exclusively to a moderator for the reddit website section where that clip originated he asked us to conceal his identity. just so you're this guy on a solo oh i'm the guy who posted the original guess it would be frightening if i were him and i received random phone calls or in an email from c. mail out of nowhere i would not be super in boozy asked about c.n.n. one of the largest news communities in the world so you know boy you can throw us about telling you to stop doing what you want to do on the internet c.n.n. has no right to do that c.n.n. has all of the internet against them right now and one organizations attacks
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freedom of speech and never ends up well for them and make no mistake about it this is an attack on the internet and c.n.n. has formally declared war on it in return we need to hit c.n.n. we're told there ever time is yours that you do not approve of by running ads on their network our site right now on the road the people who are pushing the c.n.n. blackmail. that are exposing c.n.n. for the fraud news network they are are doing the right thing live without international news or through that we could make heaven hell enough for the break the latest wave of refugees arriving you have seen australia move soldiers to the border with italy but a lot of feedback about that will tell you all about it. what
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politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted over checked. so when you want to be president if you. want something i want. to go to the press it's like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the wives and. do you think they should. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around quite a corporation from washington to washington media the media and the. voters elected to business to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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i get exactly eighteen minutes past eleven here in moscow now so in more news of the week austria says it deployed troops in armored vehicles along the country's border with italy following a spike in migrant arrivals in southern europe austria as ambassador then was summoned for talks after rome slammed vienna's decision. border controls and an army deployment would be necessary. unjustified and unprecedented initiative will lead to repercussions italy still in a pickle with this according to the u.n. almost eighty four thousand people arrived there this year and some estimates predict that number is going to triple by the end of twenty seventeen many of those refugees of course when they get into italy after that perilous crossing hope to go further away to europe each choose this week so they would be willing to help they
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announced thirty five million euro an additional funding after talks on the crisis last sunday rome though says that is not enough italian officials as well as the u.n. called in other european countries to for instance open their ports to some of these migrant boats and to share more of the responsibility. we have an international operation for rescuing people in the mediterranean and only they are disembarked only in italian ports there is anger we are left alone czech republic has taken twelve poland and hungary have taken away not good enough. we do believe we can to leave either italy or greece on its own. and like to say that it want to help dress this issue. former italian foreign minister franco frattini spoke about this in the week he didn't he said europe's treatment of his country when it comes to refugees has been pour it is unsustainable situation.
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trying to promote european solidarity but unfortunately the reason these grigg a show of european union all round even the beatles are bassy. to you unfortunately grooving couldn't legally use less on helping italy solving the migrant dries today unfortunately the weakness of european institutions and national equities are leading to. be the low mediterranean this is simply not acceptable the un refugee agency this week also expressed concern that italy is being left to sort the problem alone criticizing the lack of political will within the e.u. to help made countries. italy certainly needs financial help from europe but it also in italy directly and the rest of europe also needs take their own responsibility this crisis is affecting very few countries in europe many countries
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have not seen a single refugee or migrant or very few so what we need is a proper responsibility sharing our solidarity with all countries that are being affected from europe we don't think that italy on its own can handle this situation seems that there is a lack of political will from other countries to. take on the responsibilities in this matter europe on. its totality we're talking about five hundred million people we're talking about the richest and most developed economies in the world of course the resources are there but this responsibility needs to be shared equitably among all the member states of the european union. the u.s. stepped up its threats against north korea wednesday after pyongyang test fired a new missile during the emergency meeting there that followed washington's u.n. ambassador valid that military force would be used if necessary. the united states
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is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies one of our capabilities lies with our considerable knowledge terry forces we will use them if we must america believes it was an intercontinental ballistic missile that north korea used during the test on july fourth but russia's defense ministries submitted a report to the u.n. suggesting that the weapons range was intermediate or not intercontinental russia's deputy u.n. envoy said a political solution should be found and stressed the need to work collectively dewey's the escalating tensions russia together with china are also prepared oppose all that would see north korea stop testing its weapons while at the same time the u.s. and south korea would cancel their military exercises in the region that was rejected by washington on wednesday seoul and washington for their own missiles into the sea of japan that was understood to be a warning shot for north korea has been hearing from analysts that it's america's response next that could risk pushing the crisis into war. but north korea launched
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a missile that wasn't intended to hurt anyone and it did not hurt anyone and what we saw at the united nations today was the continuation of the spectacle in which the united states and her increasingly few are lies or using by an international body of peace as a client of global apartheid to justify and rubberstamp wars and saying sions which amount to war they're going to be watching today's proceedings they're going to hate the united states even more than they already do they'll see russia and china is countries which don't necessarily always agree with them countries which on allies to them but countries which do not wish them and the people home countries that want to engage in peace countries that could end up saving north korea from american aggression and they will smile upon that surely the u.s. is sending the same message that they have been sending for seventy years and that
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is to threaten again and again and again the people of the democratic people's republic of korea and the reality of us endless endless threats on the people of korea has ratcheted up now the sanctions a new round of sanctions a new round of threatening other countries that have any trade or economic relations with the d.p. r. k. . stories of course as over twenty four seven let me tell you better programs coming up after the break this sunday on r.t. international we look at how donating blood brings in vital incomes for many poor americans and a healthy profit for pharmaceutical firms to meantime if you're in the u.k. or oil and hi good morning we'll look at who's making the money and who's going to be left behind the democratic republic of congo.
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the flyers the wealthy areas of the italy going bust and we should save them because they're going bust well again the social bank the e.c.b. a jag they have already printed fifteen sixteen trillion dollars to bail out their friends their oligarch friends during sums to thousand and eight and they've said they've signal to the marketplace that we've got another fifteen sixteen seventeen trillion dollars to print to make as many errors as you want keep making bad loans keep borrowing money at zero percent interest rate to buy assets of precious. paintings and shadows doesn't make any of them. will want to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle for food going. to do socks for the tell you
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that will be gossip and probably worthwhile for the most important news today. while i'm off the mat for it doesn't tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks along the border will want. good luck. on the. by then got a session on. by then is a shift the long. side and that's going on. so let's look not so it.
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can be no surprise was if you have to move the pope multiple injuries a look unconnected to the keeps a few muscles to look but shows reality of mars on the phone to call home the feeling of a political social services say yes but in the book in a moral sense of what it must. hanumant have nothing to laugh aloud with. something that will save a lot. on long enough something not setting. up. a little to hospitals look ma stuff but up till now maybe not maybe i'm moving forward after.
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all. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donations around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity one of the noblest acts in modern society but the reality is different altogether. there is the perfect money making industry our willingness to pay for available therapies basically especially for a loved ones knows no bounds at the heart of this business plasma a yellow liquid rich in proteins it's the main component of blood it's more expensive than oil. that is a look struck. down kitty does a process tell us
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a new book anybody smith's quite acceptable key dumb i shall die inch systemic keep down me an n.d.b. to be sure of course he did you pull. a motor car interview all of them in this album has killed me so. i don't want to do that number of most of us. we decided to explore a little known area within the health industry the blood trail. our investigation took us to france germany and the us they don't like us to interview the head on oh yeah they don't want something they ate all right they need to stop public want to know. today carlos is donating blood despite his busy job he's a regular blood donor at the red cross center in los on carlos sees his act as a sign of commitment to the.


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