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tv   Headline News  RT  July 9, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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they all said how bogus days of ante g. twenty was like that german city resulted in hundreds of injuries and police and protesters despite the trouble outside though there was some progress made inside the talks as president putin and trump much anticipated first meeting resulting right now in syria cease fire agreement to tell you about that as well this coming thirty minutes bus. c n n's accused of blackmailing the creator of president wrestling cliff
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threatening to reveal his identity fee does something similar again there was a backlash and it's coming out. over a good afternoon for me kevin no it's just one of the moscow times in life marty h.q. or if you're watching it rather well sunday's going good so we know one of the main top stories in the last seven days in the last couple of days the german city of hamburg still kind of the cost after enduring some of the most violent scenes ever to accompany a g. twenty summit over fifty thousand gathered on saturday alone while the event was pretty tranquil for world's most powerful leaders inside and outside it was a very different picture.
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sensitive i don't want him to eat. talking to skeets funds if it's him of the
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toughness. chefs that escaped me she could think that i should have taken the woman punched if. i needed to for a radical left wing protest across europe vandalized looted shops there and hamburg the unrest over the past few days has reportedly left at least two hundred offices injured to. tensions have boiled over between demonstrators and the police. i can see the main body of the crowd and i disavow the and as they say i'm lacing every bomb seriously so you can have that really hurt you a kosovan is what can you please describe for me what happened for what you will as far as i could tell there were attack in the demonstration with no reason. this is part of a. civil war the violence was awful and i also don't understand the message they
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want to send me his violence he simply tragic. that is a call some form sportscar belief that's been. roaming the moments of small bits of violence and the police come in to try and put it out war to come and we used pepper spray was used. to. hear the crowd chanting away that on sci fi she's the build of on sci fi chants going on all under the watchful eye if we move the camera over here over the watchful eye of a lot of police officers i do. not wish to keep a bit vigilant here because we are seeing already what's the us flower being thrown at the police just as you can see there we're actually right between the police and the demonstrators right now so we're going to try and get out of the way just well moment while i'm talking to you not the best place to be it. has
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a huge call of police officers that's marching through the city then leading the the demonstrators. i think. it's continued on days over the last twenty four hours now as you can see just behind me does actually. more water cannon arriving at the intersection where i am . they will say a quiet tense scene here just a long time ago whereby a number of bottles were being thrown the police responded with water cannon we see . there's certainly a very large police presence a helicopter flying overhead many other emergency vehicles around but there's also an awful lot of demonstrators here. this is the scene in hamburg as you can see a heavy police presence there just marching past me the older came through from
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police that this this intersection here this junction had to be cleared there is a section of demonstrators just over there you may be able to see walt's account and being used every time they try and come close to this intersection they get sprayed back. you can see just over here the advertising hoardings have been vandalized there behind me is a bank that was all it was locked up but it's now also been all smashed up over my right shoulder there i spoke to some of the shop owners that are based here about their plans were some were saying they were going to board them up some load saying they were going to wait it out and stay inside the store twenty four hours a day some owners are covering windows so they don't get broken a lot of places are closed so we couldn't work productively because a total collapse of transportation was in my opinion you can't organize the g.
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twenty two in a left wing liberal area especially in hamburg which is famous for its demonstrators it is one of the major centers full counter-culture in germany one of the major centers indeed for the fall left here just over my left shoulder is a place called they are well to floor it's a major hub full of left wing groups here and it was from there that a lot. the organizing of these demonstrations originated from of course this area ending up being where a lot of the violence took place. in a week you bronson from the alternative to germany party told us the violence wasn't a great surprise as we heard just then actually as the city's got a reputation of being radically leftist. how big is well known for its left wing. sometimes extremist views so this shouldn't have been
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a surprise for anybody really well i believe that two groups of people who actually traveled to hamburg to take part in this one group is very peaceful they want to stage their protest they perfectly in their right every german has the right to assemble freely without weapons it's part of the constitutional law the second group. they didn't want to have any peaceful demonstrations they were set for trouble you have these i call them demolition tourists they travel from all over europe and all all of the germany to take part in a protest that is bound to be violent that is bound to destroy shops looting of supermarkets but they had no interest whatsoever in a peaceful protest and sadly this small but very violent group is now attracting all the attention and of course the peaceful protesters are upset because this is not how you should stage your prostates your protest should always always be
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peaceful to be heard but to the politics now one of the most watched encounters was of course the russian president's first face to face meeting with donald trump and the meeting brought about a potential breakthrough for the syria conflict two that's making headlines today because the leaders agreed to establish a ceasefire in the country came into effect just over an hour ago midday syria time . this is across this let me tell us about the conditions of this deal like heaven following the first face to face meeting between president trump president putin the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has announced that the u.s. and russia has agreed on a new cease fire in the south western of syria that would take into effect at noon damascus time on july ninth take a listen to the details of this new cease fire russia the u.s. and jordan have reached a ceasefire agreement for syria the ceasefire will come into effect in three areas there are clear natura and swager it will come into force on the ninth of july at twelve am damascus time the u.s.
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and russia have committed to monitoring the cease fire and ensuring humanitarian access to the areas initially security in these areas will be ensured by russian military police in close cooperation with the u.s. and jordan. now these three southern provinces that lavrov mentioned also share a border with jordan which is also part of this new agreement however another country that these three southern provinces which i believe can show you on a map on the screen now also share a border with israel and this area includes the disputed golan heights of this area between syria and israel and according to the u.n. is a syrian territory occupied by israel since the sixty's and over the recent weeks there has been a surge of quasi border exchanges of fire and this new the escalation zone can potentially afford such incidents in the future right so potentially it's a big step here to maybe bring in a bit more peace fingers crossed what's the reaction while the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson he said this new agreement shows his first indication that the u.s.
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and russia can work together and cooperate with each other in syria the russian president vladimir putin he also expressed an optimistic tone of this take a listen. regarding whether the u.s. position on syria has changed i think it's become more pragmatic in general it doesn't seem to change but there's now an understanding that we can achieve a lot the united effort which now bear in mind that this is no doubt a breakthrough in terms of u.s. russia relations showing that the two countries can work with each other in syria however it be too optimistic to say that this is a breakthrough of the entire syrian conflict as a whole as you know there's been numerous the escalations have been set of prior to this cease fire as happens that it's been violated before and since since the war began over six years ago and still there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this conflict one of the most crucial ones regarding the political future of the assad regime has been because most of the big it is not or emily thanks for bringing something that will you get but monitoring next now you're in a while after noon so let's see where that goes now but the g.
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twenty talks with him uprooted and gave his personal impression of big face to face meeting with trump. trump stablished a relationship it may sound strange but trump. in real life is completely different to when he's on t.v. he's very businesslike and easy to talk with i think if we continue to work together in the way we did yesterday we'll be able to restore relations between the u.s. and russia and bring cooperation between our countries to a new level two different donald trump's you heard it right that's how the washing president puts it but mr putin met only one donald trump in that blue room on friday and as we found out from right still or should there was some positive chemistry between these two men there was so much to talk about all these issues. just about everything got touched on to one degree or another and i think there was just such a level of engagement and exchange need to want to want to. remind
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the president. i think maybe the first lady one point. and i didn't work either well if that blood man who spent more than two hours talking to a lot of my approach was the real donald trump then there is potential for the lot awaited political thaw says a lot of our approach going back to the many issues that the two presidents discussed of course they spent a while talking about syria which resulted in the announcement of a breakthrough cease fire in three districts of the country at the russian president's press conference we heard him called the deal a giant step well when it comes to the american media it seems that they were mostly worried about whether their president would put pressure on flat improvement over allegations of russian interference in the u.s. presidential race. brought up that issue several times. kept replying that washer
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wasn't involved and at the press conference one journalist asked him whether russia was planning to meddle. in the german elections. you ask very provocative questions i've already answered this question we didn't interfere in the u.s. election so why do we need to interfere in the german elections we have a long history of friendship with germany time largest trading partner in europe and we have many joint projects so why would we interfere in their internal affairs well i guess we will have to hear something from donald trump in the next days besides the word tremendous that he used to describe this meeting i have tremendous . with president hu and we've had a really great meetings with a lot of people having no i mean time several u.s. media outlets to struggling to accept president trump's acceptance that russia did not interfere in last year's presidential election such as when c.n.n.
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talked to america's u.n. ambassador. i think president clinton did exactly what we thought he would do which is did i at once this is russia trying to save face i must say i'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that the meeting went as well as it did considering the absolutely hysterical at the sphere in the american media that trump has succumbed that trump in the words of c.n.n. from this afternoon has fallen into putin's trap and i'm glad that trump has turned out to be an adult in this situation i think the problem for the russians solid and for everybody really is how how much trump is in charge of his own administration because it's quite clear that you know the cia the pentagon and so often the wrong footing trumps moves and therefore the some question about whether we can deliver whatever response discussed with a lot inclusive of the fact that they have all the secret leaks some kind of personal chemistry is potentially very positive but of course there's there's all
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sorts of all the problems that have to be dealt with it's not to sweep through a lot more to come including a spot between austria and italy over the big immigration story to tell you all about in a recap of the news right after the break. beginning . sixteen. trouble and. director that europe is surrounded by and one of them of the six moment was president. what about russia you know what let me get to which point our listeners are now.
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i i i i i. i i. i i i. i. i get so busy and i'm found itself sparking an internet meme war of all things this week it tracked down the creator of the old clip featuring donald trump wrestling the c.n.n. networks news logo the video been tweeted as a bit of fun by president trump a few days earlier but it led c.n.n. to say instead encourage violence against reporters i'm sure you've got your views
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on that either way but his mortality over the story. so this guy makes a humorous little video and then it blows up someone edited it donald trump found it and posted it on his twitter feed ah it got millions of views hundreds of thousands of likes and many people had a love c.n.n. did not like being laughed at not one bit they launched a manhunt for the original creator of the video what they did is doc saying it is digging up private information on someone always something and then publishing it can be used for law enforcement for business extortion coercion harassment online shaming and vigilante justice the reaction has been furious even julian songes waited on the matter saying that potentially what c.n.n.
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did may be a crime a multi-billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism c.n.n. c.n.n. succeeded they found the original creator he has since apologized and promised never to make another video critical of c.n.n. channel says when they finally talk to him he sounded nervous as well he might c.n.n. is threatening to publish his identity for all the loonies in the world to know if he ever stops being sorry it's right there on their website c.n.n. reserves the right to publish his identity if he stops being sorry if anything changes isn't that the definition of blackmail while the backlash that followed the c.n.n. journalist who originally wrote about the may bizarreness identity tweeted this response to the blackmail claim say we go it's a bit vague quote he said this was misinterpreted and that they simply meant c.n.n.
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made no agreement about the way the man's identity would be handled and quote i'm not the wiser still the damage was done anyway and the internet hit with even more c.n.n. bashing me. attorney and former u.s. congressman michael flanagan thinks c.n.n.
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should have responded in the way deed to what was obviously a joke c.n.n. has overestimated their capacity yet once again and they'll be having an endless number of retractions and this will be yet another one you can't tell somebody that if you do this again we're going to publish your name and subject you to all sorts of pain and anguish without calling it extortion that's what it is and it's funny too because they like to talk about all the violence on the right yet they use the violence on the left as a weapon to control somebody that they don't like what they're doing and in helping the president have a little poke a little fun at them it really shows how thin skinned how silly and how to place of this they actually are and i think they would do best to just shut up and let this go. so but just around the break austria threatened to ramp up security along its border with italy on monday nights of the week started saying hundreds of troops were on standby following a spike in migrant arrivals of late in southern europe austria's ambassador was
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then someone for talks to rome slammed vienna for lack of cooperation but the austrian chancellor has since downplayed the whole dispute saying no were temporary measures will be taken. border controls and an army deployment will be necessary. unjustified and unprecedented initiative will lead to repercussions italy's in a lot of trouble over this according to the un almost eighty four thousand people arrived in that country so far this year and they're estimating that that number is going to triple by the end the twenty seventeen of course many of these refugees when they get into italy is not going to stay there lovely places it is they want to move further off into europe. this week so they are willing to help but they didn't go far enough as far as italy is concerned there now it's thirty five million euros of additional funding after talks on the crisis on sunday but then rose said that's simply not enough to tell in officials as well as the u.n. called on european countries to do more for instance to open their ports up to some
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of these migrant boats and to share more of the responsibility we have an international operation for rescuing people in the military in ali they are disembarked only in italian ports. we are left alone czech republic has taken twelve poland and hungary have taken hero exactly not good enough you know. we do believe we can to leave either italy or greece on its own. but they're giving it up and i'd like to say that it want to help italy to address this issue. former italian foreign minister franco frattini didn't hold back when he spoke to us in the week he said europe's treatment of his country when it comes to refugees was pour. it is unsustainable situation minister gentil own he's trying to promote european soli darity but unfortunately the reason these greg a show of european union all round even the beatles are all bassy. to
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you unfortunately is grooving completely useless on helping on solving the migraine crises today unfortunately the weakness of european institutions and national. leading to isolating. in them being the mediterranean these is simply not acceptable. he had despite a year is spent searching for some kind of solution to the migrant crisis the e.u. has only seen very limited results. in two thousand. and nine i had thought that. they gave me almost twenty percent increase of fifty m.
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meant because of that track and they will get off their tally i. think. we need to put that into a national level two graves of my belief business know that. there are plenty more people in the book still sending out all those months of origin to the various. incidents almost every day in both they were taking more people than they really should be allowed to take their big box. journey is more dangerous don't question. the percentage of survival. that is good that the one that i see you and it has to travel to cows that if you
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believe that. there is no in many areas be the king gave that mission to rescue people and so that you can see shares that all share their rescuers had ease and that you back your words and i meant that i'm going to ration that because it's not sustainable. it's the boat sensors are deliberately turned off by n.g.o.s in order to obscure the location did not does not arouse confidence this x.x.l. magic is that you feel. you are getting healthy to provide a safe and eco channels so these people walk to get terri. what is happening in front of all these and it's really just an unfolding tragedy. of the tragedy goes wrong that europe's in focus coming up next to in worlds apart
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asking whether the continents capable of deciding its future without the united states. bustling the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. before the sun the smashing. of the traditional. sun nuts. soon as we find a school bus station. while the city's tried desperately not to collapse.
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a vision who put this up or will move in probably global in the coffee cup at home in the bushes up the oem subs and i suppose it's immune to. what. is a tourist. town identity. welcome to worlds apart old to talk about russian meddling in european politics in the united states that has shocked her on the decision making on the continent that is
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until truong moved into the white house is europe ready to take its paid into its own hands as german chancellor angela merkel suggested it should vote to discuss that i'm now joined by. and is torn in member of the european parliament tom it's great to have you on the show thank you very much for your time you know welcome we are recording this program just a few days before of the russian president's are expected to meet in person for the first time coincidentally a bad meeting is going to take place in europe do you think the europeans should be expecting anything groundbreaking to come out of this meeting. you know. oh. i would say that to both presidents. unpredictable so here at least in this house we cannot we cannot say that we are waiting something something particular for it was very difficult. to.


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