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you know dancing. when you say i mean no don't. make you a problem. because they are. using jim about. that speech. that president bush judge. which actually didn't. tell you exactly what. he had there is a saying. be fair on the chief justice and then he went through all the
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countries of the world that's idea to remove their right to call us companies that he said because may give them everything that's left in the basket. of. the property of children to the. cheaters make diamonds and gold that's worth taking from this country to get the it's to get diamont get to. the work up to develop forts so all these guys must go into the bush and come up with the number of kilos. he's one of them are missing maybe two kilos that's. things that's so he did must realize it's he's already bought things in this country.
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don't. even. know. if. the bell gentz to take. sixty. of the independence of. it to get. it. and. keep. the society. so we started with the money of the.
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fed with the money of the. sophists. i was seven. before really. odd. and then. they sent a message it's just a repeat. of. the population of. its features. it will last to six months. now. and then be tempted to run of the president of the. mining company to ask him to get out of this it's. disruptive and useless i saw i saw it and those. that. i was thinking i'll get them on their principles.
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when they become a prick if i become a president one day. and tried to stop this i was young. and. over. and taking international journalists to defense upticks some of them for. some with them for human rights abuses some for. stuff. my kids must love live the life i lived because to become a fixer you must have a lot of experience of suffering you know of dangerous i was asking god to give me the rest of the wisdom of not to be preached to be up angry you know.
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what missions i've been. on many many things i know what. i know or think it's what's got. sometimes you have to deal with it. and the people of the. majority of our population. don't know what's given. all this is a cry of insecurity of. just the interest of. it's a. scam. because here we have. it from. we have paul but. we have we have. of course some of us guess it's
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a right if. left all day a minute or two. and some. even it's what's. that. the. rest of it. is the. good of the. people if you. want. the semantics but you. really. wish you the you know i'd set up a much. so you understand that this country is that this is what. it's without we don't understand how it's always have we are poor in such
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a country it's those who are good. for to. much to such. an idiot. go look. into. your. room do you. good. if you.
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don't. like the syndicate. that. doesn't exist. that. doesn't mean no one knows that this but this. is. just.
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the same. i think we're going to. create it well we're up a. bunch. of people who. left force for. sixty seven. with european with their countries. seventy three. speech and the speech. problem. because he has before.
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what feels good when you do a little. bit. and then they said ok i would never see france anymore and that's when my group to fund its levies and she said ok guys we have a problem so from now on everybody for himself and. i can't give you and give you some notes. so i just started. looking. you know not.
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just one of. those. but a lot of the time to live here kind of to feel good and then. maybe he's dead to see if. he's going to get. whatever makes it that. all of the population become very very miserable. but not. if you live in a feast before giving up if we try to get us you see and this is how everywhere it's become no more system. sleeplessly you see. the political fence and the big people the ship.
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the week off. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with the senate is full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch. bleep yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. some see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. what politicians do. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want. to go right to the precipice like them before. can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of
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our. first super. bowl make this manufactured come sentenced to public wealth. when the right wing closest protect themselves. with the famous merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million more you need.
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so. that's. good news for. us. and she's. a problem. sometimes. for. my wife.
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and. she just me and. saying ok. ok. and then. you have. to keep. most of the. troops.
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from. believe that. people. like it's. ok. i said. when she had. my friends. of the future and. this is. here.
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to discuss it's. nice. to. know. it's. these friends. but. this is now.
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clearly the original a a. a. a real. eye.
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opening what. i did was i know you're so good because it is easy. to go to david and. it could be something that we. can get it down to yes why don't you just. accept that. we've. loved. so much of the good candidate that you did what was going on i was going to be looked up and i know you. by that time i tried to. get people to keep my wife close to the board that two months later after me because they were just not from the power they lost the
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country they had to to return. if you just. did not want to do. what it does. but you're going to go on describe it it's just the. right. and the right. mood. that side of the ball. got us so everybody was. all the horse in the bush. by. credit. planes from. comes to. those. like.
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i said you know i am from my country i know people who have kids people. for them. but. i didn't see that once in my life to see. i understood but the future. you have it doesn't destroy the people. we have you know but to destroy you except maybe think it's lost to me that's what's up and. i was reading. about. this was they need me to be strong they need all. they lost for me it's so i start to preach to give you this for the hearts to forgive and forget
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. much of anything was told to me was my children stuff. was maybe five feet if five six feet. three feet i'm easy it's not easy but if it's. close well i doubt. if. it. does it's like he's. got out of this is what the political bit is not that it is. you know what is that a little bit what she. is this is.
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what. she. is. is this is. that she is is is is. is. that they did this and led to many did i start to do a call on this. mission. and that's kind of the. only school with i think if anything it was the monday to force you out there just
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to sort of. mix. in the. morning we did and they would be cheating people or maybe. from there they walked. with the foolish thought i was in touch. oh. i have to explain. but ports i couldn't explain something. i was feeling i was getting. funded blood from a much. thousand five hundred.
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thirty. six percent from the us. to defeat. i see you know what's that i'm still. not. you know a. lot of. movies. magnificent . read in. russia.
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very enjoyable place to be and very friendly ok poll. number one to be so amazing with me to some basic going through a. bunch. of people here who are very glad that the face is happening here which is a personal thing. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive in. my body gets and support is that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity no one does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it. applies more or burned or put money on your car radio we don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private
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companies and are produced from paid plans much smaller conference in rome or a car from. one of the risks of paid donation which. then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher paid in it. if i was lying when i. was over two years old who will go over the money. and who runs the blood business. problem beginning from. sixteen mcallen. and. europe to surrounded by my enemy and to one of them at a certain moment was president tom and. you know it better than me to which point tell relations on alt.
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that is our that our. intelligence. believes. paid. by then got a session. by then is assessed the long. haul of a startling audience at a loss is going on want. so. much so that. no support was revealed to the multiple injuries among current and to so for them to keep. the look of the show's real yammers on the phone to call my book and even book a political symbol so this is the year but i don't know there's
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a book in the us and what my. own admitted nothing of. a flood me. somethin that was. on long enough something that said. a little huddles look ma let's play what i can now maybe i made it i let it cool bests.
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still exist. ricos treated as one. recall. the island is controlled by the us government and. crave independence. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day. with the country at a crossroads anger of the island is on the rise. of
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. the u.s. and russia comes into force in southwest syria people there are enjoying their first peaceful day after six years of fighting. and the week's top stories have a. twenty rights apply to the german city leaving hundreds of police and protesters injured. i c.n.n. is accused of blackmailing the creator of the president trump.


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