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well some but of course a lot of b.s. to study so well that the kind of mushy finality and i don't want to let the your talk about how much more i'd let her be honest and a half in the flesh emily i shall get a letter i learned to whom i had that that's not to be a story. so it's all so much money so it. was before this was useful to you. the fee sure he doesn't feel that. they've been released and until we documented sentence in we don't want to do with it if you are moving the body is for your friend just obviously i told you. about that one had yeah i'm going to get. the bottle in which market had to sit up
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yes it's b.s. and. the bomb but don't tell except that i wish i had that that would be when i say that i love the idea i came i thought the whole miniature out of that have you done with an a ha. i don't mean. but there's a little how do you have the thought has the you. have a better the comfy image that i know if i'm going to let me off well i know how that the jets are looking to us and i'm going to have feeling we'll sort it out then said. can was off. for the better good of the whole to. be the measure of the law another bit of confusion with a lot. of us of all you know was a. little on the. funny. about a year
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a studio to talk about. the movie. and you know so we will be how do you move the multiple injuries among kind enough to sell them to keep sophie home most of the work but shows you know your mom's on the phone to call home if you plan to pull from food to the sea so you. want them to step aside before to be a very long before the. if you have with. allowed within this really something to host them. you can him back and. let one of you know what happens on the stomach just. jump you know as when it comes on
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and then when it does you. know it's going to be something that you have you know our lives through you all so you know i don't want to move in the room with that much what. do you. think. it's a bit hard to feel. for any credit yes that. will find something they i will flow so can the federal hide it at your mom pace but make it to seventy on your own but it does i don't do what i did look let's sit with those how odd took it and that's the law and i am highly and you know. the rules for them to begin little do i know about all the. kids that money out of.
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their kids. when you look. out of your story. today coming up you know what i. saw as a kind. of sorrow goes you see the looks after. we're going to be people look to the give to the physio in the normal private office would be to go off. at them or be the only one could get a better. go she born in. kenya then and this is. ten times an awful spanish put their religion on. a day in a. month to me. and he said we have the structures we just
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cannot give you money all of them have to both of us we never see you michel. not to. excess you know when i'm started by the way these. mines give you a school day sorry you said if you come to me seven months. nine months old found i was often not going to that how does she have any but this old fall so on and so on mars that unless this year at least that is how far the consent that goes out the truth will come out of some sort or no and i've been just sort of this enough to settle many said nothing self but you know but it was not about some funny not funny one the other was a lot of it some thought ah well really well let's see. i don't profile show a profit with the full length of the show. i don't know what the law while so book
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when the mound be walked on. i thought that i was you know what the clear. so's. you can have someone to call. again when actually the full. story oblivious to the other key of the. resume you're the key to do so when the idea of me does a good one of these and mother and dad beat and because.
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it's a book i wasn't a big boy in my. own hollow not yet all those. who think i'm a. bit of it. was. this and that that is not. oh. there are.
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costs too much as if to say. he. well that's what we do know he. didn't and much more not yet how do you become. and that was. not about contract. and i think. that's a human not to. say out of. poland as i do not. know hong. kong the notable. product as i was. to have not only.
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some of the somebody. who'll. do nothing for me i'm. not on the body a studio by then. doing a. condom on and i don't even know enough proof of the moment illinois hello. hello hello. but if the no a lot of mine asked. me. and asked me to one on the ass the non there but that's not the number. you really didn't. know.
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i. do not. sleep at night and i didn't. see more. by then.
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i suddenly had and it's gotten the holy. shit what. the american said. just buried my government for. the blues it. was at the ship of oh. fuck. yeah. i thought of rob i thought of. what they had to do now but then. she
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she she labels off. one. hundred how they don't i want it. all out i don't know why he. has to always show she stood up and become busy in the slightest bit even. if. i believe that he was not lazy on the decide this is. the reality to be. special to. me for the ship to see.
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me and i am became one of the someone on the phone to you sweetie and my mom know where she needs. to shift and not only from. the company has our days off of socialism in the coming. months i will come fish. him about that but what how that will soften shot up what the fuck know. about it mr guffey just sold it at the last minute. so the highest. official government of the cut off of. the sun somebody know i'm always up on. the net how to sort of help there.
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oh. i think the u.s. russia relationship is very important and it has suffered and we need to make it better there's no question about it we need to cooperate on so many issues on nuclear weapons from syria on iran on energy on trade. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually just pull on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love back to the
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night my president of the world bank. doesn't really mean it seriously send us an e-mail. as i do not. the mom now the accounting us most of this about cuts now down in the just that of the city i couldn't.
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i'm not sure. the months and years on the list my name in this. bill had. not a on the. menu
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to no i. mean for you could. walk and it had. to bend at one. in the house like on the afghan men they have not and the clan not spinouts not the lights. i had couple of. had it.
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in with. it's not a month. it's an open mind that. intel seen. as the end of the finished shift. in the lead the father of the body of chicken the day in the month the cool thing made for forty. and us i mean the. few months of good. month of the middle of this is. not month to. hug it out most of us familiar with
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a lot of us. on the. well for the i'll say me. did you fall in the. north. was a house. on the.
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other the stuff on the does it deserve a long. form in. the. state of the human. had not. been listed in the. new could it not know you. gotta. believe a young. and the second cousin. mr know they are in the next conference if you know and that is she could mark you know pretty man and if you know no could manage to sean disembodied voice comes.
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along and then as long. it to the moment. in bed because look. at the. models you have to also see the high you'll see. out of nine hundred eleven on that have been the kind of suit.
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he. wants is of it out but i have to mostly found the senate and senate. are not. good olive. lost on helen of how does a good long. in. this. kind of i think you better. know nothing are not running out of money and i want to feel the benefit of them but i didn't think it'd be. better to. do it. and i'd be standing behind me from enough to the welcome view and if she didn't and almost. had the most lamentable i'd give you what then sat in
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a slack set on how this can be done i could do it but i could have but he walk out of my a little flat don't. know how and then the thought about stuff that i'm in the. us not to. haunt him a bit of nothing. but i am a kind of loudly as you. have been lucky to be at. least some of the have been long. going to live there you. have been a lot of come the. plate of it was a pill for nothing. but how lovely some seem to all the luck that. something that a handout. used to stay out. of the bad news of. the ever i
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want to live it and to hide it danny i know not for whom but at the mouth that she does have been a member of number of feet that the fall of the little maid the needle on that if we put that out we should cause i thought when you must have been when i. you know it does are we live anything. at all nothing i'm not that be no. be an insane a took. them so writ out of the. talk to be a yes you want present system how much you want to show. you how do. you think. that's how it's done even if it was not the only reason i should want to be looked into the little feeling that he had that this has come. out these. are the stuff you've. already. done on the bus that i am on the
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scene. how would. i could but it doesn't mean. that good enough. bob. to go ahead and the best not to be come out to show he didn't do enough. to nevada and. i'm going to look at. that in the new york to you know when what does it mean. when you. talk. to. people i mean look at the not exactly that but enough.
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to see that. it had to get. a lot to. come up. to how do you look ma the punch setting on the scene. and they've had to pick this up over. the koofi sweetly knowledge that no moment this will not will. suddenly came up here that. we cling this way and that is the whole thought of way because he is back at me now and then i can hear the metal welcome. him. by a month. but grow this economy and this cooking class that
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is going. to get ahead was the bigger hot. hot. because simply assume. if it has a little it's a little bit you know way. beyond the emotion if you have the love you need. to. tell them that and then move to one hundred of those in the moment of the movie that you love the mumble the back pedal and the rest of the was how lucky i knew who to be young
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a shot to come up today that there's a bloke one kid as obvious as the money not. below listening. to him can you behave well economically maybe who are death us. that are. the. when lawmakers manufacture consent to stick to the public wells. when the
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ruling classes project themselves. the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. telling you ignore middle of the road signal. the road to the real news is really the way. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media control over the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. still exist.
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the island is controlled by the us government and. crave independence. still many do wish to join the us. leave every day. with the country at a crossroads of the island is on the rise. of the.
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i i i i i. i. we are here sitting together it's been a long time since we were together like in peace the people of southern syria. in the region got exclusive video. on the. dangers posed by leftist radicals. and iraq's prime minister declared victory over islamic state in mosul but the city's in ruins.


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