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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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every day. along. with the country as a crossroads of the island is on the rise. here moscow breaking news coming in britain's controversial sales to saudi arabia have been ruled to be legal by the high court in london humanitarian groups had to challenge the government because of weapons being used to kill civilians in yemen to bring you more about this out. also making headlines this monday the german chancellor is under fire for underestimating the dangers posed by leftist radicals after this big riots blighted the g twenty summit in hamburg. iraq's prime minister declared victory over islamic state in mosul but the cities in ruins as its people pay a high price for liberation. why
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they kept it we did this. international just a little bit more on the breaking news coming through before we bring you much for full around about it but it seems as we here in the last few minutes the campaign is have lost a high profile case calling for a u.k. sales to saudi arabia to be stopped they're worried about the humanitarian concerns and how they'd be used in yemen it looks like judgments been made at the high court in london and the judge basically said we concluded the material decisions of the secretary of state there in the u.k. were lawful therefore we dismissed that claim they were going to go to london get more on that we've got a correspondent lined up to bring you more details in a minute so stay with us for that breaking news through before but let's talk about this next german chancellor angela merkel under pressure following the unprecedented violence at the g. twenty protests in hamburg the country's presidents come out and said that germany
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hasn't witnessed such brutality in years. we have not had violence of such magnitude demonstrations in germany in recent years. there were apparently some who acted ruthlessly and destructively against police forces and also against the property of ordinary citizens german police are out in force but nonetheless over twenty thousand of them struggle to contain protesters with hundreds of officers left injured security forces and faced criticism of failing to cope with the chaos of those rallies seen video here showing violent protesters in black masks flowing. through shop windows only no signs you can see the shelf of police earlier that moment they were to contain the images of burning cars and streets awash with debra left locals really shocked international media outlets echoed those thoughts to hear some of the headlines of the shoulder chancellor
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merkel for her part condemned the violence while many german politicians stressed that the left wing radical protests had been indeed underestimated. the end she said to give it and get him to put a lid teat of t.v. put it side a indecent cogging disk it sponsors get fits him if you don't get toughness shull tell each of us chefs that escaped me she getting fed exed had fifteen no one then fine shifting when i needed a further. i was.
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so as the dust settles in hamburg following the g twenty volunteers this morning been helping to clean up the streets and restore shopfront unless we talk to say violent leftist groups have been in that area though for years but nothing is being done about it. the left wing commits much more physical violence than the right wing this is something we know overhears of we see it for many years and nothing has changed yet definitely there has been much more violence on behalf of left wing . extremists but. also certain a difference in the targets of course that the choose it is. a
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while and now that we have seen in hamburg which is really like a senseless meaningless it just looks for a media. appearance it just wants to shock. during the g twenty summit the u.s. administration was left red faced on a few occasions because geographical difficulties.
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so belgium. is a beautiful secretary of state is. a credible job who just got back from the middle east which is the focus saudi arabia and. we were treated incredibly well got back from the middle east we just. saw what happens as i said we've just launched fifteen missiles heading to iraq where we're headed to syria yes heading toward syria.
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most our top story year the breaking news in the past few minutes where in the british high court has ruled that arms sales to saudi arabia are legal the government is being challenged by human rights groups who say british weapons are being used by the saudis against civilians in the war in yemen let's go to london love to westminster all of them fully boyhood for the same. usually just tell me what you know about this ruling. will let the courts just ruled that britain can contest continue to sell weapons to saudi arabia so the government foreign policy can continue as normal i think they'll be pretty relieved about that because for the past several months the high court has been examining whether the sale of weapons to saudi arabia is even legal since twenty fifteen the u.k.'s license more than three billion pounds of arms sales to riyadh and to give you about an idea about the sorts of customers that saudi arabia are they've got twice the number of
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british made warplanes in saudi arabia than the british military has here and that trading relationship with riyadh has become increasingly controversial because of the bloody conflict taking place in yemen and the saudis there are leading a military coalition against the goofy red bulls and there's been accusations of them violating human rights since two thousand and fifteen when the conflict began thousands of yemeni civilians have been killed and we have been accused of being rather indiscriminate in terms of how it carries out its as strikes in yemen because of these concerns this trading relationship the fact that they're using british weapons to carry out these strikes means that there have been increasing concerns and calls for independent investigations there been parliamentary committees here in the u.k. that have recommended that britain suspend its arms sales until these accusations
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of human rights violations into take a listen to the sorts of complaints that british politicians have about this policy of sales to saudi arabia. this is a speaker thousands of civilians have been killed in yemen including a large number by the air force on leave don't not using british built claim. pilots who were trained by british instructors were dropping british made bombs under coordinated by the saudis in the presence of british military advisors. we have to put political pressure on the sobeys to come to the table to reduce the scale of the bombing to move towards some kind of ceasefire and to do it properly so let's just talk about the conflict this is being presented against saudi arabia against the people of yemen what absolute garbage no wonder the contras in poverty others who are allowing these people to get away with it all the
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government's consistently defended its relationship with saudi arabia take a listen to how to reason may explain that away. what matters is the strength of our relationship with saudi arabia on issues like dealing with terrorism on counterterrorism issues which is that relationship that has helped to keep people on the streets of britain. i think a lot of people will be quite surprised at the way the ruling has gone today given the weight of the evidence about what's taking place in yemen but that warning has gone the government's way and no doubt they'll be salaries of relief in whitehall today in the ministry of defense as well i don't think that's going to stop the campaign is continuing to draw attention to this issue it's a huge story we'll get more feedback on throughout the afternoon from polly thanks for the update there from london. it was thought the g twenty but we can
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spend some time considering what to do next about the crisis in the korean peninsula that's ongoing with the rhetoric ramping up between the north and the us the year of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed many years and it's failed. and frankly that patience is over i give the highest honor to our respected great leader kim jong il who made our country a powerful nuclear giant having the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles . the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must. our respective leaders said the u.s. would be unhappy to with this nor'easter to take power on its independence day and
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call them frequently sending baek and small new packages when it comes to nuclear arms north korea in the us a far from equally much to pyongyang still doesn't have any missiles capable of actually sending a warhead over enough distance the fathers they've ever got is nine hundred thirty kilometers that is no one in the range of us will heads so the question is will the threats really amount to anything we put the grail it should be korea policy institute. i think it's a great deal or exaggerated. first of all the. fourteen month old that it recently launched there's some question whether or not that's the one that i thought russian monitoring equipment had a very different result than what we're here in the united states for this sort of thing about the capability of them both also russian affairs of the thing it's actually intermediate missile but even if you take the u.s. position that it's that i.c.b.m. and the range is only capable of hitting alaska and that's with apparently most
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likely an empty warhead if you had the way you did the weapon that would be for range for but this is only a single test of any kind of operation old nuclear weapons program we would require a year with testing and multiple multiple. united states has nearly seven thousand nuclear warheads in north korea right now probably no more than ten it would be suicidal for north korea to launch a nuclear first strike and with north korea is quite explicit about the purpose of its program is the nuclear deterrent it's intended to ward off attack from the united states. there's a bit of a double standard here and that washington has never complained about india israel or pakistan but it's taken the full testing in fact india conducted ballistic missile test over this year as did pakistan but only north korea's singled out with
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un sanctions forbidding it from doing ballistic missile testing and i think the gist of washington's concern is that it has friendly relations with other nations where that's has quite hostile relations with north korea. the more washington threatens north korea or comes out with harsh rhetoric the more it actually convinces north korea of the need for a nuclear weapons program the united states regularly conducts joint military exercises with south korea i think the last one involved more than three hundred thousand troops and ships and airplanes and they're practicing the bombing and invasion of north korea and they also have commando. exercises that practice what they call decapitation strikes which in other words is the assassination of north korean officials you can imagine if the reverse were to just imagine say you're from russia we're conducting joint exercises with cuba practicing the bombing of the united states and invasion the united states and
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practicing commando operations to assassinate u.s. officials the reaction united states would be utterly hysterical but when the united states does the same thing against north korea it's seen as just normal everyday business no reason for north korea to be concerned. the united states' latest joint military drills them with south korea include missiles being fired into the sea of japan to be one strategic bombers also carried out live fire test training range on the korean peninsula fighter jets from south korea and also japan jointed which according to the us was to demonstrate the commitment to defending allies the u.s. is also conducted into set test two in which a mock warhead was successfully destroyed but that test cost american taxpayers almost two hundred fifty million dollars another is planned in two months time as well we spoke to political commentator lew rockwell we asked him whether there might be other reasons maybe that the u.s. is stepping up its efforts against north korea right now well there's
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a lot of money at stake billions and billions and billions of dollars in new military contracts the u.s. of course also wants to continue to justify its occupation of south korea its occupation of japan so occupation of. the presence of the seventh fleet. right up against china's shores that's that's what's going on so of course north korea is like any communist country very poor they were very poor country and they poured i'm sure they would you know the show the vast resources that should have gone into people's lives and bellies and homes and so forth into this horrible military business because they're terrified of being attacked by the iraqi city of mosul has declared free for my soul but it's come a big cost we'll tell you more details after the break.
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as far as the wealthy areas of the italy going bust and we should save them because they're going bust well again the social bank the e.c.b. verio jagging they have already printed fifteen sixteen trillion dollars to bail out their friends their oligarch friends during sounds to thousand and eight and they've said they signal to the marketplace that we've got another fifteen sixteen seventeen trillion dollars to print to make as many errors as you want keep making bad loans keep borrowing money at zero percent interest rate to buy assets of precious. paintings and shadows it doesn't make any difference. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporation corporations run washington washington controlled media the media. voters elected the businessman to run this country business
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equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. again the iraqi prime minister's travel to the city of mosul to declare victory over islamic state now that the terror group's former strongholds been recaptured the p.m.'s convoy travelled through mosul where only a small pocket of militants now remain there expected to be defeated suit is the news from their celebrations springing up nationwide to mark the victory. just. the most operations success has also been widely celebrated across the media too it
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is not often on the show that we can break good news about iraq but today is one of those days the country's prime minister arrived in mosul today to declare a great victory as he joined his troops to celebrate in the city they've lost many comrades along the way but today the iraqi security forces were firing their weapons in celebration claiming victory over there. the iraqi military along with u.s. support launched a campaign to liberate mosul from i saw last october since then even rights groups there were very serious concerns about the civilian casualties being caused by the coalition forces. we are. we we we we we we we.
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we. we. we were in. the we we. we. in. the. human rights watch told us more about the price paid by us civilians for mosul's liberation. operation to retake mosul particularly fully the west of the city city that's been raging february has come at an incredibly high cost we've seen much of the west of the city completely destroyed by ground fire and by air strikes and we've seen
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a mass in mass bike in civilian casualties thousands of civilians being wounded and being killed in the fighting so still that the city has really paid a price for this operation. we were calling particularly on the u.s. led coalition to take more care in the way that it is conducting its bombing campaign and clear to kill only the types and sizes of bombs that excusing to drop because of these large ball needs that are being dropped more and more frequently we've seen a massive increase in civilian casualties on the ground. unfortunately the general feeling among. polish it and the iraqi government is that because the meant to finish the operation has been on their side they've wanted to use all means to get it done as quickly as possible and as a result we haven't seen them willing to for example take certain types of weapons completely off the table so as to better protect civilians. and cern's are
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that would be civilian casualties we don't see accountability we don't see american commanders taking responsibility and we don't see compensation for the victims. elsewhere making headlines this lunchtime former national intelligence director james clapper says the u.s. media you've got to follow me on this is being tricked by russia into publishing this after network n.b.c. said they received information on the story they suspected had been forged is more of an explanation. at first it was just unbelievably red hot. if by any chance this document is real it is so sensitive so classified that i cannot show it to you that it's actually logistically difficult to validate something like this first things first kudos to rachel maddow for spotting red flags and that apparently fake documents and questioning the source this fight that potentially explosive headline let's just say it took quite
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a while for many in the mainstream media to do this the two former officials knowledgeable about the situation tell c.n.n. the sources for the matter tell you. what you have sources are telling us on the condition of anonymity sources oh because they're hiding behind this and they can now do you see us doing things does that mean that you're just going to attack sources to be exact over six months of nonstop coverage alleging trump russia collusion based on unnamed sources anonymous officials are leaked but unverified documents many of which turn out to be inaccurate or simply false according to meto someone. out there is on a mission to discredit journalists one way to stab in the heart aggressive american reporting on that subject is to lay traps for american journalists who are reporting that it tricked news organizations into reporting what appears to be evidence of what happened and then after the fact blow that reporting up and who would be so evil as to leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs just to trick news organizations i don't know the source of
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this talk you know i know but it is what i've read in the media but that's only you know within the realm of possibility that it came from the russians they have it it's been russia all along has been fueling these news reports about themselves case solved i can't wrap my brain around exactly how this this exactly would feed into a pro russian pro putin narrative to submit forged documents let you say that they got forged documents let's just say that's true look ascertain that ascertain the source of them and then you have a story that's what the issue should do rather than engaging in cheesy speculation which is unworthy of first grade journalism nobody knows where it came from nobody even knows if it's true it's it's just absurd it's like look do your homework research this stuff and get back to us if it's true then and then put up the
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evidence and let's talk about it and discuss it like reasonable people until then please just be quiet. tysabri with us today coming up reasons why the e.u. is lacking solidarity next is going on the ground gives insight from a former italian ambassador to. a bachelor sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i
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secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night with you i suspect it is full on also for all the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs upon how to go to sleep yeah it is the john oliver of our three americas doing the same we are apparently better than blue nothing better said i see people you never heard of love redactor the night not the president of the world bank so are you going to go right in a seriously send us an email. fax geysers financial survival will face a little girl i. know you could use it this is a central plank supported by
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a gun is going to cover my nose so you stop to that. spots. live live. live . i'm actually returns here we're going on the ground thirty two years to the day france bombed and destroyed the green peace rainbow warrior killing photographer
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fernando pereira coming up in the show the worst refugee crisis since the second world war italy's ambassador to britain tells us his country is being treated unfairly by the european union and the nature of campaign on libya was fatally flawed and i don't think that you're that. knows too much about coral reefs or cares about them particular i don't think that's driving motivation i would love for them to see the film and maybe it affects them emotionally maybe he recognizes you know there is this beautiful life force on the planet as donald trump left the g twenty summit could watching a new film by emmy award winning director jeff orlowski on air force one that changed his mind on manmade environmental catastrophe twenty four hours before one of the biggest strikes in n.h.s. history cuts to the national health service and the heart breaks it could kill off science innovation and put lives at risk all the civil coming up in today's going underground but first with every fire alarm or suspicious package in british cities raising fears of a terror attack this summer today might be
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a good time to reflect on u.k. ambulances today marks one hundred forty years since the formation of the st john's ambulance charity in the days before socialized down the lenses paid by taxes in one thousand nine hundred seventy. decided they'd need to do more to help and so they formed the st john ambulance beginning. of the game was to provide first aid ambulance. for the general public but in one nine hundred forty eight the u.k. labor government decided to compete with private charities explicitly telling the british people that a new universal. health care system would not be a charity it would in effect be socialism what do we owe to socialism in this country. every single one of you in this room at some point has benefited from the principles of the national health service free at the point of use as a human right. the free market capitalist.


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