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just obviously i told you. about that one had. the popular image walk learn how to sit up you sit up. and. double behind that would. say that i learned. that the woman is not that happy on with an a ha. i don't mean. but there's a little how do you have a thought how do you. have a better than something like that i don't fuckin let me oh well i know how that the jets are looking to us and i'm unhappy i will sort it out then said. can was off with but he could learn from this better yet on the whole to. be be the measure of the law another bit of confusion with. him what i said well you know was
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ahead of your core left us a little on the list and off about a year a saudi and. the police even the least. i. can hear most of it was if you have the move the multiple injuries among kind enough to soak them to the kids a few of the above shows the only i was on the phone today on the phone a few of the people from the c.d.c. say you. want them to step aside before to be a bum be the end of the job of the life you howard.
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so how did this reversal to host them. to give him a dime on. one of the one of the most of them just. jump in just. one of them one of. the she. can be something that she loves you know our story you will see now that one of the people in the room with most of what. he. did seven hours. for any credit yes that's. the size of the samyn they are wolf so can the federal hide it at your mom pace but make it to seventy on your own clothes and it does i'm going to do it and i can look but sort
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of it does have odd took it and that's the clyde i am highly and you know. the little some of the bigger little did i know about all that. came to mind that i'm. the kid. when you're a thousand and must. be a story. today coming up you know what i. saw as a kind. of sorrow as you see the looks after. the world going to be people of the world look to the give to the physio in the normal problems that often would be to go off. at them or be the only one could get a better. morning. genesee you tend to talk to an awful spanish put their religion on. a day
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no. matter to me. and he said we have the structures we just cannot give you money all of them live up to both of us we never see images from. god to. access you know what i'm started by the way these. lines of your school based you said if you come to me seven months. come on so found i was often looked into that how does she have any but this old false soul of the not so much that and that hard to see if you only saw in the first place how far the consent that goes out of the truth will come out of some sort or no i don't believe it just sort of this is not the setting many said nothing self but you know what the cannot be funny you know funny when the idea was
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that it was not some thought ultimately l.s.d. or a war i mean i don't profile show a profit with the show. i don't know about a lot well so look when the mound be walked on. a minute ago that got us it was the clear i mean. you can have someone to call. again when actually the. surrealism the other kind of.
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resume you were given the key to jews and yet even me does a good one is a new mother and dad beat and dick into. the saloon and more awesome would be my. own a get off those. who think i'm a. bit of it. was.
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obvious that that is not. oh and. our. costs too much as if to say. he. well that's what we do is funny how does one know he should know and much more not yet how do you become. and i wish you guys and then my. time not that. i'm not then i'm not going to. say out a. poem as i do not involve the home. on
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the. planet that's always. so i have not only. the most to somebody. who'll. do nothing to me. not on the body a studio by then. a subtle enough. to be a bit of truth of the moment illinois hello. hello hello hello hello. but if in the. we have. the. one on the on there but that's not the number.
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you needed. here. i. do not have a fan. i don't. see . not that i didn't. see more. didn't. buy them. by then.
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i must certainly hate and it's gotten the. good of. the american said. just buried my government for. the blues it. was at the ship of all. my thought of rob i thought of.
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o'connell told what he had to do now the book at the. bottom of bullshit email. she. was off. the found a year to duff one hundred how. you know what i want to. know that i don't know why he. doesn't always show she stood up and become the city of the studies to be able to and. is that. i believe that he was not lazy on the decide this is. the easy answer to the. special. meaning of the ship to see.
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the became learned in the engine when he on the phone to use what he and my mom know where she needs. the phone number. of computers are days off of socialism in the coming. months i woke up this. came about that at the white house that i will suffer. about it mr guffey just sold it at the last minute. so the highest so. far from about into the cut off of. the so somebody know i'm always on par. with. the sort of help there.
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the flyers the wealthy areas of the italy going bust and we should save them because they're going bust well again the social bank the e.c.b. a jag they have already printed fifteen sixteen trillion dollars to bail out their friends their oligarch friends during sums to thousand and eight and they've said they've signal to the marketplace that we've got another fifteen sixteen seventeen trillion dollars to print to make as many errors as you want keep making bad loans keep borrowing money at zero percent interest rate to buy assets of precious.
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paintings and shadows it doesn't make any difference. well it happened one of your putin and donald trump met for the first munch into stupid handshake. was it worth the wait and what happens now. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with us actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch a lot of the really packs a punch. yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an email.
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with more make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one. doing the whole middle of the room sick. because i do not.
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know how the accounting us most of this about cuts not down in the just that of the . one from. today because. i'm not sure. the months and years on the list my name in this. bill had.
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many of them no i. mean. i did the. walk and it had to be other than that one to suboxone. in the house like on the afghan men they have now and the clock on the screen are small the lights. i had couple of. had to find the.
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public with. this not none of them says it's an open mind that's given us this intel feel. as the end of the. shift. in the lead the ball of the body of trick of the day and the month of may the so
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forty. and us i mean the. few months a good. month of the middle of this is. not month to. get out most of us who are left with. the.
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you know how far the i'll see me. has. to do fall in the. north. was a house. on the. other the stuff on the ship it is among the. taliban hey it's hard to let that. shit out of the women. had not. been issued in the. nuclear know your mama got a big. bill
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a young. and the second cousin. mr know they are in the next conference with you in the now that she could mark you know pretty man no no no no could manage to sean disembodied voice comes. on and then as long. the moment. in bed because look.
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at the. models you have to also see the high you also see. how didn't live on them that have been the kind of suit. he. wants his of them but i have to muscle and so there. were no. good olive. lost on helen of how it was a good long. in. this. forum. none of us make it better than our no nothing are not enough and i want to feel the benefit of them but i didn't think it'd be. better to. look at it.
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and be standing behind me funny enough about all the while she didn't hide and almost. had the most lamentable i'd give you what then sat in a slack set on how this can be that i could do it but i could have but he walk out of my a lot before i don't. know how and then the thought about stuff that i'm in the. us not to. haunt him a bit of nothing. but i am a lad leave. the house in the be and. let some of you know how they're not. going to live there you.
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have the amount of come the. image was a pill for nothing. about how lovely somethin. like that. something that a hen house at us i used to stay out. of that was a bit of. a look here i want to be able to look and see how did danny they know not for whom doc and the mom that she was i've been a member of member feedback thinking a lot of. that if i would have thought it was shit cuz i thought of me when you must have been when. you know it does are we going to. be i'm not. going to be insane it took. them so we're out of the. talk to b.s.
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you want present system how much you want to show. me how do. you think. that's how it's done even when it was not dealing with these issues have you looked into the little feeling he had that this has come. out of the stuff you've. already. done on the bus that i am on the scene. how would a listen if i could but it doesn't mean. that good enough. not. to go ahead and the best not to be come out to show he's been in the enough. so that to nevada and. not enough on the head. of the north to you know what does it mean ily let me know when you look.
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into how do you feel. you must have done i do not. know but enough. to see that. i had to. hide. a lot of these. into how to look ma a punch that even though seems to be a need had to keep this up with.
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the koofi psychoanalysed have no mama they still knuckle. head in the chemo thing that. we call in this way and that is the whole saddest way because she is back at me now and then when i can hear them now the look on. her part of an. eye on the. left bottom grow this economy and the looking glass that is going. to get her hair was that her. ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha. because simply assume. if it has a little it's
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a little bit you know. fishing the emotion if you have a love you need. to. tell them that and move on most of those in the moment of the movie that you love the marble the back of the one that's the was how lucky i knew who to be young as our new come up today that there's a bloke one kid as obvious as that but not. below listening. to him can you been a while economically maybe i might be cool with us. that
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. the. i think the u.s. russia relationship is very important and has suffered and we need to make it better there's no question about it we need to cooperate on so many issues on nuclear weapons on syria on iran on energy on trade. do colon is still exist. ricos treated as one does not run oil co-equals and hind limb alito and then only on the portal three cool. and i knew
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a lot of seats and they could be seen on the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto ricans crave independence joe it was the almighty god you know it was. good at either way but i mean to sort out what i mean we're taking a game. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. beings. with the country at a crossroads for anger of the island is on the rise. i . now.
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donald trump's willingness to work with russia following positive talks at the g twenty is met with skepticism in washington. like the g. twenty in german chancellor comes under fire for underestimating the dangers posed by militant left wingers. four pm here in moscow this monday july tenth my name is you know welcome to our team internet.


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