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donald trump's willingness to work with russia following a positive told through the g. twenty is met with deep skepticism in washington. european energy companies slam u.s. threats of new sanctions against russia saying the measure would put confidence and he security risk. a severely disabled russian man is sentenced to four and a half years in prison for carrying out an assault. hello good evening welcome you with our to use just on the ten o'clock here in
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moscow. now following the g. twenty summit the u.s. president has said that after a significant deal on syria it is time to move forward and work with russia but despite the optimism there donald trump may be facing opposition from within his own administration. has more while terms time at the g twenty summit was of course wildly wildly picked apart and attacked on all fronts in particular his meeting with president putin and now we're seeing those hits pay off according to a recent tweet trump is backtracking on a cyber security agreement he discussed with his russian counterpart but the idea of such a joint effort was widely criticized here at home on the basis of russia's alleged hacking activities former u.s. defense secretary ash carter even thought he could see an old soviet ruse behind the leader's proposal you know the the russians pulled out the old playbook i've seen all this going back. the russian so you do is when confronted with something
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they've done wrong ask for u.s. intelligence to work in the same light a former state department spokesperson said in an article that trump had fallen into putin's trap and has lost the ability to fight back in the future something she says was fully expected and when it comes to allegations against russia we continue to see mixed messages coming from within the trumpet ministration the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has claimed that everybody knows russia meddled in the u.s. presidential election appearing to contradict donald trump's view but no one is sure i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people do or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement nobody really knows nobody really knows for sure everybody knows that russia meddled in our elections everybody knows that they're not just meddling in the united states elections they're doing this across multiple continents and they're doing this in
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a way that they're trying to cause chaos within the countries so reflecting on last weekend's g. twenty summit the u.s. president tweeted that after brokering a significant deal on syria it's time to move forward and work with russia but we tween opposing views in his own team and constant criticism it's unclear if trump optimism over contacts with russia can last very long. it's a bit of a thoughtfulness from michael maloof he's a former pentagon official and he joins us now michael i'm not sure if you heard that report but essentially was saying how optimistic come from the because there's an awful lot of resistance to restoring relations with russia. well president trump i think rightfully wants to move ahead he has an agenda he wants to get something done he wants to show accomplishment what's happening now the opposition that is biting at him constantly is it is an inside the beltway effort by first democrats mainstream media the deep state or the intelligence community
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because they do not want this president to succeed but there are overarching issues . of a magnitude of importance that require u.s. russia cooperation and i believe that president trump sees sees it in that light and he's going to be dealing with the charges of of meddling collusion these are all side sides. side trips by by people who do not want him to succeed one of those major points presumably michael is syria despite everything that is being said over the last few weeks and over the last few hours to russia and america have found an agreement prissy's fire in syria do you expect that sort of pragmatism to be evident in the coming weeks and months to and perhaps for the progress there. yes i do. trust trump very early on even during the
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campaign and one of his very very few foreign policy statements made clear he wants to work with russia he must to work with other players he's not for regime change he's not for. build a new governments that's why you're hearing backtracking on wanting to replace assad for example by to listen in rivera recent days that is not the intent the intent is to move along get get a piece of stablished get a cease fire and get a political resolution to that crisis having said that it's going to at best it's going to be extremely difficult to reach any resolution in syria in the near future because of all the other complications that are coming in from all the other players including iran israel turkey jordan. as well as the united states and russia and as and the assad government itself and what it wants to do the whole idea is how do you make given all of their complexities and their interests come together and work assad was to take over the
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take back all of syria that may not happen in the in the long run and we don't we don't know where it's all going to lead but you've got to work at it and what's happening at home is a mere a distraction they are trying to trip up this president who's got to focus and get something accomplished and that's what the american people are looking for i don't want to sound like an advocate for president trump and and campaign for him but that is the way he needs to proceed and the one thing it is trying to at home is also just the ongoing allegations of russian hacking and collusion in the presidential campaign and your son is not going away because more and more i have people say ok will show us the evidence show us the evidence and it doesn't seem to affect the narrative they keep coming back with you know there was collusion. well i mean i'm in that in that camp where's the evidence i remember two thousand and three when the intelligence community said it was a slam dunk about iraq haven't b.m.d.
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i will never again believe them and i happened to be at the defense department when that happened i will never ever again take them at face value and and then you have mickey haley u.n. ambassador saying well everybody knows no nobody really knows where is the evidence where is the evidence of collusion when the intelligence community itself the f.b.i. had and the head of the d.n.i. the director of national intelligence said that they found no evidence of collusion whatever that means and now if they have this thing with don donald trump jr come up and claim well that is an episode of collusion that is ridiculous he was that the entree was we have information about hillary clinton it was during the campaign he did the right thing well let's talk and see what information you have instead they talked about and the tiredly different subject now you've got people on the hill screaming and yelling collusion collusion this is all to try and bring down
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this administration when will it die away then michael will just continue until. he stays or goes i mean what point it's i see nothing. well people are fed up with it the american people outside the beltway the american people don't want to hear this crap they are interested more in jobs and health care the major things that affect their daily lives this thing with collusion with the russians and all that the the thinking is well this you know everybody colludes and everybody's trying to alter elections we've done it ourselves we overthrew dick we overthrew cut a democrat democratic countries in the past in iran for example in chile we have ours we have our battle scars to show so the point is is that we need to move ahead and the american people. don't don't want this now this democrats are going to continue this at least until two thousand and eighteen election hoping that it's going to change the composition of the house and senate i think it's going to hurt
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them even more because they're not focusing on the things that matter and they want to bring down an administration that's trying to do something about the problems that that it inherited from eight years of nothing going on in these critical areas that affect people's pocketbooks and lives on on an every day basis will be inching isn't it to see how it all pans out michael is niceto before and after time that was a former pentagon official michael lee thank you thank you. some of the largest energy companies in europe have slammed american threats to impose new sanctions on russia charlotte been ski has more on that story well this is about a pipe that stew to be built from russia right the way through to europe ending in germany and supplying a lot of the energy needs to countries and what's happened is that some of the c.e.o.'s of some of the energy companies in europe have some these new threats of
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sanctions against this pipeline project by the american u.s. senate saying that it's unacceptable that they should be trying to meddle in you e.u. policy the principle of american sanctions on a project that is not in us does not involve us and that it's not in dollars it is an interference in the fears of european countries in that it's an acceptable the proposed sanctions not only affect russia but also europe and germany i appeal to all parties involved not to turn the project into a pawn of global politics and to leave the problem of europe's energy supply to europeans. it is unacceptable that european energy policy is now being made in the us well a number of e.u. companies and countries that agreed to support this project it's called the nord stream two project and this is a pipeline that's due to be operational by the end of two thousand and nineteen and it's due to start in russia to be built underneath the baltic sea and the project
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is expected to cost around nine point five billion euros so this is a huge project indeed and it's under some uncertainty now with the potential of these threats by the u.s. senate now those threats of sanctions against moscow in this particular project still have to be passed by the house of representatives in the u.s. but if that is passed it really will put a big question over this project and whether it can deliver that energy to europe and supporters of this project say that it is absolutely needed to secure the future of energy in e.u. countries what levy done is gone as far as accusing essentially the u.s. senate of protectionism and suggesting that by threatening sanctions against the project america would essentially be pushing its own gas supplies on e.u. member states and then protecting american workers so this is much more than
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a war of words this is an energy war that e.u. companies say that america just shouldn't be involved in a tool. that the german chancellor angela merkel has been facing criticism for choosing hamburgers the g twenty host city consecutive nights of riots and i'm president of violence rock several districts as world leaders gathered for the talks last week the country's president says that germany hasn't witnessed such brutality in yours. yes we have not had violence of such magnitude of demonstrations in germany in recent years there were apparently some who acted ruthlessly and destructively against police forces and also against the property of ordinary citizens well german police were out in force but over twenty thousand of them struggle to contain protesters with hundreds of officers left injured security forces in hamburg faced criticism today for failing to cope with the chaos of the rallies this video in fact to show violent protesters in black masks throwing
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chairs and fireworks through shop windows that aren't no sign of any police officers to contain the mark. images of burning cars and streets littered with debris left local shops international media outlets echoed those thoughts to these are some of the headlines just heard chancellor merkel condemn the violence while many german politicians stress that the left wing radical protests had been underestimated. the enforcer to give it on to get him to eat of t.v. put it in decent talking to skits funds his good fits him a view to get toughness for all telly chefs the script needs to get things that they should have taken the woman punched if stolen until further.
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while there's a subtle settles in hamburg volunteers have been helping to clean up the streets and restore shopfronts there unless we talk to say violent leftist scrapes have been in the area for vs but nothing has been done about the. the left wing commits much more physical violence than the right wing this is something we know overhears
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of we see it for many years and nothing has changed yet definitely there has been much more violent on behalf of left wing. extremists but the it's are also certain a difference in the targets of course that the choose it is a while and now that we have seen in hamburg which is really like a senseless meaningless just looks for a media. appearance it just wants to shock. that prison authorities in russia are accused of badly neglecting the welfare of a severely disabled inmate this follows a controversial court ruling where the wheelchair ban man was jailed for armed assault i discussed the case with artie's emily six. the twenty eight year old man named he has been sentenced to four and
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a half years in prison for armed robbery i guess two men that he apparently knew and was trying to sell him a scooter and the man we're talking about here he is someone who has a must so wasting disease which is a progressive and a genetic disorder and at this point we understand that he's paralyzed from the neck down meaning it's hard for him to even move his body without any help and because of his condition he weighs nearly eighteen kilos and that is why when you take a closer look at the ct statement really raises a lot of questions the statement that money has been found guilty for threatening to shoot the owners of to scooter in the leg put them in the boot of the car and drive them to the forest he then went on to promise to cripple them cut their ears off pop their eyes out and shoot them to death and it is such a strongly worded statement and really it begs the question how can a paralyzed man commit such acts and we're learning more about personal life as well we know that he is married he has a young daughter and his condition really didn't stop him from achieving his goals are such as graduating from university he's also an economist and he owns an ngo
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that helps disabled children so he's in prison at the moment is still in control to see about how he's being treated yes mommy i was sentenced on june thirtieth and he's in been in prison since then and from what we understand he's been assigned an inmate care and this care is not professionally trained and at one point this inmate left the room that was in and as a result he was left by himself for twenty four hours and he couldn't move to turn his body or even eat and this incident has sparked a human rights group to call for my aunt's release saying that it's simply inhumane to imprison someone with a condition and so since then the russian federal monitoring body over prisoners has ruled that medical exams must be performed. and the results of these exams with a determined by the money it will be released or he'll be transferred to another facility or otherwise. since the news broke the house. he says the
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condition is worsening and also he has slipped through. hi washington is losing patience with north north korea as a defined pyongyang continues to carry out missile tests both sides have been issuing stock warnings to each other over the past week the year of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed many years and it's failed and frankly that patience is over i give the highest honor to our respected great leader kim jong il who made our country a powerful nuclear giant having the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile . the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must. our respected leader kim jong un said
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the u.s. would be unhappy to witness north korea strategic power on its independence day and call for frequently sending big and small new packages but when it comes to nuclear arms north korea and the u.s. the far from equally matched pyongyang still doesn't have any missiles capable of sending warheads over comparable distances the furthest they've ever managed is nine hundred thirty kilometers which is nowhere near the range of u.s. warheads so will the threats ever really amount to anything we put that question to gregory ealey from the korea policy institute. i think it's a great deal exaggerated. first of all the croissant fourteen missile that it recently launched there's some question whether or not that's the one and i c b m so russian monitoring equipment had a very different result than what we're here in united states you're sort of saying about the capability of the math also the russian officer saying it's the actually
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intermediate missile but even if you take the u.s. position that it's that i.c.b.m. and the range is only capable of hitting alaska and that's where. parents most likely an empty warhead if you add the weight of the weapon that would be good for them but it's only a single test not any kind of operation the old nuclear weapons program we would require a year with testing and multiple multiple tests. united states has nearly seven thousand nuclear warheads north korea right now probably no more than ten it would be suicidal for north korea to launch a nuclear first strike and north korea is quite explicit about the purpose of its program its nuclear deterrent its intent is to ward off attack from the united states. there is a bit of a double standard here and washington has never complained about india israel or
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pakistan but that's taking the focus thing and fact india conducted the domestic missile test or if you're as good pakistan but only north korea's singled out with u.n. sanctions forbidding it from going ballistic missile testing i think the gist of that i wasn't concerned is that they have friendly relations with other nations whereas this has quite hostile relations with north korea. the more washington and threatens north korea or comes out with harsh rhetoric the more it actually convinces north korea of the need for a nuclear weapons program the united states regularly conducts joint military exercises with south korea i think the last one involved more than three hundred thousand troops and ships and airplanes and they're practicing going in and beijing of north korea and they also have commando. exercises that practice what they call decapitation strike which in other words is the assassination of north korean
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officials you can imagine there for your version for just imagine so you're from russia were conducting joint exercises were cuba practicing the bombing of the united states and invasion the united states and practicing commando operations to assassinate u.s. officials the reaction i think would be utterly hysterical but when the united states does the same thing against north korea it's seen as just normal or everyday business no reason for north korea to be concerned. now the iraqi prime minister has declared victory over samak states in the city which was a former stronghold of the terror group has been recaptured and the remaining pockets of resistance clade celebration sprang up nationwide to mark the victory. i. just.
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i. on the liberation is also being widely celebrated in the media to. it is not often on the show that we can break good news about iraq but today is one of those days the country's prime minister arrived in mosul today to declare a great victory as he joined his troops to celebrate in the city they've lost many comrades along the way but today the iraqi security forces were firing their weapons in celebration claiming victory over their right. the iraqi military along with u.s. support launched the campaign to liberate mosul from my selassie october since then no human rights groups have repeatedly braced serious concerns about the civilian casualties being caused by coalition forces.
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to. human rights watch told us more about the toll the liberation took on the city civilians. operation to retake mosul particularly believe it a waste of the city that is that's been raging february has come at an incredibly
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high cost we've seen much of the west of the city completely destroyed by ground fire and by airstrikes and we've seen a mass spike in civilian casualties thousands of civilians being wounded and being killed in the fighting so sold in the city has really paid a price for this operation. we were calling particularly on the u.s. led coalition to take more care in the way that it is conducting its bombing campaign and securely the types and sizes of bombs that it's choosing to drop because of these large balls that are being dropped more and more frequently we've seen a massive increase in civilian casualties on the ground. unfortunately the general feeling among the coalition and the iraqi government is that because the men to finish the operation has been on their side they've wanted to use all means to get it done as quickly as possible and as
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a result we haven't seen them willing to for example take certain types of weapons completely off the table so as to better protect civilians. and cern's are that with these civilian casualties we don't see accountability we don't see american commanders taking responsibility and we don't see compensation for the victims. a prominent bahraini human rights activists has been sentenced to two years in jail after being found guilty by a bahraini court of publishing and broadcasting false news and the be able to judge the wrested last year after speaking out about the gulf kingdom's human rights record he was subsequently charged with spreading malicious rumors and undermining the prestigious of the state this was not however his first run in with the authorities. he has been arrested multiple times over the years into jail time for comments he made to the media for jab is currently still facing two fifteen years
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in prison for a series of tweets criticizing the war in yemen we spoke to the beauty jab's cousin he says the japs trial violated international law. was not given any oxus to meet his family or talk to his family or meet his lawyers and the last couple of days this trial is clearly an attempt by the government of bahrain to silence all forms of criticism for human rights violations the be a roadtrip was charged for intentionally purposely spreading false information and all he did as a human rights the fund was revealed the human rights violations which happened in bahrain including systematic torture which is practiced by the government of bahrain and i would like to openly call upon the united states the united kingdom the e.u.
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and the international community to intervene to stop the massive on go in human rights violations and both rain condemning is not enough it's time for the international community to play a role in countering and stopping and putting can and to arm go inc human rights violations in bahrain. we also directed the bahrain freedom movement and he told us that the builder jab has always spoken out against injustice regardless of the consequences of the stories that no one should say anything you have to have to accept the slave relationship that you are a means for the now only real agenda chose not to be a slave chose to be a theme like more than four thousand the print political prisoners at this moment of time for being
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a human rights activist what should he do should just keep quiet about the ongoing imprisonment torture. and of course. i do. fantasies of there are also to speak out. free people who want to say something they want to defend their compared to it and also they want to do to perform their humanly duty this is what that we chose to do and he spoke out. eighteen people including a small child were injured after a fire broke out at a shopping center in the north of moscow. ten of them are in hospital thousands of people had to be evacuated from the building and more than four hundred in the agency service personnel were deployed to help with the operation it took almost five hours to put the fire out but the area is now said to be safe.


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