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thanks thank. you. coming up on our team america the u.s. and russia as partial ceasefire agreement in syria has begun the very latest and what's next for the war torn country coming up. iraq's prime minister declares a quote total victory in mosul over the self-proclaimed islamic state after rocky forces take full control of the city and armed k.k.k. rally against the removal of a confederate statue in charlottesville virginia over the weekend we have a full report from the ground. good afternoon it is monday july tenth four pm in washington d.c.
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i'm on your part until you're watching r.t. america and we begin today as the unit goes shaded cease fire in southwest syria went into effect sunday just ahead of the new peace talks resuming in geneva today all prior attempts for a ceasefire in the areas war zone have failed however as artie's natasha's sweet explains the agreement between president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin at the g twenty last week may lead to new beginnings and that's right on to an international cease fire across three provinces in southwest syria went into effect noon local time as you mentioned and according to the syrian observatory for human rights there has been only sporadic activity of violence but not enough to hinder the cease fire in place well the agreement was brokered by the u.s. and russia after president trump and president putin met for some two hours at the g. twenty summit in germany last week and according to secretary of state rex tillerson who also sat in on the meeting this ceasefire is the first indication the u.s.
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and russia have been able to work together in syria. we have a very easy decision we're going to be there very seriously we can continue to work together to deescalate the areas it was once we defeat isis. more geared towards a political process that was. well from tweeted about the deal saying quote syrian ceasefire seems to be holding many lives can be saved came out of the meeting good so it appears the president is pleased with the outcome of his conversation with president putin and it seems as though the feeling is mutual russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov also in last week's meeting said russia will continue to cooperate with the us on the escalation zones in syria however it lavrov stressed the ceasefire still needs to be consolidated monitoring center in the jordanian capital overseeing the truce in syria will work directly with the syrian opposition and government in damascus the syrian observatory for human
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rights reports more than three hundred twenty thousand people had been killed in syria since the conflict began back in march of two thousand and eleven in washington atocha sweets. and we're going to get more insight now on this ceasefire agreement from michael maloof former pentagon official michael what's your read on this cease fire i mean you and i have talked about several fires and they've all failed is this one different it can be also reflects for the first time something that president trump is undertaking in spite of all of the noise levels about talking and working with russia. it's important that they tried begin that have a beginning somewhere and try to move and progress along this is going to be for certain areas. and with the hope that in these deescalation zones that a cease fire will emerge in those areas and then they can begin to fan out for the
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more and more however i think that it could be complicated by the the fact. you have other participants other countries that are participating in the syrian crisis from turkey to the united states to russia to iran even israel that it given their interest in various parts of the country it's going to make a little more difficult and you don't only have various players dealing with syria you have various players and interests competing within the administration notably absent from this meeting with anyone from the military or national security team do you think they're on board with this plan this plan of diplomacy trump until or since seemed to put forward i think that the i think that president trump is being a pragmatist here but the ideologues will inevitably try to. try to sabotage it i see the deep state i see even the defense department and it's not the first time
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that the defense department has sabotaged the state department's initiatives as carter did in the last administration absolutely which is why it seems like trump's attempt here in some ways is a continuation of obama administration policy with respect to syria trying to at least acknowledge that we have to work with the russians diplomatically in some way because a military solution at least from the point of view of the united states is impossible in syria i think trump has actually gone beyond what the obama administration did with respect to want to work with the russians. because there seems to be because trump realizes that he needs russia for a lot of other areas he certainly spoke very openly about it on the campaign the need for. good relations with russia we've seen the way that's played out in the media. of him being a putin puppet russia gate dominating the headlines do you think the substance of this meeting which gets lost in a lot of the talk about trump and putin meeting at the g.
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twenty for the first time proves that much much of the. noise about trump and russia we hear about comments from anxieties over syria whether it's the leaks coming from the deep state or other other concerns i think i think it's it's coming primarily from people that do not want president trump to succeed that would be include the deep state the mainstream media the congress particularly the democrats and some republicans they don't want him toying with with the russians and but there are over arching strategic interests that supersede all of their petty interests and the deep state of course is going to be a problem they can sabotage anything they're a government unto themselves as i have personally seen in my own past with the defense department but the if he stays on if he stays on track if president trump stays on track and disregards these other things and takes a much more pragmatic approach i think he can succeed i can tell you the american
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people outside the beltway they could care less about the the russian american collusion stuff they want to know about jobs or one of us or things like health care and they want solutions we only have a little bit of time left about forty five seconds but i wanted to bring up the issue we've never been at this point in the war where i thought it seems very close to victory basically under the control of the islamic state is left and then under the control of. how does this war come to an end or are we perhaps witnessing the beginning of a partition in syria good point i think we're seeing the evidence of a partition emerging assad may think he's going to be in charge of the whole country but given the particular interests of other countries that are players in this particular turkey i think it's going to be problematic i mean a province syria governed by al qaeda in the western part which is one of strongholds and and some months ago the government of turkey actually issued
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a map that showed aleppo all. way across to mosul iraq as part of the turkish new turkish empire if you will this is this is the design that that area one president or one of turkey has and it's something that has to be taken into account in addition you've got the kurds that are that are players in all of this will the united states and and russia continue to support them and turkey is still trying to put a wedge between the united states and the and the kurds even though they're defeating isis as these conversations continue we'll have to have you back on to think how it all plays out michael maloof already gone official thanks a lot thank you after last weekend's g. twenty summit there was some optimism over the deals u.s. president donald trump stuck struck with his russian counterpart president vladimir putin but now trump may be facing opposition from his own aides and officials are teasing jaclyn bokeh explains while terms time at the g twenty summit was of course
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wildly wildly picked apart and attacked on all fronts in particular his meeting with president putin and now we're seeing those hits pay off according to a recent tweet trump is backtracking on a cyber security agreement he discussed with his russian counterpart that the idea of such a joint effort was widely criticize here at home on the basis of russia's alleged hacking activities former u.s. defense secretary carter even thought he could see an old soviet ruse behind the leader's proposal he did to the russians pulled out the old playbook i've seen all this going back to russian and so days when confronted with something they've done wrong ask for u.s. intelligence trick in the same light a former state department spokesperson said in an article but trump had fallen into putin's trap and has lost the ability to fight back in the future something she says was fully expected and when it comes to allegations against russia we continue
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to see mixed messages coming from within the trumpet ministries. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has claimed that everybody knows russia meddled in the u.s. presidential election appearing to contradict donald trump's view but no one is sure i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people do or countries and i think she nothing wrong with that statement nobody really knows nobody really knows for sure everybody knows that russia meddled in our elections everybody knows that they're not just meddling in the united states elections they're doing this across multiple continents and they're doing this in a way that they're trying to cause chaos within the countries so reflecting on last weekend's g. twenty summit the u.s. president tweeted that after brokering a significant deal on syria it's time to move forward and work with russia but with opposing views in his own team and constant criticism it's unclear if terms optimism over contacts with russia can last very long as anyone following last
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week's news in homburg knows the global elites had a difficult time navigating the city that's because tens of thousands of anti capitalist demonstrators disrupted the international bankers and heads of state to take a stand against the monopolies and exploitation of labor and the environment the annual gathering represents german police attacked the protesters with water cannons and detained hundreds on friday it was reported first lady malani a trump was even trapped inside her hotel after it was swarmed by the anti capitalist crowds it was a rough couple of days for the ruling class attending the group of twenty meeting which announced plans to hold in the twenty twenty summit of twenty in saudi arabia as one twitter user was quick to point out that's one way to avoid that massive resistance in the streets. since the conflict in yemen began saudi arabia has spent
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more than three billion pounds on arms most of that going on warplanes helicopters and drones the sales will continue to come from the u.k. according to a high court ruling the suit which was brought by the campaign against arms trade or happened said the u.k. weapons were being used to kill civilians in yemen ironically the gulf now has twice as many british made war planes then the u.k.'s royal air force the trade deal has been condemned several times in british parliament. speaker thousands of civilians have been killed in yemen including a large number by the air force actually done not using british bill claims the pilots who were trained by british instructors we have to put political pressure on sundays this is being presented again sorry arabia against the people of yemen what an absolute lot of garbage no wonder the country's in poverty i'm
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sure allowing these people to get away with it so if we do not believe that has been a clear risk of breach of international humanitarian law what matters is the strength of our relationship with saudi arabia on issues like dealing with terrorism on counterterrorism issues. according to amnesty international more than thirteen thousand civilians have been killed and injured since the beginning of the conflict cat called the court's decision potentially quote a deadly blow to yemeni civilians artie's poly boyko spoke to one of the activists behind the legal challenge what's your response to the voting and also what's the next step now i will oversee with very disappointed a very disappointed on the behalf of the people that's yemen where you know saudi the saudi forces to be flying you came a planes if it's open you came a forms and that's led to a country where seven many people are on the edge of starvation there's a quote about how great. the saudis beat that. i'm a funeral was
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a hundred forty people killed every bomber lost i've been up bombing hospitals have been declaring as high as cities a military target so we're very disappointed in a fiery angry i will be appealing the opinion the judgment and you know i've been for arizona for the last says is by players says if there's a clear risk of serious violations of international humanitarian law then those arms should not be exposed to a country and you know from what i can see him for what the vast majority of the british public can see as a very clear risk that these violations that these weapons have been used to violate international humanitarian law you know the arms industry has a big lobbying budget and use it very effectively there's also the revolving door between the government and the arms industry you know you've got top top civil servants in the i'd say go top in bassett is go talk figures in the ministry the ministers of defense so we're getting jobs in the arms industry once i retire and that kind of pride you arms industry our whole idea of in the government is what we're fighting against a world war and these demands that we have to get out of africa foreign policy.
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meanwhile the rocks prime minister returned to mosul to declare a quote total victory over the self-proclaimed islamic state despite some reported ongoing clashes between iraqi forces and militants in a limited area of the city today this comes just one day after he visited the city to announce their victory over the so-called islamic state self declared caliphate he also congratulated troops on their success retaking iraq's second largest city his visit was a company by celebrations throughout the city including among iraqi soldiers and police forces iraqi forces backed by the u.s. have led rather backed by u.s. led airstrikes have been battling to retake mosul since october of last year before proclaiming their caliphate so-called islamic state militant seized the city in twenty fourteen despite recent gains in the city the united nations says a major humanitarian crisis still persists in the region the battle for mosul has
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killed thousands and displaced over eight hundred ninety seven thousand people the islamic state formed in iraq following the u.s. invasion and removal of saddam hussein in two thousand and three when al qaida found haven in the country with some members of the intially breaking off in order to launch i s. back at home over the weekend in chicago forty one people were reportedly shot and three killed in gun violence the weekend's first time a side occurred just before midnight on saturday after an argument escalated at a gas station in the crime stricken angle with neighborhood sunday morning a man was killed in a confrontation with chicago police after a swat team was called to an apartment on the northwest side of the city police say they were responding to a hostage situation the man was pronounced dead after reportedly being fired upon by five officers and just before eight pm sunday a thirty four year old man was reportedly killed in a drive by shooting this file. comes on the heels of
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a bloody fourth of july weekend were more than one hundred people were shot and fourteen killed in the city. staying in chicago three police officers pled not guilty to conspiracy charges in the a kwan mcdonald case this morning officers joseph walsh david march and thomas gaffney appeared in court for the first time since being indicted on charges in the twenty fourteen shooting death of the seventeen year old the indictment alleges the officers lied when they claimed macdonald swung and knife while trying to stand up all this after he was reportedly shot by officer jason van dyke and has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder a year after the incident. the dash cam video was released revealing macdonald had been walking away when he was shot with his back turned off three officers were freed by the judge but could face prison time if convicted. the ku klux klan held
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a rally in charlottesville virginia protesting against the removal of a robert e. lee's statue the statue of a confederate general which for many stands as a symbol of state sponsored and sanctioned racism virginia is an open carry state so the k.k.k. came on armed and advised the public they would defend themselves against any thread charlottesville authorities asked residents to stay home in order to avoid any violent confrontations with the k.k.k. but our very own ashley banks was there. from the only white knights located in pelham north carolina are here in charlottesville virginia protesting against the removal of the robert e. stock you know they're arguing that if. it's removing the white history however counter protesters are saying that's not true needs to be removed because it stands on white supremacy and it has no place in this city. in february the city council intro let's build voted three to two to remove the robert e. lee statue for many of the. actually represents america's dark past with the racism
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a part of the vote was also to rename the park where the statue was located once coley park it's been renamed emancipation park area where many gathered to voice their support of the removal of the statue while others took pictures in front of it displeased with the city count his vote i don't live in charlottesville but my kids live too close to here for this to be going on this is not acceptable in two thousand and seventeen. the k.k.k. were granted a park permit to hold their rally for an hour and just as park just two blocks from the mancipation park giving speeches intended for the protesters. after arriving an hour late to their own rally protesters drowned out their voices forcing them to leave after a mere thirty minutes authorities and city officials advice people to stay away from the klan and stay at home however three hundred to four hundred protesters showed up saying you can't hide from racism you need to confront the klan head on
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since shrub has been elected. on all levels of this from this group to that group to all around the country. they're trying to. pull back the clock on white supremacy and instructional racism the white people have voted for trouble all that stuff to come back there is real threat. before the rally began officers equipped with the riot gear moved in slamming some protesters to the ground and then arrested four of them. many protesters were discussed it with the site that it appears law enforcement was protecting the klan given their violent history against black americans how do they protect that how do we have how do they have the right to go have hate speech in the middle of the freaking crowd they have that right they don't it's not ok hate speech is not free speech it's not just going no word about it being like me who understand if and when you understand these people is that live. for me. that the. rest of
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charlottesville police officers made a secure path as they have scored at the klan and to the rally the officer stood facing protesters while klan members attempted to give speeches using one microphone and a speaker protesters called the klan terrorists and yelled at officers for protecting their group we saw today that there's a huge mobilization for people who are really concerned about white supremacy who know that white supremacist is deeply rooted in charlottesville and that we are saying that we will protect each other protesters believe in order to start the process of removing white supremacy and charlottesville this statue and statues like it need to be removed by airing a scheduled for this november if the city of charlottesville decides that it wants to remove the robert e. lee statue that it will either be sold to an educational institution museum or nonprofit organization and nationally banks in charlottesville virginia are t.v.
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. to california where wildfires forced nearly eight thousand residents to flee over the weekend record high temperatures fueled dozens of fires across the state from sacramento to santa barbara firefighters now race to contain the flames as the heat wave continues artie's bridges on toes has details from los angeles what is the latest on these fires currently burning in southern california. on you right now there are at least two wildfires burning in opposite ends of santa barbara county now in the northern part of the county is the alamo fire just east of santa maria it has burned over twenty eight thousand acres since thursday near twichell reservoir off highway one hundred sixty six and it currently stands at about fifteen percent containment with over sixteen hundred personnel involved crews put fire on the ground ahead of the main fire as part of their efforts a spokesperson says the method is safe and efficient stating quote it's easier to bring that fire to us versus having to go in there and put those containment lines in place where
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it's difficult to reach and access in the south of fire is also burning in the los padres national forest this is the whittier fire which began on saturday afternoon since then over ten thousand acres have burned firefighters say that as of this morning it stands at only five percent containment with over seven hundred personnel fighting the flames of this fire jumped across highway one fifty four burning down several structures as a result mandatory evacuations have been implemented in the lake consuming area so far over thirty five hundred people have evacuated throughout santa barbara county with several evacuation centers set up for those who have had to flee and investigation is still pending as to the cause of these fires today temperatures have cooled off in santa barbara so things should be better for firefighters and there is a small chance of rain however high temperatures are expected to continue throughout the rest of the week in most other places in the state with dozens of other fires burning in california at least fifteen fire crews are spread to thin local
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residents are now being asked to prepare for the worst just in case anya alright antos from l.a. thanks a lot. and that's it for now from on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash our team america also check out our website our to dot com for the clash america you can always follow me on twitter at on your part until question nor there. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties aren t. american play party america more artsy american all personal. in many ways a news landscape just like defeat real news big names good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear all. the parking all the world's all the world's
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all the world's a stage we are definitely a place. joe scarborough and mika brzezinski hosts of imus and he sees morning joe has been sparring with president. they basically say he's the worst person ever and he's going to kill the whole planet it's incredibly serious stuff life and death with joe and mika accuse the president of so you'd think they'd be conducting themselves with much gravity these days giving important talks or something since they're talking about the impending apocalypse but instead what they're doing is making really horrible music and then promoting it on late night t.v. yeah when he's not really
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a teleprompter and full makeup tell the world we're doomed because of the president joe scarborough apparently makes music really cheesy music with what sounds like garage band and a synthesizer from the eighty's he just released a song mystified which is all about how joe just cannot believe he is just mystified by what he sees out there in the world today the music and the message are all extremely eighty's even down to joe's fake emo voiced affectation this is what joe was doing well the world is ending supposedly he's making this incredibly trite song but not only that he and mika actually took the time to make a video for it and the theo is even worth it joe and mika are sitting on the couch staring at t.v. images of every cliché you can imagine that says well our american culture and the world in general is so crazy paris hilton bill cosby processed foods guns violent murders bombs going off can crash in every cliche is in there the images go
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by rapid fire to this horrible music well joe plays guitar and then there's some horrible stuff. plot going on that i couldn't even follow every frame of the video is as trite as the song itself you've seen this video a million times before this is what these two journalists are doing while the world is ending supposedly according to them they are making this horrible video but it gets even more ridiculous because now they're going on steven kull there's late show and according to a writer for variety magazine joe is going to sing songs from his new e.p. so not only are joe and mika recording music and making videos they are now going out to promote their work on a late night show just like any recording artist and they're doing this all while they're hosting their very serious news program on which they try to scare the world by relentlessly saying that the world is ending and that it's president
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trump's fault so to quote one of the eighties songs joe. either it's the end of the world as we know it and they feel fine or their end of the world news they keep peddling is nothing more than just another song and dance for us there. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
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on larry king you're watching r t amount per student more. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the neighbors to us and it's full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than the flu vaccines that some see say but you've never heard of love went back to the night not the president of the world bank so patzers going to write me seriously send us an e-mail. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests at best drowned out a lot of voiced so that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in.


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