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tv   News with Ed  RT  July 10, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working . on the news tonight donald trump jr refutes allegations he colluded with a russian lawyer to dig up dirt on hillary clinton and the united states and russia move ahead on international cooperation after the g. twenty despite resistance from the president's own party and the president challenges the senate to come up with a final bill to repeal and replace obamacare before the august resurface recess i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r.t. america. good evening friends we start tonight with another allegation by the mainstream
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media of the trump campaign conducted meetings with russian officials the new york times reported over the weekend that donald trump jr met with a russian lawyer connected to the kremlin to dig up dirt on hillary clinton the president's son has dismissed the allegations and was quick to provide details of the meeting according to donald trump jr the meeting happen in june of two thousand and sixteen trump claims the information the lawyer provided and presented was vague and ambiguous the details she offered were useless in her opinion and in his estimation it was an excuse to talk to trump jr about the infamous magnitsky act the mainstream media just won't let up despite the public's dissatisfaction a distaste for the trump russia coverage c.n.n. has pushed the russian connection story aggressively in the past and in the midst of falling ratings has consistently ranked third behind fox and m.s.m. b. say the president fired back on the mainstream media's lopsided. coverage going
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after comi f.b.i. director james comey may soon be in hot water for releasing classified information as part of his memos and meetings with the president for more on all of this we're joined tonight by a legal media analyst lionel lionel always good to have you with us the headlines there seem to be reading that c.n.n. is losing this war with donald trump but let's talk about his son first what possible legal problems could he have having met with the russian attorney nothing nothing assuming argue i know as we lawyers say that every part of the allegation were correct he met to find dirt this is during a campaign he meets what do you have what do you have for me and at the time remember they were conducting i don't know how many tens twenties meetings a day at trump tower not to mention with everybody else but the way the media work ad which is very critical they will say something to lay people and they said he
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met with a representative to dig up dirt and when asked well excuse me you can call it negative information we first polling whatever it is there was nothing wrong with this he wasn't under oath and if he had been under oath he would have said i met so what is one thing there in connection here senator warner the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee is now framing this as clear evidence that the campaign was meeting with russian officials what do you make of that. as everybody meets with russian officials italian officials they made meeting with the ambassador this rarity keeping in mind or forgetting the fact that it's that he's an ambassador ed why virtue of this repetition they have a not delayed us to any information anything involving the word russian and meeting the american people cannot take it anymore we've had it you waited to this there's no there there so nothing burger and to someone for it and is seeing and push of
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the story big time around the clock because of falling ratings and they need to trump russia connection. absolute desperation and may i submit something respectfully to you my good friend in addition to this they have to do something to dispel what has been viewed by many as a colossal success on the president's part a g. twenty so it's not only this but it's to remind people of don't worry about that he met with putin for over two hours actual thawing of the cold war could have occurred daytime rapprochement we're going to move that out of the way and talk about this this nebulous strange meeting without mentioning what we should be talking about komi yeah that's this well this is the president goes on offense and he says what about komi releasing sensitive information in his e-mails cover this story is what he's saying what about that and it was very clear that comb comey made these some very serious indictments as to mrs clinton when he said she did this wrong she did this wrong he was seemed to be rather expert in the rules of how
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to handle information the american people want to ask one question what does somebody have to do to actually violate the law and suffer the hear all the time about security being breached but nobody ever pays the penalty do we are don't we have laws involving the way the secret information is handled i think not lionel good to have you with us thanks so much for the answers tonight russian american officials return from the g. twenty meetings optimistic about the future of international cooperation president trump may find himself facing stiff opposition from his own party if he pushes for a better relationship with the russian federation artie's jacqueline explains while terms time at the g twenty summit was of course why only wildly picked apart and attacked on all fronts in particular his meeting with president putin and now we're seeing those hits pay off according to a recent tweet trump is backtracking on a cyber security agreement he discussed with his russian counterpart and the idea
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of such a joint effort was widely criticize here at home on the basis. russia's alleged hacking activities former u.s. defense secretary ash carter even thought he could see an old soviet ruse behind the leader's proposal he did there the russians pulled out the old playbook i've seen all this going back to russian so days when confronted with something they've done wrong and ask for u.s. intelligence trick in the same light a former state department spokesperson said in an article that trump had fallen into putin's trap and has lost the ability to fight back in the future something she says was fully expected and when it comes to allegations against russia we continue to see mixed messages coming from within the trumpet ministration the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has claimed that everybody knows russia meddled in the u.s. presidential election appearing to contradict donald trump's view but no one is
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sure i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people and or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement nobody really knows nobody really knows for sure everybody knows that russia meddled in our elections everybody knows that they're not just meddling in the united states elections they're doing this across multiple continents and they're doing this in a way that they're trying to cause chaos within the countries so reflecting on last weekend's g. twenty summit the u.s. president tweeted that after brokering a significant deal on syria it's time to move forward and work with russia but with opposing views in his own team and constant criticism it's unclear if optimism over contacts with russia can last very long and republicans were skeptical about the president's plan to develop a cyber security task force in cooperation with russia senators graham mccain and rubio openly criticize the idea which the president defended on twitter president
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putin however had a positive assessment of the meeting with president of the g. twenty the russian president believes the united states now has a more practical position on issues like ukraine and syria. i mean you know see it in your eyes you to see in the stuff as you are whether the us stance has changed or not i would say it has become more pragmatic it does not seem to have changed in general but there is an understanding now that by combining efforts we can achieve a lot. yesterday's deal on the southern deescalation zone is clearly the result of this change president putin also had kind words for president trump saying that there is a sharp difference between the trump of private meetings and trump on t.v. time t.v. soon new edition should not be just your trumps television images very different from the real person and he is a very down to earth and direct person and he has an absolutely adequate attitude towards the person he is speaking with and analyzes things pretty fast and answers
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the question he's asked or new ones that arise in the course of a discussion so i think that if we build our relationship in the vein of yesterday's meeting there are good reasons to believe that we will be able to revive at least partially to the level of interaction that we need to know and. that sound bite right there was not covered on the mainstream media on any network in america the american people only got half of the story about what went down at that meeting i think with the russian president had to say as a real basis for a better future for more on that let's bring in our experts and i had on our political panel this evening heidi harris conservative talk shows missy maris civil rights attorney great to have both of you with us tonight heidi were were were the putin comments on c.n.n. i thought two people were at this meeting not just one what do you make of it. i think it's pretty hilarious but it's all part of the big plan to never represent in
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fall what's really going on i mean they're trying to destroy donald trump that's all they're focused on anything that he says to putin is obviously they consider it some kind of collusion and they're never going to report fairly and this is why donald trump gets frustrated everything he does isn't right some of the stuff he does is just flat out silly but bottom line he never gets fair coverage ever even when things go well the g twenty would very well for him misty or the democrats making it almost impossible to improve relations with russia with this backdrop that russia can do nothing right. and you know i think that's an unfair statement because while there may have been some progress at the g. twenty meeting and i agree i did not see that clip on any of the mainstream media but i think the favorite but did you know let me ask you this and i appreciate you saying that did you think it was a pertinent soundbite and i definitely do think it's a part of it sounds like. to been played here and you being an attorney if you're in a court of law you would probably make sure the jury saw that if they had
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a decision to make would you agree i definitely want it ok britain in fact is the first piece of information for those who are making a judgment to use in their decision so was the mainstream media hanging themselves with the american public when it comes to credibility as they constantly go after this president. i think i think to say that they're constantly going after the president is unfair because you do feel listen you see that absolutely sometimes trump is highly criticized for some of his actions sometimes we need to take a step back and say yes he's doing something right one of the biggest problems with this administration is just that quick twitter finger and a lot of retracting of comments that go into the media need to be explained and i think that's the source of a lot of the media coverage would be your thoughts on president putin's evaluation of donald trump that a there's this guy on t.v. but then there are those there's this guy i think i can do a deal with what about that well listen i think donald trump is
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a very personable person i've interviewed him a couple of times including on election day this year and i've interviewed in the past when he had the t.v. show and i got to be honest ed when i picked up the phone i didn't know what to expect i found him to be very very nice and i think that if you read about a one on one situation he is nice it's tough to succeed in business like he has if you're just a jerk all the time everybody wants to portray him as a pompous you know rear end and all that and maybe he's got a little of that and a little ego like most people in office do but ultimately he on a one on one basis he is a very nice person and it drives the press crazy when anybody says anything nice about him i'm still waiting for them to say anything that he's done right in all the time that he's been in office that it drives the right crazy and even the people on the left have to be intellectually honest and say some things he's doing are actually beneficial what about that mystique well i think that you're not going to find too many people to say that a ceasefire in syria hopefully it sticks i mean we've seen fix years where it has not been able to actually be implemented but i don't think you're going to see too many people think that that's a bad thing i think what you have here is
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a president that's quick with a tongue who speaks more like a businessman than a politician and that's obviously going to get pushback from the media i do want donald trump jr to go under oath in front of the american people and explain some things because i you. her thoughts on that misty i mean is it that the best way to handle this it definitely is the best way to handle this to get down to the crux of the situation as an attorney i look at the situation legally i don't know if any laws were broken but there certainly is an issue and that's that there are statements that are absolutely contrary now to think that were out previously also you have a a a a basically admission that the truck campaign was willing to meet with people affiliated with the russian government all right and i'll make a snide remark here there are no attorneys that meet with politicians or operatives in washington to jangle here only to you for that they gave you and i believe to be
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profoundly pointed out heidi harris great to have you with us tonight thanks. rex tillerson will travel to qatar this week to resolve the ongoing dispute embroiling the gulf region the secretary of state arrived in kuwait earlier today ahead of the stops in qatar and saudi arabia the trump administration believes the dispute is hampering efforts to put an end to international terrorist financing saudi arabia has proposed harsh terms to qatar to end the blockade of the country including shutting down the al jazeera news network tillerson said that he does not expect an immediate resolution of the dispute but is hopeful a future agreement can be worked out. the negotiated cease fire in self west syria went into effect on sunday the agreement could lead to an eventual resolution of conflict in syria or to ease the tosh as sweet as the details tonight a national ceasefire across three provinces in southwest syria went into effect noon local time as you mentioned and according to the syrian observatory for human
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rights there has been only sporadic activity of violence but not enough to hinder the cease fire in place the agreement was brokered by the u.s. and russia after president all trump and president vladimir putin met for some two hours at the g twenty summit in germany last week and according to secretary of state rex tillerson who also sat in on the media in this ceasefire is the person occasion of the u.s. and russia being able to work together in syria. we. were going to be. sure that we can continue to work together on the of these. areas and it was once we. did a poll just a little. while trump tweeted about the deal saying the syrian cease fire seems to be holding many lives can be saved came out of meeting good so it appears the president is pleased with the outcome of his
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conversation with president putin and it seems as though the feeling is mutual russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov also in last week's meeting said russia will continue to cooperate with the u.s. on to get collation zones in syria however it lavrov stressed the ceasefire still needs to be consolidated and a monitoring center in the capital overseeing the truce in syria will work directly with the syrian opposition and the government in damascus the syrian observatory for human rights reports that more than three hundred twenty thousand people have been killed in syria and the conflict began in march of two thousand and eleven in washington and talk just weeks our team britain's high court has ruled arms sales to saudi arabia or legal the government was challenged by human rights groups who say that british weapons are being used by the saudis against civilians in yemen or to correspond to holy boyko as more. the high court here has thrown out the campaign is claiming that the u.k.'s on them sales to saudi arabia are illegal so
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that policy can continue that relationship has been deemed perfectly legal by the judge did today now the reason campaigners and many a politician have had concerns about the u.k.'s policy of arming riyadh is because of the brutal conflict taking place in yemen at the moment where saudi arabia is leading a military coalition that's conducting as strikes against the rebels in yemen and saudi arabia has been accused of violating humanitarian law there in that conflict and also has been accused of targeting civilians indiscriminately and they've been doing that with british equipment he's licensed over three billion pounds worth of arms to saudi arabia since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen and to give you an idea about the sorts of customers saudi arabia iraq the saudi military has doubled the number of british made warplanes than the brits have themselves so
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in light of this conflict in yemen many politicians say public opinion has become increasingly concerned about this policy of arming riyadh take a listen to what some m.p.'s here in parliament have had to say about said mr speaker thousands of civilians have been killed in yemen including a large number of the air force i assure you i'm not using british built planes part of which were trained by british instructors were dropping british made bombs under coordinated by the saudis in the presence of british military advisors. so much to talk about the conflict this is being presented again sorry against the people of yemen won't. go or bridge no one to the countries in point. i'm here allowing these people to get away with it and despite all those objections the prime minister foreign secretary have consistently defended its policy of
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weapons sales to riyadh take a listen so if we do not believe the has been a clear risk of breach of international humanitarian law at the moment would we look. to the threshold has been crossed what matters is the strength of our relationship with saudi arabia on issues like dealing with terrorism on counterterrorism issues it is not relationship that has helped to keep people on the streets of britain. the numbers are in from the city of chicago following another bloody weekend windy city saw more than forty people shot and several people killed in fact were a fourth of july holiday weekend days was one of the deadliest the city is seen in decades leaving more than one hundred people shot and at least fourteen dead in the military has been tracking these numbers and she joins us for the details tonight. oh yeah absolutely at this past weekend wasn't a whole lot better than the fourth of july weekend as you mentioned forty people
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shot three left dead many of the victims were part of a multi victim instead that swept across the city for the second weekend in a row one attack in particular on a south side beach which also involved an officer related shooting death as the police returned fire on a gunman seems like this driving up the number of people injured by gun violence the most recent tally of victims to date according to the chicago tribune show that by july fifth there have been a grand total of nearly one thousand five hundred people shot as compared to almost twenty one hundred the year before and if you take a look here you'll see this blue line as it climbs here right around when the summer months roll around according to crime statistics and reports from the f.b.i. and local police departments this is a common trend in all crimes across. all cities in america as the weather gets warm crime spikes based on the trends we're seeing here while the number of shootings in chicago are very high twenty seventeen is tracking this the last bloodshed then
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twenty sixteen and most months of twenty seventeen in the windy city of us are proving to be extremely violent but significantly less than the year before here you can see the month over month numbers twenty sixteen and seventeen july still short still early in the month though if that trend continues that will be good news for chicago but surprisingly while these numbers are staggering chicago is not the deadliest city in america it's getting a lot of national press but according to the f.b.i. these are the top twenty deadliest cities in the united states and the most murderous city in america per capita is actually new orleans followed by detroit st louis and baltimore and way down towards the bottom of this list coming in at eighteen is actually where chicago lands so you know ed it's fascinating that it's fascinating to me that actually nobody is really talking about these numbers here these are real numbers per capita and in fact the district the nation's capital we
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landed right at number thirteen numbers like these are to chicago problem we're seeing a national epidemic of gun violence at no doubt about it thanks for the reshoot. the senate g.o.p. has just three weeks to settle an issue it has been working with for the last seven years the president tweeted a subtle warning to senate republicans they get a final bill to repeal and replace obamacare on the floor senate republicans are feeling the heat senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has hinted republicans may need to work with democrats to get a bill through speaking in kentucky last week mcconnell said no action is not an alternative it's either work with the democrats or see the health insurance markets implode chuck schumer chimed in saying republicans need to reach across the aisle but kicking or in sick people offer insurance rolls is not an option now you say well will you work with your republican colleagues we want to and we have two
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suggestions first. abandon tax breaks for the wealthy abandon cuts to medicaid abandon repeal. and we can sit down and talk about improving health care we think is done good. we're the first to say it needs further improvement we want to sit down and talk to you about it but we're not going to be in a position where we say ok only fifteen million people will be uncovered will support that bill. for more on this we're joined tonight by former congressman from virginia jim moran jim nice to have you with us think this is a health care battle going on a political battle now and it's somewhat of a change by mcconnell saying that all of a sudden up might have to work with democrats to get this done what's unfolding here he doesn't have the votes so the only way to get any kind of substantive change through the senate is to work with the democrats and the democrats are going
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to require that it not be a repeal and replace but a fix what they have right now. what we have now is not perfect but do one hundred other than what we had in do we understand the democrats what they want to fix how are they fix it republicans took out an ad last week asking i'm ok what he what do you want to do what's your plan well obviously it's a good question hillary clinton gave a lot of thought to it and her plan did make a number of substantive changes for one thing young people who are healthy the penalty for not signing up for insurance was very small in fact a natural economic decision would be the heck with it i'm not pay the penalty of seven hundred dollars or whatever and not pay the two or three thousand dollars a year so everyone has to buy em just like social security and medicare and
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the fact is that they didn't i think frankly that eventually what we're going to have is a single payer system it's just not working trying to work with all of these different insurance companies it wouldn't be a single provider but it be a single payer and that's probably the only way we can get prices under control i don't have the democratic leadership making that case what you just said i mean i get it i agree with you and i think that is the solution but isn't this the time for them to really push on. and on that they're not don't want to know and the reality is that when i was in the congress and in back in two thousand and fourteen twenty fifty a week we were. many of us felt that that might be the best solution but the support was not within the democratic caucus and it wasn't within the american electorate and certainly not among republicans so i don't know where we are the republicans have boxed themselves into
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a corner they don't have anything better than what we have now they can't take twenty two million people off their health care once you've given it to them and then they say we want to market based solution well you know the market works like banks work if you can prove you don't need a loan then they will give you one if you can prove that your sex and not if you can prove that you're healthy and not likely to get sick and the company will give you health insurance is but that's not the way that human beings were a people get in accidents they get sick little babies through no fault of their own get sick and the reality is you need a more compassionate universal comprehensive system to provide at least adequate care of everyone when do you think the reality is going to sink into this white house they're not going to get it done before the august recess well that should sink in today i mean there's only a couple weeks left to get it done and i know that that is the bottom line if it can't happen and mitch mcconnell knows that john mccain he squared with the
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american public yesterday they many of them are making clear this isn't going to happen but you know it's possible mitch mcconnell is willing to take it to the floor let it die and that's the only way that the president will accept the fact that it's not going to happen in finally did they get an earful over the fourth of july holiday when they went home i mean health care is on the minds of people i mean the republicans know this is not popular most of them did not because most of them could not be found there were two or three who had town hall meetings and the fact that they will. people were relatively gentle most senators hid from cover they went on as you know could l's congressional delegation say outside the country they didn't want town hall meetings they didn't have them because they know they would have gotten that here fall had they had those town and always a pleasure good to have you with us tonight thanks so much and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter at news with ed like me on the facebook page we got
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a mitchell forty from washington thanks for watching today. your launching our team america special report. this. is one that's. basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be. saying. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly situation.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth artie's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happen. thing out there to the american public what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical that chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.


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