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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 11, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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present backtracks in a cybersecurity deal with russia for intense criticism from republicans and the media. european energy firms urge their governments to resist u.s. sanctions against russia saying the plans would inflict economic. questions are raised as a russian man as shields for armed robbery despite being paralyzed from the neck down. for the latest on these stories go to our team dot com coming up next cross stuff discusses first meeting with vladimir putin and what it could mean for russia u.s. relations. hello
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and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle well it happened blatter mir putin and donald trump met for their first much into his debated handshake was it worth the wait and what happens now. cross talking the importance of a handshake i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have exclusive for used to director and writer for the duran dot com and we have dimitri she's a political analyst we spoke nick international right gentlemen as. we stuck
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cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want ny always appreciated the big news of the last few news cycles of obviously is the meeting of blood in your putin with donald trump here but let's talk a little bit what happened right before before we talk about the demon we had the warsaw speech which i think the lame stream liberal media completely mis understood donald trump was talking about values he was talking about civilisations and of course he took a few snipes at russia which i think was perfectly acceptable and i think that was one of the strategic reasons why he went to warsaw first and again he's answering to his critics in a way but i thought the speech was very interesting because whose values was he talking about and what does the west mean according to donald trump well. i was expecting to get disappointed of course the last country where you go we want to improve relations with russia support the plan or. direct us was clear and he
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made a few phrases skipper and after a few phrases that will cover infuriated for example the soviet leadership russia is so patient now that he is talk about you know soviets and nonces in slave and poor and putting up signs of equality between that and the communists it not so much noticed here what was really astounding was he is phrase that the board has never known that can be unity of them all were community of nations and he was not speaking about the present. in the united states he was talking about christianity so it wasn't in the rebellion because the west now is not a christian or nationalist dictatorship it is an ultra liberal goal that is dictate what we do he is speaking to alex which i think is interesting is that if you look at public opinion polls recently taken in europe talking about the key issues of terrorism of trade of immigration there are a lot closer to the lot of things that donald trump says. they may not like him as
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an individual yes but i think that speech was also a snowball to brussels and his post modernist ideology the demon every week talks about his program going if you ask the people of europe what do they prefer as far as immigration and all these policies that without mentioning trump you'll see that the people of europe are actually very well aligned with cross policies and what he campaigned for to win the presidency so there's really not that much disconnect between trump and the population of europe especially eastern europe especially if you're looking at poland hungary and these countries which which have a very well aligned view of the world that trump has and i think you have two narratives that were going on in the u.s. mainstream media with the speech in warsaw the one narrative usually. expressed by fox was that it was very yes so that was what they were playing on the other channels as n.b.c. and the likes were saying that he turned his back. was neo liberal tradition over there with neo liberal and now he says he had things like that in
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a jack thing even an american a quick check of the elite eight years of obama exceptionalism and neo liberal values and they were furious that he did that so those are the only we can play areas but whatever he has to say mark you're going to take away from that speech yeah i think it was an extremely powerful right wing nationalist conservatives and beach that completely infuriated the few liberals who bothered to read it and could understand it the key words that set them off or tradition which is nothing drives a liberal slash neo liberal crazier than referring to tradition and he referred to god and he said he made a very holy name he said specifically that the people of europe and western civilization as a whole nother world they don't like civilization or civilizations one god. and you don't have to agree with this speech i don't agree with a large pieces of the speech to realize that it was a well crafted speech that actually articulated not only for a. policy but
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a world view and it is probably the best speech trump ever game i'm almost sure that he wrote very little i think steve bannon probably going to be ok and but it did two things it did it was directly intended as a slight against brussels and to show that again this new europe old europe divide that rumsfeld once created during the iraq war and it was sure to piss off brussels and berlin which have been even talking about sanctioning poland and bringing. all sins against them for not accepting the immigrants it was a speech against globalization you never heard that word mentioned except in the negative and also i think a bit of it was to provide the neo cons of the democrats in the u.s. with some some bones throw those some some bones to get them off his back so that when he went to the g twenty meeting in hamburg he could sit down with putin having provided enough anti so right rhetoric and playing the same time would i think it's
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remarkable absolutely right and then you could tell they were just you know chunks of that speech that were just a red meat to throw to the to the neo cons in and his critics at home but a lot of the ideas that he expressed are ideas that vladimir putin expresses whole time now you know through the family god religion tradition. and culture and it's extraordinary i mean and there were a couple of people that picked up on and really criticized him for echoing some ideas to vladimir putin might be the point is that when people say russia doesn't have an idea what you russia has an ideology or not but it's very flexible where i read it to hear or read in a speech is without getting infuriated you know and when i read it two dollars to our exit to ask so when trump in his speech said we debate everything we challenge everything i think this is a against the current rigid ideology all the western world remember what quote me said the bald tea they sold. they said mayson country you know also all good
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question and more why why is it so irritating in the e.u. in the united states they question the debate these people have still debating long ago you know there's they're going to keep with the word debate here so you know and if there's. any time donald trump is brought up in a particularly bad amir putin how did it play out in hamburg for you because it looks like if you listen to miss him b.c. and c n n he sold out to a lot of your putin i don't see it that way i thought it was a meeting of minds the way they're playing it out as he sold out to vladimir putin put in everything he wanted russia got everything it wanted from that meeting and trump a sickly one in there once again as a stooge of the kremlin but. a bad negotiating stooge so pretty much that the narrative going around right now and in the liberal left media is that is that trump went in put it knew everything that was going on he had read from the minute
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you know they shook hands and he got everything he wanted in the u.s. really but it was as you know seems to me that's very interesting mark is that you know i don't think either side expected any very much at all and i think that's what makes it kind of is exempt the russians and us from much and donald trump didn't give very much where they didn't agree on very much i think it was still the best takeaway you could take from at least from the way we think is that there's a crack in the door now possibly to some other negotiations i think that. there is a cooperation that was set first of all let me say i disagree completely russia does not have an ideology and that is part of the problem it has a worldview it has a culture and it has a divided conception of its own civilization but it does not have an ideology this meeting was supposed to last it's a meeting arranged on the sidelines of the g twenty meeting it was there they tried to put all kinds of. strains on trump they wanted
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a neo-con fiona hill to hold the lead his leash in the room he wouldn't have any of that he wanted they wanted it just a short drop and he wanted a full bilateral meeting he got what he wanted it was him and putin tillerson and allowed ross into translators and that's it it was supposed to last thirty five minutes it lasted two hours and twenty minutes at one point they tried to the american delegation tried to send is what i said and to the room to end the conversation that didn't work either all right this is exactly what the liberals or the democrats or the neo cons of long feared the two men have a report they have like worldview and it's a very big problem i think it's really interesting team is. new he's going to get a lot of flak for. care anymore he doesn't care anymore he knows he's going to get this kind of commentary from the liberal media he simply doesn't care anymore i wish i could be so optimistic i think that i didn't expect anything from the
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because i want to put a drum fills in the wind it was clear that he couldn't even give back these diplomatic property back to russia simply because the mainstream media would say well did you demand it differences sanction that the bill in the last days of the exactly you know when i just tried to ruin the relationship before leaving office seized the russian diplomat absolutely and they are not giving it back you know so the problem is that right after the meeting and at the same story continuing in the mainstream media now they're targeting. for me to a russian the woman the lawyer in june two thousand and sixteen i read it in the new york times he met he met a foreign agent well for god's sake for three years for five years that western media has been blocked in russia for introducing these different foreign agent in our conversation and now who do they call a foreign agent a woman lawyer from russia who came to talk to jared a bomb. adoptions of russian begins by american family that is not for nothing it's
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just i guess we just have to accept this parallel universe because i came across that story and you know i just ignore it spoke because if there had been something and i'm going to quote the producer the. secretly taped is that if there were something it would have been leaked by now ok this is just hot air they're chasing their tails i think the most significant part of the g. twenty meeting was a truck created his own reality and what i mean but i think for the first time people in the g twenty in a lot of years used to be obama coming to one of these meetings hanging out with merkel hanging i would have chinese and they were like a bunch over there like a little clique of like mean girls you know making fun of everybody else you know spitting out how great their values and how so everyone else is. going to school or you just meet your i suppose some of those i did not hear a noise exactly but i think came trouble everyone wanted to meet him everyone
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wanted to stand next to him there was no your web security i was able to rob and murder to kill you the french president which i did he was very gentle maybe i was going to hard break after our show approval continue our discussion on the recent g twenty summit stage with r t. r's the wealthy areas the italy going bust and we should save them because they're going. well again the central bank the e.c.b. a very jaggy they have already printed fifteen sixteen trillion dollars to bail out their friends their oligarch friends during since two thousand and eight and they've said they've signal to the marketplace that we've got another fifteen sixteen seventeen trillion dollars to present to make. as many errors as you want
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to keep making bad loans keep borrowing money at zero percent interest rate to buy assets of precious. paintings and shadows doesn't make any of them a. little warm selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battle if it's going. to do soft credit tell you that will be gossip and probably worthwhile for the most important news today. while i'm off the mat for telling you i'm not cool enough and to buy their products. all the hawks along the border will want. welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the recent g. twenty summit.
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ok mike let me go back to you know last week i learned this phrase mean girls ok and so there's already injected in our discussion here and i mean girl to angela merkel go yeah well i'm not sure the angela merkel qualifies as any type of girl this on elderly margaret major in the way she has been proclaimed by the western media and most of its politicians as the leader of the free world and she was on full display at this g. twenty summit they were talking about it as some kind of. chance for her to put forward her position as the defender of globalization in the liberal world order and she felt it to work let this is this is some of the quotes. that we have coming out of me angela merkel from this i have to take things as they are talking about the protesters in the riots often two different things that disrupted the entire
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events from the outside the police did their best and talking about the results of summarizing the storm and a very sober assessment the summit took place from her perspective this summit really showed is that it showed her own limitations her inability to lead the west as she was leading her signature session on climate change putin and trump the leader of the united states were meeting for two hours and twenty minutes on the sidelines so her entire invective fell flat and top of that what i think the actual results of the summit as far as her shows is in maybe perhaps in their best interest both the u.k. and the e.u. as reaction to the. the summit and the negative response to trump at the summit shows that because of trump the e.u. emancipation from the status of a us client state may finally be at hand and that would be
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a bad thing go ahead well you know or when russians expected that relations between the united states and russia would improve on the tramp i think a lot of russians simply do not understand that the west now is not a democracy it's a dictatorship but they said not a dictatorship of persons it's a dictatorship all right and i do all it america just presents that ideology and phrases which are absolutely empty they reveal the emptiness of all that they do but also i'm interested in the way how did trump's detractors how did the view of the ideal conversation that he would have with putin about the russian influence over actions would trump say something like why did you make me the president of the united states next time go and do it ok or stop did it mean that i have won so it's just absurd that you know the very idea that he should be tough on putting a boat his own victory at the election rates. really quickly just say that it was all about trump and putin in that meeting absolutely it was a g. twenty in germany absolutely no one talked about it just on background that we have
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slower talked about well you know i guess that's the end of the so-called mean of ice lation right gentlemen to switch gears here it's not about syria mark. what does this ceasefire agreement the both of leaders came to is this meaningful in or is it just a means to show that they can do something together ok it is possible that it is meaningful as a chance for the u.s. to save face and withdraw from this realize that they've lost tillerson even said maybe they have the wrong approach are they have the right approach and we have the wrong approach that is a tremendous admission from a u.s. secretary of state to admit that there are tempted regime change. another country for six years may have been the wrong but i know one of the interesting things the image is that. on the russian side you know they're thinking i'm pretty sure they're thinking the following we've had agreements with the united states when it
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comes to syria drew in the always fall apart and of course from their perspective it's the us and its own eyes that are not keeping to their commitments here so i look at it as being very minimalist it's almost kind of like a little test we'll see if we can do this baby step together because there has there are strong candidates right now it's there's still a lot of doubts who's actually running the show i mean is trump his own man because we had carter when he was head of the defense department torpedo all the hard work that kerry had put them to the cease fire so i think this is a small step to see if there is any credibility well let me remind our audience that there was a cease fire in syria brought by the states and russia by kerry and labral in autumn last year and it was destroyed by the pentagon it was destroyed by qatar so i can only say that the reporting is really a patient man because he didn't raise that issue he just said the trauma that they
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saw was very different from the television i see the american there to do in syria is changing there is only one way how the american nature to syria should change you know that is low in russia and iran to have they try at all you are surely right it peaceful. we'll be able to get a legal term if you will with a gun being very unpredictable is a more reliable partner. on syrian peace then the united states and the next general i think this is the this is not going to look this is the whole thing because it's unclear exactly what the united states wants to achieve in syria and this is one of the difficult things in dealing with the united states there and what is its strategic aim it's unclear it changes from time to time but i think you're exactly right. i think what we should be watching is who's going to call the shots in syria i think i think trump definitely wants to feed isis i really believe i think you want to check off that a legit problem that i think he wants to do but we always have that deep state in
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the u.s. and they always sabotage any type of a deal that comes about between the u.s. and russia and trying to bring peace to syria so it's going to be interesting interesting to see how the deep state sabotages into this agree what do you know and what trumpery talks ranges actually if he can see it somehow make sure it doesn't happen i would love it's really don't i would love to see the tweet brokered a cease fire in syria but deep state torpedoed it wasn't really that you know we were given this binary is that you know can the americans and the russians actually work something out it really can trump lead the american side in dealing with foreign policy and this could be a very interesting litmus test six months not just the american side though that's part of the problem yeah i agree they're going to the dems in the o'connors they're not only going to try to to sink this. six a cease fire but the whole trump putin detente they're going to try and sink that from the beginning they're furious because of this they're going to go on the
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warpath now but this this ceasefire right we've seen these ceasefires come and go and it's got the exact same problems it's vague it's on the fly and it's in a very limited section of syria the southwest that has not been a hotbed until the last few months in which it was resuscitated an attempt to try to get the syrian government to stop their advance in the east against isis this is of particular core concern to jordan who was part of this and israel who very loudly even before the deal was announced and this had to be arranged before the summit wasn't arranged during the summit it was just agreed to at the summit israel is very unhappy of course of all aspects of russian troops of course you know russian planes this cease fire zone but the u.s. truck is basically guaranteeing for. the fighters in this area which are h.t.s. also known as literally al qaeda the selfish jihadi is a hard joey shell islam and a few token free syrian army units that are there is to provide conduits providing
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arms to the much larger jihadist forces and also israel can trump not only speak for his own deep space but al-qaeda. and joey shazam well you know if he does it shows with who's allied with whom it will get to switch gears here for a moment of time guys. north korea. that was a big part of the summit as well what to do with north korea. it seems to me there really needs to be some new thinking in the in we talked about it last week the myth is that what does north korea want almost no one ever asked that question they want security guarantees their nuclear program is a deterrent to o'boy being attacked from the outside how many twenty three thousand troops twenty four thousand troops american troops are in south korea and the korean war ended a long time ago or the armistice of the armistice came into a long time ago what do we go from here because. there are all only are bad options
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if you listen to the in the mainstream media i think before the north koreans get security guarantees at least they need to talk to you know this is something that china wants you know that chinese spokesman for the spokesman for the ministry of defense of china said today that actually we terminated all of the media treat quite that with the north korean regime but we urge the united states to talk to them you know it would have included what about this freeze for freeze ok freeze the program freeze the exercise is that that seems like a reasonable first step supported by both russia and china the answer to that is supported supported by those parties but i think one of the most interesting narratives is that a couple months ago we saw trump in china u.s. and china kind of working to what was presented that they would work together to tackle tackle north korea i think what you're seeing now is how how they misjudged chinese foreign policy when it comes to dealing with north korea and now they're starting to walk but why should china be doing. so dangerous they were and they
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didn't before that's what they were that's what they were expressing to the whole world is that china is going to do our bidding and they're going to work with us to bring north korea to heel and they and they mis understood exactly how china's foreign policy works and now i think they're just trying to lead everything that's going on that shows how myopic the foreign policy swamp in washington is that they can just snap their fingers and tell other countries what to do particularly. a powerhouse like china north korea is a very unreasonable regime that has very reasonable security and basic political recognition that it demands i mean they're an economy that is one fortieth the size of south korea's and they have only half the population but the u.s. has tens of thousands of troops on their border and continues to escalate the situation it must be said something that the south korean president movement right now is not very happy about the u.s.
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just flew b one nuclear bombers right along the south korean side of the north korean bomber and dropped a dud bombs right at you this is a nationally which is kind of additive this is what keeps the north korean regime in power so that is think that's the it's the reaction to it north korea is not afraid of a u.s. strike because they've got enough artillery if the u.s. attacks them they will just incinerates seoul and and south korea is very afraid of the u.s. escalating the situation like this twenty second well i think that we have the same problem with north korea for example in ukraine and that is in the inability of all the united states and their client regimes to talk to their opponents well we need to try to it's good to have china and there's a kind of but it looks like there's going to be a direct connection between moscow and washington to deal with ukraine you know gentlemen it's about time and to echo mark and shows that merkel is the loser in that we've run out of time gentlemen many thanks to my guests here in moscow and
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thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember crossed off rules. program. still exist. ricos treated as one. hundred three cool. and i knew a lot of. the islanders controlled by the us government and some crave independence. either we.
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much so that. he. was before useful to you my with the sure he doesn't feel that. they've been nice and friendly down five hundred fifty dollars the want to do with the family the forty or so your friend just obviously i told the young. man had. the bottle in which wadler had to sit up yes it's b.s. and. the bomb but don't tell except that it was shot i don't know how that would be when i say that i learned. that the human is not let hubby understand the how. i don't know for sure not that he has but there's a little how times change when if you haven't heard.


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