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a revelation revealing nothing donald trump's son dismisses allegations of collusion with russia as in a nonsense after the media declares his meeting last year with a russian lawyer as treason. amnesty international releases a report on civilian suffering during the coalition led liberation of the city we'll discuss the matter shortly with the deputy spokesman for the u.n. secretary general. and to the european court of human rights up holds belgium's ban on the full face nicads they all in public the country is among a group of european nations which the clothing.
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thank you for joining us here at r.t. international coming to life from. the names trump and russia never seem to be out of the headlines but now it's the president's son that the spotlight is turning on it all concerns a meeting he held for the russian lawyer during his father's election campaign and let's get all the details from caleb maupin as he joins me now live from. hi there cable the story's been circulating for several days now but trump jr has just released a new statement what more can you tell us well the media is jubilant now that e-mails have been released between donald trump jr and the intermediary who set up this meeting and the mainstream media seems to be convinced that the trump russian story has finally materialized this is how they've been talking. but the news report now maggie haberman reporting in the new york times and it is really
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something that donald trump's son think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin intent to collude with the russian government and that is a giant turn in this unfolding story. now at first this story seems like it might be a bombshell all we hear about donald trump jr meeting with a musical producer for a mosque how based pop star the father reportedly met with a so-called russian crown prosecutor there was going to be alleged dirt on the democratic national committee that was supposed to be passed over by a kremlin lawyer but the meeting took place and it turned out to be nothing of what was promised of the first lawyer turned out to not be a crime on the links a lobbyist but someone here in the united states a lawyer in no way connected to the russian government who simply had lobbied around adoption laws with russia this is how trump jr put it in his statement the woman as she has said publicly was not a government official and as we have said she had no information to provide and
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wanted to talk about adoption policy and the magnitsky act. now the lawyer who is in no way linked to the russian government she actually said she never had any dirt on clinton whatsoever this is her statement that. he had the impression it appears that they were going to be told some information that you had about the d.n.c. how did they get the impression that it was between you because you learn you. knew he didn't is. it was a big thing to follow. now at the press briefing when the white house spokesperson was asked about the allegations she pointed out that there was no collusion and she said that if they wanted to look for collusion with foreign countries that the democratic national committee's cooperation with ukrainian
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forces to do research during the elections was a little bit more scandalous this is sarah huckabee sanders speaking to the press. if you're looking for an example of a campaign coordinator with a foreign country or a foreign source look no further than the d.n.c. who actually coordinated opposition research with the ukrainian embassy and no one in this room to my knowledge really had a big problem with that. now on the surface at first the story sounds like a bombshell there might be something there all this talk of a moscow pop star or an intermediary in a meeting being set up but in the end it turns out there was nothing there. and he's kind of hoping thank you very much indeed. now belgium's ban on the full face niqab in public doesn't violate any rules that's according to a decision by the european court of human rights the reading comes after two muslim
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women trying to get the movie legally overturned. as more. well this case was brought by two women a belgian national and a moroccan who said that it was their choice to wear the kneecap this is the veil covering which covers everything but their eyes and that because of that this band had actually in furnished their freedoms and they said that the law was discriminatory but the european court of human rights disagreed saying that however controversial the ban was it was necessary in a democratic society and it said it was necessary to guarantee that he cygnus of living together now other countries in europe have also said that they are considering a band with politicians from across europe now supporting the idea including germany's chancellor angela merkel. interpersonal communication which plays a crucial role. that's why the true face veil is not appropriate and should be banned
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wherever legally possible. for we oppose the full body veil not just the burqa but also any other veil that hides the eyes it's not something that belongs to our open society to show your face is part of communication your existence and that's why we urge everyone to show their face. to me it's a symbol of female enslavement it's a vision of women that we have to oppose now several other countries have already instituted a ban on a full fail covering in the public areas that schools hospitals government buildings such as in france in two thousand and eleven where women who go out and wear a full veil covering whether they are french nationals or tourists facing a fine while those who force women to wear a full veil covering could face a fine of up to thirty thousand euros and time in jail in the netherlands m.p.'s have already back the idea of this yet it's not become law but european countries
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are not the only ones that have instituted a ban or can sit. during it the african country of chad which is a muslim majority country actually instituted a ban on the full face covering back in two thousand and fifteen and that was following two suicide attacks in the country and they said it was necessary to prevent terrorism in future. now is summer in full swing in europe british holiday makers are being asked to watch this video on how to survive a terrorist attack before boarding their flights abroad. well the video includes scenes of a hotel under siege and a clear reference to the deadly terror attack on british tourists in two newsier
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two years ago in which thirty britons were killed artie's playboy co went on to the streets of london to find out of such tips cost dark clouds over holiday moods british police have now released a video showing british terrorists how to react in case they get caught up in a terrorist attack if it's a safe route to get out now if this is the best option it are just people to think of the instructions in the same way they think about airline safety videos everyone is a we're going to need a plane to get safety briefing off what should happen if the plane come down and that's what we're trying to see here that the chances are very unlikely there's just giving you the knowledge of what to do what not to do if you're caught up in such an attack and of what's your response to that kind of what used to video. pick street in order to stay you going on on a summer holiday that i don't know those may be quite scared to go forward that work right there all the time to quite scary religious terrorists now will they be
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going on the train is. you know it's really frightening missing that it definitely would make me worry about traveling the kind that we are today like everything is about terrorism and stuff like that just adds more to stress you what's going on today to kind of relax not to think about potential terrorist attacks i think is a bit scary is they could just travel in the haven't they there to gauge in what's going to happen next feel less safe everywhere there's a fire or a terrorist attack every day it's like you do worry generally more about even trying to get out to get your to do your daily shop sometimes can be worrying kind of a new reality to have you know it is here that i feel safe here in the u.k. would it change your plans this kind of thing watching this kind of video. everything your holidays are that would deter you from going away like you were a little bit just to do with the. police say there's no specific intelligence that
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british holidaymakers are going to be targeted but they still want you to watch the film before packing your beach bags. over five thousand eight hundred civilians may have been killed by iraqi and u.s. led coalition forces in mosul in the last four months that's the latest estimate from human rights organization amnesty international in his new reports the group says pro-government forces relied upon imprecise weapons during the liberation of west mosul and ignored the growing number of civilian deaths it also claims pro baghdad troops appear to have repeatedly violated international humanitarian law something that may amount to war crimes amnesty international collective testimony from those displaced he says more than six hundred thousand people were forced to flee west most don't. and for more on the situation in mosul i'm joined now by font track deputy spokesman for the secretary general of the u.n.
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thank you very much indeed for joining us this evening well obviously international says almost six thousand civilians may have been killed in four months as a result of iraqi and u.s. led coalition attacks in mosul as we have it are you surprised by that figure. well one thing we also need to bear in mind is the sheer amount of violence and killing in mosul during the period in which they was in control of the city today the high commissioner for human rights. rather the scene made very clear. problems that the people of mosul the feast during the period was in control so on the one hand. we're certainly pleased that they are no longer in control of the city at the same time we want to make sure that all of the forces that have helped liberate the city of mosul in recent days including iraqi security forces and any of their allies will make sure that civilians are protected and that the rule of law is
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respected ultimately what we want to see is a restoration of the rule of law in mosul after several years in which the people of that city have not had any real way of having their rights respected. but let's also look at a key phrase that's come up again and again i mean when it comes to liberation of those are what talking of this word what level of collateral damage can be deemed acceptable in the fight against terrorism. well obviously we don't want any. attacks to target civilians it's clear that in this case there was quite a lot of attacks against civilians the civilian population in mosul by themselves that a large number of attacks including potential. crimes against humanity were committed by dying joining both their period of control over the city and during the fighting
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in recent weeks what we want to make sure at this point is that now that they are no longer in control that there are no reprisal attacks that there's no sort of revenge killings and that ultimately the rule of law will be restored to the city throughout and ultimately down the line there needs to be accountability for any of the killings against civilians when we talking about accountability i mean honestly international said that the tactics used by iraqi forces and the u.s. led coalition allies might even amount to war crimes i mean what do you think of that. well at the first instance what we want to make sure is that the authorities that are now in control of the city of mosul that is to say the iraqi authorities will restore the rule of law that's a very crucial aspect of it the u.n. is prepared to help we have as you know the u.n. assistance mission in iraq the secretary general while welcoming the liberation of
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the city has made clear that we will try to help make sure that that the people of the of mosul and its environment and the environment around it both have humanitarian aid that they so desperately need and have a restoration of the rule of law and like i said our high commissioner for human rights has also been looking into the matter and making sure that there is no further problems including reprisal killings let's also look at the situation as. stands now the city itself is in ruins six hundred thousand residents have been displaced when can people start returning and rebuilding their lives. we'll have to see of course one of the key aspects of that is how much we can get humanitarian access and get aid into the city the population desperately need aid the united nations system has provided humanitarian aid to people who have been
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fleeing from the city and now what we're trying to do is see whether you can restore services to the people of the city so that they have food water regular sanitation and ultimately what we're hopeful now that the city is out of the control of that is that you can have all that well that's also then look at have in terms of in terms of the structure of how the wars have been conducted here mean how different has the liberation of mosul for instance been compared to the liberation of aleppo in syria. well. those are those are separate cases but in all cases ultimately the key aspect is that. is a force that through its actions through its targeting of minorities through its killings through its rapes have made clear their hostility to any of the forces in the outside world who represent. the rule of law and so it's important to
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take their control out of these cities now that they have been pushed out of the major population areas there is now tens of thousands of people that can live more freely and that's a very crucial aspect. let's also look at how the how the aspects of the war have been covered i mean the mainstream media they gave a lot more attention to the operation in mosul rather than in aleppo what you see that is. well i don't i don't speak for the mainstream media but as you are well aware there are media outlets all around the world depending upon which outlets you look at some of the coverage aleppo's some of covered mosul but all of them throughout the world really have been united in their coverage of dietitians brutalities so that's something i think that you've seen across the board. and also fine if i can ask you then in terms of other coverage i mean the pentagon's official statements they're saying that state of the art precision weapons are being deployed but amnesty international the report says that imprecise
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weapons were being widely used in the open areas do you think there's a discrepancy here. well i think from the standpoint of the united nations the key aspect is to make sure that in areas that are areas of heavy concentration of the population that particular care is made sure is is put in place to make sure that civilian casualties are minimized and we'll have to see to make sure that that continues as well now now that the city is outside of the control of day. and finally how would you sum up the situation the civilian situation in mosul at the moment. well we continue to be concerned in certain areas as you as you know there may still be fighting in different pockets of the city we want to make sure that the civilian population will be safe that they'll have access to food and water that their rights will be respected and that will be something that we'll be monitoring in the days ahead.
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deputy spokesman for the u.n. the secretary general of the u.n. i should say thank you very much indeed for your time this evening thank you. and the horrors of war also witnessed in another way by an artist an illustrator george butler he was embedded with iraqi forces in the area he's previously worked in syria where he traveled to several times to document the conflict there this time he depicted those who were displaced from west mosul.
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what was the most difficult almost striking thing that you that you saw there something that really made an impression on you on one side a pile of piles of rubble these houses been destroyed in an airstrike and this. came out and bought me a chair to sit on next you could see i was touring. just because to tell a story and isis fighters had fled the mosque next door during the fight for a fight they'd come into his home where his family were living and the iraqi army had called in an airstrike which it so often does in mosul the kind of very vulnerable the moment and the lack of choice and the thing that i guess that was sticks to me is that the drawings that i'm doing are done with permission the best drawings i did were the ones that i was very much emotionally attached to the kind of desire to draw to do justice and draw exactly what was in front of me. now reports claim the u.s.
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is looking to build up its military presence in libya made a recent increase in violent clashes outside tripoli. i. poured into the country's health ministry the latest shooting left at least four people dead including civilians while dozens more were injured artie's paullus near has the latest on the libyan crisis the clashes have broken out east of the libyan capital of tripoli classes are between forces that are aligned to the u.n. unity government into police it took over last year it's known as the government of national accord and it's been struggling to maintain its control over the capital city now those forces are battling it out with forces that are loyal to the libyan prime minister. they were pushed out of the libyan capital in may this year and at the time they issued a statement to launch a counterattack and. since it has been planning to regroup they refuse to recognize this government of national accord now the health ministry has said that at least
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four people have been killed we understand that two of them are civilians they're foreign workers and at least twenty one people have been injured the clashes broke out on sunday evening at the same time this fighting in libya's second largest city of benghazi where we're hearing from little forces there that they closing in on a three year campaign to take over the city now all of this is part and parcel of the chaos that has engulfed libya since two thousand and eleven when the former libyan dictator moammar gadhafi was overthrown since then they have been various militias and administrations that has been vying for control of the oil rich country now and the latest developments really expose the vulnerability of those to you in backed government it has been struggling as i say to maintain control it has managed to co-opt some of the various groups there but at the same time it's made little progress in terms of really integrating them and providing lasting security in this latest round of violence we see that there is heavy light and medium
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weaponry been used we know that power lines have been hit people have been fleeing their homes a lot of residents complaining that their homes have been shelled it has been damaged shops have been damaged roads have been closed and people are struggling to make their way back home. now a legal controversy is brewing in the u.s. that solved a new hampshire's attorney general launched an investigation into a case where an immigrant was creative six counts of domestic violence by local court or gustin behati a thirty three year old refugee from congo was arrested in august last year after he allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman several times however he was released the following months after his lawyer raised doubts on whether behati was legally fit to stand trial in march this year the suspect was cleared of all charges after a local prosecutor found behati to be cold. surely incompetent want to discuss this case and it's probably cations a bit further as talk to nancy will activist daniel schorr and conservative writer
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mike senate gentlemen thank you very much indeed for joining me to talk about this and if i can start with you then daniel will you have his attorney general there office says there's no legal pretext for releasing a suspect on the grounds as we head the so-called cultural incompetence i mean what your take on why mr hartley was allowed to go free. well this is certainly a bizarre case nobody who is guilty of abusing their wife or any woman should be released they should be met with the appropriate penalties wife beating in violence against women in all of its forms sexual violence emotional violence and physical violence is an epidemic across america so certainly should be no excuse for violence against women and michael we want your response to this i mean do you think by mr bahati getting free this descents a precedent from what all the ramifications. while this is political correctness
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run amok there people are afraid now in america to say you're in america walk into america we have certain values we have certain rules and place if you say that you might be xenophobic right so the city prosecutor didn't want to be seen. and because of that he decided to let somebody off on the cultural relativism defense so this is the end result of political correctness and cultural marxism and the social justice warriors and run amuck. well what you're what you say to that end and you mean what you think in terms of this is a legal precedent in culture incompetence i mean is this the start of a whole new legal system. i think would. could really get down to debating is sparking so many refugees to be forced to leave their countries whether it's the congo or syria or iraq in the u.s. and u.s. foreign policy is in the business of refugee creation actually
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a study came out there by two thousand one hundred if things continue at this pace they could be upward towards two billion refugees in the world which would mean that there were actual more refugees than the were people in china or any of the other countries in the world so i think what we should debate is u.s. foreign policy that continues to lead to the diffusion rise ation of millions and millions of people every day causing one of the worst global crises since world war two. and what's your response to that night what do you think there would be no debate. yeah there would be no debate with me because i'm opposed to the intervention of the united states of hillary clinton's or the world the people who want us to go in and bomb syria and create more syrian refugees the people who want to go to war with iran the people who want to create more war the neo cons in the global war monger so there would actually not be anything that to debate there because i think what
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a lot of people don't want to admit about trump supporters is that many people like myself voted for trump for one reason only and that is because we oppose the world war three we oppose these interventionist war so so daniel is right i'm happy to agree with him and admit that of the refugee stuff going on in the world is due in large part to the neo con war machine which includes liberals like hillary clinton and includes the democrat party of course going over to these other countries and trying to institute regime change which never works when it's also let then look at the consequences of what's happened which is why we have this particular case if i can just before you say anything to you know i mean mr hodges come over he's a refugee and then according to we're looking to the story here he had effectively classes that would teach him about being a us citizen and we can't really debate what's going to happen in terms of the refugee crisis but we can look at the fallout here mr bagci was given these classes to train him to be in effect a us citizen or to think about how to integrate in society that for isn't it on his
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own head his own sense of responsibility to act in that way to be nor abiding by the u.s. laws what do you think. what i think we'd all agree that again there's no excuse for. the battering of any woman so the problem with the us jill system is that. people i think out in violent ways are not rehabilitated and normal country in the history of humanity has ever had as many prisoners as the united states on any given day here in the u.s. the quote unquote freest country in the world you have. eight and a half million people who are locked up in prison so this is a society that does not allow for people to heal in seek genuine rehabilitation this individual any vidual individual who goes to rikers island or any prison in this country often comes out more criminal more battered more beaten down themselves so we seek genuine solutions of healing and rehabilitation. and
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what do you think that i might do you think it's on the individual and you think it's on society. well it's on board for culture house too and again this is where that xenophobia kind of comes in as we know a lot of people in america like to talk about how apparently america's a terrible place for women and for the rest of the world even really wants to come here but the truth is that the western world treats women far better than any of these other countries and when you allow people into your country who don't share your values we as a culture and civilization have to enforce those values and that isn't being done because people are being afraid of well maybe they'll call me a racist or xenophobe eric or some other is and attack me unfairly and destroy my life through my career which is what a lot of people are trying to do rather than have adult conversation so yes it is on the individual of course honor killings cannot come to america domestic battery cannot be normalized abusing women and genital mutilation of children cannot be
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allowed that's individual responsibility sure but as a culture we have to send a message and we can't be afraid to say that this is america this is the west and we don't do things the way a lot of other people do in the rest of the world will not put it on i mean let's look at the timing of it we'll tell you why it is so many people want to come to america and carry on down you know. that's my question from way that's my question for mike why do so many people come to america it's not because america is the greatest place in the world it's because people have been. and they've been robbed of their opportunities whether it's in the dominican republic go in brazil. or in the middle east because of us foreign policy and us interventionism which has occurred you're one hundred percent correct to call out the liberals and the neo liberals and the clintons and the obama's but it would be deceptive to think that somehow clinton or bush or mccain or whatever conservative big bigoted politician is somehow a friend of humanity look would trump.


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