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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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if. you can get. the headline. donald trump plays down what he calls a meeting with a russian lawyer rejecting allegations of moscow. made reports that displaced residents are starting to return home the fears are growing that they have nowhere to go as the iraqi cities liberation has left it devastated. and the u.s. is apparently backtracking on his plans to restore relations with russia just days after the leaders of the countries agreed on several key issues.
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thank you joining us here on r.t. international we come to you live from moscow with your latest worldwide headlines . with us democrats and the media have rounded on donald trump over a meeting he held last year with a russian lawyer in response he's released the full e-mail exchange from june twenty sixth related to this very meeting now one of the e-mails off was quote very high level and sensitive information that supposedly incriminated presidential candidate hillary clinton and might be of use to try senior information was claimed to be based on some official documents originating allegedly from some crown prosecutor of russia now that job title though so it's only raising a few eyebrows in the media that might be because well there is in fact no such official position in russia the country not being a monarchy and that there are other confusing aspects of the story as well as.
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reports the story is like a rorschach test meaning that everyone sees a different picture and most of the media sees a picture of collusion. donald trump think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin this is looking more and more like treason intent to collude with the russian government all these strange behavior from the president it's all explained no that's not how trump jr sees it he says that nothing of substance was discussed at the meeting which he described as a name nonsense it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. me i wouldn't even remember it until you start scouring through the stuff it was literally just a wasted twenty minutes which was a shame whatever the content was the characters involved with the meeting are certainly worthy of a good moving. every
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way to come up i'm really tired. we all know her name now and to tell you this it's a guy at natalia vessel needs sky and italia vessel at sky a. good story but why does everyone want to link this russian lawyer to the kremlin she works in adoption law and does not work with the russian government and why would the russian prosecutor choose all of these people to deliver sensitive information
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to the trump camp donald trump jr confirms that this meeting was a big nothing burger he says she did not have any damaging information on clinton. but instead that she wanted to discuss adoption law in the magnitsky act she confirms this. but i never knew who would be attending the meeting so all i knew that mr donald trump jr was willing to meet with me do you have connections to grow she goes. no further more if this meeting between the trump team in the russian lawyers was about handling damaging information on clinton where is this bombshell we have yet to see any bombshell from the trump team about their opponent so after months and months of proof related to russia and being anticipated we finally have a story that's rather complicated in fact it's so complicated that you can see whatever you want the confirmation bias of the reader can lead the mind's eye to
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read whatever they want into the story if you're determined to see trump works for the russians you can see it even though the logical links just don't add up cable mop and artsy new york julian was among those urging trump jr to publishers emails in the name of transparency in fact he offered to do for him i don't want to miss levy a wiki leaks the two hours later trump published them himself political and legal analyst lionel told us that there's no substance in the story only the russia making it a point of discussion for the media whenever you hear about this trouble. meeting always ask the question and. because that's what you have to do and die don't trump jr met with this. and look what we're doing we're talking about what could have been what should have been but we're playing what if in any light from any angle there is nothing that is even
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remotely almost against the law somebody said treason this there is nothing here but let me tell you what is the saddest part we have been told russia russia russia russia to such an extent that maybe by virtue of this repetition there's been some kind of a cerebral connection made where people impute to guilt whenever that word is met and i'm not kidding you it's almost like a brainwashing there is absolutely nothing to this story no matter how you look at it from anybody's point of view there is nothing there i think i've made that very clear i think. if the law starting to return to the iraqi city of mosul after the government declared victory over islamic state in the area on monday however one of the most difficult tasks could
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still lie ahead as most of mosul has been devastated by nine months of fighting the u.n. says it will take billions of dollars and years to rebuild the city. according
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to human rights watch the coalition used a number of weapons that are inaccurate and could be quote unlawfully indiscriminate if used in a heavily populated areas among them are unguarded artillery rockets and mortars ati's nicky aaron picks up the story. the liberation of mosul from islamic state has topped the news cycle over the past few days has been full of praise for the victorious iraqi and coalition forces and pictures of celebration victory over isis in mosul. celebrations in the streets of mosul and battle the iraqi city of mosul is now free of the biggest city in isis the so-called islamic state is in the hands of a blocky troops but against the backdrop of jubilation humanitarian groups crying foul over the plight of locals honesty international issued a fifty page report detailing the extent of civilian suffering calling out in both iraq and the u.s.
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led coalition forces for repeated violations of international humanitarian law which it says could amount to war crimes honesty says there was a reliance on imprecise weapons and ignorance to the growing civilian death toll and a failure to adjust tactics to the challenges created by i still of course you'd never expect much respect for civilian life from the terrorists known for using innocent people as human shields but it seems that those fighting i still somehow turned a blind eye to what they call collateral damage we have already shifted from attrition people probably shove them from one position to another in iraq and syria to annihilation tactics to billion cattle or a fact of life in this sort of situation besides any additional needless deaths can just be blamed on the ruthless enemy anyway according to the un the battle for
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mosul is left almost nine hundred thousand people displaced more than eight thousand civilians dead or wounded and one hundred thousand children at risk sure it's heartbreaking now but if only which heard about it all sooner well the neighboring street. but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look at play on your little little. shop this one had your garbage comment on ford motor. we were sitting at my uncle's house how rove a mother a mom calls wife went back home because howard was sick and the house was shelled by american planes i tried but i couldn't save how or from the shelling and the is strikes and i was still before in your thoughts and there was no it was when it comes to how the battle for mosul will be remembered is seems these pictures of celebration at the liberation will live on in the media where the civilian
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suffering will be sufferance in silence. another liberation campaign is underway now as u.s. backed rebels prepare to seize eisold syrian stronghold of raka the u.n. says between thirty to fifty thousand people are now trapped in that city and we understand almost two hundred thousand have already been displaced here are some of the stories. i assure you that i actually made a medal but that is not as well it's not as nesmith has met but you have on your little niche that actually you need to listen to the have a taste of what else has been and they don't let as if you had no filter and that has become of ultimately. lyneham about them not about them and have them locked offline i'm all about that but i'm not. at all and you know i don't know how to be a quarter of a concert i mean i. thought he could i mean. if you've been with any. one as a member of us lay a lot of verb issues what do i shouldn't as a mr haven't been up to one as
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a million i do think that rock oh it was also very i'm not sure whether the u.s. led coalition will look at the example of most war you know i think that the u.s. coalition needs to everything possible to make sure that its target selection is merely discriminator and that it focuses to the extent possible of an islamic state fighters but if models or is any indication then rocco is going to get lucky. russia says it's adhering to the agreements reached by presidents putin and trump during the g twenty summit last week the u.s. is apparently losing enthusiasm over them at the most recent example relates to the process of monitoring the ceasefire agreed in syria which had been discussed by the two leaders. the u.s. and russia have committed to monitoring and ensuring humanitarian access to the
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areas initially security on these areas will be ensured by russian military police in close cooperation to us and jordan who those monitors will be i don't know at this point i know we have folks in the region i know that our special envoy to syria is actively engaged in these conversations so i have anticipate we'll get that information in the in the near future the details of the agreed cease fire in syria which came into force last sunday are just one of the things the u.s. government appears to be playing down as aussies jacqueline virga now reports from washington. the highly anticipated biological meeting between donald trump and lot of here putin at the g twenty summit and with high hopes that the two countries could finally leave all the bad blood behind and see a new stage in relations after the two presidents met in hamburg tillerson came out saying that they had great chemistry they discussed cyber security and the cease fire in syria and were really ready to move forward putin and did discuss that joint cyber security on it but trump has since backtracked on that with
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a post on twitter after the idea was widely attacked here in washington and about that cease fire in syria the most important achievement reached by the u.s. and russia in conjunction with jordan moscow has already outlined what role in the suspension of hostilities they will play but america has yet to be clarified and recent reports show that the pentagon was left completely out of the process we reached out to the pentagon to see if they could shed some light on the plan and they in turn said that the state department was the head agency and referred us to them but they also have yet to come up with a solid strategy in terms of who is doing what when where or how some of those details are still being worked out so no real answer there either and the spokeswoman also had a rather strange reaction to russia's foreign minister having made comments about working on a cease fire monitoring station in jordan is there any clarity so far on the monitoring of the syrian cease fire. yesterday that it was going to be done with
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the united states and jordan from the center and give any more details on that mr lacker likes to talk a lot and get out ahead i think of some of the negotiations that are underway that is all still being worked out so we're seeing again one step forward two steps back on what's becoming the usual u.s. approach to working with russia well as some of america's partners in europe of also pointed out the inconsistency of america's russia policy german government official go to the has lashed out at the u.s. saying its policy is a quote indecisive back and forth with no clear direction for us to put about jim just trust told us what's behind the mixed signals coming from washington. if the russians believe the americans are talking with two voices that's because we are clearly i think president trump is very sincere in trying to work out some kind of a broader arrangement with moscow and that he faces tremendous opposition here in washington from people who didn't want this meeting to take place at all or wanted
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to be at best a pro-forma and shaken pleasantries kind of thing not to affect any substance we have a lot of people here in if you will in the deep state who don't want any cooperation with russia at all on anything particularly on syria and there is a huge potential that somebody may try to sabotage it but i have i'm still rather optimistic this is all an international thanks for joining us hungary and now israel a growing increasingly angry with billionaire george soros those details after the break. thanks guys but that's all survival. when customers go by you reduce the price.
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well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for the market is not good for the global economy. and almost seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to see palin. become active. engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. thanks for joining us hungary and government has launched
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a countrywide anti migrant poster campaign depicting george soros behind garion american billionaires persona is being used by the government as early cold and hungry to allow more refugees into the country and tea by current sentiments strong his cold was swiftly dismissed by president autobahns government. the campaign is room in this interview or darkest hour as. these billboards of memories but also saw hatred and fear. although israel's ambassador to hungary initially criticized the post a campaign television of quickly released a clarification condemning the actions of sorrow also both in
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a hungary and in israel we discuss the situations in both countries with an israeli activist. saurus is very hostile towards israel and here was the it kind of situation in hungary because it was sorest did he supported all kinds of what we call orange revolutions which on the surface were very peaceful mother there of the day we saw these blood spilled in the ukraine blood spilled in beliefs in many other places where soros put his fingers as you know now the reason compan in the united states that russia meddle in the us elections i don't assemble they're talking about the united states government invested money and in undermining israeli prime minister during the campaign they do it openly and they interfere they mad all and then the queues others of doing i mean this is kind of the popular see which needs to be solved and we agree with the government of one
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hundred garrion when they want to say stop stop the sources alleged meddling is also becoming a concern in america back in march this year several republican senators attempted to launch a probe into where taxpayers' money ends up after being sent to george soros as n.g.o.s the initiative was rejected despite a collective letter sent to the secretary of state rex tillerson now hungary is not the only european country to openly denounce the activities of george soros the polish prime minister has alleged that soros has violated the polish constitution while a former macedonian leader said soros he using his n.g.o.s has been meddling in countries and their governments all across the world we spoke to an international affairs commentator who supports these views. complaints about george entirely justified because we see in his behavior somebody who is has got
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a will to power and if he doesn't like the results of a democratic election he will do his best to topple that democratic government so for example in the case of hungary clearly pursuing a nationally or unsaid policy and that government knows that it will be targeted sooner or later by soros for daring to pursue a national policy rather than a sort of policy in essence what george soros is about is the complete opposite if this is a democracy he has money which he uses to buy power and influence by creating organizations which he tells what to do and they tell the world what to do and what to think he talks about transparency but everything he does is veiled in secrecy he talks about democracy but he seeks to overthrow democratically elected governments just because he doesn't like them this is a kind of megalomania on a james bond villain scale and it really should be stopped. a legal controversy is brewing in the united states it's after new hampshire's attorney general launched
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an investigation into a case where an immigrant was cleared of six counts of domestic violence by a local court or just in bahati a thirty three year old refugee from the congo was arrested in august last year after he allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman several times however he was released the following month after his lawyer raise doubts on whether bahati was legally fit to stand trial in march this year the suspect was cleared of all charges after a local prosecutor found that he was quote culturally incompetent we discuss this case and its ramifications with two guests. people are afraid now in america to say you're in america welcome to america we have certain values we have certain rules in place if you say that you might be xenophobic right so the city prosecutor didn't want to be seen as enough and because of that he decided to let somebody off on the cultural relativism defense so this is the end result of political
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correctness and cultural marxism and the social justice warrior ism run amok mexicans and muslims and foreigners and immigrants to this country. every day this spate of hate crimes of this country. so to think that some of the environment of an bracing immigrants is ridiculous when hate crimes are on the rise and just for being mexican you can be terror a lot of these hate crimes do end up being hoaxes the flip side is there's just a lot of hate in the world and there's a lot of hate in humanity if i walk down the street in a certain neighborhoods in new york as a white person i would face racism from other cultures it doesn't sound like you feel safe to visit new york we feel bad for. certain of it but mike you put forth a very grim pessimistic view of humanity is though somehow hate were a natural thing honor killings cannot come to america domestic battery cannot be normalized abusing women and genital mutilation of children cannot be allowed
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that's an individual responsibility sure but as a culture we have to send a message and we can't be afraid to say that this is america this is the west and we don't do things the way a lot of other people do in the rest of the world blah to so many people come to america it's not because america is the greatest place in the world it's because people have been diffused and they've been robbed of their opportunities whether it's in the dominican republic go in brazil or in the middle east because of us foreign policy and u.s. interventionism we do have a mass we should be trying to help these other countries creating save zones in other countries but if you're going to come to america there cannot be a cultural defense. ok it's ok to hit my wife. thanks for joining us here on. news and a half an hour they are coming up next it's a growing underground. and it's the film.
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history. president said so moving forward on this relationship is problematic. for the u.s. and russia.
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i've observed events of the past few years and asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. really of refugees. u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens of the government. and once again german takes a hit east. from various political parties and various independent experts and journalists in an effort to understand just how independent germany really is when it comes to decision making. whether it acts on its own national interests. someone else will. be a. little.
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bit. by then coffee session on. the long. haul. i don't. want. so it. was if you have the multiple injuries among. them to yourself you. shows your you know mars on the phone to. even the people from the c.d.c. say yes. but. my. little
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slip my. maybe maybe maybe. this is going underground as u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson travels to the middle east to try and avert a war in the persian gulf coming up on the show we speak to oscar nominated comedian and writer just steve goodman about islamophobia the trip and whether bailing out the boss mistakes of the city of london is destroying the future of britain as the government announces de facto pay cuts for school teachers and eleven years to the day
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a lebanese war began which would end it as well as victory over the u.k. backed israeli army we speak to the director and star of a new play celebrating about a poet whose life was turned upside down on that day plus from palestine we speak to an organization that records. incidents in the u.k. about. whether the mainstream media is to blame for a rise in islamophobia. and this british campaigners lose their bid to block. what exactly was u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson doing in comes to mediate the push in gold prices. going up at today's going underground but first will schoolchildren understand tomorrow's e.u. talks in ukraine will they understand that the e.u. backed government in kiev as we know allied to far right groups associated with anti semitism after ukraine's tragic world war two history that there is a contextual nazi past to this week's ordering by donald trump of u.s. missile warship.


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