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tv   News with Ed  RT  July 12, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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or you know. yes we do have a. future because of. all the news tonight president trump says the ceasefire he negotiated with russia in syria is going as planned but the state department can't provide any details and the senate grills the nominee for director of the f.b.i. a crisper ray as the poll shows americans are skeptical of maulers investigation and rex tillerson secretary of state meets with top saudi officials as the administration attempts to call tensions between the saudis and cutter. reporting tonight from washington d.c. this is the news on r.t. america.
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good evening friends we start tonight with president from first interview since the g. twenty president trump sat down with pat robertson of the christian broadcasting network and the president claims his meeting with president vladimir putin was productive and their first deal is working one thing we did is we have a cease fire in stranger part of syria where there was tremendous bedlam and tremendous killing and by the way this is now four days the ceasefire is held for four days no cease fires have been held at all that's because president putin and president made the deal and it's held i don't know what's going to happen maybe as we're speaking they start shooting again but this is held unlike all of the other cease fires that didn't mean anything russia's foreign minister serge a lab has confirmed an agreement with jordan and the united states to monitor the cease fire in syria meanwhile the state department says the agreement is still under discussion. still after all like to talk
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a lot going to the world i don't know how this lady could know i could dislike we're not acquainted and get out ahead i think of some of the negotiations that are under way under how things work at the state department terms of who has access to what my nation but the documents signed in amman by russia america and jordan provides for the creation of just such a sunset that is all still being worked out nobody should get ahead of themselves before to keep abreast of the latest developments some helpful for diplomats argues jacqueline vogel reports tonight on this discrepancy in the report of the highly anticipated biological meeting between donald trump and lot of your putin at the g. twenty summit and with high hopes that the two countries could finally leave all the bad blood behind and see a new stage in relations after the two presidents met in hamburg tillerson came out saying that they had great chemistry they discussed cyber security and the cease
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fire in syria and were really ready to move forward put an interim did discuss that joint cyber security unit but trump has since backtracked on that with a post on twitter after the idea was widely attacked here in washington and about that cease fire in syria the most important achievement reached by the u.s. and russia in conjunction with jordan moscow has already outlined what role in the suspension of hostilities they will play but america has yet to be clarified and recent reports show that the pentagon was left completely out of the process we reached out to the pentagon to see if they could shed some light on the plan and they in turn said that the state department was the head agency and referred us to them but they also have yet to come up with a solid strategy in terms of who is doing what when where or how some of those details are still being worked out is there a level of urgency in working that out because it seems like if you don't have a monitoring organ of course back it is a cease fire. it's sort of in. senate as people to break it to those monitors will
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be i don't know at this point i know we have folks in the region i know that our special envoy to syria is actively engaged in these conversations so i anticipate we'll get that information in and then you can chant so we're saying again one step forward two steps back what's becoming the usual u.s. approach to working with russia president drops nominee to head the f.b.i. chris to raid testified in front of the senate judiciary committee today democratic senators grilled ray specifically on where his loyalties lie to the president in ited states or to the constitution and citizens. and you told me yesterday there's no question by and by in the white house asking you for a price of oil to zach correct that's correct my loyalty is to the constitution to the rule of law and to the mission of the f.b.i. and no one asked me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process and i sure as heck didn't offer one meanwhile a poll from investor's business daily shows americans are skeptical of robert
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muller's investigation nearly half of those polled agreed the russian investigation amounted to a little bit more than a political witch hunt forty nine percent said muller's friendship with former f.b.i. director james homie is a conflict of interest in forty four percent agree that mahler's hiring lawyers who openly supported hillary clinton was a legitimate concern for more on this we turn to our political panel tonight for the sibila dawn jones former georgia state representative and ed martin president of the eagle forum great to have both of you with us tonight don let me start with you considering that countless hours on the mainstream media and the coverage of the investigations which is polling at fifty percent what do you make of that. well anytime you look at these polls you have to break them down very carefully one of the interesting things that is that is that americans believe they're tired of
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congress and the media spending so much time which creates this witch hunt mentality but how much sure they tired of congress dealing with it separate from the media the media must hold donald trump's feet to the fire this is a very important thing and only fifty three percent of the country thinks russia interfered in the election and that too is rather astonishing when you look at the mainstream media it's like this is the only story that's been out there for the last six months is the country getting turned off by this. yeah i think of i think the country's getting convinced that the media and the left and especially the democrat party is completely out of touch i mean when donald trump went to europe and met with putin and there was substantive things happening syria deals conversation about the future nobody wants to really litigate world war two or the cold war we need we have problems right now and the country is looking up and saying it's about the same thing that hillary did she didn't have an argument for what she was about for the future of us she had an argument about how everybody
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else was bad and i think i think the media is headed into a into a tank i mean really down because they keep go i was watching c.n.n. and it's almost comical to let you laugh out loud at how silly they sound making attenuated connections to donald trump jr you know i disagree with dawn absolutely so the polls made it very clear that most americans do believe that something has in fact gone wrong and the media is holding donald trump's feet to the fire this is something that is absolutely required yes we're getting tired and we're tired of talking about it we're tired of hearing about it but it is important because this is not just about our relationship with russia it's about ten our president use his common sense when deciding who he is going to get involved with this is about our elections this is the theory of the it's and we don't often get to hear this is ed . ed you do pretty good at this and i love the fake news when the talking points everyone agrees from hillary clinton to every democrat that the russians whatever
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they did affected zero votes it did not affect the election if they tried to make arguments and influence people's thoughts fine no votes touched or moved by the russians so get over it you lost the election now let's look at what are we going to do for the country going forward and i don't want to be at war with russia or anybody else i want to be that maybe not perfect allies but certainly not enemies of a guy that's got a nuclear arsenal so this is where our has a result of the not and they look up and they say who are these people. whether it whether if the votes are not we know that if someone tries to steal your car you don't cozy up to them this is a problem whether they succeed or not russia is a problem and it is clear since this election has gone on the very beginning that russia has tried to influence donald trump you know that the donald trump jr saga the emails meeting with the russian citizens they were not government officials or representing the government although everybody capitol hill believes that they were
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all russian agents but i'm not convinced that the white house has handled this very well ed why doesn't donald trump jr just come out and say you know what this was an error in judgment i probably should have done it but there's nothing illegal let's move on they're not doing that and how do you think they're handling it yeah i know . well i think you're a little bit right on this is that he hasn't had a like a politician or someone experience would know i grew with you in that sense but look in the throes of a presidential campaign unlike anything we've ever seen there were a million moving parts and donald trump jr probably took a meeting without thinking it through look i'm here that we don't know where it's going on right here nothing happened look beyond words that rhyme here yeah words across the crime is in the lie of a mission we have been talking about this for ten months and not until the media is about to break the story that he suddenly become transparent and put all the information out there that where the real crime is he should have been honest with
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the american people when we asked has there been any connections he said that said we had a meeting with these very important people under the belief we're going to find out about something an hour let's we'll leave it there lou done jones and martin great to have both of you with us and i appreciate the back and forth i said so much perhaps the first big news and you're going to say oh no they're already talking about this but that's right perhaps the first big news for the twenty twenty electoral cycle senator bernie sanders says he won't take the possibility of another run off the table are you leaving two thousand and twenty on the table are you taking it off the table you know i'm not taking it off the table i just have not made any decisions but i think it's much too early people right now i don't like now is to not only fight against this disastrous health care proposal it is a take on all of reactionary proposals you know the president put up with the billionaire class keep it well against the working class. secretary of state rex
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tillerson spoke with several state ministers in saudi arabia earlier today the talks come after his visit the cutter on tuesday worked harder in the united states agreed to a counterterrorism pact the agreement included ending foreign funding to terrorist organizations the trumpet ministration is hopeful talks can mend the rift between saudi arabia and qatar for more on this we're joined tonight by former u.s. diplomat jim jatra jim nice to have you with us thank you and let's talk syria first this cease fire the president is applauding it your thoughts is this is this somewhat of a breakthrough it could be if it holds and let's remember we have a lot of people if you will in the deep state that would like it's to sabotage this thing i think the significance is the area of the country since in southwest syria that means is near the golan heights the americans would not have agreed to this without israeli buy in and i don't think the russians would have agreed to it without the syrian and iranian buy in so if you start to get some progress we're all the main players who have a thumb in the pie are beginning to make some progress on trying to settle down the
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war and stop the violence that could be a very good thing is everybody on the same page with the white house on this it seems like the defense department really didn't know a whole heck of a lot about it the pentagon spokesperson she was saying well it's details are being worked out in the meantime puton and trouble in the world stage or shaking hands as if they've got a deal which is somewhat of a breakthrough considering the late relations between the two countries remember what happened last time mr trump met with mr lover off in the white house and with the ambassador there and leaks of glor it's interesting when he met with mr putin the only ones there besides the translators were tillerson and lover of i think it's because i don't think it's probably on the russian side i think the problems on the american side trump knows there are people he can trust nolen the bureaucracy but even his own team who are not for this so are you saying that the political climate in this country is. so divided and so toxic that it may be almost
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impossible to move forward with russia it's going to be extremely difficult and frankly and the fact that they met and had a substantive meeting is something of a minor miracle that they could agree to this thing it's talks frankly it's insane add in the kind of discussion that goes on in this country now with regard to any discussion with the russians why is there such an anti russia feeling on capitol hill the russians are getting blamed for everything in this town i think it's and i think it's a big story and if there's a very complex phenomenon i think i don't think it's just a holdover anti-communism from the cold war era is especially since so much of it seems to be on the left actually i think part of it is the kind of antipathy people have for various reasons had for russia even before the revolution being this good to a point now that if you don't bad mouth russia yeah it's going to be used against you in a political campaign here is if you're anti-american you're a traitor and i want to ask you about tillerson making some headway here what about this deal and how does it go to the saudis on the heels of doing this deal with
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gutter well of course he's already left saudi arabia and i think i had all the reports are saying he didn't accomplish much look he cited a group on anti to cut off terrorism funding how many deals like this have been signed since nine eleven that they pretend to cut off terrorist funding we pretend to believe them it's a game that's been going on for a long time with the suicide woodies above all that isn't the problem with the saudis the saudis that they support the muslim brotherhood whom we don't consider terrorists and they hate they talk to the iranians which the saudis how concerned do you think the united states is about this ultimatum that's been given a cutter i think they're very concerned about we're very concerned about it the fact is is that we planted our flag unfortunately with the saudis and of course the saudis or the hedge of men in the gulf and you have the qataris now sort of jumping ship and going their own way and the saudis don't like it the whole apple cart to get upset jim jeffords good to have you with us thank you so much jim a report from international amnesty international accuses the u.s. led coalition of violating international law and. during the fight against isis in
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mosul a coalition spokesperson called the report irresponsible mosul is now officially liberated but the situation there has devolved into a civilian catastrophe r.t. is alex my hyla bitch as more. well this isn't the first time we're hearing of western coalitions denying war crimes and of course we know they've broken international law time and time again be at the balkans be it libya be it iraq be it syria it's a mess it's a mess always but you know it's the western coalition so hey we're the good guys right well when it comes to mosul amnesty international say no way sir there's been some war crimes committed here and let's get a quote directly from them iraqi government and u.s. led coalition forces appear to have committed repeat violations of international humanitarian law some of which may amount to war crimes and that's amnesty international out of the horse's mouth but if you talk to the coalition listen to what a british british major has to say it strikes me as being written that's the amnesty report by people who simply have no understanding of the brutality of warfare but
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we should be absolutely clear we were deliberately we were clear who were deliberately killing civilians that would be isis according to him but wow you know aleppo very different story if it's the syrians the russians trying to get rid of terrorists including isis but when it comes to the brits the americans and their friends well it just seems to be ok if civilians are dying talk about the brutality of warfare mosul is a very brutal place look at these pictures that tells you everything according to amnesty international numbers that they had to get from other sources over five thousand civilians and two thousand isis fighters had died in this mess but we don't know because the media was practically banned from being in mosul at all by the iraqis and by the u.s. led coalition if you look at here there's reports of four thousand people being buried alive in this bombing it was relentless it was brutal it was a scenario that you know it's been seen time and time again in these wars but you cannot deny that the brutality was at a level that surpasses
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a many other type of operations like this now when you hear this and when you look at the big picture you have to understand that again we're talking about the west here so somehow everything falls into play in the media. there is a big specter of this we will probably never know the true numbers of one who has died in mosul but we can see from the pictures that it's beyond beyond any type of comprehension these people suffered and they suffer badly now the u.s. says that they're going to stick around they're not going anywhere there might be an isis two point zero there might be sectarian violence we know that iraq is a country made up of different ethnicities different religious groups could be shia sunni could be the kurds involved kurds or the americans friends one day the next day the enemy because the turks are the americans friends of course the west brom's so political solution most likely keeping troops there not likely going to help in the longer i'm alex milo bitch for news with ed schultz china has dispatched troops to its first overseas military base in djibouti along the horn of africa the
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chinese defense ministry said after a long period of friendly negotiations the chinese people's liberation army chose djibouti for its strategic location near the middle east and close to china's many projects in africa manila chan joins us tonight with what this really means for the west manila as the tiny country of djibouti is already home to several foreign military bases including the u.s. japan france and now they will add china to that list although there is not yet an official date of when the chinese base would begin operations they broke ground over in djibouti about a year ago and last night a ship carrying an unknown number of personnel departed from. southern china so that they may set up the base so what does this mean for the west for america and u.s. interests in the region given that u.s.
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africa commas in djibouti i talked to former pentagon official michael maloof for his take on this move to see if this was at all any sort of threat to u.s. interests is part of the strategy on the part of the chinese they they are exercising. not only the military power which the united states is known for but soft power soft power building infrastructure building up the economies building the roads the infrastructures of these countries this is enduring to these countries and as a consequence they want more of it mr maloof also went on to say that this would likely work out nicely for the choir's i frenemy relationship the u.s. has with china in terms of security that having china there as an ally against the increasing pirate problem in the area being wedged right between somalia ethiopia and eritrea this would actually help with security of allied commercial ships passing through but something of note aloof also says this might be insight to the
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future of china's military expansion the united states it does check our. the u.s. power projection but china has always talked about creating its own power projection and up until now has not had it still it is still absolutely no match for the u.s. power projection capabilities. they just have one aircraft carrier so at while china seeking to flex their military might unveiling their still to be named second carrier they have the other one commissioned aircraft carrier called the allow needing which is currently en route from hong kong passing through taiwan and route to the airport so trying to still has a long way to go as you heard mr maloof say and still they can't compare it to the united states and this certainly seems like the start of their interest in becoming a military global leader and they are building and moving things will appreciate it
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. anger is mounting over the british government's refusal to publish the full report into the funding of islamic extremism in the country are probably boy go explains. i have decided against publishing the classified report produced in the review in full this is because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons a lot of politicians have been waiting a long time for this report the home office had been criticized for delaying it earlier on this year but now the fact that it's not going to be released at all has sparked a lot of anger from various opposition parties tim farron the outgoing leader of the liberal democrats he said that it's utterly shameful that it's not going to be published he said that the government needs to be naming and shaming the states and the institutions that fund terrorism in this country instead of supporting them he's obviously referring to speculation that saudi arabia and the case of the gulf
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allies could be named in that report the green party co-leader caroline lucas she said that the statement gives absolutely no clue as to which foreign countries are funding extremism here in the u.k. so you've got the government saying that the report publishing the report would be damaging to national security but as this angry response already demonstrates refusing to make it public has only increased speculation about what's contained within it it's pretty much as vague as it gets it doesn't list a single country it admits that for a small number of extremist organizations here in the u.k. overseas funding is a significant source of income however it says that for the vast majority of extremist groups in the u.k. overseas funding isn't a significant source it also says that it's going to introduce more stringent checks on where overseas funding comes from for some of nonprofit organizations and
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things like charities and at the very end of this very short vague summary it says as part of our wider international engagement on countering extremism. islands extremism the government is going to raise the issues of concern supported by evidence with specific countries and that last line really contains the million dollar question are this specific countries and why is the government to term and keep them think. there is good news tonight for the family of steve schoolies the congressman from louisiana is out of the intensive care unit after nearly a week the congress and move to the i.c.u. after contracting a severe infection from gunshot wounds from last month's shooting during a congressional baseball practice schoolies remains in serious conditions doctors hope schoolies can move to inpatient rehab once the infection clears and of course
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we hope the very best for the congressman and his family a chunk of ice the size of delaware has broken away from antarctica producing more of the largest icebergs ever recorded artie's very important i has the story. there is no scientific consensus that global warming caused an iceberg to break away from the antarctic peninsula but there's also no denying the landscape of the region has been fundamentally changed scientists say the one trillion ton iceberg calvert away from the larsen sea ice shelf sometime between july tenth and twelfth reducing the area by more than twelve percent a crack in larson sea stretching more than one hundred twenty miles had been developing over several years and researchers say the break has been expected for some time the reef cools the coolant has been. circulating but you don't see it was
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clearly will establish that it's been something has been sitting there waiting to happen that time project might s. one of the research groups monitoring the rift since twenty fourteen says the iceberg may remain in one piece but is more likely to break into fragments this is a very not just one of the largest the largest of its cooled it is breaking we've been told one of the bunch is. four thousand eight hundred square feet woman says in some ways with the tree and weights as i'm sitting here and it's more than a quarter of the city is the country towards the ice berg which is reportedly likely to be named sixty eight was already floating before it broke away and scientists say it's not expected to have an immediate impact on sea levels the larsen a and b. ice shelves which were situated further north on the antarctic peninsula collapsed
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in one thousand nine hundred five and two thousand and two respectively while some climate scientists believe the larsen sea shelf collapse is a result of global warming others dispute that thesis noting that icebergs have been breaking away for millions of years however both camps agree the break up. of ice shelves in the peninsula region may be a preview of what's to come as the world continues heating up from human activity however a problem in the world's coldest region is being presented as a solution for one of the world's hottest territories our firm in dhabi wants to tow icebergs from antarctica to the united arab emirates to solve the country's fresh water shortage in a promotional animation released by the firm a giant flat topped iceberg is towed into the persian gulf bearing penguins and polar bears according to reports an iceberg holding twenty billion gallons of fresh water could meet the needs of
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a million people for five years but hauling the massive chunk of ice across ten thousand kilometers according to experts could cost around seventy five thousand dollars per day and take up to one year according to reports the u.s. ground water supplies are predicted to run dry within fifteen years at which point more icebergs may be floating in the antarctic peninsula marina port naya r.t. and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter at news with this like me on the facebook page we got a pretty shape there thanks for watching i'm michel martin from washington d.c. back here the lord. here we go. every. year you. get it on the old. according.
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again from iraq. larry you're watching. them our. more. your launching an r t america special report tonight on the spot you installed me. chase a great everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be on the normalising mile. we don't need people that think like this on our planet . this is an incredibly tense situation and. i do not know if the
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russian state hacked into john podesta e-mails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims. i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied that the n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the u.s. . the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo chamber for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable.


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