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childhood yes we didn't have the internet and smartphones and i pads there was no streaming or netflix no amazon nor was there any google growing up without the internet of things gives one an awesome perspective on just how important and powerful a tool of communication and freedom the internet truly is this is why you'll see many is xeni a lot in the streets and online this twelfth of july protesting the f.c.c. and u.s. governments recent push to roll back the rules of met and the. you know a c. and b. c. and other news outlets are reporting anywhere from fifty to eighty thousand websites are protesting f.c.c. chairman pi's move to dismantle the regulations put in place under the obama administration that force internet service providers to treat all internet traffic equal or as a libya salon writes in the guardian whether that's an e-mail from your mother an episode of house of cards on netflix or a bank transfer of means that cable i
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a species i has presents as comcast a.t.m. t. or verizon don't get to choose which data is more quickly and which sites get blocked or throttled based on which content providers pay a premium the forty four year old pie clearly not as evil but definitely a government bureaucrat and more importantly former lawyer for telecom giant horizon is strongly against the regulations and has called the concerns that inspired them hypothetical harms and hysterical prophecies of doing so with netflix amazon facebook and thousands upon thousands of others protesting and pie in the telecom boys standing firm there is nothing neutral about the internet today and you know that means it's time to start watching the hawks.
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as. you. would like you know that i got. the world watching the ball talk science i robot times have the right net neutrality i firmly been having this conversation. for a decade we have at least the last two three years at least let's listen they are going to thing on the on the internet of things where people have been talking about of us people kind of looked at it as this oh it's just the nerds on the internet talking about this scary thing that's going to come for all their freedom but what's interesting is that it's kind of moved beyond just the murders of the owner of talking about scary news like it's because like i remember when this came down the pipeline a little bubbles burst of
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a lot of people spoke up and said move on we don't know neutrality we don't want telecom service providers controlling you know you know making us pay high premiums to be able to actually have fast internet for our websites and our and our and all but you know so it's like this is this is going to fight and since our forty four year old generous body in charge of the f.c.c. boy to use you has got a got a new trial which is where does the same five going to go it doesn't really understand the internet or things or p.c.r. or i think he just he comes off as someone who has does not understand how the internet works what it is maybe he thinks it's too this i don't know but either way it just seems sort of weird so the day of action that you talked about the july twelfth day of action is a pretty among the companies taking part there's twitter there is amazon facebook google reddit. netflix air b.n. b.
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and spotify all things that are used a lot and i'm sure as a corporation they don't want to have to pay extra just so that they are customers can get equal service but the sites plan are planning to what they're going to do is show messages on their home page speaking out against the absolute plan and there was a protest here in d c. r t caught up with gloria tristan inas the former f.c.c. commissioner roger bill clinton and she talked about why the internet and net neutrality is so important take a listen. the internet has become integral to everything we do and whether it's to communicate with our congressmen or city government whether it's to get government benefits whether it's to organize you can knock out the that's become the modern public square i mean i used to go to that and we still do that in the square yes please be sure the public square is now being.
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couldn't couldn't agree with the former of so you see commissioner more and up think that's where the heart of this issue really lives is that the internet should be that last bastion of freedom now that that last frontier that we have we can't show any further out west and the rest of you know the internet needs to be that last bastion of free thought free enterprise all of these things and you know the telecoms are arguing and hollering and saying no you know this is and this isn't what you think it is we will maintain net neutrality we just don't want to be governed by it i want to read you this quote very quickly to all of this pertains a lot to a specific part of the open internet order which is called title to the establish the broadband should be a particularly regulated service by the government that i ask you know the government should regulate them and i a species were required to maintain internet connections at a certain speed for everybody from the mom and pop internet site to the big huge corporate conglomerate like a facebook or netflix comcast. senior vice executive vice president david cohen
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stated while some tried to conflate the two issues title to a net neutrality are not the same title two as a source of authority to impose and forcible net neutrality rules getting rid of title two does not mean that we are repealing net neutrality protections for american consumers tablet do you trust the io speeds that they will keep met neutrality if you take away the guards not even close. know this is a joke it's got to be a joke or they're so incompetent that they can't even see that because what do you say whoa without getting rid of the rules we're just getting rid of the entire department and mechanisms in which to enforce those rules oh great but was also funny is the double standard because most of these are republicans and conservatives who want smaller government but what they want is more regulation like in one minute you want more regulation when you want rest now all of
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a sudden they want to tax the internet they want to put all these things on their i mean that's ludicrous you're saying we don't want anybody taking care of looking at what we do but we also have the rules so we'll just do what are there reminds me a lot of when the big banks were fighting against like glass steagall oh we may have free market economy. in the way of. the big burgs came in and that's exactly what the big car has to overturn it was the woman ran wild enough so we got the two thousand a crash i don't want to see the same thing happen online with the iowa species if we remove neutrality because guess what you can't trust them but do you have a bit of the they don't have the track record of rust anybody who's dealt with them over a cable bill can tell you that much. the electronic frontier foundation has put out its seventh annual who has your back report on online service providers privacy and transparency practices regarding government access to user data and
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while some major providers are participating in the net neutrality protests like a t. and t. those same companies are actually fans of the f.c.c. is net neutrality rules in the first place and according to the report in twenty sixteen the united states government sent at least forty nine thousand eight hundred and sixty eight requests to facebook for user data in the same time period it sent twenty seven over twenty seven thousand requests to google and over nine thousand to apple and these companies are alone where users see new communities to communicate and store data. law enforcement agencies see new avenues for surveillance but while some companies are looking out for consumers when it comes to handing over their data to the government others seem to be playing both sides of this debate the e.f.-s. report for its three safeguards in place to keep your data from ending up in government databases they are technology law and corporate policies now this report focuses on law and corporate policy the criteria they use covers five major areas
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in internet privacy first does the company follow industry wide best practices such as publishing law enforcement guidelines requiring a warrant to disclose user data and most importantly publishing a transparency report for their users second does the company tell users about their government data requests for their degree quest for their data as allowed by law third do they promise not to sell low users see this criteria was inspired by twitter's new policy that keeps twitter ab developers from creating tools that would be utilized by the government for surveillance for those the companies stand up to the national security letter gag orders now these gag orders are these administrative subpoenas used to gather national security information does not require approval from a judge and recipients aren't even allowed to discuss that they even receive the letter and finally the fifth criteria looks as if the company has a pro use or public policy in relation to section seven zero two of the five amendment side is what allowed mass surveillance and data collection to millions of
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innocent americans so who rose above and who left you hanging well the head of the class with five stars is adobe who does creative software services credo mobile known as the foot cell phone company that supports charity dropbox right here apple lift pinterest sonic a consumer software and audio company over wicker and word press the blogging site coming in for stars was american tech giant apple who lost one star because they have not called for reforms of the section seventy two. then of course you have facebook google linked in microsoft yahoo and work messaging system slack in the middle with three stars is air b.n. b. snaps the company behind snap chat tumblr and twitter but it's those with want to the stars that should truly make you second guess who reconsider who your provider is see amazon and whatsapp came in with only two stars amazon will conveniency doesn't tell users about government data requests it doesn't promise not to sell
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you out and they don't stand up to n.f.l. gag orders which isn't here surprise considering how many hundreds of millions of dollars in business amazon does with the c.e.o. but most importantly are those coming in at just one tiny itty bitty star they are eighty comcast t. mobile and varieties that that's the very people handling most of our data services so you can avoid that amazon app or switch to a new messenger but if the data provider doesn't have your back does that matter look this shouldn't be a surprise comcast and derive an actively lobby against pretty much all net neutrality rules and t. mobile has been pretty public in its fighting with the electronic frontier foundation over privacy rights so as a consumer we now can't just decide make it for our choices by the quality of the service itself but by how seriously they take their responsibility to their customers because keeping the internet the last bastion of actual speech truly free
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and constitutional is of utmost importance because your cell phone provider could decide what happens to your private data instead of protecting it and your rights what are you really providing you with anything at all or you just growing the crop they will sell it market and what we have to ask is are you ok with boats are they . i think it's incredible to me that you know we just good done target. and then you find dog according to the electronics for. they are some of the worst worst worst bottom of the barrel of punters going to come in today handing over all of your privacy to the government whether justified or not sure that's ridiculous to me and i think that you brought up a brilliant point in the yeah you can change the you know you can go from you know a team mobile to a credo you can do something like that ultimately are the backbone you know your service is ultimately going to get you know sent off to the privacy it doesn't
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matter what i write so that's the thing when you look at the bottom of the barrel for their report it's all these these are internet service providers their cell providers they are the people providing internet in people's homes on their cell phone all that data service so of course they need to be the number one people protecting our rights and they're not this is what they're saying over and over and that's what you see for t.v. they're all into this going out that neutrality but at the same time all of the things that are are sort of tied up in internet privacy and our freedoms online are what they're pushing against and they're lobbying for corporations some of the we make the crop which is content which is talking our lives and they advertise on that on that show of our lives there and we just have to take a little bit of time to really look at what they do on the back when we have to hold store holding our governments accountable for this kind of massive intrusive surveillance you know and then we need and in order to help us do that we alone as
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a people can do that we also need to our businesses are supposedly you know private businesses to also stand up and say hey the people that pay us money have a little bit more of a say in what should happen to their privacy you know and there are ongoing online in their data than the government should right now and we need that backup right there absolutely are very important as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics you cover the facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are coming up investigative journalist and author michelle but the editors of the hawk's nest to discuss her do. book maximum for the brother of the f.b.i. in the road to the bomb what new twist to this tragedy that she uncovered straight to watch before.
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all too often many of history's deadliest and most tragic episodes remain mysteries for years if not decades to come and almost always you find the most on answered questions at the intersection of crime and government such as the case of tamar lane and joke or the brothers behind the horrific boston marathon bombing of two thousand and thirteen perhaps the poster boys for what happens when all the warning signs fall through the cracks people were shocked to find out the tamar lane had already been on the f.b.i.'s radar for quite a while and to add the ultimate plot twist it had been the much maligned russian feder federal security service that rang the loudest alarms that went ignored or were they to answer some of those questions we're joined by investigative journalist michelle mcphee author of maximum harm those are half brothers the
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f.b.i. on the road to the marathon bombing welcome michel. it's great to be here with you doesn't leave a pleasure now i think by now we'll jump right in most of us have kind of heard the of the official timeline regarding the boston bombers their backgrounds in the events leading up to the attack of america the boston marathon but but one thing i want to ask you is is there more to the timeline that's been left out you know what in your research what's the most glaring omission in the official story of their time line. what was interesting to me is on the night that mit police officer sean collier was assassinated in cold blood the f.b.i. had been seen all over cambridge massachusetts as a matter of fact the book opens with a remark made by a cambridge police official who said these you know mother believers are here and that's because the cameras police are getting nine one one calls about suspicious vehicles in and around the area of where that we would later learn is and i have
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lived so the big question became right away for local law enforcement is what was the feds doing there and what did they know about these brothers before these photos were released now remember sean collier was assassinated on april eighteenth and that was within hours of the f.b.i. releasing the photos of suspect black hat and suspect white hat so right away it smacked of the feds knew something about this and i have brothers that they weren't sharing with local law enforcement and why well if you go back into the history of how these brothers got into the country. take a look at this and i have planned came into the united states via. turkey who was the cia station chief in ankara turkey at the time well it was a guy whose son in law was channeling and dzhokhar is uncle so when you start looking and you pulled the string it just seemed like there were all of these connections to federal agencies and the entire is and i have family from the minute they arrived into the country in two thousand and two well they're always there
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does this this story has always had some very strange connections to long. forstmann in your book you explore that the f.b.i. has prior connections with tamar land and how his extremism may have been fueled by that experience do you do you think of what you found in the book that we need to reassess our counterterrorism methods in these these infiltration programs that seem to keep. ending play to be surprised. you can be surprisingly i think the answer is no i think that it's a highly effective tool it was started under the n.y.p.d. shortly after nine eleven i was in new york daily news police bureau chief and chief on nine eleven and in the aftermath of that tragedy where two thousand nine hundred and seventy six people were killed in those towers we know that we needed to find new strategies and one of those strategies was created by the former commissioner ray kelly and he came up with an idea for the terrorist interdiction unit and what that did was recruit muslims who took the civil service test and put them through training much like the training the cia officer officers got in at
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langley and they went undercover and those people have thwarted quite a few cases we know that the you know kind of terrorism officials need these informants to take down a lot of these cases turning these informants isn't a problem the problem is once one of these guys goes rogue like i believe him one that i have did then that should be said accountability there should be some truth telling but to this day the f.b.i. has steadfastly refused not only to cooperate with lawful for your requests but remember michael mccall who is the republican chairman of the department of the committee on homeland security and bill keating his congressional counterpart who's a democrat from massachusetts both were apoplectic at the total lack of regard the f.b.i. showed not just to american citizens but to congress over and over and over again they ignored congressional subpoenas. and you bring up an interesting thing about
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the f.b.i. there because you know dzhokhar while appealing his death sentences. under what's called special administrative measures these essentially prevent inmates from giving interviews to the press and make it very difficult want to talk to anybody at all even their own lawyers yeah now the official reasoning behind these measures are to hypothetically prevent terrorists and mobsters from continuing their work from behind bars but if the f.b.i. says the brothers were part of a larger terror network why is the government someone attempts on keeping dzhokhar quiet behind bars or not letting him talk more. but i think the a defense attorney says new defense team who are right now appealing his death penalty conviction they asked the question very pointedly in court documents why is so much of this case still under seal and why are there so many classified documents there are so many classified documents the most recent docket dated just last month on june twenty sixth talked about having to put several classified
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information security specialist in charge of making sure that the information in this case is not leaked to people like me and answers are not and anyway given to people who are who are seeking them so when the lawyers can't get access to classified intelligence or to seal documents in the case that's already been adjudicated he's already been sentenced to death every has more questions than answers truly. well let me ask you what do you believe the government or the f.b.i. is hiding in your research what what do you believe is this kind of major thing that they're like we can't let anyone know about this. well look i covered the whitey bulger trial i'm from boston and we all know that the f.b.i. for twenty years steadfastly steadfastly denied that whitey bulger the brother of a high ranking massachusetts politician the speaker of the house formally was in fact a f.b.i. informant and that f.b.i. informant had been given a free pass to to kill people here in boston and elsewhere and in florida it was
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a complete debacle so there's not a lot of love lost between the f.b.i. and local law enforcement in boston anyhow but what i really believe is that. tamarins and i have clearly had a relationship with us and you can't even say for sure if it was the f.b.i. the cia if it was apartment homeland security drug enforcement squad what we do know for sure is that tim was and i was on two separate tamil terror watch lists you mentioned in the intro that the f.s.b. the the much maligned f.s.b. warned americans not once but twice in march of two thousand and eleven the f.b.i. in boston received a letter v. via its legal attache in moscow say look we've intercepted some text messages between tantalums and ivan a canadian citizen who join the jihad named william plotnikov we have concern that this guy who lives in cambridge massachusetts is going to come to russia and join the jihad that letter according to the f.b.i. led them to go out say hey tamlyn what's up they decided nothing was wrong with
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what family was up to and they forgot about it the f.s.b. sent a second letter this time to the cia in the united states in september of two thousand and eleven saying look we have intercepted text messages between tamil and his crazy mother zubaydah that and zubaydah it's cousin who was the leader of a group of jihadi sympathizers in the northern caucasus called the union of the just we think that camels and i was going to try travel to russia and join up with these terrorist forces well what happened in january of two thousand and twelve tammas and i have traveled to russia and joined up with these terrorism forces well only oddly every one that families and i have met up with was tracked and killed by counterterrorism officials in russia in fact the man he had been chatting with that prompted the march twentieth seven warning to the f.b.i. was murder was killed in a raid by counterterrorism officials in july and families and i have in the words
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of congressman bill keating from massachusetts beat feet right out of russia and came right back to the united states and despite the fact that he was on two separate terror watch lists he breeze right through customs of boston's logan airport without an issue. so that raises a number of questions number one i have a nine eleven i was there i covered the awful aftermath for a very long time and i've actually read the nine eleven commission report and i've read the follow up nine eleven and terrorism travel one of the major loopholes that the commissioners in that report pointed out and said we must close immediately as allowing people who get. political asylum who are given a green card and allowed to come into the united states we have to stop the practice a letting them travel freely back to terrorist puppets so not only families and i have not have a passport he was going to terra watched us he goes to a terrorist everyone he's around is tracked and killed by rouhani. it's truly truly incredible and i think definitely definitely people need to go and
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check out your maximum harm the brothers the f.b.i. on the road to the marathon bombing thank you so much for coming on today truly truly fascinating. thank you so much. eighty one years ago american aviation pioneer a national hero amelia mary earhart's plane crash and she was presumed dead after attempting to circumvent the globe in one nine hundred thirty seven but a recent history channel special made major waves across the mainstream media and beyond because acclaimed at new year refutable proof that our hearts and i am the crash at all the evidence you see was a d.s. classified photograph found in a box belonging to the office of naval intelligence the filmmakers claimed it showed earhart her navigator fred noonan and the ship that allegedly rescued them docked in the marshall islands sadly despite millions of dollars in the resources to have double check the claims it only took a japanese blogger thirty minutes of online research to debunk the entire theory
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you see it turns out that the picture was originally published in a travel book published in you pay him in ninety thirty five awful two years before earhart even set out on her final flight it has no connection to the famous flyer out all so remember before you decide to call you mean you've solved a near century old mystery maybe try googling your have the dunes that always helps all right that is our show for you to remember everyone in this world were not told to love to tell you all. i love you i am tyrol but i'm top of the quality fun watching those arcs over great.
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defense of the past few years and asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. millions of refugees. u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens and the government. and once again. at least. from various political parties and various independent experts and journalists in an effort to understand just how independent germany really is when it comes to decision making. whether it acts on its own national interests ok or is out someone else's will. not.
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read it as one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a line to how just i came to god and meant that the debts tie game and he was firing on. many lines of. except some of the banks going to. be. honest i didn't think of the. creditors people see you know the future bad things from how you become ill to join your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is. the way those are surely going to be.
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no more risky for. the u.s. military command has warned about the emergence of a new terrorist threat eisold two point zero. international demands accountability for what it calls violations of international noise by coalition forces. america's hoping to sell its f. thirty five fighter jets to germany despite increasing concerns over their combat readiness and record breaking costs. and ahead of the u.s. and french leaders meeting later on thursday we look at what needs a reset in their relations now.


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