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tv   Headline News  RT  July 13, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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paris no longer insists on an assad free future for syria as fighting terror is now the top priority the french president emmanuel mcconnell made the statement a joint press conference with donald trump. last human rights watch says the iraqi military is holding at least one hundred seventy families in a de facto detention camp over there and ledge links to islamic state. and america's hoping to sell its new f. thirty five fighter jets to germany despite increasing concerns over their combat readiness and huge cost.
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welcome to our international coming to you live from moscow thank you for watching partridge. wrapping up day one of his face to face meeting with donald trump the french leader emmanuel mackinaw made a statement on how he sees a solution to the syria crisis. we have one main goal which is to eradicate terrorism omar so who the terrorists are we want to build an inclusive and sustainable political solution against that background or do not require the departure. that's now of course live to our correspondent shot to do bensky who's in paris well shots what else has been discussed. well as you mentioned there kate terrorism was top of the agenda for these two presidents as they met for what is now the fourth time face to face and they also discussed security issues and the paris climate accord something that the two presidents will continue to discuss as
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they dine at the restaurant on the top if l that's the eiffel tower this evening but what was the thing that was interesting most journalists at the press conference wasn't terrorism wasn't security wasn't the prime paris climate accord it was actually about the relationships with both presidents and russia and specifically trump relationship with president putin. i do believe that both of us have direct relationship with russia president from had more than two words meeting with president putin during the past twenty in the current environment middle east it's and this is the key to work together to exchange information to share these agreements and to try to build solutions one of the great things that came out of that meeting by the way even though some part of the question was the fact that we've got a cease fire that now is lasted for i guess mr president almost five days and a few more all of a sudden you're going to have no bullets being fired in syria and that would be
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a wonderful thing. and there were more questions for trump about his son's relationships with russia after it's been emerging recently the dollar will trump jr had met a russian lawyer during the presidential campaign in the u.s. last year now donald trump to flecked it on that saying donald trump jr had met with a lawyer because they'd been told that there was potential dirt on hillary clinton and it was standard opposition research the other questions were about the president's body language with each other as they've been moving around paris today there's lots of touching going on between the presidents as they try to make it look like they are better friends than they have been in the past and they were asked about their body language and their chemistry with each other.
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it's going to be just fine because you have a great president you have somebody that's going to run this country. and i would be willing to bet because i think this one of the great cities one of the most beautiful cities in the world well it seems that the relationship has taken that turn for the better very different to what we've seen from the two presidents in the past when they haven't seen eye to eye on many issues including how to fight terrorism immigration and of course the paris climate agree meant but it seems as the two have met in the city of love that paris may have been casting a spell on trump and they seem to have gone a little bit weak at the knees for each other. i have friends are going to france i
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love friends and i love it any more they're not going to he said i wouldn't go to france france is no longer france france is no longer france paris is all of our. president trouble visit paris to celebrate the president is scheduled to visit paris president travel heads to paris. protection will lead to greater prosperity and strength. to me. if there's new evidence if. this is
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a message for american researchers please come to france you are welcome. but in the meantime some were seeing the upcoming meeting as a battle between two superheroes so we hit the streets of paris to find out what people think about the two men supposed secret powers up the play that. he's welcome to america mr friends got to know rooms in the superdome. don't need to. be super my career on. the air now does it really small stop jumping but don't want to tell me it is a. true if flowers and a good sophie maybe please. when you pick up any place. where money is over there
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well the vision was there. like this well yeah. but you mention gun push him down being. the big get to know do that you should be brought. up to september superman. not even comments like that even the gangs ok michael ok this is like you know give me an ok macro. standoff is heating up between human rights groups and the u.s. led coalition over the liberation of the iraqi city of mosul that's after amnesty international accused the bloc of being responsible for mass civilian casualties during the battle to retake the city from islamic state a senior coalition military commander slammed the allegations the iraqi security forces have but the safety of civilians is the absolute centerpiece of the
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liberation of the city in providing support to the iraqi security forces we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that when we strike we only kill the enemy and three of my children were killed in fighting between iraqi forces a nice hill i was six years old and my youngest girl was five this year my elder daughter also died she was seventeen she was killed by an airstrike. by using explosive weapons with wide area effects and disproportionate air strikes and does leave populated areas the u.s. led coalition and iraqi forces fail to adapt their tactics to the reality on the ground or chairing the anti i saw operation in mosul u.s. led forces hit the city with unguided artillery mortars and improvised bombs these weapons are highly imprecise and according to human rights watch they use in heavily populated areas can be unlawfully indiscriminate the coalition also deployed white phosphorus which isn't intended to be used against human targets
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security analyst charles shubert says the use of white phosphorous in a tightly packed city like mosul is illegal. if these weapons such as white phosphorus or. tools such as white phosphorus are used as weapons in civilian areas it is likely to constitute a war crime in any case because you are using a weapon that is an incendiary. against civilians or in a way that is reckless as to whether civilians are endangered and therefore will be court considered like this because it is a disproportionate use of that tall as a weapon the obligation legally is to use weapons in a proportionate amount of to minimize the risk as far as is possible to civilians but what we see again and again isn't just the use of heavy weapons such as a five hundred thousand pound two hundred fifty five hundred kilo weight bombs and so on being used heavy weapons from aircraft largely indiscriminate unguarded weapons such as rocket launchers such as artillery and mortars these can be quite
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accurate but many of them on not we saw a precision weapons being used by the americans a couple of months ago that the target was to kill two isis snipers and yet one hundred four civilians were admitted body americans to have been killed in the attack even using precise weapons. human rights watch has released a new report accusing iraqi security forces of collectively punishing civilians the ngo says at least one hundred seventy families with alleged links to i still are being held in a de facto detention camp these people were reportedly rounded up from across iraq at least ten women and children are sought to have died either on their way to the camp or after arriving however the iraqi military claims the facility is a rehabilitation center and that civilians will be screened hundred east if it's found they have no connection to terrorists earlier my colleague spoke with human rights watch research in iraq. i had the opportunity to visit this camp
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only two days ago and i can tell you it's incredibly bleak also no humanitarian services and you know hundreds of families of women and kids who have no understanding of how long they're going to be there and by their essentially being held prisoner there's a comply with international law. absolutely not for one thing people displaced have the right to free movement big get to decide where they go all forms of forced displacement or indeed a war crime and i have whole idea of collective punishment punishing a woman for being the wife of a fighter punishing children for being the children of a fighter that is an absolute violation of international law which does not allow you to punish people for something be did not do the entire occupy iraq operation would not be happening without the support of the u.s. led coalition and coalition forces have a significant level of obligation to make sure that this operation is conducted in
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line with international law and when we are facing such a grave violation of international law absolutely coalition partners have an obligation to be weighing in and to be saying to the iraqis this is unacceptable and we need to see swift action to unravel these developments. well meanwhile the u.s. military has warned the iraqi government about the possible reemergence of an upgraded version of islamic state following the terror group's defeat in mosul. has the details. making sure that i still doesn't set up shop again might be just as hard as getting rid of it in the first place amal everyone is celebrating the liberation of mosul a top u.s. commander in iraq says to be aware of isis two point zero if we keep isis two point one from emerging the iraqi government is going to have to do something pretty significantly different so what exactly should the iraqi government do do. friendly any advice i think the primary condition that caused the rise of isis was the fact
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that a significant portion of the iraqi population this case the sunni's disaffected the iraqis have to make sure after isis has defeated that all iraqis government in baghdad is their government so sectarian violence is the main destabilizing factor now didn't everything start to go wrong a few years back after a certain little military intervention you know iraq invasion one point zero the consequence was that if we were trying to rehabilitate the country for those elements we're trying to rid spicy terry of violence and that is what we did not foresee so after reducing a formerly stable country to over a decade and a half of chaos the usa now warns baghdad that it better start building bridges and enforcing reconciliation the usa for its part intends to stay the iraqi government has expressed an interest in having the u.s.
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forces and coalition forces remain after the defeat of isis our government is equally interested in that as are several coalition governments have expressed an interest in joining in that effort so all of this help with sectarian violence the violence in iraq and syria has only made the long standing feud between the sunni and the shia worse on top of that you have the kurds and their upcoming independence referendum a lot of this sounds like shutting the barn door after the horse has already bolted it's almost like a case of national amnesia we forget what happened in two thousand and three when president bush said mission accomplished we've done everything we need to do a great victory the reality is that just created the problems that we're still fighting today so the idea that we're going to do the same thing which is to defeat so-called enemy there and then remain indefinitely and somehow the result will be different i think is is an absolute fan. to see so we won't necessarily turn iraq
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into switzerland if we leave but it's inevitable but that somehow the iraqis will have to solve their own problems in one way or the other so stay or go it looks like either way the united states will have to make the best of a bad choice caleb mop and r.t. new york. the pentagon's brief the german military on its new f. thirty five find suggests that it is considering potential replacements for its aging tornadoes donte checking vaguer examines whether the f. thirty five would make a good substitute the after the five was meant to be the ultimate aircraft the swiss army knife fighter jets ready and equipped for everything the project has been years in the making worked on by the brightest minds from all over the globe and has cost billions and billions of dollars.
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looks awesome right well the creation of this jack of all trades plane has been a bumpy road the project has seen numerous drafts due to various issues including having the blueprints stolen at one point and the budget has expanded over time as well nearly doubling the initial figure of thirty five program programs record of performance has been both a scandal and a tragedy that his experience issues with cost is going to become completely affordable aircraft deliveries amount to no more than a mere trickle relative to the original promises of the program what's going to happen with that employee is going to die slow when i get it isn't that what is so great about the f. thirty five it must be perfect for air combat well now according to a report released by the department of defense it displays objectionable or on acceptable flying qualities but surely it has top notch perception accuracy.
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given no only if the target is clearly marked and undefended the department of defense says the f. thirty five will be forced to fly much closer to the ground to engage targets and those will likely need to be only lightly defended ones at most well at least it must be great for a pilot to fly around again. ok last try has it been a good value well now it's been dubbed the most expensive plane anywhere ever i think you know the answer i know it's production costs could yet again up another seven percent hitting four hundred six point five billion dollars just for a bit of perspective belgium's entire g.d.p. in two thousand and fifteen was four hundred and fifty four billion dollars so with all of that in mind you think the project might have been reconsidered already i
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think the united states government is to fall too far along with what the f. thirty five. just to abandon it at this point you have other governments now that have committed in there in there whether nato or another nato that committed to the f. thirty it's now become a project it's too big to fail but surely when so much money has been thrown at it there must be something to be proud of what is it good it's not good at anything. like a turkey can fly at least a little bit about something jack and our t. washington d.c. . and e.u. mission to stop human trafficking in the mediterranean and secretes deaths at sea has failed according to a new report house of lords committee in the u.k. has concluded the operation launched in twenty fifteen failed to achieve its objective and should now be scrapped it also found that irregular migration has
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increased as happened number of deaths during attempted crossings while smugglers have adopted their methods we talked to one of those behind the report baroness sundeep them or he was the chair of the e.u. external affairs subcommittee. i think the committee's mandate was to look at whether operations if they had worked we've come to the conclusion of is that you know we need to carry on saving lives but do we need to use the vessels that we're currently using they're expensive have they deterred the smugglers know maybe there are more appropriate vessels that can be used and coordinate better coordinated response the migrant crisis has not decreased but what's happened of course is that was with intervened through operation severe with very sophisticated naval vessels these smugglers have decided to transfer their people the trafficked people into
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less safe vessels and so they're taking them in these dignities and then take them thirty kilometers away from libyan shores and then just leave them there and of course that's extremely dangerous. well the report also states smuggling networks can only be effectively fought if the situation in libya is stabilized however considering three rival governments are currently competing for power there that's all but impossible we need to look at the problem at source we need to look at the start of the pipeline rather than by the time the people have come to libya and are then getting into these and see worthy vessels and trying to cross the mediterranean this is a problem for all of europe it is dealt with with a coalition of partners all working together but we also have to be able to work with the libyan government and at this moment in time we don't have a libyan government that we can constructively work with. the u.s.
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tested its missile defense system on tuesday by shooting down a simulated target over the pacific washington says it's the first time ever an intermediate range ballistic missile has been successfully hit the times similar to those apparently being developed by north korea parts of the american anti missile system have already been installed in science career meanwhile pyongyang has threatened to turn the u.s. into a pile of ash that's if washington tries to use military force to stop its nuclear program although the u.s. drill was planned months ago it's being seen as a response to north korea's latest missile test earlier this month. well after that test president trump expressed his dissatisfaction with china for not putting more pressure on north korea i mean he soon looks at how washington is trying to lean on regional powers even before the eleven missile tests north korea conducted this year the u.s. has long demanded beijing to do more to curb pyongyang's nuclear program this rhetoric even got
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a term of its own the china responsibility theory which angered beijing don't change usually conjunction or is neither a focal points of contradictions over the issue no real driving force behind the current escalation of tensions on the peninsula if china is striving to put out the fire while the other is a fuelling the flame how can china's if it's achieve expected outcomes how can the tension be eased to be fair china is only major diplomatic ally an economic partner so makes sense for the u.s. and others to urge beijing to use its leverage on north korea china and other regional partners should also step up their efforts to help shove this security situation we need to work together to deal with some of the pressing difficult issues such as the threat from north korea but is it fair to expect beijing to ease tensions on the peninsula while washington fans the crisis by flexing its military muscles in the region every chance it gets.
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on top of that we are talking about trump. two politicians who have little to agree on except maybe their desire for attention we are going to beat these aliens because we've got the best military you want to see what what. do i what. this baby's affection. china understands what the p.r. government actually thinks that came drunk on government thing. they believe that nuclear weapons are absolutely essential for their own security the u.s. government carries out war exercises simulating the destruction of north korea twice a year they just did a nuclear bomb dropping drill the chinese never had the ability to tell north korea what to do donald trump either did not understand this another words of failure on his part to actually understand the relationship or he was just trying to do arm
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twisting against china but we can see now from china's statement that they have run out of patience that they consider it to be an abrogation of u.s. responsibility to find a way to come to a solution in the korean crisis bear in mind that north korea also said its ruling to return to the negotiating table if the u.s. is willing to meet the hermit state halfway namely to stop large scale joint military exercises with south korea and this is how the u.s. responded i know that has to be me or sation the secretary said he's not going to negotiate his way back to the negotiating table i mean is that so instead of the china responsibility theory perhaps washington should stop provoking north korea and take heed of the chinese proverb don't fan the flames support the fire. now following the donald trump jr e-mail scandal claims of alleged trump russia collusion are again topping the news agenda so much so that one of the president's
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advisors kellyanne conway decided to spell it out plain and simple to americans. to help all the people at home what's the conclusion collusion now we don't have that yet i say illusion and evolution don't require every wind forward conclusion collision no illusion delusion yet. however viewers haven't quite embrace conway's clarity instead of turning her into internet memes one user suggested she's being held captive by the u.s. president or that she should have held up the final results of the twenty sixteen election while another one sought it was like being sought by a kindergarten teacher. now the panama paper scandal which expose the shady offshore accounts of the world's movers and shakers was a big headache for pakistan's prime minister but following a court case he was cait of any wrongdoing in april however he's back in the dock following a new twist involving his daughters a power of lack of computer skills. next
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on its wells a poncho that sana boyko looking at what last weekend's g.
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twenty summit actually managed to achieve. by the observed events of the past few years ago i asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. refugees. u.s. intelligence agencies in discriminately listening in on german citizens of the government. and once again judgments exited the. politicians from various political parties and as independent experts and journalists. understand just how independent joe. but he really means when it comes to decision making. whether it acts on its own national interests. someone else will. not be here. much as
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a. little. high. on the. by then got a session on the nod that they know. by then is assess the long. haul to an audience that of course is going on more. so. than you know so it was revealed to the multiple injuries among current america so for them to give sophie hope the look of the show's real your mars on the phone to the book on the if you can book a powerful social services say yes but i don't know if it's a book in a moral sense what my.
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own of it of nothing. off allowed me. somethin that was. on long enough something that set it. aside and then to huddles look not that i would like to now maybe i maybe i'm a bit bored after a. long . term. hello and welcome to parts of the g. twenty.


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