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paris no longer insists on an assad free future for syria as fighting terror is now the top priority french president emmanuel mack long made the statement at a joint press conference with donald trump. last human rights watch says the iraqi military is holding at least one hundred seventy families in a defacto detention camp over their alleged links to islamic state. and an e.u. anti smuggling mission failed according to a new report while the number of refugees dying at sea also increased.
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international coming to you live from moscow thank you for watching. the first day of president donald trump's face to face meetings with his french counterpart has concluded in paris and president emanuel has made a statement on how he sees a solution to the crisis in syria. only objective principle we have one main goal which is to eradicate terror no matter who the terrorists are we want to build an inclusive and sustainable political solution against that background or do not require the departure. of a more on this let's cross live now to our correspondent charlotte do bensky who's in paris well in charlotte what else has been discussed today. well the two presidents discussed how they would fight terrorism with president mccone saying that it's now the top of his agenda they also discussed security issues and the
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paris climate accord of course president trump said famously just a few weeks ago that america would leave that accord and that this is the opportunity for the two men to discuss these very meaty questions but the first opportunity the plans to go to to question the two presidents about their discussions today and the question wasn't about terrorism it wasn't about security and it wasn't about the paris climate accord it was about russia and the relationships that the presidents have with president putin given that they all just met recently at the g. twenty summit in germany. ever since. you were in for it one of the great things that came out of that meeting by the way even though some part of the question was the fact that we got a cease fire fire that now is lasted for. i guess mr president almost five days and a few more all of a sudden you're going to have no bullets being fired in syria and that would be a wonderful thing i think it's important to both of us have direct discussion and
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contact with the president put him into the current environment in the middle east it's and this is it to work together information to share these agreements and it's going to build solutions. the questions then turn to donald trump jr donald trump's eldest son and about a meeting he had with a russian lawyer during the presidential campaign in the u.s. last year i know donald trump deflected on that saying that it was fine for him his son to have met with the russian roy given that he was doing what any person would do with opposition research and there was a question today about the body language between the two presidents you may recall when they first met a few months ago there was that white knuckle handshake between mccaughan and trump very awkward moment the two presidents spent the whole of the day trying to show off that they had chemistry with each other taking every opportunity to pat each other on the back to stop to laugh and to chat and to really show that they are now
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the best of buddies at least on the surface. it's got to be just fine because you have a great president you have somebody that's going to run this country right and i would be willing to bet because i think this one of the great cities one of the most beautiful cities in the world. well not everybody was as happy as much trump's visit to paris with protests being organized whilst trump is visiting the
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french capital people saying they don't want him here because they think he's a racist and they think he is a massage nest and some people also unhappy about the comments he's made about france and the capital in the past while trump said at that press conference that he loved paris and he would come here again that's not what he said in the past when he's actually suggested that france is no longer france because of migration to the country and saying that the french capital of love had lost its charm. i have friends are going to france i love friends and i love it any more they're not going he said i wouldn't go to france france is no longer france france is no longer france paris is all the power of. the president trouble there's a paris to celebrate the president is scheduled to visit paris the president heads to paris.
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projection will lead to greater prosperity and strength. to me because. if there's new evidence if you go there but the this is a message for american researchers please come to france you all welcome. meanwhile some were seeing the meeting as a battle between two c.
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our standoff is heating up between human rights groups and the u.s. led coalition over the liberation of the iraqi city of mosul that's after amnesty international accused the bloc of being responsible for mass civilian casualties during the battle to retake the city from islamic state a senior coalition military commander slams the allegations the iraqi security forces have put the safety of civilians is the absolute centerpiece of the liberation of the city in providing support to the iraqi security forces we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that when we strike we only kill the enemy and that our units have my children were killed in fighting between iraqi forces and i still i blew a six years old and my youngest girl was five this year my elder daughter also died she was seventeen she was killed by an air strike by using explosive weapons with wide area effects and disproportionate airstrikes and populated areas the u.s.
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led coalition and iraqi forces fail to adapt their tactics to the reality on the ground. the cheering the anti i saw operation in mosul u.s. led forces hit the city with unguided artillery mortars and improvised bombs these weapons are highly imprecise and according to human rights watch they use in heaven populated areas can be unlawfully indiscriminate coalition also deployed white phosphorus which isn't intended to be used against human targets security analyst charles shubert says the use of white phosphorus in a tightly packed city like mosul is illegal. if these weapons such as white phosphorus or. tools such as white phosphorus are used as weapons in civilian areas it is likely to constitute a war crime in any case because you're using a weapon that is an incendiary. against civilians or in a way that is reckless as to whether civilians are endangered and therefore it will
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be court considered like this because it is a disproportionate use of that tall as a weapon the obligation legally is to use weapons in a proportionate amount of to minimize the risk as far as is possible to civilians but what we see again and again isn't just the use of heavy weapons such as a five hundred thousand pound two hundred fifty five hundred kilo weight bombs and so on being used heavy weapons from aircraft largely indiscriminate unguarded weapons such as rocket launchers such as artillery and mortars these can be quite accurate but many of them on not we saw a precision weapons being used by the americans a couple of months ago that the target was to kill to isis snipers and yet one hundred four civilians were admitted body americans to have been killed in that attack even using precise weapons. human rights watch has released a new report accusing iraqi security forces of collectively punishing civilians the ngo says at least one hundred seventy families with alleged links to being held in
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a de facto detention camp these people were reportedly rounded up from across iraq . the least ten women and children also to have died either on their way to the camp or after arriving however the iraqi ministry claims the facility is a rehabilitation center and that civilians will be screened and released if it's found they have no connection to terrorists. spoke with human rights watch research in iraq. i had the opportunity to visit this camp only two days ago and i can tell you it's incredibly bleak also no humanitarian services and you know hundreds of families of women and kids who have no understanding of how long they're going to be there and by their essentially being held prisoner there's a comply with international law. absolutely not for one thing people displaced have the right to free movement big get to decide where they go all forms of force
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displacement are indeed a war crime and i have a whole idea of collective punishment punishing a woman for being the wife of a fighter punishing children for being the children of a fighter that is an absolute violation of international law which does not allow you to punish people for something big and not do the entire occupy iraq operation would not be happening without the support of the u.s. led coalition and coolish and forces have a significant level of obligation to make sure that this operation is conducted in line with international law and when we are facing such a grave violation of international law absolutely coalition partners have an obligation to be weighing in and to be saying to the iraq if this is unacceptable and we need to see swift action to unravel these developments. the u.s. military meanwhile has warned the iraqi government about the possible reemergence of an upgraded version of islam and state following the terror group's defeat in
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mosul. has the details. making sure that i still doesn't set up shop again might be just as hard as getting rid of it in the first place amal everyone is celebrating the liberation of mosul a top u.s. commander in iraq says to be aware of isis two point zero if we keep isis two point zero from the iraqi government is going to have to do something pretty significantly different so what exactly should the iraqi government do differently any advice i think the primary condition that caused the rise of isis was the fact that a significant portion of the iraqi population this case the sunni's disaffected the iraqis have to make sure after isis is defeated that all iraqis view good government in baghdad is their government so sectarian violence is the main destabilizing factor now didn't everything start to go wrong
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a few years back after a certain little military intervention you know iraq invasion one point zero the consequence was that if we were trying to rehabilitate the country for those elements we're trying to rid. terry of violence and that is what we did not foresee so after reducing a formerly stable country to over a decade and a half of chaos the usa now warns baghdad that it better start building bridges and enforcing reconciliation the usa for its part intends to stay the iraqi government has expressed an interest in having the u.s. forces and coalition forces remain after the defeat of isis our government is equally interested in that as are several coalition governments have expressed an interest in joining in that effort so all of this help with sectarian violence the violence in iraq and syria has only made the long standing feud between the sunni and the shield. worse on top of that you have the kurds and their upcoming independence referendum a lot of this sounds like shutting the barn door after the horse has already bolted
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it's almost like a case of national amnesia we forget what happened in two thousand and three when president bush said mission accomplished we've done everything we need to do a great victory the reality is that just created the problems that we're still fighting today so the idea that we're going to do the same thing which is to defeat so-called enemy there and then remain indefinitely and somehow the result will be different i think is is an absolute fantasy so we won't necessarily turn iraq into switzerland if we leave but it's inevitable but that somehow the iraqis will have to solve their own problems in one way or the other so stay or go it looks like either way the united states will have to make the best of a bad choice mop and artsy new york. the pentagon's brief the german military on its new f. thirty five find to jet and ends considering potential replacement for its aging
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tornadoes not a shock invigorate examines whether the f. thirty five would make a good substitute the f. thirty five was meant to be the ultimate aircraft the swiss army knife fighter jets ready and equipped for everything the project has been years in the making worked on by the brightest minds from all over the globe and has cost billions and billions of dollars. looks awesome right well the creation of this jack of all trades plane has been a bumpy road the project has seen numerous drafts due to various issues including having the blueprints stolen at one point and the budget has expanded over time. i'm as well nearly doubling the initial figure you have thirty five program programs record of performance has been both a scandal and
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a tragedy that his experience issues with cost is going to become completely the affordable aircraft deliveries amount to no more than a mere trickle relative to the original promises of the program what's going to happen with that airplane is going to die a slow and agonizing that so what is so great about the f. thirty five it must be perfect for air combat well now according to a report released by the department of defense it displays objectionable or an acceptable flying qualities but surely it has top notch persuasion accuracy. i'm given no only if the target is clearly marked and underfunded the department of defense says the f. thirty five will be forced to fly much closer to the ground to engage targets and those will likely need to be only lightly defended ones at most well at least it must be great for a pilot to fly wrong again. i
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. last try has it been a good value well now it's been dubbed the most expensive plane anywhere ever i think you know the answer i know its production costs could yet again another seven percent hitting four hundred six point five billion dollars just for a bit of perspective belgium's entire g.d.p. in two thousand and fifteen was four hundred and fifty four billion dollars so with all of that in mind you think the project might have been reconsidered already i think the united states government is to fall too far along with what the f. thirty five just to abandon it at this point you have other governments now that have committed in there whether nato and nato that committed to the thirty it's now become a project it's too big to fail but surely when so much money has been thrown at it
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there must be something to be proud of so what is it good it's not good at anything what do you think a turkey can fly at least a little bit about something jack of r t washington d.c. . and even mission to stop human trafficking in the mediterranean and decrease deaths at sea has failed according to a new report house of lords committee in the u.k. has concluded the operation launched in twenty fifteen failed to achieve its objective and should not be scrapped it also found that irregular migration has increased the number of deaths during attempted crossings last smugglers have adopted the methods we talked to one of those behind the report sunday who is the chair of the e.u. external affairs subcommittee. i think the committee's mandate was to look at where the operations of a had worked we've come to the conclusion of is that you know we need to carry on saving lives but do we need to use the vessels that we're currently using they're
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expensive have they deterred the smugglers know maybe there are more appropriate vessels that can be used i don't coordinate a better coordinated response the migrant crisis has not decreased but what's happened of course is that was we've intervened through operations of fear with very sophisticated naval vessels these smugglers have decided to transfer their people the trafficked people into less safe vessels and so they're taking them in these dignities and then take them thirty kilometers away from libyan shores and then just leave them there and of course that's extremely dangerous. when we won a recent u.n. report is predicting a sharp rise in the world population claiming the number of people in africa could double by twenty fifty this would bring its total to more than two and
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a half million considering europe's now taking in more than one hundred thousand refugees who arrived from africa via the mediterranean this new report raises key questions about what it will mean for the e.u. . well let's discuss all this with political commentator manslaughter and austrian activist martin seller who in a week's time will head to the shores of libya to turn back refugee ships and at that point martin let's start there with you and your expedition then somehow related to this report's findings. yeah absolutely because we see that when europe continues its policy of open borders it will lead to a catastrophe also for europe and for africa because we think that immigration is destroying europe and the any creationist exodus of young man is also destroying africa's future and making the situation worth we think this message is solving no problem and that's why we need to implement the australian the way policy and tell the young man that this masters will will will come in africa that europe is not
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their future and they're to have to create a future in africa and how do you respond then to that my. the late great professor hans rosling who died in february this year did a fantastic series is a statistician he's an award winning. analyzer of figures and is a phenomenal and was a phenomenal mathematician he said that the world has a pin code pin code currently in twenty seventeen is one one one four and that covers the population of america europe africa and asia he suggested and he's been writing about this for ten years the pin code by twenty fifty would change it become one one two five so we see the population of africa double the population of asia go from four billion to five billion however the important thing in things like martin and the neo nazis the far right across europe and those peddling the hate and hysteria about immigration is that by twenty one hundred professor
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professor handwriting said that the world pin code in the final pin code where the world population will stabilise but one one four five so a billion in america a billion in europe four billion in africa and five billion in asia now the reality is that these population changes are going to happen where the moments are where the martin cell know whether anybody else likes it or not so we need to decide how we want to live in the future we need to find a way that is well integrated we have policies of integration people who are anti multiculturalism anti globalists and anti islam and all the usual kind of hate and hysteria we hear from the far end of days they want to create a world of division of walls and boundaries and the people i hang about with the people i speak to the people i meet when i do my music and my politics or my activism the people i meet they want less walls and they want more bridges they want to build connections between communities they want to embrace change and in fact every time europe has embrace civilizational change and we are a civilization a crossroads there's been
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a great enlightenment so i'd invite mine to join the cause are asking to become more enlightened not what do you think. i would invite you to leave your bubble you gated community. the people who we are talking to invite you to go through the suburbs of the n.r. of france and of london and tell me if this is still europe where you are here presenting a something that's afraid is not afraid the decision of our politicians to keep our borders open and the creative thing is when we keep putting this is science of latest models a silent relations of nations to let you speak could you also please let me speak when we are letting our borders open what it will take place in europe is a population replacement and our culture and our democracy will not so why if the population replacement because we are seeing at the moment multiculturalism failing as a relation is not working integration of work and on the top of that and that's why i call you all for bach receive this massive exodus from africa is stabilizing the poverty in africa it's creating braintree oppression war for dictators and in fact
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insists drawing all the future in its african countries and we have a demographic problem in europe and after they got there it was a lot of poverty and the conflicts and the great migration and the exodus and the great replacement we're experiencing now is solving no problem it's creating new problems in europe and that's why we need to change and stop with this crazy and fade poles of multiculturalism we need to cause a borderless we need to start a remote region of illegals and we need to start help and building a place that african youth can create a future in africa look at this ok i can see you at some point are not it's not a lot that's not like not like i could i just yet come back to. right but the reality is firstly how dare you call anybody illegals human beings we're citizens of the world firstly and we're one human population and the people i speak to regularly that there is that there is no let me let me look look you asked for you asked for some time and space and you've raised a lot of issues there's a give me a circular quay firstly nobody is an illegal secondly this idea of white christian
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supremacy in europe and forced repatriation of foreigners this new reckon questor this new. crusade that those on the far right want to do guess what we are not having it and people will not have it now the reality is this that if the great kenyan economy is james chicago what he said. you know we don't want any more aid we don't want any more systems from the west and the reason he said that is for the u.n. h.c.r. said for every pound or every dollar of aid that goes from the west to africa africa gives back in return is the un's own figures thirteen pounds of thirteen dollars the ratios want to thirteen the west has been using africa like a giant cash point machine for centuries and since the scramble of africa. and of the burning congress since the end of since the end look i'm agreeing with you bear with me. really the only grass in the exit door martin martin
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as we say is that our same england. police my friend look as we bear with me look since the bird in congress in eighty eight seventy eight we saw european powers start a hundred and twenty thirty fifty year cycle of violence in the middle east how we've been able to leave those countries alone rather than colonizing sticking a flag in them and saying they're ours ok we give it up you can call it ok not if. you ask mark o'mara you're giving a lecture on the question i just want yes i have a quick yes and i got actually i have a question for you where can i ask the question gentleman right advocate may have had to say let me come back to martin then ok we i understand you you disagree what is then your solution to the fact that it is a fact that we have a migrant crisis what practical measures martin first of all my you can respond to this would you say to put in place so that there is a balance here we have a quota system we do have to have some migration and migration by there are
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benefits to it as well as we can understand that so what are your practical solutions and then maybe we can get you to respond. you see immigration without as a relation becomes an in and what we experiencing now is a population replacement in europe that is doing nothing good what we need to do up three simple steps we need to close our borders and control a border like every other nation of all the us we need to remake gratian of illegals and we need to create perspectives of place and here completely with my partner that we need to create a future in this perspective in this country and my question to him and he didn't answer it is does the exodus of young men in africa is creating poverty in africa and is stabilizing the poverty in africa and is bad for the african future yes or no simple question now you can respond respond to the overall issue and i'll address. the reality yes or no you really have a chance of a question the indigenous martin or not as a mistress i think of put
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a little bit minutely and i let me respond martin ok in europe we have an aging population we have a native indigenous if you want to call it that but i hate using those terms birth rate of less than zero point nine percent no point which means that europeans are not replacing themselves choosing to have fewer and fewer children now migrant communities muslim communities not just muslim communities all kinds of ethnic minority communities and religious majority communities across the world have high birth rates. three four five children per family and different regions of the world we see them so we have a problem we have a fiscal structural deficit in europe we have an aging population we have an economic crisis we have economic burdens europe is at the end of civilization this is a and of empires issue and as europe falls away and turns out to crumble people are going to come together they're going to populate these places now this is not this is not population replacement and the things that martin objects to are like the islamization of europe the idea that there is a cultural milieu and that culture millions.


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