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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 14, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the french president i'm annoyed in my craw and says defeating terrorism in syria is more important than ousting president assad who was speaking after talks with donald trump in paris. says the iraqi military is holding at least one hundred and seventy families in the detention camp over their alleged killings to islam a state. also in the headlines on our team from national u.k. with board concludes that the mission to stop human trafficking in the mediterranean has failed. from one of the stories had to dot com coming up max and mexico talking about a crisis on think government bond market. or
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this is the kaiser report mexico city love it year oh it's fantastic and you know we've got some situations brewing very important stacy next person i have to give her this is our friend guillermo is the guitarist for the day of the dead. the dead markets the dead monetary policy the dead currency used that rule our world i think is quite important oh yes i understand the gamble as a friend of plucky. lucky could make it on the trip well plucky is a central banker and garo is the guy who is waiting for the central bankers when their policies inevitably fail yeast he's always telling them you know he's that
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he's he's death essentially yes yes i was waiting for the central bankers to come across over the river styx into the realm of death and i believe there's death in the story coming up of course janet yellen again we have to remind you that we can half ago that she said to the markets fed's yellen says not another financial crisis in our lifetime member she was over in europe and she was in london chorus where all the financial crimes really that's the nexus of the financial crimes i swear they are all nurtured and baby and. present good word so she said what i say there will never ever be another fight national crisis you know probably that would be going too far but i do think we're much safer and i hope that it will not be in our lifetimes and i don't believe it will be now i just want to say like i said gammel here has been my blessing on this
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guitarist saying the sun chill. they just don't know which yeah. it's so i think everybody in the room is looking at me in horror at what these plotting on his guitar i thought that was a lead into plucky now now now but but of course it makes sense that he would pluck on his guitar because central bankers are the plucky of the global authoritarian we're trying to control everything state right and he's he's laughing at them he's always he's actually often usually seen with his head back laughing at all the central bankers trying to control things that he knows will inevitably die their plans all die. an ignominious death you know bankers are going to plot themselves to death exactly and you know nowhere has a central bank intervene for longer in their markets in
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their monetary system than in japan and the death i see in our global financial markets in the bond market the most important of the global financial markets. is in this headline japan's government bond market grinding to a halt yield on ten year note it's frozen for seven days so you'll the newly issued ten year japanese government bonds remained flat for seven straight sessions through friday as the bank of japan continued its efforts to keep long term interest rates around zero the ten year j g b yield again close as zero point zero five five percent where it has been stuck since june fifteenth this marks the longest period of stagnation since one thousand ninety four according to data from nikkei affiliate quick there was actually a day max for not one single bond traded hands right now this is an important
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milestone that we've been talking about a few things that markets are being taken private that markets are stagnating their money velocity is dead and japan of course they invented quantitative easing they're the cheap money for the global mergers and acquisition wave they're the cheap money source for the global asset purchase wave and they're the cheap money source for the rise of the mega billionaire class and it's come to a screeching halt that is entered efficient into the zombie ask state of death like rattling and so this indicates that all of the bonds that were available to trade in the public market have bendis actually taken private they've been purchased by the central bank and they've also purchased many stocks they purchased e.t.f. the central bank of switzerland is a huge buyer of apple stock the central banks are taking all the publicly traded
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securities bonds or stocks off the market as a way to stuff the lee bell out all these corporations that are buying back their own stock themselves using that externality money thanks to the low interest loan. interest rates of banks like bank of japan so there are now it crossed over the event horizon into a place called death again now the central bank is waiting for these folks the japanese bankers are pouring into hades now and you know the legend goes there in mexico as you enter the afterlife you there is a mirror that you face and you see who you really are and so janet yellen as she dies a central bank death she'll see that she's actually a pineapple or marrow draggy as she walks down the stairs into hades or hell he faces the mirror and sees himself who he truly is will understand that he's
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a rancid slice of pizza caught in the motorcycle wheel of a twelve year old bantustan living south african child who's a mason ate it thanks to his policies or you have janet yellen as she enters the post capitals life of a central banker into guillermo's death camp she walks down the stairs and days and faces the mirror of who she really is and it's jim rogers stool she's a jim rogers stool this is who she really is she's james grant's nose hair that's who janet yellen really yes'. ok well you know again let's go back to these markets that jenna yellen said they'll never crash in her lifetime but that's because they've the it's like a john donne poem there's a famous john donne poem where these two young lovers are about to kiss but then they're frozen in time on the this statue this art and then never reach the cast it's just the perfect moment before you know disappointment and disintegration can
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set in and they'll always be there at that perfect moment so markets are going to be frozen in this perfect perfect mighty time of zero percent interest rates and markets at all time highs and they'll never move from there so technically maybe they won't crash and die but that's it they'll never move from there because the implied volatility of japanese government bonds reached its lowest point since january two thousand and eight trading in newly issued ten year debt has become so infrequent that brokerage japan bond trading has seen days when no bonds trade hands so remember volatility is that down to all time lows is like no heartbeat that's like the heartbeat of the of the markets and the it's flatlining it's flatlining the us is flatlining in japan there's no volatility you need volatility to toot toot toot to create free market capitalism you need that in the case of flow just like the planets rotate like or fall becomes winter becomes ring become
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summer you know there's a natural order to the way things move through a cycle heart beat for full bore imagine if they just wanted to know we don't like all that volatility we're not just be like have them in so you know they say the only fish that flow with the current are dead fish and here the current is basically death and the markets are entering a death spiral and the central banks are the cause of it the price of money is zero so they have the market price discovery is immaterial let's talk about that price discovery can they have these two set to other side. that are really important to show this death and how crucial the sense of capitalism what we've actually what the central bankers have created and that's death in the markets trading in short term interest rate futures has also thinned to say so no transactions and three month type or futures for the first time that has happened since such trading began in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the three month type or a tokyo interbank offered rate has not moved in the mine months since the end of
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september two thousand and sixteen there were just a few trades last friday and it was only a matter of time until the number hit zero the absence of volatility makes it hard to profit from bets on the direction of interest rates so you do need the speculators you do need profits you need do need people participating in the markets and order to you know profit from the arbitrage and things like that there are no market participants there are no markets and everything falls apart right so you have a few other economies in markets feeding on the corpse of japan. to get their last meal before they themselves answer a state of rigor mortis and death writes the european central bank the american central bank i mean you have mark carney over there at the bank of england saying let's raise interest rates and try to get this you know the definitive did to figure later machine you know more cars trying to life let's raise interest rates you know try to get you know the global economy going again but of course you won't
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be able to succeed in this endeavor because he does he's dead he died already he's a walking dead man yeah but the japanese markets the japanese economy past that zone long ago if you look down the stairs into that mirror of the coat of the afterlife you would see that japan's already down there and they're already confronting them here and they already see what it is and it looks like this because markets are already dying and here's the proof trading in even shorter term contracts is also evident the tokyo financial exchange announced on thursday that starting at the end of july it will suspend trading a futures based on japan. on collateralized overnight call rate the interest that financial institutions charge each other for loans with a one day maturity the exchange will consider restarting trading if it could confirm demand i hear different or later if it can confirm demand of a somebody could restart these markets they will start the exchange back up a few were participants and financial products could lead to a further loss of market function if the bond and money markets lose their ability
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to price credit based on future interest rate expectations and supply and demand the risk of sudden rate volatility from external shocks like a go global financial crisis will rise because of course once you bore all the market participants to death they exit and then when a shock does happen there's no liquidity and things just fall to the ground now it's like a cigar ash you know burns but it maintains the shape of the exit are but if you just give it a little puff disintegrates instantaneously doesn't all happen in japan once there's an actual shock to the system and they have no tools or resources to deal with it plus you know the birth rate is down in japan the average age is going way up there's a huge suicide rate amongst a year and the youth are procreating they're actually staying home in life because actually it's often actually dead people that are keeping that economy afloat they keep on finding people that have been dead for twenty thirty years receiving income
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checks receiving social security checks from the government as only money velocity is actually for people who big star have already met guillermo it's a raunchy a society based on dead people so they really have perfected this male liberal capital model to somehow profit on a runty basis from the debt and finally i have a quick headline for a very old guy who is around ca in america this is what warren buffett thinks is the real problem with the u.s. economy warren buffett the eighty six year old. founder and c.e.o. berkshire hathaway is the world's second richest man according to forbes billionaire list but the net worth of seventy six billion dollars he says it's the mega rich as the billionaire they're taking too much and they're causing the rest of the economy to atrophy and die with or and i guess he should know but what do you think of warren buffett well one buffet died five years ago actually he says
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corpses of the beatles is kind of like a you know walking corpse and he's walking down the stairs and he's facing the mare and seeing who he really is and what he's saying is kathleen effort is really who warren buffett is who's a lot of people in the world don't know kathleen gifford and he see it well that woman with that act they out comedienne who did the trump head oh yeah well i'm sure i think this is no restarts you got to keep on going oh ok well yeah that woman. that's who he really is and dear mowlam yeah he's holding he's holding the economy ahead and rationale fire him we should say exit stage left to decapitate the economy selling the bloody head of it as i am and facing him stuff all right well we got to go to the second half this first half is that it's over but we'll be back reborn in the second half don't go away.
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but observed events of the past few years ago i was myself several times what's going on in my native germany. really refugees. u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens of the government. and once again. exhibit east. medicalization is from various political parties and is independent experts and journalists in an effort to understand just how we. dependent germany really means when it comes to decision making. whether it acts on its own national interests. and someone else's will. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth
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to stand down lose business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington to washington the media the media. and voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm ecstatic time to return to john about a mexico city john welcome back hey max great to talk to again all right well you know we've been talking about mexican i thought areas of. they consignment of tens of millions of mexicans to death liberalism along with their american compadres is the reason why trump vilifies to mexico so much as to prevent ten twenty thirty million mexicans from banding together with thirty million impoverished americans and rob vaulting forming a revolution yes exactly what's happening in the united states today with the governor about the mexicans i think there are plenty of similarities to the second world war. what trump is doing to the mexicans is functionally equivalent to what hitler did to the jews and the second world war he is scapegoating the mexicans he is expelling them. from day of states
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back to a country which is full of violence and death. cartoonist for instance have represented this as similar is similar to sending them off to construct a camp you don't have kept in the united states because when you send it back to mexico you're sending them off into quite violent areas so. this kind of scapegoating based on economic crisis seeing the mexicans as the other the enemy is a very similar process to what we saw in germany in the second world war but regardless of that i think when you look at the american politics united states politics you see a latin american ization of social movements of the political movement at least on the left of the grassroots many of the supporters for a party centers were were mexicans. our children our grandchildren mexicans and his language itself he's talking about revolution is talking about transformation into
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play what you think about a particular proposals that discourse is very much of a latin american discourse so you know we have is that lech there you know one had being pushed out the other hand you know i think i think is being also conquered by this you know spirit of citizen dignity and revolution well since we spoke there were some elections in the state of mexico a lot of the ruling party did well why is that john well you know officially they did well as we mentioned last program there was an electoral fraud in mexico we don't have free and fair elections we have lots of laws institutions and actually our laws institution to mexico are much superior to the united states we have really as strict controls over a private funding over a public participate on a government participation directly and elections we have real guarantees for a quality for authenticity for freedom of the vote but unfortunately all these laws
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infusions are are violent are broken and we go in elections for the state of mexico the pretty they got the governing party won not but they win with any old candidate was the cousin of president pena and yet though who was also the son and the grandson of ex governors that they had in mexico the state of mexico has been governed by the same political party for eighty eight years and they somehow managed to get that thirty three percent of the vote against the number two person who actually won that you know almost who's opposing not only thirty one percent of the vote but when you look at the numbers you see there's lots of tampering but i know that it was it was a public psychological warfare campaign during many many days before the elections for instance you know the day before the election. they did the campaign headquarters lots of different campaign offices from have been a bonus the. what an academy it had where they were in the morning people coming to
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work and they found these severed pig ahead ball bloodied now along with bloodied crosses placed outside their offices and this was campaign combined with millions of leaflets and messages on the telephones which were basically pressed towards the citizenry that if they can mount a vote on that sunday they would be killed false official advertisements or announcements with said you know that you shouldn't go out to vote because there would be violence that day and then when you add that into all this funny vote counting directly in which mysteriously and one in the last all sorts of votes and electoral thirty's don't want to the refuse to open up the ballot boxes to do a whole recount of only recounted about you know three or four thousand of the eighteen thousand ballot boxes in our views and open up the restroom so this is all very fishy and this is what this is how the system works we've been doing this for
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decades elections mexico we've had elections it's interesting in that way we've never had a the one person that you know staying in power for for decades we always have a renovation of power through elections but these elections are there in front of the free and fair but the student challenge next year and the big president elected two thousand eighteen i think it's really important for civil society nationally internationally to put a lot of attention on this because the mexican government doesn't care too much about you know opposition parties but they do care about public opinion nationally internationally and we need some support in mexico for the kind of transparency right let's not forget the alleged state terrorism with a disappearance of a forty three students. you know you mentioned that we're going to talk a lot about but a little bit about nafta nafta for some of us like the fall of the berlin wall and that it gave rise to all the guards like our. slam it stepped and abuse the system grab power became oligarchs to the detriment of the economy is all and.
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renegotiations ago are about to begin for nafta allegedly. so can you talk about what we might dissipate here john you know what trump is announced on every game and he wants to get rid of nafta and these are the sellouts and the mexican government are desperately trying to hold on for their lives to nafta because they know that if nafta was just abrogated they would pretty much they would lose their jobs next year and the future because it would create a short term at least economic crisis but they're not looking at the midterm in a long term there are other people in civil society in mexico who are actually very excited about the possibility of creating a new way of relating to the world from mexico not just tying our cart to the united states horse because the idea that that is going to create automatically
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economic development has been it's been a big lie when it comes to how you has signed nafta you know twenty three years ago he promised that mexico would be immediately pulled into the first world through nafta but it's turned out that the growth rates the poverty rates everything has gotten worse over the last two decades and so it would be really in mexico's interest to yes renegotiate nafta but from a position of national dignity unfortunately what's happening in the federal government mexico is bending it was basically just begging drum to keep not that any way shape or form so that's going to mean is that nafta is actually get worse we're going to have lower labor of protection lower economic environmental protections and in general increase of you know the colonization of the mexican economy by the united states you know oil and other kind actual resources are the top of the level there and also incorporation of mexico into the you know the now. national security state you had to mexico as part of its you know security
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perimeter and that's what really was scared about right well a sense that after the u.s. was dropped from being in the first world to being in the second world so it's not helping america either there are now six or seven or eight countries that are considered in the first world in terms of living standards in america does not make that cut in part because of these trade deals like nafta that doesn't help anybody but the oligarchs and i think the point you just get rid of it completely is a good one you know i'm very encouraged being here in mexico city talking to the crypto currency community the bitcoin community companies like bits and others where you have a whole new generation that's taking sovereignty back into their own hands and they're doing an end run around the government and around these treaties to create a new economy a new blace an economy it's post economy and you know there's a lot of insta millionaires in the crypt space and they're using that wealth to
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further their aims to create a more egalitarian society per the east coast a spouse by so should not the moto the anonymous founder of it going going back to two thousand and eight two thousand and nine period i really feel on the ground john i know you don't cover it konami as much as as politics but do you sense that there's a potential wayfair back up band that they're thought tarion regime up and yet on mexico yes definitely max we need as many different new innovative proposals to create you know our autonomous similar society economy politics we're all suffering under this grip on one hand the authoritarian states and the other hand. you know oligarchs financial capital both of the mess to clean hand internationally and so this kind of proposals are really important i think we need to look at you know. sustainability we also need to participate in politics imo you know i have
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a real ground and in that sense that you know the struggle for political power and i think is also has profound liberating possibilities especially in a country like mexico with such a rich history of social movements and politicians struggling from below you know if you compare for instance the political tradition in mexico to the political preceded states you can see that in mexico we have much more deep commitment to you know fundamental democratic values compare you know those who might have one of those are our freedom father and you compare him to george washington george washington with a slave owner well what i did also was an apple of african descent and you can keep on going through mexican history like that you know through a bit into what is compare him to ever have we can at last a joke out of it as to franklin roosevelt the mexican leaders always come from below and are very much linked to civil society and talk about liberation not just reform and so you know i think that all of north america that america good good
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game a great deal from burning from the mexicans from our history and from our experience with autonomous politics and economics and it initiatives that are taking hold today yeah bant down as france did to me deep capitalized and look to spit in culture and so the mexicans rise to the top all right johnny got to go thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you max pleasure as always and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with may guys are and stacy herbert like to thank our guest john bell act i mean you can reach us on twitter a cause or a foreign select.
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fifty years ago the american naval vessel u.s.s. liberty was brutally attacked by israeli forces the attack on the liberty was one of the worst assaults committed by an allied country since then the survivors of this unprovoked attack have been seeking justice.


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