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already. key differences. in the u.s. can.
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very well welcome to you. this. tragedy in the french city when a truck was rammed into a crowd. because .
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living in france the attacker was known to police for several. just terror tactics lone wolves to rent a truck and drive into a. blue and you will see we are in a new era and friends will have to live with terrorism. the anniversary of the atrocity has seen some controversy the latest edition of french magazine paris match is on the fire over its coverage of the event and published images showing the moment the lorry drove into
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a crowd celebrating best deal day the magazine said the pictures were meant to inform the public and ensure that the victims were not forgotten. at the paris prosecutor cold for the magazine to review removed from the shelves because of the photos however a court ruled late on thursday that the magazine doesn't need to withdraw its latest edition and one victim's group has accused much of more sensationalism. there are limits we don't need these sure to understand the horror of terrorism. however the editor in chief of a popular magazine told us paris match had every right to show what happened i don't think there is reason for a moral outrage obviously people need to know that the french public is allowed to an all also body much is certain space basis its readership the shock of photos of course they have said we believe them that day would never show but it was right to recognize the people there will keep the dignity of victims of course act i think
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it's very good because the public even the press doesn't know now. how this guy came on to call me that this song played with a struck why shouldn't. i much publish these photos day will respect the dignity of the victims for sure meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump is wrapping up his two day visit to paris where today he showed will to be a special guest of the best field day parade despite several previous disagreements with france's maccarone the two leaders looked like they found some common ground on thursday with trump pushing the country with compliments he said that america's bond with france is unbreakable and that is president is quote great the french first lady also received a compliment from trying. to get. some remarks on the bridge americans physical appearance of being cold creepy and
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sexist by some or some others pointed out the awkwardness of their handshake which appeared to go on for a bit too long. and though france has received many compliments from trump just a year ago we heard quite different words from the american president. either friends or going to friends there are going to be more they're not going he said i wouldn't go to france france france france is no longer france in the birth on thursday there are the two leaders appeared on friendly terms despite their differences on trade and climate and the whole day spent with the family was filled with more handshakes and smiles.
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if michelle reception didn't start at leas a palace but at the hotel. which contains the tombs of summer france's greatest war heroes didn't go unnoticed on social media sites where napoleon was laid to rest a figure that some claim is basing his presidency on. the fight against terrorism and relations with russia were among the topics discussed by the two leaders of charlotte do pinsky reports. use of an objective principle we have one main goal which is to eradicate terror no matter who the terrorists are we want to build an inclusive and sustainable political solution against that background or do not require the departure of some meaty discussions on the table between the two presidents as they discussed fighting terrorism security and the paris climate
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accord which donald trump recently said that he was pulling the us out of but despite those heavy topics on the table the first opportunity that the press had to question the president's about their discussions and the question was about russia and more so about president trump and president relationship with president putin given that the three had recently just met at the g. twenty summit in germany one of the great things that came out of that meeting by the way even though some part of the question was the fact that we got a cease fire that now is lasted for i guess mr president almost five days and a few more all of a sudden you're going to have no bullets being fired in syria and that would be a wonderful thing i think it's important that both of us have direct discussion and contact with the president put it in the current environment in middle east it's and this is a city to work together to exchange information to share these agreements and to try to build solutions. i'll battling it out for the right to host the twenty and
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twenty four olympics across seem to tubman to get france across the finish line just the very day macron officially took office he couldn't wait to make his olympic charm offensive a priority to visit the new time right with you when you adventure for the olympics paralympics in the twenty twenty projects in. both the twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight games are up for grabs but the paris in los angeles is all about who gets what yeah the macro same's getting first place is a big deal bigger than usual for a head of state he's already made his pitch in switzerland an unusual move for a country's leader who normally any make an appearance at the host city votes just north of september trump was absence paris man who spent head of the french bed before macro to grab the reins was noticeably eclipsed by the president. to stage and then there's the campaigning has been enthusiastic to say the least
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showcasing his sporting prowess and trying hard to show just wasn't all round he is a defender olympic values and. they're under threat and questioned by many people today so it's the best moment to defend. the olympic flame appears to be very much close to meco on stocks they made headlines after promising to make his leadership style due to terry and channeling the french king louis the grace who was himself once portrayed as jupiter and the hate the roman gods and of course as the father of all golds he requires a complete pantheon and it seems he's already found his self appointed head on these women you claim these should be to. hell miss. the messenger. as for his patron emmanuel macro just like jupiter he's determined to get what he wants in this case is very odd and pick.
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but police unions warn that they may not be able to provide the necessary level of security for an event on the scale of the olympics ultimately blaming the police budget over five hundred million euros in. the policy is meant to bring the country's budget deficit in line with e.u. limitations police unions are threatening to join social protests for the autumn. america says its forces are now operating inside a. stronghold in syria. syrian rebels started an operation to retake. the last month managed to breach the walls of the old city and we can show you some pictures of. eastern neighborhoods. reveal the number of u.s. soldiers operating in the city but a coalition spokesman quote not hundreds. said the u.s.
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led coalition forces in a more exposed than those in iraq. according to. the meaning of the. troops. a closer look. it by it's this train those are all the tags you always get when the pentagon tries to explain what american soldiers are doing in iraq in three or four years and assist training aspect advise and assist in training mission. training equipping. a company to. train equip and assist in the company and our partners on the ground so let's break down those terms that often fall like a bunch of cliches but actually mean very specific things train and equip is how it usually begins that's sort of like a boot camp when u.s. instructors provide local forces with arms and train them that approach was taken in theory a while back but didn't prove to be very effective can you tell us what the total
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number of trained fighters remains we're talking four or five next we have. which is what troops were tasked with doing in mosul and that means more engagement is true that we're operating closer deeper into the iraqi formations are partners are fighting the enemy and we're supporting them with our advice and assistance we are very close to it if not already. in that fight and if you add a company to the end of advise and assist your friend to an even higher level of involvement by u.s. troops and this is the cost of cation for the u.s. soldiers involved in the assault. interestingly enough those marines firing long range artillery are still regarded
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as advisors and i think there's a big difference between authorization of war and sending a few hundred advisors so what the addition of a company to their mission u.s. troops are practically escorting local fighters to rocka well there you have it now the next time you listen to the military officials you can decipher what they really mean. washington d.c. as the by. continue as we talk to those who know the life of a terrorist group from the inside some of the wives of its fighters they share their stories with. someone that there is no sex jihad everything is just according to the more you go to the city hall and get married and if you have already been married and your husband got killed you just get married to another man. and you know what my name is no no huda i'm from lebanon i'm twenty years old i met
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my husband in tripoli life was there and so i got married early i had my first baby at fifteen and the second one a year later then my husband joined a salafi group the members of the group introduced him to the ideas of jihad and explained to him that he needs to go to i so he persuaded me that there is nothing bad there and i trusted him as he's wife so it ranged all the documents and join him in syria. but then my mom told me i have to go back to tunisia as my husband was killed but women here told me why don't you get married a second time her d.j. there is one disabled man and he's looking for a wife don't you want to get married and i read. that many men love to see to girls more than their wives just imagine for example a man gets himself girl and as time passes he begins to love her more than his own
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wife and treats her better and if this is it it converts to islam he will be able to marry her madly did get this it means she will become free go wherever she wants she won't be a slave anymore in this case is this clear. an italian coast guard ship has dumped almost five hundred migrants at a civilian port we understand forty five women and more than sixty children are among them later police detained five alleged people smugglers meanwhile the italian interior minister during a visit to tripoli proposed a pact with libya to combat human trafficking but. we have a moral duty to eliminate this traffic that has caused deaths that has caused extraordinary discomforts in human suffering which today exerts next to ordinary and unacceptable pressure on my country and all of europe. meanwhile the united
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nations is predicting that the population of the african continent will more than double by twenty fifty according to the findings the combined populations of twenty six african nations will expand it by more than a billion to two and a half billion the numbers have potentially dire implications for europe. since the start of this year more than one hundred thousand migrants have crossed from north africa to europe the majority of them arrived in italy which recently threatened to start turning away rescue boats and continues to urge the rest of the e.u. to start sharing the burden and we discussed the issue with political commentator and austrian activist martin soma. migrant communities muslim communities not just muslim communities all kinds of ethnic minority communities and religious majority communities across the world have high birth rates. through the use of the family and different regions of the world we see them so we have a problem we have a fiscal structural deficit in europe we have an aging population we have an
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economic crisis we have economic burdens europe is at the end of civilization this is a end of empires issue and as europe through to whiten turns to crumble people are going to come together they're going to populate these these these places if we turn all the tools that society has that are currently being turned against itself for the benefit of human kind that we can have a great civilization of change and that's the hope for the future and that's what people want the problem is i think you are some are living in a liberal leftist liberal universalistic fairytale and i think that you are you are . taking lennon's imagine song for actual policy you know the problem is immigration at multiculturalism europe have utterly failed and everybody knows that and if you look at all the polls all the europeans are we checked in what you are presenting as a feat of my main problem is that by using this low words like nazi racist and so on by presenting your wish and of europe apathy to the crumbling empire as a as faith in fact you are very. antidemocratic because you want to shut down an
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open and free debate about if it's even possible if it's even a legitimate point in position to say no we don't want immigration done dogs are not going to talk lay down the nation that doesn't relate in fact you say that what i say is not a valid point because it's a faith we have to be a path think about it and see while we are being replaced and you just admitted that a replacement is taking place because our demographic lean declines to not to get out of this mathematician massive immigration will completely change the face of the of european of popular opinion populations immigration without as a relation becomes and in and what we're experiencing now is a population replacement in europe that is doing nothing new what we need to do are three simple steps we need to close our borders and control of borders like every other nation in the world are we need to remake gratian of illegals and we need to create perspectives of place and here completely with my partner that we need to create a future in this perspective in this country is more integration more contribution
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absolutely and if we deal with the foreign policy issues and we allow this country to stabilize and we stop meddling and interfering in the middle east we will see a huge great change but everybody has to focus on their own domestic issues. it's our international thanks for joining us so far so as we all know the u.s. president donald trump right now in paris celebrating bastille day but he's also now being sued in america over the issue of government surveillance we're back with that story in a moment. is this the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice so the biggest read. truth to stand this is just the right questions and the right answers.
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when you have an economy around the world that rewards imagination monetizes free thought free thought free movement of capital and all the intermediary forces go out of business a lot of bankers lose their jobs a lot of politicians lose their job the nation state collapses as we know it people are as free as their money because right now money is a lot freer than people. thanks for joining us here on out see a palestinian boy who has lost his eye off to he was shot by israeli police a thirteen year old was playing on the balcony of his home when security forces
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opened fire in response to a nearby domestic disturbance. yeah let. me. tell. you. about an israeli soldiers came and started shooting in the m. to the left to the right said the houses my son said let's go inside a small safe that as they were coming in the bullet hit my son's lying face who loved playing football he had loads of hobbies now he's asking me all the time can i do this can i do that we can show you video of the i.d.f. response in east jerusalem during which the boy was injured but we contacted the police to get their view on the incident here's what they told us. as police arrived in the area there were stones and objects thrown at them the units responded by using non-lethal weapons later in the night a local resident was taken to hospital with an injury as i show you some of these are non-lethal weapons the police have been using as of late one teenager was shot
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dead by this kind of ammunition in twenty fourteen and more than twelve people have lost an eye palestinian teenagers have suffered from alleged i.d.f. of abuse of power in the past. sorry about that. and american attorney is suing the u.s. president over government surveillance he says the content of his social media accounts was compromised by the n.s.a. program that was revealed by edward snowden there was a revealed that the n.s.a.
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has been collecting telephone records and data from social media accounts of tens of millions of americans and in twenty fifty and there was also an international scandal when it was revealed the n.s.a. had been eavesdropping on the german chancellor's mobile phone we spoke to another n.s.a. whistleblower william binney who was testifying in the lawsuit against the u.s. president. rest of this collection being done by the n.s.a. primarily but also the cia to some degree is a collection of everything that everybody in united states doing is doing electronically as much as they can possibly collect and tap points are primarily provided by the service telecommunications companies inside the united states i used google to find out basically where most of these tap points are so i know the buildings and addresses of all of them these tap points are distributed with the population of the u.s. they were after foreigners like they say they are there all they have to do is collect along the coast where this trance oceanic cables come up that's where all the foreigners are they don't have to go to the internal united states to collect
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the foreigners are not the target here is the u.s. population that's the target and they take an oath to protect and defend that and they're not doing that that's my problem with them that's why i'm pushing this affidavit for. us a police officer has been filmed shooting at domestic animals during a bubble recall the footage posted on facebook shows a minneapolis police officer during his gun two dogs that don't seem to be showing any signs of aggression despite that the police report stated that the officer was charged by the animals the policeman then opened fire discharging four shots before fleeing the scene by jumping over a fence and the animals which were kept to help with the owner's children's mental health issues have survived the shooting despite their severe injuries one of the dogs sustaining three wounds of the online reaction soon followed after the video was released. i'm real that dog didn't even get close to him he should lose his
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badge and have felony charges for animal cruelty this man makes me very sick the cop should pay for the vet bill among disgusting he had no reason to jump the fence and your dogs clearly were not spread snake human anyway and two he fired his gun minneapolis police stated that it was aware of the incident set up an inquiry but they are yet to release the officers body camera video they also said that mandatory training will be held to prevent similar cases in the future. russian soyuz spacecraft is on its way towards the international space station with a payload of seventy two small satellites among them as a satellite going by the name of the white house the crowdfunding device was built by a small young team of enthusiastic shed its creators hope it will briefly become the brightest object in the night sky before eventually burning up in the atmosphere.
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coming up thanks to an already international law another heated debate and cross talk. is still exist. rico's treated as one. hundred forty three cool. little can i do you want to see. the island is controlled by the u.s. government and some puerto ricans crave independence just a little see it only can argue no. good at either way i mean. we're taking a game. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds more leave every day. with the country at a crossroads anger at the island is on the rise. of. credit
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as one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took the whole gist i came bigger and met that the debt steichen big and in the spiral now. many lives have been broken by excessive to the banks gushing into for a walk and all the big bankers got big. government the banks but i didn't think of the. back. creditors people see no future bad face have become ill get into a job your relationship breaks down to become a casualty is debt a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually trying to cover an old right to ditch bill for more
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shifts consume more. hello and welcome to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle fifty
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years ago the american naval vessel u.s.s. liberty was brutally attacked by israeli forces the attack on the liberty was one of the worst assaults ever carried out on a u.s. naval vessel in peacetime and committed by an allied country since then the survivors of this unprovoked attack have been seeking justice. crosstalk in the u.s.s. liberty i'm joined by my guest ken o'keefe in new york he is a political analyst and the ex u.s. marine who renounced us citizenship in greenville we have philip nelson he is the primary author of remember the liberty as well as author of two books on lyndon johnson and in lake jackson we cross to daniel make out and he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate phil if i can go to you.


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