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crosstalk in the u.s.s. liberty i'm joined by my guest ken o'keefe in new york he is a political analyst and the next u.s. marine who renounced us citizenship in greenville we have philip nelson he is the primary author of remember the liberty as well as author of two books on lyndon johnson and in lake jackson we cross to daniel mcadams he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate phil if i can go to you holding the book there in greenville you've written about this. just real quickly i know it's there's a lot of detail in the book is been told is very good but a lot of our viewers have never ever heard of this event so could you in a nutshell tell us what happened fifty years ago in the mediterranean go ahead. well it's a long story and i'll try to condense it as best i can but it had to do with an
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attack that had been preplanned i believe for many months maybe two years in the planning yet it was. was portrayed as being a spontaneous war and that egypt had attacked israel. that was anything with the truth and and in fact since then most of the subsequent leaders of israel admitted that menachem begin for example admitted that others you talk rabin admitted that that it was that it had been provoked by israel against syria jordan and egypt for many months the us everything came off the track when when the war commenced ten days early it was scheduled had been scheduled for months to start on june the fifteenth it started on june the fifth because of all these provocations that works so effectively there was beyond there expects
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spectator ok ok ok but let's let's talk about the attack itself what happened how this ship was attacked by israelis give this you know five major points what happened on that day go ahead ok on that on that day after surveilling the ship for several hours about six or seven hours starting at six in the morning. up to thirteen at least twelve or thirteen overflights of the ship some as low as a thousand feet. by by different israeli aircraft. they were doing that for a purpose and i believe the purpose was to map out exactly where the strategy we're told that is what what vulnerable points ok additional before and how we're going on ok phil phil i want to get i want to get everybody in here because we got a lot to talk about here ken phillips the expert on what happened here but you know
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again i want to stress here that this assault in peace time by alleged ally on an american naval vessel it's not part of popular culture or popular common knowledge and then there's a reason for that isn't that true go ahead ken. what yes if we could just recap briefly this attack took place over two hours on a clear blue sunny day this ship was an allied ship of israel the united states had been supporting israel hand and foot to that point so when the israelis were doing their overflights all the americans were waving to the israeli jets to the point they could actually see the pilots in the cockpits they were that close this attack occurred over about a two hour period thousands of rounds were fired fifty caliber machine gun napalm rockets they were brought in submarine they brought in torpedoes i believe four torpedoes were fired at the u.s.s. liberty one of them hit it was an act of god that the captain managed to avoid three of the others if that one torpedo would hit fifteen inches over it would have
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hit the boiler room and that entire ship would have sunk another aspect of this is a blatant war crime whereby when the captain actually gave the order to abandon ship all of the life rafts that were launched in the water were shot out of the water by the israelis that is a patent war crime the real objective here was to frame egypt for having been responsible for this attack to kill every single member of that ship over two hundred and ultimately because they were not able to sink the ship the phantom jets that had been launched towards cairo which were nuclear armed were not able to be used but make no mistake about it i believe having read many of the details of this and read phil tourney's excellent book what i saw that day that it is absolutely clear that the only thing that saved us from world war three at that time was the fact that that ship did not sink and there were witnesses and it also brings up a very interesting subject about a russian ship that was in the area and may very well have staved off the sinking of the ship as well as all that is a blatant attack it was a false flag and it didn't go according to plan but daniel but you know when when
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it's ever mentioned that read an article in herat system few days ago it was a mistake it was an honest mistake that's what it's being fed to publics right now whenever it couple hops up go ahead daniel. well certainly that's the word that came down from l.b.j. on down the you know the commission of inquiry the court of inquiry was told before the investigation what the conclusion was to be and i think he was quoted at least maybe apocryphally saying i'm not going to go to war or embarrass an ally for a few sailors so that was obviously from the top on down you know admiral admiral mccain the father of our great senator from arizona was obviously was involved in the coverup as well but make a good point earlier most of america doesn't know what happened i have to be honest i have to confess i didn't know anything about it until i was up on the hill probably fifteen years ago and someone dropped off a v.h.s. how old it was yet what happened i put off watching it for a while because i had no idea what this was all about when you finally do watch and
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get the whole story it's extremely compelling why is it i mean it for me this is been a conspiracy of silence for fifty years i mean i know that you've worked with survivors i mean and philip giraldi and ray mcgovern you write eloquently about it and i'm very thankful for them but you know you guys are having a hard time getting your story out it's amazing go ahead fill. ok well the reason for that was because of the cover up there was a media i mean at liam vote by president johnson directing it to the joint chiefs to robert mcnamara to. john mccain the second the father of the center and it was so effectively and so brutally enforced all of the survivors were threatened with prison time if if they said a word about it to anybody including their wives their mothers their fathers and anybody and right immediately after the attack after they were all they managed to
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survive this they were all dispersed throughout the world on different ships so that no two of them would be together anywhere and they were watched very closely to be sure that they did talk and that that cover up still persists today that's the reason that ninety eight percent of the people have never heard of it and those who do have generally accepted the canard that it was was just an accident it was not never an actual can't plan for at least two years one of the interesting things ken is that the us s. liberty is the most decorated ship i think in an american naval history they gave them all the awards all of the arc lights but they did it in secret they did it behind closed doors i mean they got these they got some kind of recognition but absolutely zero public recognition because the true story we come out this is not a mistake this was an intentional attack and the implications of that attack we
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feel to this very moment go ahead ken. yes indeed and there are court transcripts there are transcripts of tapes between israeli pilots and the command centers in israel in which the israeli pilots are actually says questioning the orders which are to attack because they understand very clearly that they are attacking an american ship and the orders are repeated by the command centers in israel to indeed attack the ship there is no accident here and where this becomes really relevant is that for a long time israel and the jewish supremacists how would it say tannic mass media that we have which pushes agendas like weapons of mass destruction which results in the death of a million to two million people in iraq a country completely devastated that same power structure remains in place from one nine hundred sixty seven to this day and the coverup of nine eleven and israeli mossad agents involved in nine eleven which is indisputable by any serious investigation remains the same in the real point here is that israel can do anything including murdering thirty four american service members in cold blood and
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attempting to murder every single member of the u.s.s. liberty so as to justify a policy which would have sucked american sons and daughters into a third world war because israel does not have the integrity nor the courage or any kind of author whatsoever to go and attack its enemies itself it uses america and continues to use america as sacrificial lambs to go off and fight their wars so that israel can expand this is the bigger issue and the u.s.s. liberty as long as the american people refuse to face this and actually make sure that justice is served we're going to continue to get more of the same but these false flag endeavors to sacrifice more and more americans and let us not forget the twenty two american service members a day that commits suicide because they've been sent off to fight israeli wars and you know daniel and when i when i understand the lyndon johnson's reaction the president the time he was a coward he was simply a coward well he was a politician's that saying sorry i mean that's
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a repetitive yeah go ahead. but you know there is their business unfortunate taint you know and i think it's one way of keeping the conspiracy of silence there's a taint of some sort of anti-semitism if you bring it up you know i just met a liberty survivor in april he was at one of our conferences here and you know this man had not an anti-semitic bone in his body what he cared about when the people he served with on that ship when he cared about is having some acknowledgement of what happened some validation of their experiences for the historical record to be corrected that's what he's looking for and that's what's normal and that's the grotesqueness of this entire cover up is because it didn't allow these soldiers and these sailors to have closure that's why they suffer from p.t.s.d. times one hundred they couldn't even talk to their wives about it and that's the most cruel injustice i think of all ok gentlemen to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the attack on the u.s.s.
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welcome back to cross like we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the attack on the u.s.s. liberty fifty years ago. ok phil i'd like to go back to you in greenville it seems to me and correct me if i'm wrong that the the u.s. turning a blind eye to this myth of gross injustice done to the sailors of the u.s.s. liberty they've made it's seems to me an interesting point of departure because we have seen how the israeli lobby influences american foreign policy actually even drives that some people would say in the middle east so if you can get away with committing murder and i think that you know on the face of it that's exactly what it was committing murder and you can get away with it you can get away with just
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about anything else go ahead phil well that's true and it's obviously an atrocity that cannot be forgiven in any way but it's important to for me to stress the fact that all of the other books ever written about the liberty. sort of skipped over the involvement of lyndon johnson and our book does not do that pen's much of the responsibility on him and i believe that having surrounded himself with with very overly zealous zionists as advisors. knew numerous men i'm not going to name all of them they're all in the book of course but. i believe that they that he threw them and their counterparts in israel had planned this action for up to two years and i believe that the sinking of the liberty was was a piece that johnson personally and vote i believe that it was all driven by his
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desire to have another landslide election the following year in one hundred sixty eight just as he used the previous false flag attack in one thousand nine hundred sixty four called the gulf of tonkin as a means to ensure himself a landslide election in that year that that's what this was about for him i think that no one has ever produced any kind of rationale that that that israel could possibly benefit from such an attack a lot of things have been projected in that article you one of you mentioned in herat just two or three days ago. it was written by by people who and quoting michael oren who had been the previous ambassador from israel to the u.s. . he had written a book as well as a.j.
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crystal both of them are filled with lies and deceit that were planted at johnson's order fifty years ago. and i'm going to go here i'm not understanding the president i can i please ask are you are you suggesting are you suggesting that israel was simply manipulated by lyndon johnson and that israel wasn't very much having a huge interest in getting america into a fight with egypt are you concluding that lyndon johnson manipulated israel or am i mistaken here forgive me if i am. i believe that that part of it was or was primarily advanced by johnson and johnson himself for his own personal reasons the by the way you have you have to remember that it was the fourth day of a six day war the war was essentially over there already. egypt they were they were having peace negotiations at the un well i mean phil you're the expert on it but it
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really is a lot of people would say is that taking out the u.s. the u.s.s. liberty we didn't i the americans knowing exactly what the israelis intended to do as that war was coming to an end ok and like taking illegally seizing arab territory palestinian territory the golan heights i mean there was a lot of the israelis didn't want washington to be listening to what their plans were at all it seems to me logic would dictate that. ok let me go to daniel but i really i could have i have to well that is a theory that has been proposed ok i'm going there others are daniel let me go to you again i kind of want to stress you know that this is kind of a ground zero moment here because ever since one thousand and sixty seven we've been able to see you know it's wag the dog dog i mean our eyes do not understand the how america benefits from its bizarre close relationship with israel what does
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the u.s. get out of it what has it ever got out of it except for a lot of pain a lot of blood and a lot of wasted treasury go ahead daniel. well unfortunately you're right i mean the liberty liberty attack was sort of ground zero and what has become a very unhealthy relationship between the u.s. and israel it's a one sided relationship as you point out what i think the israelis learned that if they can do something like this go test with impunity they can do literally almost anything and unfortunately i would blame israel less than i would blame the cowards in congress the cowards in the administration the cowards in the media who are too afraid to question this for fear of being tarnished with some bad words they're afraid to do this you know members of congress have said behind the scenes you know gosh israel lobby is so strong they'll never go out in public and say you know it's it's it's something that's toxic on our own government and i think that's where the focus should be why are they so afraid you know they might lose their job they
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might get voted out of office you know it's pathetic you know you know can i seem to recall the congressman running for reelection saying you could never be too pro israel in a congressional election i think he's probably right. listen i really need to pay my respects to the u.s.s. liberty survivor's guilt or any and all of those who know damn well that that attack was carried out by israel and i don't to die for one second but lyndon baines johnson is a first class traitor on many levels and a pervert to boot so i'm not in any way defending that traitor however to suggest that lyndon baines johnson manipulated the israelis into it in tack for his own personal gains is insulting and absolutely contrary to the facts as i mentioned earlier their radio transcripts which are now a matter of public record in which the israeli pilots themselves are saying or questioning the order to attack what is clearly an american ship and the order is
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repeated to attack that ship so please don't tell me or anybody else that lyndon baines johnson manipulated that it is insulting now i'd like to get back to another point as well which is that of course as soon as we talk about the jewish state of israel and the jewish supremacists talmudic ideology which effectively pits all of us the rest of us the go as cattle to be used and we look at the actual pattern the lavon affair the u.s.s. liberty and direct direct involvement in nine eleven in fact it was a joint operation between us intelligence and military and is raiding mossad agents lists audience who were arrested on the day with explosives in their bands celebrating and high fives all of this on record israel has continued to get away with their false flag but if you asians in order to use american sons and daughters as cattle to be sacrificed for their wars and i really seriously resent the idea that lyndon baines johnson did this and manipulated israel i find that really
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disgusting and borderline treasonous myself no serious historian can seriously put that board and i imagine that book has one hell of a lot of tap dancing in it if indeed that's what it says phil not i don't know what percentage of the documents that have been released do you see that ever happening were yourself another. writers would have access to more of the documents because it because it's meaning a long conspiracy i know that in two thousand and three that there was some kind of investigation that was admiral more that was involved with that means when will you think the public will ever have access to that or are you even convince those documents even exist anymore well there was one document that does exist and it was discovered by accident by james genest when he was at the l.b.j. library of all places. which which was a document dated april the twenty seventh of one nine hundred sixty seven almost two months before the attack that clearly showed that that operation the larger
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operation not the attack on the liberty but the plans for the six day war which was called front let's six fifteen were discussed and somehow that document was misplaced and a vertically put into a file the liberty file that was at the l.b.j. library and missed by everybody until about one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when james arness discovered it he showed it on that video the b.b.c. video dead in the water and it shows that that committee the three zero three committee it was called was discussing. the operation and that someone noted on that memo memorandum it was it was basically the minutes of this meeting. hand written on there is that there would be a submarine and u.a.r. waters united arab republic egypt. and so how i mean that is
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positive proof that there was something on the agenda that was a continuing agenda item and who knows for how long because the rest of the documents have never been. released probably never will be and it hides the fact that it was that three o three committee headed up by walter ross style and there were a number of other people of course this have the cia helms mcnamara they were all on this committee it doesn't mean necessarily that this other piece of it the u.s.s. liberty attack was was ever known to all of the people in that committee but certainly some of must have and then he had to let's talk about no it said i had my hands in the other the other the other where we're rapidly running out of time here daniel. what do you think give me your assessment here let's say somebody in middle america is flipping the stations and they suddenly see us talking about this what do you
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think the average response will be they'll probably think it's a movie or a docu drama i suppose go ahead daniel. well they probably won't see it because trying to prevent our key from being seen them in middle america but if they did they probably feel they were in a minefield is something that they've never heard before and you know it that's what makes it such an unhealthy relationship that we can't talk about these things in a rational way the issue is we are still seeing the same players in the same place today you see israel doing cross border attacks on the syrian army in defense of in offense and defense devices we see the u.s. and russia playing there we see us being on the verge of world war three once again that's why it's important for us to look back object to billy on his three and take a lesson from that so that we can survive you know into the next year without a world war and that's what i'm of what i'm afraid is not happening ok gentlemen we've run out of time here i want to speak to directly to all the survivors of the
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u.s.s. liberty and their families i'm very happy we made this program and i hope it gives you a little bit of comfort many thanks to my guests in new york greenville and unlink jackson and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember last time. i've observed events of the past few years and asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. really of refugees. u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens of the government. and once again german tanks at least. many
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politicians from various political parties and various independent experts and journalists in an effort to understand just how independent germany really. it's when it comes to decision makers. whether it acts on its own national interests. someone else will. be a. little. bit. by then. by then it's a shift of on. not. going on more. it's awesome so. much so that.
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then you know it was a p how did it move multiple injuries among can connect them to keep sophia hall the look of the show's real you know mars on the phone today. if you can book a complete profitable services you're welcome to put in a moral sense of what month. hanumant have nothing left off allowed me. somethin to watch. on long enough something. else look ma stuff but up till now maybe maybe maybe forward after. you mentioned. the six thirty five if you have
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a career ending career involves using your arse hole in your computer and things like that being in an office and perhaps you sort of killings and it's circular to going to have to stop doing all this and this is tell you lou the minutes must be frightening my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up running it in a box. around it a very strong magnetic field on the field in my head. it's like a real hard pressure my skin burns and that wireless access point there it's just continuous on saying with our students in the school it's. we are just continually in our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electoral small and it's getting worse.
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live. live. simply live. live
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. the deadly terror attack in the needs of a french magazine comes under fire for printing dramatic images of the atrocity. the u.s. and french president show signs of overcoming some of the differences in paris however french people both leaders regardless of their. new video. showing u.s. helicopters over the city of rock. capital in syria although washington's confirmed its forces are now operating inside the city it's only under the pretext of advice and company. and deny.


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